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  3. Given the 5L show is double billed, do you think Chris will present if Scott off??
  4. Do you know what for several years I've grown bored of the once legendary show but now they've got the 5Live gig and Mills on R2 I've found myself getting back into the weekday show even if it is for a short period of time as it feels like this slot will become home to new talent but who?
  5. Bloomin loving the Sunday evening show. Reminds me of why I fell in love with radio in the first place he's playing the music from my youth and great listener interaction old school Mills. I can see within the next year or so R2 will become his more permanent home. Maybe keep the Chart Show like Mark Goodyear did back in the day once a week fix of Mills with his long association with the Chart show. Also the problem of what to do with Chris is now fixed with the 5Live gig I'm sure if there own show doesn't become a hit Stark could find a place on the 5Live schedule. Interesting future lies ahead.
  6. They probably won’t do teen awards next year. Seems the BBC don’t care about them anymore
  7. Last week
  8. Christ almighty so they have further watered down coverage this year. Getting to the point where there's no point of it even taking place. I remember very well watching the Teen Awards live on the Red Button back in 2017 and two years later it seems we have got the point where it gets relegated to an hours highlight the following Saturday. Pretty embarrassing to think that really and reminds me of Global not even broadcasting their flagship awards show on any station.
  9. As far as I know, they’re not playing out the Teen Awards when they are actually occurring and it’s only the week after when they are being shown.
  10. 22nd-23rd November: Jordan North in for Maya, Kenny Allstar covering the rap show. 24th November: Matt is solo on Weekend Breakfast. (Note that I think the majority of the schedule is incorrect for that day as the Teen Awards are down to take place for that day) 25th-28th November: Arielle Free in for Adele and there is no Rickie from RMC for the week. 29th-30th November: Jordan North in for Maya and his show is cut from 3 hours to 2 hours on the 30th for a Radio 1 Teen Awards highlights show from 12pm-1pm. 1st December: Cel is solo on Life Hacks and the Chart: First Look 5th December: Rickie & Melvin are off so Reece Parkinson joins Charlie on the show. 7th December: Kenny Allstar covering the rap show.
  11. We really need newsbeat to come back online and help us out a bit.
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  13. Scott posted an interview on his socials https://inews.co.uk/culture/radio/radio-1-dj-interview-scott-mills-radio-5-live-football-chris-stark-919993?amp&fbclid=IwAR0ePWvnSKluZ1Hs0jNj-A1hkYY2Q5gbWrMfvJYK1NyW_-01T-pd8_E--mU Scott says he wants to branch out into speech radio plus he sounds "bored" of the Radio 1 format and constant music He does say he has no plan to leave R1 currently as well
  14. Dev does for sure Charlie maybe Arielle definitely
  15. Late change regarding tomorrow's schedule. Jordan North is off so Arielle Free is covering him which means Riyadh Khalaf is covering Arielle on Early Breakfast.
  16. It must be quite strange to have to basically do two hours of radio with very few interruptions. I thought Vicky was a bit of an odd choice initially for the first show guest, but actually she helped hold the show together.
  17. I was hoping he’d turn up today. Since they’re both on 5live. It’s so nostalgic.
  18. Enjoying having Murray and Chapman ribbing Scott about his age 😂 "It's like a Radio 1 retirement home" I think this section shows where they're all most comfortable on-air...
  19. Scott Mills doing a handover with Colin Murray - it's like it's 2007 again.
  20. I was hoping it would be a bit more like Elis James and John Robins or Adam and Joe, which is less sporty. But perhaps this is what the average 5 Live listener wants to hear, I'm not particularly their target audience. They'll find their feet though, that'll be the beauty of this space they've been given.
  21. Finding it a bit weird. Love them both but feels like they’re trying a bit too hard so far., Hope it picks up soon.
  22. As a non-sport fan it's a bit of a struggle so far as I can't get wowed by the sporty guests they're talking to, but I do like that there's opportunity for Scott to shake off the youthful image and make jokes about Anita Dobson and Allo Allo. I'm just glad they're on at a time I can listen for once... 5 Live certainly still sounds so much more tinny than Radio 1. Well with a new boss at the helm they'll want a shake up...
  23. I wonder if this will last a year and if they will leave radio 1
  24. Good show thus far (but what would you expect?)... even a good luck message from Andy King off of the Fyre Festival 🤣
  25. I'm listening! Fair few sport references already, that really funny rugby player was on who was on the Radio 1 slow last week and Vicky Pattison is the guest monitoring the messages. Happy to be getting my fifth podcast of the week back though, and great to hear them without the constraints of the Radio 1 format.
  26. Who's tuned in this morning? Will be interesting to hear how they try to keep sport fans and non-sport fans interested.
  27. No offence to her, I know she was on big brother but she isn’t going to be well known to many at all
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