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  2. I wonder what would influence young people more. I'm inclined to think if you had very specific messages on social media which you're looking at while on your phone you would be more likely to listen to Radio 1 than just seeing it on a billboard... unless you're of driving age.
  3. Radio 1 was on there until around 2011 I think. SiriusXM costs around $200/yr although you can often work out a better offer. Much more variety than what's on AM and FM and like I said COMMERCIAL-FREE.
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  5. Radio 1 used to be on Sirius if I remember right? So what’s the Sirius Xm Like then. Is it like what you US people call ‘Cable TV’ but Radio basically?
  6. Thinking about it I might’ve seen some ads on Instagram for the live lounge. Interesting, Would make sense why I see so many billboards for global stations and shows. It would be interesting to see Radio 1 do that. Like a billboard for Greg’s Show or Clara’s Show maybe as I’ve seen a big billboard for Chris Moyles on Radio x a few weeks ago by my work.
  7. I'd say Spotify + podcasts comprise the majority of my listening. Our equivalent of DAB in the U.S., "HD Radio", is not prevalent outside of major cities and their are only 7 HD stations in our area. I do listen to the local FM/AM stations for NPR, BBC World Service, sports programming, college radio (shoutout LCC Radio and The Impact), and even the two local Top-40 stations (which have a glut of commercials and a narrow playlist). As far as online streaming of "traditional" stations - BBC Radio 1, 5Live, World Service, and TalkSport, more live sports (I have an MLB audio subscription for baseball), and whatever random ones I find in the TuneIn app. Over here we have SiriusXM satellite radio - a subscription service with tons of commercial-free music + talk, news, sports, comedy, etc. That usually takes precedent in the car. They even had Radio 1 at one point - it's a shame they can't make room for that but have a Kidz Bop channel FFS. As far as audiobooks I'm not a fan. I'd much rather read the paper copy myself.
  8. Radio 1 have loads of adverts on the screens in my student union. Bear in mind of course that Global has just bought loads of outdoor advertising companies to the extent that they're now the biggest outdoors company in the UK I believe. So it's very cheap for them to advertise their own stations.
  9. You say that but they'll go hard with the Big Weekend next month across BBC TV. Also there has been a lot of money spent on social media adverts lately - I was getting an advert for every show on Facebook and Instagram for two weeks. They seem to be doing subtle stuff compared to Capital, but it's happening.
  10. I was thinking earlier whilst out and about how little R1 is adversitied compared to heart and Capital. They have signs like “Open and listening to heart” or big billboards advertising their breakfast shows. Ages ago I did see a few bbc sounds ones but that’s the closest I’ve seen to Radio 1. Comapared to other stations no wonder R1 lays back in marketing which is fair enough but I reckon if they adverstised more they could pull in more listeners. What do you guys think?
  11. And to add to that, notice over Xmas Matt and Mollie had a breakfast jingle package made for weekdays, meaning this must have been in pipeline Ironic as CM used to rip Matts voice and now Matt is breakfast cover
  12. I kind of agree with that My theory would be they need somewhere for all these presenters to make way for the newer generation, it could be just a DAB and online station maybe? I can see someone like Scott moving to Greatest hits soon, maybe he'll do Chart Friday then GH Sat and Sun with Maya Fridays only and Jordan taking 1-4 weekdays? To me it looks like they've dropped him as breakfast cover now and Matt is doing it
  13. Bloody hell! Must be an Android one then as I had to download radio apps like BBC Sounds on my iPhone!! Yeah with the whole DAB thing as well. I have to agree perfectly with you. Mine has a FM option but I don’t use it. As Radio 1 sounds so much better on DAB!!!!
  14. For me, 10 years ago this playlist was what I was listening to when I started listening to radio 1! https://web.archive.org/web/20090109065423/http://www.bbc.co.uk:80/radio1/playlist/
  15. I have a DAB radio with an FM tuner, this is the main device I listen on. Don't really see the point using FM for Radio 1 when the quality is just as good on DAB, but sometimes if a station has a low bit rate or is only in mono on DAB I'll opt for the FM equivalent. You can't vote for more than one option, but I also listen to podcasts, and occasionally on my PC or phone depending on where I am. Luckily my phone is one of the few that still has an FM tuner, I get a fair amount of use from that.
  16. Hasn't the argument against Radio 1+ always been that that demo is the most lucrative for advertisers, and should be left to commercial radio for that reason? I'd say stations like Hits Radio (or whatever your local variant is - big up Radio Aire) and Heart are positioned in that gap. They don't have the personalities, but Hits Manchester/DAB has Comedy Dave on breakfast and (hi, this is) Wes at drive. There's always X and Absolute if you prefer personalities and can put up with dad rock.
  17. That's a tough one, my memory is not that good to remember exactly what was played when, I'd have to wander around on the web archive first. The only one I know by date is the first one I ever heard (sadly that wasn't cached so here's the one from the week after): https://web.archive.org/web/20110119165600/www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/playlist/. Looking back at it now it still had loads of crap ones, but I only remember the best of it like Crush, Jump Into The Fog, Me & You, Skinny Genes, Bigger Than Us, Hot Mess, Fighting Fire (just to mention the least known ones). These defined me R1 for a long time. For me, the playlist quality always followed a normal distribution: a few really good songs, lots of okay/indifferent ones, and a few really bad or boring ones.
  18. And they did it again. (I'm in CEST, an hour ahead of the UK, they had it up by 17:45 UK time.) On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a 0.1 level spoiler.
  19. Took me a while. Now it´s working. Listening now on my phone top quality. Needed so much to listen to this first in the morning. You've made my days a lot better. Thanks a lot.
  20. Just one questión. I'm on this page. Do you know which of these files should I download? Thanks in advance.
  21. i would say that eurovision is the reason too. that would be 3 weeks off 1-4 within the space of a month. That being said i can also see Matt & Mollie being the go to cover from now on anyway. It stops the weekday schedule being interrupted and ties in with the weekend schedule nicely.
  22. Eurovision is around the corner so I’d say Scott has enough on his plate getting ready for that.
  23. I've been using get_iPlayer. It can be finicky at times but it gets the job done.
  24. As noted in other threads, Scott does not appear to be covering Breakfast for the two weeks Greg is off but Matt & Mollie are I wonder what has lead to this, is it Scotts other commitments and these two weeks were a write off for several days so they just said screw it let's put Matt and Mollie on every day Or is it because Scott is being groomed for Radio 2 now therefore they need to get a new breakfast cover some experience, and get Jordan covering for Scott
  25. And Rickie Melvin and Charlie!
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