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  1. Matt is off on Sunday 14th March and Mollie will present 1-4 solo.
  2. Vick and Katie are in for Scott on the chart on Friday 12th March.
  3. Each of the networks has a 'News In' ID of the same length - they have to manually fire it at :51 seconds. The newsreader is instructed to start at exactly :00 no matter what they hear in their headphones so that if one network makes a mistake there's no disruption to the others. So if the ID is played late then it will crash the headline, if it's played early you'll hear a bit of a gap before the newsreader reads the headline. I've heard both of these happen plenty of times so it's definitely manual!
  4. Actually, Annie has all of next week off: Monday - Sian Eleri 6-8pm Tuesday & Wednesday - Jack Saunders 6-8pm, Jess Iszatt 10-12 (Jess covered the Chillest Show at Xmas) Thursday - Jack Saunders 6-8pm, Nelson Hylton 10-12 (Nelson covered the Rock Show at Xmas)
  5. Danny Howard is covering Annie's show on Friday 19th February. Sarah Story is covering Danny's show. She previously covered Annie's show on New Year's Day.
  6. I have it on good authority that Matt & Mollie will still be first choice cover for breakfast. Apparently Greg has a week off in March and M&M have been booked to cover it, with Vick and Katie covering Friday afternoon 1-4.
  7. As long as each track has been correctly logged in the first place, this metadata is retained even when mixed into an Anthems 'chunk' or as part of a fully pre-rec show. The dira! playout system links to the 'Now Playing' info. Basically, if done correctly, music is logged and marked on the system as 'send to public display' so it appears on Now Playing, but beds, imaging, trails, speech clips etc are not marked 'send to public display' so they don't appear on Now Playing, even though everything is played out of the same system. This also generates the tracklistings on programme web pag
  8. I used to work at a radio station (not R1, think smaller!) so I have a bit of an insight into this, although I'm sure it varies. Where I worked, around half of the presenters were staff and half were freelancers. Staff had to request leave and have it approved - freelancers could just say they were 'unavailable' but we would expect a reasonable amount of notice (apart from sickness) so that cover could be arranged. At R1 I believe all of their presenters are freelance. We would have a list of presenters who could cover each show - their suitability would be based on profile, experi
  9. And the same again on Saturday 23rd.
  10. 1X studios: Mon-Fri 6-10 82E, 10-1 82B, 1-4 82C, 4-7 82F, 7-9 82C, 9-11 82F, 11-1 82C Sat 6-10 82C, 10-1 82E, 1-4 82C, 4-7 82E, 7-9 82A (R1 simulcast), 9-11 82C (R1 simulcast) Sun 7-11 82C, 11-1 and 1-3 pre-rec, 3-7 82A, 7-9 pre-rec, 9-10 82A
  11. @Lee E In repsonse to your chatbox post, here are the current studio allocations for R1: Mon-Thurs Arielle 82F, Greg 82A, Clara 82F, Scott 82A, Grimmy 82D, Annie 82A, RMC 82D, Jack 82A Fri Early Breakfast 82F, Greg 82A, Jordan 82F, M&M 82D, Scott 82E, Annie 82A, Danny 82B Sat Adele 82D, Jordan 82F, M&M 82D, Charlie 82F, Target 82A, Tiffany 82C Sun Adele 82D, Jordan 82F, M&M 82D, Life Hacks (Katie in Salford, Vick in Salford or sometimes 82E), Sian 82B, Dan 82C If you want the same info for 1Xtra or Asian Network let me know
  12. Scott, Annie and Mike Wooller covered for Danny during his time on Dance Anthems.
  13. Cel Spellman is in for Jordan on Sunday, so it looks like Jordan will be back on air Friday 11th at the earliest.
  14. Week commencing Monday 4th January: Rickie, Melvin & Charlie are in for Clara (Mon-Thurs) Matt & Mollie are in for Scott & Chris (Mon & Tues) Adele is in for Rickie, Melvin & Charlie (Mon-Thurs) I guess Clara and Scott are working during the week leading up to Christmas (unlike most of the weekday presenters) so this makes some kind of sense.
  15. As it stands, Matt & Mollie and Jordan are on air as usual.
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