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  1. Katie was referencing the chart when talking about Gayle and she said "I think it's Scott on Friday, might be me for all I know!"
  2. I wonder if they'd let James do the chart himself? He had already been trusted with half the NYE shift.
  3. Yasser was one of the people that I thought could be doing the chart this Friday but now clearly not. The list of people that could do it is getting shorter and shorter as Vick and Katie can't either. I wonder if Scott will do the double on Friday?
  4. Greg left a voice note for Listener Impossible and he says Scott and Chris' names in it which seems odd as they were very late notice so I wonder when that is done?
  5. Dean and Katie seem to be the most liked for that slot's cover now
  6. If Scott is doing Breakfast then he'd be double shifting with only 2.5 hours gap so they could be trying to find an alternative but have put Scott's picture just in case
  7. Even if Katie does leave there would still be Vick Hope who could fly solo? I think Vick and Katie would probably both leave Life Hacks at the same time so if Katie does get a promotion like Vick, she'll do it in addition to Life Hacks until Vick is happy to leave Life Hacks as well.
  8. Jordan in for Jack isn't on the schedule - has it been removed now or just not been put up in the first place yet?
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