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  2. Matt Edmondson is solo this week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
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  4. I assume he’d like to do the Christmas chart presented it a few times but i know Scott as a pop music fan loves the prestige of presenting something as iconic. Agree about your point covering they likely go for regular presenters or potentially few celebs chucked in that seems possible but maybe there would be on show and that it. Can’t in reality seeing him doing that much Christmas radio as used to. Think it would be good to have most presenters having Christmas break so refreshed for the January where think then maybe programming another fresher feel
  5. I hope he doesn't do much on R2, but instead has a proper holiday before back on R1 in January. I think actually he's done enough cover on R2 (with all the double-shifts) not to have anything to prove over the holidays. Those should be covered by the longterm cover folk like Gary Davies IMO, i.e. those who are unlikely to ever move to a proper daytime R2 show. Agree with your point about Scott and his family - it should be up to him really, as I assume it's been in recent years, if he wants Xmas Breakfast then he should be allowed it but certainly won't be pushed to do so. Hope he does the Xmas chart this year though (on Xmas Eve)
  6. I think with Scott it would be the case of what ever cover he’s doing on Radio 2 over Christmas or maybe in a long term relationship if he wants a Christmas Day with the family
  7. Yes always enjoy the different seasonal features on Scotts show liked hearing him doing Christmas Eve breakfast before
  8. I do miss them on breakfast, but that ship has sailed sadly. If Scott is going to be on Christmas Eve, it will be the Christmas Official Chart which falls that day. I hope he still does Christmas Day breakfast even with it falling on a Saturday. Will be interesting to how much live programming there is on Christmas Day this year. Last year there was the BFBS takeover which was a really good idea, would be good if that came back.
  9. Would absolutely LOVE Scott and Chris on Xmas Eve Breakfast, think that would be brilliant.
  10. Yes, agreed and think that it felt essential last year as pretty much all United Kingdom back under some form of lockdown to provide that chat between presenter to have a house party feeling good bit of escapism felt needed then. When caught Jordan doing it in Radio 1 before was good I find for when he done it felt the pressure of getting the right timing and not going early on countdown. Made right choice previous years of having him doubt he can have people engaged and enjoying more mubdahe chit chat bits
  11. I sure few years back he did a four piece hour long house show telling different stories of house music think for people who now listened to Radio 2 is some of the Radio 1 of the 90s listeners and think that having him doing NYE would be good Scott, Rylan (maybe), Richie I feel definatley would be used in XMAS period new year they’d be most likely for sure. I do find that like Dave doing the R2 NYE was good usually catch up over first week of Jan of what different BBC Radio stations do like 6 Music though found myself listening to bit of capital dance
  12. That doesn't sound too bad. Dave Pearce never appeared last year so maybe that ship has sailed. I'd be surprised if Pete Tong popped up on R2. It's probably going to be one of Scott, Rylan or Ritchie Anderson on air going into the New Year. There were a few years when R1 just went into back to back music on NYE, thankfully they returned to live presentation a few years back, as in my opinion it's one of the best nights of the year to have live audience interaction (especially with WhatsApp messaging available now).
  13. Didn’t put Scott in as last time Xmas Day was a weekend he missed that year so based it off that.
  14. Yes there’s only been a few occasions when he hasn’t when Dev does it think. Depends on what type of stuff he ends up doing on Radio 2 over Christmas
  15. Agree with the vast majority of this apart from Xmas Day - I predict, and very much hope, Scott does breakfast as usual...
  16. It would be good to hear him covering on Radio 2 on Christmas period maybe he’ll be on Radio 2 NYE though think that it would be good for Radio 2 have different party genres or soundtracks maybe Johnnie Walker with NYE’s Rock Party on Radio 2 Ana Matronic’s NYE Dance Party on Radio 2 Sophie Ellis Bextor’s NYE Kitchen Disco on Radio 2 Pete Tong’s NYE House Party on Radio 2 DJ Spoonie’s NYE Garage Party on Radio 2 Dave Pearce’s NYE All Night Party on Radio 2
  17. If I had to guess... Early Breakfast in the run up to Christmas hosted by one of the recent Friday EB presenters Matt & Mollie on breakfast from Monday 20th-Thursday 23rd with Matt solo on Christmas Eve. Dean McCollough between 10:30 & 1 and Katie Thistleton between 1 & 4 on Christmas Eve. Scott with the chart on Christmas Eve... then Christmas Day breakfast (although I suspect as Xmas Day is a Saturday.. there will be a pre recorded Christmas special of his 5 live Show too). Last time the 25th fell on a Saturday.. the weekend breakfast presenter did breakfast (Dev at the time) so maybe it will be the same again with Adele? I hope it's Scott, though. I dare say he'll be popping up on Radio 2 over the Christmas holiday, too. Arielle in for Vick & Jordan 20th-23rd December. Boxing Day to New Year's Eve is new presenters as we know.
