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  1. Lots of changes then - you can tell it’s the middle of the summer. I think Arielle said that she was away for a few weeks over the summer which is properly why she isn’t being used for cover at that time!
  2. Dan18F1


    I’ve heard both a RMC one and a Matt and Mollie one over the last few days as well which suggests whatvever it is will be going on into the evening as well!
  3. I know that Jordan was supposed to be in for Grimmy on that day so that is probably why it’s like that on the schedule and then Greg bring off seems a quite last minute thing. I do find it weird the cover they have used though. I assume they didn’t want to use Scott as that would have meant that someone would then have to cover Scott’s Show all week as well. Does seem strange the way that it’s all been done though, it doesn’t seem like they are prepared for if more than two presenters are off at once. I’d say that’s the only downside of having Jordan cover everything when a situation like this occurs!
  4. Few other changes happening in the next few weeks so thought I’ll post them here: • For the next two Fridays, Arielle is in for Adele. • This Friday, Jordan is in for Scott on the chart. • On Saturday, Charlie Hedges is in for Mistajam on Dance Anthems. • On Tuesday 30th, Charlie is off so it’s just Rickie and Melvin presenting their show. • on Thursday 2nd August, Alice is in for Grimmy! • Finally, on Friday 3rd and possibly over the rest of the weekend, Jordan is in for Matt and Dev is presenting solo!
  5. Just noticed that from Monday 28th July, we have the first week of Jordan properly covering the Breakfast Show. Exciting for him. Strangely, it is with Mollie King though.
  6. Isn’t Arielle the cover for both Matt and Mollie and Dev and Alice? She’s been used to cover both shows before!
  7. I don’t want them to do that tbh, Scott and Chris’ current slot is a lot better than Matt and Mollie’s, think if they got moved it would seem like a demotion
  8. Matt and Mollie are also covering Greg for a few days in a couple of weeks - think it’s the Monday and Tuesday after Glastonbury!
  9. In the last few months I have been thinking that Radio 1 is often sounding quite samey day in day out, there’s nothing that distinguishable that happens very often to make you have to tune in. This might be a variety of factors and here’s my reasons for this: The Playlist - I feel like one of the problems with radio 1 is the reasonably small playlist of songs. If you listen all day you’ll probably hear an A-List song 3 or 4 times. Surely they should try and only play each song once or twice a day? It would make me want to listen longer anyway. The lack of events - This might just be because I got used to things happening at radio 1 eg. The escape room, the lolathon, last year Greg starting his show etc, but the last few months nothing has really happened if you know what I mean. Features - Somtimes I feel like there are too many features that are done everyday, Grimmys best song ..., Clara’s your song, Greg’s Yesterdays Quiz, Maybe a few new features are just needed every so often, I’d also like to see more games done on people’s shows, Matt and Mollie are the only people that really seem to do it. Change of schedule - Finally, it may all come down to the fact that over the last couple of years there have been many schedule changes resulting in lots of new shows starting and sounding really fresh. However, over the last few months, only Rickie, Melvin and Charlie have started a show and that’s in the evenings. Maybe another schedule change is needed quite soon? I’d love to see what other people’s views are on this!
  10. Couple of schedule changes next few weeks: On Sunday, Matt is riding solo. All next week, Jordan is in for Adele. Alice is flying solo next weekend as Dev is away. On Tuesday 18th, Charlie is off so it’s just Melvin and Rickie. On wednesday 19th, Matt and Mollie are in for Greg. On Sunday 23rd, Katie is in for Jordan. On Thursday 27th, Annie and Jack have a Glastonbury warm up show from 7-11 so Rickie, Melvin and Charlie have been moved from 11-1. Finally on Friday 28th, Maya is off and Jordan is covering!
  11. Yeah it just feels like a normal day tbh with a couple of live tracks thrown in every so often. A far cry from just 2 years ago when everything was live. Probably bbc budget cuts again
  12. Doesn’t look like they’re playing out full sets then, that’s a bit shit tbh
  13. From looking at the set times and when everything is being played out on R1, it looks like the whole sets might be being played out but on a delay. That means that we won’t be able to see the presenters between the sets as the radio coverage won’t align with the iPlayer coverage which is a shame.
  14. Current I would have to say Dev and Alice together. They work so well off each other and their show often sounds quite different to anything you’d hear anywhere else. In the past I would also have to say Moyles although I only starting to listen to R1 about a year before he left so I didn’t get the ‘golden years’ of him!
  15. It’s still every Friday - normally about 6 songs get added and 6 taken off then.
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