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  1. Katie is in for Matt & Mollie on Friday 8th October.
  2. Matt & Mollie are in for Greg from Monday 4th to Friday 8th October.
  3. Interestingly, a couple of R2 shows have been coming from the 8th floor this week - Vanessa Feltz and Ken Bruce. Not sure of the reason. I wonder if, as more and more of Asian Network's output shifts to Birmingham, whether R2 will find a new home on the 8th floor at some point...?
  4. Sam & Danni are in for Adele on Sunday 3rd October.
  5. For now, daytime wise it's just Dean's shows coming from Salford, although his shows this first weekend are coming from London. Life Hacks/First Look has been produced/broadcast from Salford since July 2019. The new Future Soul show is also produced and recorded in Salford. And Introducing is produced and recorded in Belfast since Gemma took over from Huw.
  6. Rickie & Charlie are in studio 82D, Melvin is in 82E
  7. Kenny Allstar is in for DJ Target on Saturday 11th September.
  8. Kenny Allstar is in for Tiffany Calver on Saturday 4th September. Katie Thistleton is in for Scott on the chart on Friday 17th September.
  9. Alex & Numi are in for Arielle next Mon & Tues (23rd & 24th)
  10. Matt is off so Mollie is presenting solo on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th September.
  11. Jack Saunders is in for Jordan this coming Friday.
  12. Jamie & Spencer are in for Jordan on Sunday 22nd August. Sam & Danni are in for Arielle from Tuesday 31st August to Thursday 2nd September.
  13. Arielle is in for Charlie on Saturday 4th September.
  14. Must not be confirmed yet as the schedule shows Jordan. Arielle is probably the most likely.
  15. Bank Holiday Monday (30th August) schedule: 08.00-11.00 Jess Iszatt 11.00-14.00 Danny Howard 14.00-18.00 Charlie Hedges
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