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    • Interesting that the emergency "tape" is at least two years old. The fact that we've (probably) never heard it before just goes to show how rare technical breakdowns are these days (of course this was human error rather than a fault). Here's a fun emergency tape incident from back in '09 with some '06 imaging shoved in for old time's sake.  
    • I wondered that too, but when it came on again before the start of Phil's show, it seemed to start from the beginning with Clean Bandit and an ident. To be honest, I'm just surprised (and slighyly disappointed) that it's not Hey Ya by OutKast anymore. It was also weird how as soon as the studio was taken off air a trail played, before the silence - I'm trying to work out how that happened. Anyone who knows more about radio engineering than me got any suggestions?
    • Listen at the end of Radio 1 Stories - they cut it off the beginning of the recording of Phil's show

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    • When was this? On the hour? Cant seem to find on iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07yv456
    • And we had another emergency tape at 22:00 last night when Phil Taggart messed up - what a day!!

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