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  2. Well, that was the beginning of the end i guess... Really liked the stories, especially the cruel prank one and the Westwood one. God, I'm gonna miss them...
  3. Should of been clearer. The evening schedule stays normal until RMC's last show on the 12th August. Then w/c 16th August YUNGBLUD will be on 6-9 and Jack Saunders will do 9-12.
  4. Ohhh so RMC 9-12 for a week?
  5. 12th August. Week 3 of Future Sounds guests is YUNGBLUD and is down for 6-9.
  6. Does anyone know when RMC’s last evening show is?
  7. I'd hazard a guess Vick & Katie (or Katie on her own) will remain chart cover. I'm assuming with them doing cover for Jordan (and Vick i assume will be off part of August anyway) is the reason Yasser has been drafted in. It's been a good while since he appeared on Radio 1. I recall he used to stand in for Dev on weekend breakfast on occasion (he used to do weekend brekkie during Big Weekend) so it's good to hear some existing BBC voices being drafted in as well as giving new voices a chance. Harpz Kaur off of Asian Network is covering Matt & Mollie in a few weeks
  8. Yep he does Asian Network drive Mon-Thurs. Chart cover could still be Vick & Katie. Or Vick & Jordan. Or Vick, Katie or Jordan solo?
  9. Is he the one on Asian Network? I remember he used to cover the CBBC Chart Show for Cel. When Vick goes to drive, who do we think will be the cover for the Chart?
  10. Yasser is in for Scott on the Official Chart on Friday 13th August.
  11. Last week
  12. I liked the event overall as always, but one things bugs be. Did they really have to lock up Greg again? The original (fake) premise would've worked much better imho. Just make Greg (& Vick) solve the puzzles and the final password while on the road or something. Sounds more fun than Escape Room 3.
  13. And Harpz Kaur will be in for Matt & Mollie on Sunday 1st August.
  14. Arielle is also in for Matt & Mollie on Saturday 31st July.
  15. I’d assume so it seems anything K-POP or BTS that Adele Roberts is involved. Almost the K-pop correspondent
  16. Sounds has been updated now - they are co-hosting for the BTS Live Lounge.
  17. Great consistency on names and images as always from sounds...
  18. Adele also now in for Clara on Tuesday. EDIT: Jordan says that Adele & Clara are co-hosting.
  19. also solo on the 3rd August.
  20. I have a weird feeling his first ever song when he covered was Reverend & The Makers, Heavyweight Champion Of The World. I remember he discussed it a few years ago when he was on drive time.
  21. Greg’s last song on drivetime was Bubblegum by Mystery Jets and the penultimate song if I remember correctly was Circle of Life.
  22. I don't exactly keep notes, but remember a few I heard: Grimmy & Annie finished their last sunday night together with Crew Love by Drake & The Weeknd, Grimmy's first on breakfast was Paris by Jay-Z & Kanye West, Greg's first on breakfast was Levels by Avicii, picked by a random texter... I can't recall more, but I usually save first-last shows, so I can maybe look up a few if I have the time.
  23. With the Across The UK stuff happening and Dean hosting from Salford, can't Radio 1 technically claim from September that they already fill the '1 key weekday daytime slot quota' as Dean will Friday mid-morning and that would be classed as a 'key weekday daytime slot'
  24. Jordan said he was off filming for a few weeks. I wonder is this the travel show he is doing with Beverley Callard for ITV?
  25. “Radio 1 Breakfast with Matt Edmondson”
  26. Yes. She did a weekly specialist show on KISS Fresh until recently, also previously had a show on KISS and covered KISS Breakfast.
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