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  1. Inspired by Graeme's post in the chat box, how have you all found the new temporary schedule content wise? I have found it very hit and miss if I'm being honest, Scott's show has been great and I have really enjoyed the quiz which I hope stays even when the schedule goes back to normal. It also feels like Scott is playing fewer songs than what he used to in his normal slot so that's another positive. But on the other hand, I have found Clara's shows really bland and so different to Scott's every other week. I think them having to alternate is the main reason that I want the schedule to return to normal. At the weekend's, I do enjoy all three of Dev, Alice and Jordan even though I dislike them all only being on every 3 weeks, and also not having Dev and Alice on together. However, the content in all of their shows is good. Finally, I hope that Jack gets to do his show live in the studio again soon as it's not the same recorded and also hope that Arielle gets her weekend shows back again soon properly and not just Anthems! I'd also be interested to see what they decide to do with Maya's shows. Will Jordan just get them as expected, or could they possibly sign someone new? Or maybe even make a more drastic schedule change with many people being moved around? I'd be interested to see everyone's views!
  2. Arielle seems to have her normal weekend early breakfast show back next week after it being just Anthems for the last month on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m guessing that this is due to the fact that more people will be heading off to work again, and so more might be listening during those times
  3. I’m not sure the full big weekend schedule has actually been posted yet so here it is - only 1 presenter will be in the studio with the other at home: Saturday: • 11:00 Jordan North and Adele Roberts • 1:00 Dev and Alice • 3:00 Scott and Chris • 5:00 Mistajam and Arielle Free • 7:00 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie • 9:00 DJ Target and Tiffany Calver Sunday: The same until • 5:00 Cel and Katie • 7:00 Phil Taggart and Arielle Free • 9:00 Daniel P Carter and Jack Saunders So surprisingly, no Greg, Grimmy or Clara! Also on bank holiday Monday we’ve got • Arielle in for Greg on breakfast (I think she’ll be getting a bigger show soon) • Cel and Katie in for Grimmy
  4. Submissive back hole surely? 😂😂 Anyway, on another note, I could see them possibly continuing this schedule until around September time and then have a large change around of people that might be announced around July time. September would also mark the year of Weekend Early Breakfast and if they haven’t found that to be a success, then they’d have to find something else for Arielle to do, so maybe she could take over Maya?
  5. They might be able to do Hide and Seek towards the end of the year, possibly October half term, because they seem to like to do it during holiday time?
  6. Hi George, Really enjoy reading your posts and hopefully you’ll continue to post frequently in the future!
  7. Hey Isaac, You’ll be very welcome here especially with your love of Jordan North! 😂 Hope you enjoy joining in with all of the discussions!
  8. Thank you for organising this! The results are very interesting but mostly what I expected really. Although I didn’t realise this forum had so much love for Arielle but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I would be very happy for a future radio 1 schedule to look like that.
  9. Done it! It will be interesting to see the results of this
  10. Actually quite excited about hearing the new schedule tomorrow. I’m really interested to hear what Jordans 4 hour show will be like especially as his is only 2 hours of actual content at the moment anyway. Also, I can see on the schedule that the Anthems shows are being repeated on Easter Monday. Thus time an hour for each year from 2000 to 2014. No idea if their will be student radio presenters again though. But looking at the current world situation, I’m guessing not.
  11. Looking at the schedule, it looks like Jordan is doing this weekend, Dev and Alice are doing next weekend and then Maya the weekend after. As well as this, Jordan is in for Maya tomorrow as it is still the normal schedule.
  12. A bit annoying but probably the correct decision. It does mean that any fun about guessing the location for next year will be taken away now though, which is frustrating as that’s another year without it being in the midlands.
  13. I wonder if this will still happen! They’ve been very quiet about it on air recently and I’d have thought that they would have announced more artists or ticket information by now.
  14. I think it’s probably Jordan covering the whole show but the website hasn’t completely updated yet. Also, I think Alice is off until around the middle of April on her tour.
  15. Alice is off for the next 7(!) weeks and so I’m assuming Dev will be flying solo. Also, • Cel Spellman is in for Arielle on Early Breakfast on Friday • Matt and Mollie are in for Greg next Monday • Jordan is in for Grimmy on Drive all this week as Grimmy is doing his sport relief challenge
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