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  2. OJ Borg in for Romesh Ranganathan this Saturday (15th June).
  3. I always listen to Greg in the Morning and then Capital with Jordan in the Afternoon instead of going home (mainly so I can skip past the ads)
  4. I often see jerry pushing his club nights, they look fun. Also katie does some other bbc tv work, so it seems to be the norm. Isn't it our version of a side hustle
  5. Katie is off next Thursday so Jamie will do a rare Thursday show
  6. I must admit I love listening to the all new breakfast show with Jordan Chris and Sian (kemi) for now I am actually enjoying listening to the show but my problem is I listen to the radio all day and I find it hard to listen to capital fm all day everyday it’s just so repetitive after the breakfast show you have just boring links with the same 15 songs getting played example on the playlist this week you have the sugababes and the wanted getting played just about every hour I’m sorry the capital breakfast is a good listen but the station overall is boring and repetitive they need to make all the other shows as fun and entertaining as the breakfast show
  7. It’s always been the norm for dj’s to have other projects
  8. Tara Kumar is in for Sian on Tuesday 25th June and Monday 1st July.
  9. So a few months in and I've got to say - I'm really enjoying Capital Breakfast. I've always been a big Jordan fan, and regularly listened to Going Home and loved it. I tried Capital back when Chris first joined but couldn't get into it. But the combo of Jordan Chris and Sian works so well and makes this a must-listen for me - and I'm finding that it's reluctantly pulling me away from Greg. I love Greg but his show feels a little empty in comparison - I really enjoy the zoo format of Capital and think its shown up what an outlier the Radio 1 breakfast show is to the rest of Radio 1's output which is all about multiple presenters (to great effect!) And Going Home with Vick Katie and Jamie - I hate to say but I'm just not feeling it. The topics they talk about are a bit cringe, and I think I'm put off by how amateur it sounds on Jamie's part (crashing vocals, very obviously pulling the conversation away from what it was supposed to be about on bizarre tangents, etc). Such a clear downgrade.
  10. I find it interesting how involved DJs are in other projects. Every presenter seems to either run club nights or events, have at least one podcast, present TV or work for another company whilst working at Radio 1. Is it just prudent to have your finger in other pies? Does it show how cut throat Radio 1 is? Or is this just the norm for DJs these days?
  11. But seemingly without breakfast starting half an hour later, which I think irritated some people at the time (although I loved having more Sam & Danni in my life in the mornings!)
  12. The summer schedule is back then
  13. It looks like Radio 1 Breakfast on WB 1st July is 07:00-11:00 and RMC is 11:00-12:45
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi everyone I really can’t listen to capital fm anymore I have tried so hard to like this station due to Jordan north moving there but it’s so repetitive and boring the same songs gets played over and over again this is why radio 1 is the best station in the uk does anyone else agree with me
  16. I had noticed that too, he also would have Dean in for a handover chat quite a bit too. though obviously not as much as RMC, Katie, Arielle or Jordan
  17. Joel Mitchell in for Nat on 30th June
  18. Yeah Its understandable given Life Hacks show description being the "Radio 1 Social Action show" that they will lean towards journalists instead of just general entertainment cover presenters. That I know all of the regular presenters and several of the covers have been or are still journalists because its more needed with the sensitivity and awareness of the issues discussed. Though Sam and Danni did cover it a few times and they are much more in the catergory of general cover but for all I know one or both of them have professional/academic journalism qualifications. Its one of these things where its slightly unexpected but not a problem, given that Newsbeat is already more chatty, friendly etc than most news by a large amount
  19. Last week
  20. Richie Anderson in for Dermot O' Leary this Saturday (15th June) and Saturday 29th June. Spoony in for Trevor Nelson on The Rhythm Nation for two weeks starting Monday 17th June Gaby Roslin in for Zoe Ball on the breakfast show for a week starting Monday 1st July OJ Borg in for Sara Cox on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July Glastonbury weekend sees Dermot O'Leary live from Worthy Farm on Saturday 29th June 3-6pm, OJ Borg is on air from 8pm warming up for the headline slot (and I assume afterwards as well). Tina Daheley in for Jeremy Vine on Thursday 4th July.
  21. Connor Coates is in for Charlie Hedges on Saturday 15th June.
  22. The mastodon bot has paused. Shame, it was the only site I could access on my work pc.
  23. Maia is also doing Early Breakfast on 21st June and covering Mollie King on Future Pop on both 12th and 19th June.
  24. Ore Olukoga is in for Arielle on Tuesday 11th & Tuesday 18th June.
  25. Yeah, Greg is off for 2 weeks. Matt & Mollie are covering next week (just Matt on Thurs) and it's Sam & Danni the week after.
  26. Is it just me or does Greg never have Danny in for a pre show chat. RMC are always in. Katie and Jordan used to be regulars and Arielle chats often
  27. He did he was Dev’s cover on early breakfast
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