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  2. They are missing a trick - they could run hours of Dave Pearce Dance anthems shows too
  3. ^^ " The BBC has never made good, proper use of it's archive with a lot of things " ^^ Understatement of the year there, I think! ,,,
  4. Dave Pearce too when he did it on Sunday nights. But I imagine it's pointless using run of the mill shows all the time, they may as well dig out live broadcasts. Classic Essential mixes too could be one to use. I know you can more or less get every single one online. But some from the 90's are poor quality, Radio 1 Dance could get the original dat tapes and play them out digitised. The BBC has never made good, proper use of it's archive with a lot of things, it's a chance to do that.
  5. I wonder if they would eg would they use Jam or Danny dance anthems shows?
  6. Well said, would be nice of them to air some classic dance recordings from Pete Jules etc. Maybe just some classic mixes or interviews to fill an hour or two. Seems a waste to use content you’ve already heard in the week on the main station when they must have years worth of classic shows recorded.
  7. Good point about the much-missed Zane Lowe. Whilst Annie Mac is a perfectly fine broadcaster, she seems to have minimal interest in records made with "proper instruments", so to speak ,,,,
  8. I feel the same about the bits I hear from Radio 1 now. It feels more and more like a carbon copy of 1xtra, years ago you could easily separate the two. Just the way the music scene is, rock and indie with young people seems less relevant compared to the 90s and 00s youth. Coupled with the fact that we don't have the big indie/rock bands we had way back. There was a time where through the 00's you had Foo Fighters/Linkin Park/Blink 182/White Stripes/My Chemical Romance/Friendly Fires/Kings Of Leon/Arctic Monkeys... being hammered for weeks on the A list. Foo Fighters have just released a new tune last week, if it gets any higher than Radio 1's B list for more than 2 weeks I'll be surprised. I hear 1xtra playing house music now, when launched in 2002 that was unthinkable. It was garage, hip hop, early grime and r&b back then. As far as indie and bands during mainstream(ish) hours, has Zane Lowe been truly replaced? Felt like he almost single-handedly pushed the Arctic Monkey's into the big time in late 2005 with no only the support he gave them, but the influence he had on getting them onto heavy rotation on the Radio 1 playlist. Radio 1 dance feels like it has good intentions with room to grow, Radio 1 have been at it with dance since the very early 90's. It's a chance for them to run some old archive Jules/Rampling/Pete Tong/Carl Cox Fabio & Grooverider shows from the 90's and 2000's overnight, and keep it more modern in the day.
  9. I used to get mixed up and think Dev was on this. Aren't G6 a security firm company? He's got to have had a good 10 years at it hasn't he? Not bad really, can't say I heard much of him but he must have been decent to hold a place for that long.
  10. It feels a seemingly impossible job to hold now. When I got inspired to want to take a job in broadcasting it was 2000 and radio didn't have competition like it has today. The young target audience the most has choices everywhere to rival it, but let's face it. It's even easy for grandad to find his favourite songs on youtube or spotify nowdays. So even Smooth and Radio 2 have it difficult. There's been 10 tonne of cuts within the BBC recently which has harmed it's local radio output, commercial radio is totally gone too imo. There were 4 commercial radio stations broadcasting from Wolverhampton in 2010, now we just have multiple bands of greatest hits my way. Community Radio has some shoddy reputation out there, and with some output from some stations the past 15 or so years it's deserved in some ways. But there are some really good ones out there now, basically sounding like local commercial radio did 20 years ago. Part the fact that like the one I'm involved with, is it's chaired and headed by people who ran successful commercial stations like Beacon and BRMB. So they have the experience to make them professional, coupled with the fact that your now getting experienced ex commercial and BBC jocks fronting the breakfast and drive shows it makes it sound that much more polished compared to 10 years ago. The only wall is ofcom restrictions on transmission power and funding, but they are slowly and surely subsiding compared to before. I'd say that's the best way in, it's even possible to make a small living in community radio now too. It's "community" in licence name, but if your joining a well run station your joining a commercial radio station by everything else but. Anything you try to do on the internet like podcasts or youtube etc, your always going to be drowned out by so many others who can get online with simple setups. Not everyone can do radio, and that's where it still holds a big upper hands.
  11. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2020/11/bbc-to-create-temporary-local-radio-services/ Part of Radio 1's Christmas day schedule has been revealed. Quote from the article: "For the British Forces Broadcasting Service Christmas Takeover Radio 1 is going to hand over four hours of Christmas Day to four bases around the world to give their troops the opportunity to send Christmas messages to their families back at home in the UK" This sounds good. Will make a change to the usual artist/celebrity takeovers they've done for the past number of years.
