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  1. Sam & Danni are in for Arielle on Wednesday 9th February.
  2. Vick is off so it'll be Jordan & Katie from Wednesday 2nd to Thursday 10th February.
  3. And Katie sits in for Matt & Mollie on Friday and Saturday.
  4. Friday 31st Dec the timings have changed slightly: 16.00-17.30 Chart 17.30-21.30 James Cusack 21.30-01.00 Jordan North And on Thursday 20th Jan Vick is off so it's Jordan and Katie.
  5. Jack Saunders is now off next week too. Sian covering on Monday, Nels Hylton covering Tuesday to Thursday.
  6. Hmmm not sure. I doubt whether this was laziness, more likely a last resort. There are several presenters off at the moment due to Covid and other illnesses and it's very likely to be a similar story across production teams too. Taking an off-peak programme off air seems to be to be a reasonable decision in the circumstances.
  7. Sam & Danni in for Arielle again tomorrow.
  8. And the same again this Saturday.
  9. Jack Saunders has Covid. Sian now in for Clara today. Jess Iszatt in for Jack today and tomorrow, Sian in for Jack Wednesday and Thursday.
  10. Christmas Eve 13.00-16.00 is now Arielle in for Matt & Mollie, not Katie.
  11. Mollie is solo this Sunday (12th)
  12. Kenny Allstar is in for Tiffany Calver this Saturday.
  13. Jack is in for Clara on Monday 13th December. Sian is in for Jack.
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