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  2. I wonder if that's because 1xtra breakfast will be a co-hosted slot going forward?
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  4. I'm not sure I know the reason exactly, but I do know that there have been several changes to the studio allocations recently (since the new schedule started this month). So on weekdays Adele and Clara's shows now come from 82F. Weekends Arielle and Jordan also now come from 82F. The chart comes from 82E and Danny is in 82B. Interestingly, the 1Xtra breakfast show has been in 82D recently - it always used to be 82F. It seems that any shows with a co-presenter must come from 82A or 82D as these studios are larger, making social distancing possible.
  5. I Know I have asked this before, but never had a solid answer, and some newer members may know, so why is it on a Friday and the weekend the studios seem to swap for example on a regular weekday Adele, Clara, Grimmy and RMC are in 82D and Greg, Scott, Annie and Jack come from 82A but at weekends it seems to change, Arielle 82A, M&M 82D, Jordan 82A, Dev 82D, Scott 82 (E/F??) Annie 82A and Danny 82D Anyone have any idea why this happens, also why doen't Scott just use 82A on a Friday or is that because Annie insists on 82A every time
  6. It’s an interesting point. But the BBC had been subject to BBC Trust/Ofcom restrictions for years when it comes to audio content. They were banned from doing any podcasts that weren’t radio best-bits, hence the surge in the last few years against BBC Sounds. So they’re already playing catch up in the audio field, any restriction on a station like this just feels wrong on those grounds. The music played by R1 Dance is hardly over-served by commercial stations. Heart Dance is much poppier than Pete Tong, for example.
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  8. Just received this: The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Commercial Radio is calling on Ofcom to conduct a review of the BBC Sounds platform following plans for a new 24 hour BBC Radio 1 Dance service. Earlier today (Thursday 17th September) the BBC announced an extension of the Radio 1 brand with Radio 1 Dance set to launch on BBC Sounds on 9th October. Andy Carter MP, Chair of the APPG, is now urging Ofcom to review the BBC Sounds platform as the BBC continues to invest undisclosed sums of licence fee income into an expanding service that is hardly distinctive and essentially replicates services already available to listeners. Andy Carter MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Radio, said: “It’s imperative for the future of the BBC that it provides high quality, distinctive content that warrants its significant licence fee income. I am concerned about the serious lack of transparency and scrutiny of the BBC Sounds platform. New services like Radio 1 Dance do not appear to meet the important public value tests that the BBC must observe. I hope Ofcom will conduct a thorough review of BBC Sounds as a matter of urgency.” Siobhan Kenny, Radiocentre CEO, commented: “We were encouraged to hear new Director General Tim Davie emphasise that distinctiveness and true public service value should be at the heart of all BBC content. It is disappointing therefore to see this announcement of a new 24 hour dance stream. It is really difficult to understand what qualifies as distinctive in this offering. Commercial radio has a rich catalogue in this area, and is very popular with audiences. We know the BBC is struggling to attract younger audiences but launching in competition to existing, UK based providers, who rely on advertising revenue rather than public funding, is really not the way ahead. We agree that it is time for an urgent re view.”
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the 10-23-2019 Scott Mills Daily episode titled A Very Loud Yungblud? Seems to have disappeared from the podcast feed and isn't in the Unofficial Mills archive. Thanks!
  10. I'd seen that he was leaving but not who would be replacing him.
  11. Permanent - toddla t tweeted/insta’d a few weeks back
  12. Toddla T's final show is on Friday 25th September - Jeremiah Asiamah (from 1Xtra) is presenting the following week on Friday 2nd October. I wonder if this is a temporary or permanent thing as I haven't seen any announcement or press release?
  13. Loved it, sounded better than ever 😁
  14. Probably to even it up a bit. Why do Radio 1 have the same people covering where as Radio 2/5 seem to have a whole range of different guest presenters
  15. My predictions for cover in general are: Early - Arielle Breakfast - Matt and Mollie Morning - Adele Afternoon - Dev Drive - Jordan Weekend Early - Cel Breakfast - Just Matt/Mollie and Riyadh Morning - Arielle/Katie/Vick Afternoon - Arielle/Katie/Vick Chart - Katie/Vick
  16. I believe Sam is involved with Nation Radio in an off air role. Why? Dev is on 3 times a week, like Jordan? So why would they choose to use one more over the other?
  17. Will be interesting to see who covers the chart. I have a feeling it will be Vick & Katie
  18. They’ve uploaded a picture of Roy in the Radio X Studio, so I’d imagine he’s recorded new stuff for him
  19. I hope he uses all the old jingles and Roy Walker voice overs
  20. It makes sense for Scott to have a holiday I mean he worked all of the summer I think bar the weeks he was forced off for Clara on 11-3, I see Sam his BF is involved with Hits Radio South Coast but not sure where? cannot see him on the schedule I would think Chris would usually have the same week, but it has happened before i also wonder now if Dev is the main daytime cover again? now Jordan has his own slot 3 times a week, wonder if Dev will be the main cover for Scott and Grimmy? or will it be Cel going forward, has there been a swap of roles, Cel is now the supply teacher as Jordan has the weekend mids slot? Also now, what happens to the chart when Scott is off, as Jordan was often used for that, will that be someone who's not on a Friday like Katie? Vick? maybe Mistajam (he did it for Greg back in the day and he doesn't work Fridays) or someone like Jordahn with Cel covering for him
  21. A blast from the past - Carpark Catchphrase is returning to Chris Moyles' breakfast show next week. Feels a long time since we last heard it.
  22. To answer my own question, it looks like Scott’s actually on holiday that week. No one seems to be off on Radio 2
  23. Earlier
  24. Where did you read that as not on radio 1 website yet
  25. Is that because Scott is over on R2 again do you know or is he taking a holiday? A bit of a shame to see Cel doing Arielle’s show and not some new talent but I suppose that’s what he meant when he said he was going to stay with Radio 1
  26. Some more upcoming cover: Dev is in for Scott from Monday 28th September to Thursday 1st October (with Chris!) Cel Spellman is in for Arielle on Friday 9th October
  27. Meanwhile, the only show I listen to on 1Xtra - David Rodigan - moving earlier (again?) to 1pm on Sundays -- Made a nice prelude to the Chart at 6pm, in the later slot - Will check out Amy Lame on 6Music ...
  28. Yea I wonder if he’s gonna be the new Jordan in terms of cover
  29. I see Riyadh Khalaf is down to cover Dev on the 20th September.
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