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  1. As far as I know, they’re not playing out the Teen Awards when they are actually occurring and it’s only the week after when they are being shown.
  2. That did run through my mind actually when I saw she was off for a while but I didn’t think that she was the sort of person to do it!
  3. It’s getting around to that time of year again when the Christmas schedule is released so what do you all think it’s going to look like this year? Christmas Day this year is on a Wednesday and then from Boxing Day until New Years Eve, there is going to be presenters on from student radio so I think the schedule will look quite different this year. This is what I think: Up until the 22nd Dec: As Normal 23rd and 24th: 4:00 Katie Thistleton 6:30 Scott and Chris 10:00 Adele Roberts 1:00 Arielle Free 4:00 Jordan North Possibly Dev covering RMC? Christmas Day: 4:00 Adele Roberts (pre record) 7:00 Scott Mills 10:00 Artist Takeover 4:00 Jordan North Boxing Day: 4:00 Student Radio 6:30 Scott and Chris 10:00 Student Radio 4:00 Jordan North 27th/28th/29th Same as above except 7:00am Arielle Free 30th Same as above except 6:30 Matt and Mollie New Years Eve: 4:00 Student Radio 6:30 Matt and Mollie 10:00 Student Radio 4:00 Mistajams Dance Anthems (pre record) 8:00 Jordan North (New Year Party Show) New Years Day: 4:00 Adele Roberts (pre record) 6:30 Matt and Mollie 10:00 Katie Thistleton 1:00 Jordan North 4:00 Dev 2nd: Same as above: 3rd/4th/5th 4:00/5:00 Riyadh Khalaf 7:00 Matt and Mollie 10:00 Arielle Free 1:00 Dev 6th: As Normal Unfortunately, I think this might be Scott’s last year doing Christmas Day Breakfast before I’m guessing Jordan might do it from next year. What do you all think?
  4. I think it is incorrect as Jordan is in for her the week after so I think she’s probably on holiday Also, adding to this, R1 seem to having different presenters cover each week another presenter is off. For example, Adele is off her normal show at the moment and has Arielle covering one week and Katie the other. Clara is also off and has Adele covering one week and then Jordan the other. It seems to be a new thing they are implementing at the moment.
  5. How do you all think R1 is sounding at the moment? I’ve been listening quite a bit recently and also (because I’m sad) I was looking through some old topics from around 2016/17 time and there seems to be many people that were not very happy with how the content and output sounded back then. However, I think Radio 1 is currently sounding great. Greg’s breakfast show is really great to get ready to everyday, Drive is better than it was a few months ago and when I get to listen to Scott, he’s as good as always. The weekend schedule is also good, Matt and Mollie, although not ground breaking radio, are fine enough to have on, and Dev and Alice (when they’re there) are in my opinion, the best show currently on R1. Also, really liking the Indie Show and the Chillest Show at the moment, hopefully both of them stick around for a long time. There are a few things that I’m not so keen on however. The first is the amount of music, which is for another thread really, is quite a lot, and I think it has increased in Scott and Clara’s Show recently - thankfully, Greg’s Show has stayed very content heavy. This brings me onto my next point, which is Clara. I feel as though she needs to go now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they give Arielle that show in about a years time. She just sounds very bored, and it’s just songs after songs after sons. Finally, when will they give Jordan a weekday show? I’m struggling with what slot they might give him though, as I don’t think Grimmy is that temporary on drive and I still can’t see Scott going anywhere for a while. So, what are all your thoughts on R1s current state?
  6. I’m guessing it’s because Dev is doing Strictly so it would just be Alice and RMC are on holiday as well!
  7. I think her big comedy tour is next year when I think she’ll be having lots of time off. It’s a bit of a shame in my opinion because I feel like with Dev being off until Christmas and then I think Alice is off for a while after that, I think they’ll lose some of their chemistry unfortunately.
  8. Quite a few schedule changes coming up: • Tomorrow Clara is off and RMC are covering and Reece Parkinson is covering for them as already mentioned. • On Friday and Saturday, Adele is in for Dev and Alice again. On Sunday, Dev is solo. • Also on Friday and Saturday, Jordan is in for Maya. • On Saturday, Charlie is in for Mistajam on Dance Anthems. • And on Saturday and Sunday, Matt is solo which is also happening the weekend after. • On Friday 11th, Europe’s Biggest Dance Show is taking place from 7pm until 2am with a different European country showcasing what music they have to offer. • Finally on October 15th, Matt is in for Greg on Breakfast!
  9. I’m hoping we get a major schedule change at the beginning of next year. There are too many talented people on slots that aren’t good enough for them, like it’s completely ridiculous that Jordan has still only got 1 show a week and the fact that they used to have 3 main presenters at the weekend and now they’ve got 7 shows the problem they’ve got!!
  10. Listened to all 3 of Arielle’s shows this weekend on catch up and I thought it sounded good. It was similar format wise to Weekday early breakfast but I suppose there is only so much that you can do at 5am. I thought Arielle had loads of energy which is needed for that show and from what she was saying it sounds as if it’s a year long ‘experiment’ to see if it works having a live show at that time. Anyway, I enjoyed it and it would be nice listening to it if I’m ever up that early. Has anyone else had a chance to listen to it?
  11. Quite a few changes in the next few weeks: • On Monday, Phil is in for Annie • Arielle launches her show next Friday! • From Monday 9th until Thursday 12th, Matt and Mollie are in for Greg! • Also that week, RMC are in for Scott with 1xtra shows filling their slots. • From Monday 16th until Thursday 19th, Jordan is in for Grimmy. • And finally on Friday 20th (and possibly the rest of the weekend) Adele is in for Dev and Alice.!
  12. Dan18F1


    Did Scott mention anything on his show today about being involved?
  13. Lots of changes then - you can tell it’s the middle of the summer. I think Arielle said that she was away for a few weeks over the summer which is properly why she isn’t being used for cover at that time!
  14. Dan18F1


    I’ve heard both a RMC one and a Matt and Mollie one over the last few days as well which suggests whatvever it is will be going on into the evening as well!
  15. I know that Jordan was supposed to be in for Grimmy on that day so that is probably why it’s like that on the schedule and then Greg bring off seems a quite last minute thing. I do find it weird the cover they have used though. I assume they didn’t want to use Scott as that would have meant that someone would then have to cover Scott’s Show all week as well. Does seem strange the way that it’s all been done though, it doesn’t seem like they are prepared for if more than two presenters are off at once. I’d say that’s the only downside of having Jordan cover everything when a situation like this occurs!
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