  12. Me too they may give mollie king a go aswell maybe covering Scott or Adele Roberts
  13. I think it's a given with the next year that Jordan will become drivetime host. Come January, He will likely be the main go to cover for Scott as well as Grimmy now Dev is leaving, so personally, i can't see him being the go to breakfast cover. Overall i think Radio 1 are in a good place, going into 2021 and beyond. Although, the only person who stands out to me as ready to shift to weekdays from weekends is Jordan.
  14. I like a lot of the changes. Aled is certainly trying to put his stamp on things. Radio 1 has been excellent throughout 2020 really pulled me through. He and everyone involved deserves a pat on the back (socially distanced of course) Arielle i am delighted for her got a bit worried when she didn't get Dance Anthems but think Early Breakfast is great for her. Adele I'm afraid i have never connected with. Glad that weekend breakfast returns to the weekends though. Always look forward to new people coming in and putting there own stamp on it. Dev has always been one of my all time faves and will be sad to see him go, however his recent shows without Alice have been a bit off it seems he is ready to leave now as he has a countdown to the end lol. Never really listened to Phil or Hugh on there new shows but gave Phil a listen on Sunday and by gawd it does what it says on the tin i felt really chilled listening to it. I love the idea of new talent Fridays. Will certainly give a listen as I'm always up early with my job. Matt and Mollie back to 1-4 seems a good fit adds something missing since Dev and Alice ended. Although I'm really hit and miss with them one minute i like them then it's a bit meh. Jordan with his success in the Castle will be heading for bigger things next year i believe and this will surely start by being the permanent cover for Greg and Grimshaw. At some point next year i expect Aled to put an even bigger stamp on his vision for the future of Radio 1 unfortunately i think this will start with Scott either leaving or moving to weekends and also Mr Grimshaw the same. Jordan will replace Grimshaw and Matt and Mollie replacing Scott. In all i really like what Aled is doing with Radio 1 and i am falling back in love with a station that i have fallen out of love with for a good few years now. Exciting times ahead I'm sure😁
  15. Podcasting, community radio, contact radio types on Twitter. Paul Sylvester at Absolute is always up for a Twitter chat.
  16. As another wanting to work in radio. My guess would be podcasting. Other than that, I really have no clue I’m sorry.
  17. Jono

    Schedule Changes

    Seems to be part of some BBC Sounds project to allow them to stream playlists over Christmas: On radio, all BBC pop stations are staging Christmas House Party, each having a room at the party and using their output to provide that room’s soundtrack. BBC Sounds is hosting a second series of Radio 4’s Grounded With Louis Theroux and Radio 2 celebrates the world of musical theatre in January with a season of special programming. BBC Sounds will also provide the musical support our audiences might need to make the most of a more home-based festive season with classic tracks and mixes to help manage mood or make an occasion, together with unique mixes led by our talent.
  18. What’s that going to consist of then? It sounds interesting anyway!
  19. R1 are doing a Christmas House Party on Tuesday 1st December from 17.35 to midnight - presenters as follows: 17.35-18.00 Nick Grimshaw (Newsbeat is 17.30-17.35) 18.00-19.00 Adele Roberts 19.00-20.00 Arielle Free 20.00-21.00 Danny Howard 21.00-22.00 Charlie Hedges 22.00-23.00 Rickie & Melvin 23.00-00.00 Jack Saunders 1Xtra, Asian Network, R2 and R6 Music are all doing their own versions on that evening too.
  20. So it's always been an ambition of mine to work in radio, albeit behind-the-scenes in digital, from a young age. I've been working on different projects over the years, waiting for opportunities to arise when I felt confident about my experience. I now feel I'm in a place where I can demonstrate my ability to "inform, educate and entertain" audiences through different content types. But 2020 has hardly been a great year for the job market, and it feels like even more of a challenge to try to get seen at somewhere like the BBC or one of the other big broadcasters. Jobs in digital within BBC Radio often appear advertised as "internal" only, and even, the application process through portals still feels a very dehumanisied way of getting your name seen. It used to be that people would recommend finding creative ways to be seen, but it doesn't feel like sending something through the post is a welcome way to do things in the era of a pandemic. Local radio used to be a springboard for people wanting to work in radio, but where do people start with so few stations left? It feels as if conventional ways are out of the window in this era, so how do you think it's done? Any thoughts are welcome, feel free to PM me too!
  21. Rickie, Melvin & Charlie are in for Clara on 7th December and still doing their show that evening.
  22. Yes I think he will gain new listeners from this iv already told friends to listen once he’s back on air
  23. Jordan seems to have been an inspired choice for I'm A Celebrity this year. He's definitely standing out as one of the top camp mates. It can only do his future at Radio 1 a world of good that he's becoming a "household name".
  24. Defiantly, All tough the odd indie classic may sneak into anthems. (Probably something like seven nation army) I guess they’re just trying to keep up with what’s popular within their target demographic. I do think the indie show was a good wind down. Annie has her future sounds show- Jack has his future artists show. Surely they could have just merged that into Annie’s show and kept the indie show as it was?
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