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  2. Sorry there was so much blank space in that reply, not sure what happened and can't seem to edit it 😕
  3. Could get onboard with a schedule like this- however I personally can't see Chris staying after Scott goes, and also I'm not sure they'll be binning off Pete Tong for a long time yet
  4. 4-6.30 Arielle Free 6.30-10-? 10-1 Katie Thistleton 1-4- New signing and Chris Stark 4-7 RMC 7-9 Jack Saunders 9-11 1Xtra Simulcast 11-1-? weekend inc Friday 4-6-new signing 6-10- Jordan North 10-1 Maya Jama and New Signing 1-4 A.Dot 4-7-? 7-9-BBC Introducing...(1 Host across the BBC.. Not sure who) 9-11- Adele Roberts and (Maybe a 1Xtra Host?) 11-00 Specialist Music Show. Friday 9-11 Danny Howard 11-1 New Signing
  5. I think they will continue to bring on new talent - which is no bad thing - but Scott, Chris and Greg still have a lot more to give on day time.
  6. My immediate response to Radio 1 Breakfast with Jack Saunders was “not a chance”, but now you’ve said it, I think about it, and he’s one of the youngest people they’ve got, he’s connected to the music and the audience, he’s improving on late nights, and with people around him, in a sort of zoo format, maybe one day he could make an exciting personality breakfast show. Food for thought.
  7. I think the schedule itself will be the same as in the slots - the people will be different Early breakfast someone totally new Weekday Breakfast Jordan or Jack Saunders 10-1 Arielle 1-4 Matt and Mollie Drive RMC 7-9pm Annie still 9-11 either someone new or Dev and Alice 11-1 Someone new Weekend early breakfast someone new Weekend breakfast someone new Friday/Saturday 10-1 Greg James Sunday 10-1 someone new Weekend 1-4 someone new Friday 4-7 chart and party Katie and Cel Saturday Dance Anthems Mistajam still - he'll be an institution like Dave Pearce was Sunday 4-6 life hacks Adele Roberts and doctor Rada and 6-7 chart first look Mollie King Sunday nights god knows What happens to Scott - radio 2 in the SWITA slot or taken over from Zoe on breakfast, or Sara on drive who has gone to breakfast to take over from Zoe Greg covering bits on radio 2 and 5 live and two weekend shows on R1 still Grimmy - going into TV producing on reality shows Clara - back at a commercial rival Heart Dance or something along those lines Adele still on weekends maybe being used as the odd weekday cover
  8. Just for some fun speculation, what do you imagine the Radio 1 schedule looking like a few years down the line, into 2020/21/22 kinda time. Do you feel like there will be a lot of changes, or will stuff remain stasis? i can’t see much being the same in a few years, your thoughts ?
  9. Just for some fun speculation, what do you imagine the Radio 1 schedule looking like a few years down the line, into 2020/21/22 kinda time. Do you feel like there will be a lot of changes, or will stuff remain stasis? i can’t see much being the same in a few years, your thoughts ?
  10. Last week
  11. I’d put money on this. Not too much money though😂.
  12. I’m hoping we get a major schedule change at the beginning of next year. There are too many talented people on slots that aren’t good enough for them, like it’s completely ridiculous that Jordan has still only got 1 show a week and the fact that they used to have 3 main presenters at the weekend and now they’ve got 7 shows the problem they’ve got!!
  13. Definitely at the moment. Which is fair enough, it gives him some good exposure, and he’s reached the point he’s a nice safe pair of hands, not the new bloke. I think most people on here would agree he puts together a great radio show. But I wouldn’t rule out some people (maybe RMC, D and A, Cel and Katie etc) getting a chance to cover at some point
  14. Jordan seems to just be the main cover for Grimmy going forward then?
  15. Cel & Katie are in for Scott on the chart and party anthems this week. Makes sense given they do the Sunday first look show. Wonder if they'll be regular cover for the chart going forward
  16. I listened to bits of it she should be on weekends instead of maya Jama
  17. Earlier
  18. Listened to all 3 of Arielle’s shows this weekend on catch up and I thought it sounded good. It was similar format wise to Weekday early breakfast but I suppose there is only so much that you can do at 5am. I thought Arielle had loads of energy which is needed for that show and from what she was saying it sounds as if it’s a year long ‘experiment’ to see if it works having a live show at that time. Anyway, I enjoyed it and it would be nice listening to it if I’m ever up that early. Has anyone else had a chance to listen to it?
  19. It started with Mark & Lard's afternoon show on Radio 1, who were on that slot from 1998 - 2004. For me they were genius but you have to have to that sense of humor to get them. Basically they used to do a multitude of 'spoof' quizzes, where Lard (Marc Riley) would go into the other studio and pretend to be some wayward maniac caller into the show to play the quiz. The 'whooooo' came from one called 'It's a Mystery'. Where there would be weird clues to guess who the celeb was, Lard on the other end of the phone would never get the answer. And when revealed (someone usually well known) there would be a few seconds silence followed by a loud 'WHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!' You can hear a clip here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LamKPIw5yGM
  20. Quite a few changes in the next few weeks: • On Monday, Phil is in for Annie • Arielle launches her show next Friday! • From Monday 9th until Thursday 12th, Matt and Mollie are in for Greg! • Also that week, RMC are in for Scott with 1xtra shows filling their slots. • From Monday 16th until Thursday 19th, Jordan is in for Grimmy. • And finally on Friday 20th (and possibly the rest of the weekend) Adele is in for Dev and Alice.!
  21. I think @DC is best placed to answer this one! STOP! ...carry on
  22. I think @DC is best placed to answer this one! STOP! ...carry on
  23. Does anybody remember how it started now? It feels like such a normal thing I'll do it in conversation with my friends, but I just can't remember where it came from.
  24. DC

    Alts to R1

    Because Radio 2's demographic can be too broad at times. Not everyone between 30 and 40 is obsessed with 80's music, like me for instance. My era is late 90's and early 00's. So I end up hopping between Radio 1 & 2. Jump from 2 to 1 when they start playing ABBA, vice versa when grime comes onto Radio 1.
  25. That's his 1-4 show, He didn't start Drive till April 2012. Also the jingle package in use is still the Pure Tonic Ra-Di-O ONE. Pure Jingles started when Greg moved to drive!
  26. And on the first year of breakfast - here is Greg's first drive show and the end of Mills first 1-4 show when they swapped, and what song was Mills playing at the end and into Greg's show - you guessed it https://ia801209.us.archive.org/33/items/20120301/20120301.mp3
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