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  2. More the future than the present at times! I suppose we all remember thinking the future would be uncertain without Laura and Chappers and everyone involved came out on top. Scott got new team members, Laura became a radio boss and Chappers did more TV. Why did Radio 1 make everyone think they'd died though πŸ˜‚
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  4. This news put me in a sad mood. I had a suspicion that Chris having to sign a contract, to stay on the TPC podcast, with a commercial broadcaster might lead to a split eventually and I did always wonder if both would go together, but never expected it to come to this so soon. Going to this miss these two on R1, and more importantly the content. Greg's show still feels likes it's pandering to kids of a pre-TikTok age, RM&C feels a bit too chaotic and V&J for me just isn't natural enough yet. Hope Katie Thistleton gets the slot instead of Dean, but I feel instinctively the bosses will do the opposite. Oh well. Times were good whilst they lasted.
  5. Surely that's the whole nature of this forum.. to discuss the future as well as the present (and past) I suppose the discussion can now turn to "When's Greg leaving..."? 😁
  6. Funny how it's only created more speculation about what happens now πŸ˜‚
  7. No more bingo which I’m gutted about watching old clips had me crying with laughter
  8. I kind of hope for a former Radio 1 Scott Mills producer on the new show I kind of think it will be a new sound all together maybe watered down bits of 5 Live approach and maybe a lot of new ideas and features. Maybe theres appetite for something like Real or No Real or some of those quizzy features and stirring up the listeners feelings with Bombaleo on Radio 2
  9. I’m rooting for Katie Thistleton it would be good to have a solo presenter doing it and between Arrielle Free or Katie Thistleton have good choices. As for 5 Live think Elis and John could end up filling the saturday morning show with news and sport chat. Chris is going to be missed maybe they may end up doing some tv stuff or some podcast projects together it would be nice if Chris Stark popped in on the show every now and then.
  10. Well, 10+ years of speculation about his leaving ends today. I knew it can happen any time, but I was hoping him & Chris would get a little longer sendoff time. 2 months after 24 years seems way too short. Also funny that he's still going to be on the radio almost the same time every day, I will definitely give a listen. I will miss Chris though. For the new R1 afternoon show, I'm rooting for Arielle to get it.
  11. That I would love to hear. Chopper seems confertable at MOTD though, although if Man Utd keep being comical like recent times he may want a distraction!
  12. Could imagine Chris doing more 5Live work after the success of the Peter Crouch podcast and the Saturday show. The press release suggests otherwise though. Scott and Chris have done really well to have lasted so long on afternoons at Radio 1. A testament to how Chris helped shake the show up when Chappers departed. Also I wonder if there's potential to get the old band back together with Laura now a boss at Radio 2 πŸ˜‚
  13. The only thing I can see Radio 1 possibly insisting on is the timing of Scott leaving so the new show is in for going back to school/college?
  14. Such sad news! I've been listening to him since I was in high school which was a long time ago now.. End of an era. 😒
  15. Very much agree Jono, absolutely certain this came from the Radio 2 side rather than from R1. Aled is not stupid and still knows how popular of a Broadcaster he is at the station.
  16. May be worth saving his last run of shows too from iplayer or whatever they call it nowdays. And sticking them away, Won't get another chance unless you have access to BBC Archives.
  17. I think the 5 live show might been a trial to see how he’d get on with speech content to an older audience. There might be someone more sporty lined up as well. If Chris is leaving the BBC then Scott sticks out on 5 live
  18. Sounds like it. Steve mentioned that "the boss, Helen Thomas wanted something new" and something about it's chance to "give someone else a chance as 23/4 years in the same slot".
  19. I know just very sad about Chris as he seems to love working at radio 1 but it was always going to happen when Scott moved to 2 I wonder why the five live show is coming to an end
  20. Amazing run, to say he joined back in 1998 and has been a consitant daytime fixture since then. Congratulations to him. For a long time he's been pretty much the only daytime Radio 1 DJ I still listen to, as I've outgrown the station quite a long time ago. But that alone is down to simply how good he is. Those years from 2004 to around 2007, with Chappers and Laura where I hardly never missed a show are unforgettable. He'll excell on Radio 2, now it's turning into the Radio 1 I used to listen to 20 years back.
  21. I'm guessing Radio 2 wanted him sooner, rather than Radio 1 wanted rid sooner...
  22. It's the situation I expected to happen... But not yet. I thought we'd still have at least another year of S&C on R1. Just shy of 24 years on daytime Radio 1 is fantastic. He's outlasted so many DJ's. Let's hope he gets a great send off.
  23. The end of Scott and Chris on weekday radio is going to be very strange. Looking forward to seeing how Scott gets on - he has big feet to fill at Radio 2 - but he's more than capable! 2pm to 4pm seems such a short time period for a show, but it's great he'll be on Monday to Friday. I'm wondering who will snap up Chris.
  24. What the… Honestly shocked.
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  26. Alyx Holcombe is in for Daniel P Carter on Sunday 24th July.
  27. Charlie is now doing Dance Anthems and Vicky is in for Vick not Katie
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  29. Wish they went for a dance music presenter to cover Charlie Hedges Dance Anthems like one of the Christmas future talent names
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