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  2. The location (if everyone didn’t already know) is being revealed on Monday!
  3. This weekend: Arielle in for Mollie In Best New Pop Matt is solo on weekend breakfast Dev is flying solo. On Sunday: Gregor Davidson in for Arielle Arielle In for Jordan Wednesday 29th: Arielle In for Adele Friday 7th and probably all weekend: Alice is flying solo (one of them always seems to be off)
  4. I’d be interested in the Global Newsbeat stuff. I wonder what that sounds like?
  5. I back this idea. Bring it to the Midlands!
  6. Earlier
  7. We seem to be going over the places that One Big Weekend used to visit. But either way I'd be so pissed off if I was Radio 1 and a local newspaper had spoiled the announcement like that.
  8. It should be Coventry next year & they need to spread it across all four countries to a certain degree. At the end of the day there’s also only so many councils that are able to provide funding for events like this, look at Coventry turning it down a good few years ago.
  9. Hasn’t it been in Dundee before? It would be nice to see it in some different places especially the midlands which radio 1 seems to forget exists.
  10. I heard a trail on Adele's show this morning about 0455 (yes I was up that early driving to work) with Greg starting to announce it then Jordan butting in saying "Not yet Greg"
  11. A local paper is reporting the council have approved Radio 1's Big Weekend in Dundee. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/dundee/1077908/exclusive-huge-event-for-dundee-as-bbc-radio-1-big-weekend-returns-to-city/
  12. Could you possibly repost the 2011 Newsbeat package that was sent to you by one of your Twitter followers?

    The existing link is dead.



  13. Yeah me too and we could try to see if Scott and Chris would come for a drink as well
  14. Love that idea, would be great to meet some fellow radio nerds lol
  15. Shal we try to arrange it for 2020
  16. I'll be out but will definitely listen again to Scott's R2 show. Also see the legendary Dave Pearce is on after him. Jordan is always a good listen.
  17. Betty Lish is the female breakfast VO.
  18. So what will you be listening to NYE?? For me it's Scott then Charlie then Scott on Radio 2 overnight maybe Jordan before, however my local community stations are both doing "party" shows live until 1am as well, so feel should be loyal to them when they are only usually live until 9 or 11pm then voice tracked or just music overnight - considering someone is giving up their time on one of the two to host a show from 7pm to 1am, the other has it's usual Rock show up to 10pm then the party show is on
  19. Thanks! I think the BBC sounds TOH VO is the same as Gregs breakfast VO. Got any surnames to go with them so I can do a google?
  20. It was bank holiday though, so audience would be low, not actual prime time.
  21. She has done a weekday breakfast solo IIRC but the next time Matt was off Jordan was with her
  22. Mollie would be dreadful on her own. they only trust her to present 1/2 hour a week-shows how much faith they have in her.
  23. Mollie on Mids would be dreadful. I really don’t think it’ll happen. She’s not got the right style to do it, she sort of talks in sound bites a lot when on her own a bit like Maya, and just doesn’t come across as authentic.
  24. Actually, here’s a question. Does anyone on here know anyone who may have worked for Music4?
  25. Very interesting comments especially the last one. Had know idea Ben Cooper was stepping down. This makes me think there will be changes but not immediately. The likes of Clara, Matt and maybe Mills will depart? Mollie King to replace Clara One of the new talents we are hearing over the festive period to take Weekend Breakfast Jordan takes Weekday Lunchtimes Mills remaining Chart Show host.
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