  18. I feel Charlie Hedges will be on some point on NYE always felt they could’ve done an R1 Dance or Essential Mix special on NYE wonder if Scott will do any Radio 2
  19. I'm going to put my guess in for the festive period: Mon 20-Thurs 23 December 4am One of the rotation presenters 7am Matt & Mollie (maybe just Matt?- been like that in previous years) 10:30am Adele Roberts 1pm Scott & Chris 3:30pm Arielle Free 6pm Jack Saunders 8pm Sian Eleri (Nels Hylton Thurs) XMAS Eve 7am Adele Roberts 10:30am Dean McCullough 1pm Katie Thistleton Chart- Scott Mills Then Danny, Sarah & Pete XMAS Day 7am-11am Dean McCullough 2pm-6pm Arielle Free or Katie Thistleton New Years Eve 5pm-9pm Arielle Free 9pm-1am Charlie Hedges
  20. I thought the reason when he originally left was acting work but who knows
  21. I personally think possibly would be good to have as many of the permanent presenters working til 23rd. Possibly Katie Thistleton, Adele Roberts, Sian Eleri covering some slots and early b who ever the rFriday presenter until Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Christmas Eve I’d go with 10 hour takeover from 08:00-06:00 possibly have Scott & Chris 07:00-10:00 doing breakfast sometimes find great doing run up to Christmas breakfast then Dean McCullough 10:00-13:00 Katie Thistleton 13:00-16:00 Adele Roberts 16:00-18:00 Radio 1’s Stars Christmas Takeover (running from Christmas 24/12-01/01 (like when would have stars like Anne Marie, BTS, Jax Jones, Little Mix presenting and had Ollie Alexander and Charlie XCX in summer) 18:00-19:00 controversially since wouldn’t happen anyway Radio 1’s Official Chart Show with Vick Hope & Jordan North 19:00-21:00 Sarah Storey’s Christmas Party Anthems 21:00-23:00 Jack Saunders’s Indie Christmas 23:00-01:00 CHRISTMAS DAY Sian Eleri’s Chillest Christmas 01:00-03:00 R1 Chill Mix (Back to Back) 03:00-04:00 Radio 1 Relax with Xmas Newbie 04:00-06:00 Scott Mills’s Christmas Breakfast with one or two golden moments 06:00-10:00 Greg James’s Christmas Special 2021 (Best Bits package links to features) 10:00-12:00 Scott Mills Golden Moments 2021 Christmas Special (Pre Record) 12:00-14:00 Vick & Jordan’s Christmas Special 2021 (Pre Record) 14:00-16:00 Christmas Anthems with Dean McCullough 16:00-18:00 (Live) Radio 1 Stars Christmas Takeover 18:00-19:00 (Pre-record) Jeremiah Asiamah’s Christmas House Party 19:00-22:00 (Pre-record) Chillest Christmas with Sian Eleri 22:00-00:00(Repeated Pre Record) BOXING DAY Radio 1 Relax programming with pilot Future Chill, Future Beats, BBC Introducing Chill Mix, Your Songs something like tat
  22. With talk around some of the scheduling and possibilities around what would be broadcasted or what BBC Radio & BBC Sounds may announce over Christmas and new year room for suggestions, commentary general thoughts as announced in press packages and appears on scheduling
  23. Did Cel choose to leave or was he pushed out?
  24. But think with Cel it was like see him some time but think he did one or two months after Lifehacks departure one or two shows but radio silence literally for sometime with him but its like an old eastenders character returning for a weeknight or two stay with family or go to funeral and wedding and cause drama. I mean Sarah Brett for 5L done few bits of cover there after to switching to Ulster breakfast and Chris Smith e returning occasionally as freelance news presenter after his on air departure
  25. On topic of Moyles covering for James maybe in many years to come if Greg James ends up on a commercial station though think 5live or Radio 2 gig would follow Greg then eventually virgin greatest hits in some decades time
  26. Does this mean there's still hope Chris Moyles covers for Greg one day??? 😛 😂
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