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  1. Actually quite excited about hearing the new schedule tomorrow. I’m really interested to hear what Jordans 4 hour show will be like especially as his is only 2 hours of actual content at the moment anyway. Also, I can see on the schedule that the Anthems shows are being repeated on Easter Monday. Thus time an hour for each year from 2000 to 2014. No idea if their will be student radio presenters again though. But looking at the current world situation, I’m guessing not.
  2. Looking at the schedule, it looks like Jordan is doing this weekend, Dev and Alice are doing next weekend and then Maya the weekend after. As well as this, Jordan is in for Maya tomorrow as it is still the normal schedule.
  3. A bit annoying but probably the correct decision. It does mean that any fun about guessing the location for next year will be taken away now though, which is frustrating as that’s another year without it being in the midlands.
  4. I wonder if this will still happen! They’ve been very quiet about it on air recently and I’d have thought that they would have announced more artists or ticket information by now.
  5. I think it’s probably Jordan covering the whole show but the website hasn’t completely updated yet. Also, I think Alice is off until around the middle of April on her tour.
  6. Alice is off for the next 7(!) weeks and so I’m assuming Dev will be flying solo. Also, • Cel Spellman is in for Arielle on Early Breakfast on Friday • Matt and Mollie are in for Greg next Monday • Jordan is in for Grimmy on Drive all this week as Grimmy is doing his sport relief challenge
  7. The location (if everyone didn’t already know) is being revealed on Monday!
  8. This weekend: Arielle in for Mollie In Best New Pop Matt is solo on weekend breakfast Dev is flying solo. On Sunday: Gregor Davidson in for Arielle Arielle In for Jordan Wednesday 29th: Arielle In for Adele Friday 7th and probably all weekend: Alice is flying solo (one of them always seems to be off)
  9. Hasn’t it been in Dundee before? It would be nice to see it in some different places especially the midlands which radio 1 seems to forget exists.
  10. I love Dev and Alice and think they’re the best on the station at the moment, but I think that’s the problem, that neither of them would probably be able to commit to a weekday slot as they’d both be off for half the time.
  11. So with 2019 now coming to the end, what do we all think will happen to the schedule next year? This year was a reasonably quiet year with only Rickie, Melvin and Charlie and Arielle starting new shows. However, there doesn’t seem to be any new cover presenters to take new shows next year at the moment, so I’m guessing next year might just be shuffling around of shows. I think Grimmy will swap with Jordan and Maya will leave so Grimmy takes all three weekend slots around the middle of next year. I also wonder whether Clara might leave or be replaced by Adele or Arielle next year. It would also be nice to hear Katie cover that slot sometimes too. Finally although I don’t want this to happen, I feel as though Scott’s time on afternoons might come to an end. I feel like there could be a whole list of replacements though. The weekends sound very good to me at the moment, so id try not to change them around too much if possible and I think the evenings are fine too. What are you all predicting?
  12. Adele is doing one week which is the week beginning the 16th before she is off again!
  13. Some of the Christmas schedule has been released and it’s not a lot different to normal: 23rd: 4:00 Katie Thistleton 6:30 Matt and Mollie 4:00 Jordan North Everything else as normal 24th: Same except it’s just Matt on breakfast From Boxing Day to New Years Eve: It looks like they have got radio 1 Anthems everyday doing 3 hours of music from each year from 2000. NYD and 2nd: Same as Christmas Eve except Reece is in for RMC 3rd: Normal Schedule except no Mollie on breakfast!
  14. Yasssssss. Scott’s still on Christmas Day Breakfast!! I’m surprised Jordan is on Christmas Day again though!
  15. As far as I know, they’re not playing out the Teen Awards when they are actually occurring and it’s only the week after when they are being shown.
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