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  1. Arielle is in for Clara on Monday 22nd August
  2. Wow a lot of firsts in there. First time Jordan is solo and first proper cover for RMC. Oh and first time for Ifan Davies on Radio 1.
  3. Yes in for Vick and Jordan. Interesting new picture of her. Could be used for her new show in Sept.
  4. @Lily Georgia the schedule says Katie is in for Vick not Jordan so it is Jordan and Katie on 11th August.
  5. Emil Franchi is in for Mollie tomorrow on Best New Pop
  6. Chris joins Capital in October so maybe that, Scott starting R2 and their replacements starting R1 Afternoons will happen all at the same time if not the same day?
  7. Looks like Hedges now because the picture of Tee has since been removed. It's gone back to Danny's picture but still makes Hedges more likely.
  8. Oh my goodness, how many times are Vick and Jordan going to be split up? Either have them both off for a while or try and limit the amount of time they both take off. We haven't consistently had Vick and Jordan together for more than a month in a row for ages and ages.
  9. Did anyone hear the "cue to call" on sounds for the big weekend comp? I wonder if it worked well or not?
  10. I don't think they do have every reason to stay together. If they are needed for Breakfast, Vick may want to leave Jordan to go to breakfast on his own because obviously Vick has left a big breakfast show already so there's no sign that she'll want to do another one, especially after the mental health comments she made re her departure from Capital.
  11. Charlie Tee in for Renee on the Drum and Bass Show on 25th April.
  12. I thought I'd start this because Radio 1 seem to be doing more and more with the new talent presenters every minute. Whether that's having Sam and Danni on the cover list or the use of Friday EB, they are becoming more and more in focus. This topic could be used to discuss who we think is sounding strongest and therefore who could be permanently on Radio 1 in the near future. It could also be used to discuss whether these presenters really are the way forward? I know we have Dean and Sian as evidence that they are, but at the same time, Radio 1 seems safe with enough presenters to promote when schedule changes are needed again. The likes of Vick and Jordan, RMC, Katie Thistleton and Matt and Mollie could all move up the ranks to help fill the schedule when the next big name presenter leaves the station and there would be no need to introduce any new presenters if so. What are everyone's thoughts?
  13. If anyone should be flying solo, it should be Dean because out of all of them, he's the only one that flies solo anyway on his normal show.
  14. Interesting choice in Scarlett Moffatt. Life Hacks appears to have Vick and Katie on that day but presumably that will change?
  15. Twitter has the new logo now as well. It seems R1 is the Guinea pig for the rebrand because none of the other stations have new pictures yet.
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