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  1. I think Kiss has improved quite considerably in the last couple of years. I would say it’s much better than Capital now in my opinion!
  2. As much as I really like her, she always seems to be on TV shows, I wonder how much time she’ll actually be doing her show. It’s not a great start anyway if she’s starting it 2 months later than she was originally supposed to be. (Oh and btw Jono, I think she actually survived the skate off in Dancing on Ice last night)
  3. Ooh good topic - I'll try not to ramble on for too long on here. Overall, I think Radio 1 has handled this last year very well. There has obviously been some changes, some of which I have agreed with, some of which I haven't and then those which seem to have been as a direct result of the pandemic. First of all, I don't think we'd have seen the mass exodus that happened around the middle of last year if the pandemic didn't happen, however I think that Maya, Cel, Mistajam and possibly Alice would have all left. This then caused some schedule changes which may have not happened if those pe
  4. Looks like from January; • Mollie will continue to do Best New Pop at 6:30 on a Friday • Anthems will continue on a Friday with Greg presenting the 10 - 10:30 section• • Party Anthems will continue at 3pm on a Friday with Matt and Mollie presenting it
  5. I think Feet Up Friday was the other part of the show from 4-5:45 however I may be wrong. I think since Greg started the show it has always been Dance Anthems!
  6. Yes! I completely agree, I think when it was him and Chris and then Chris and Grace producing the show was the best and it’s such a shame that that completely changed when he started the breakfast show! I still enjoy it, it just feels more ‘safe’ and less spontaneous than his old show which was probably, for a time, my favourite show on Radio 1!
  7. Ah ok thanks. Do you know who's on for the rest of the weekend? I would guess Jordan will be on his normal show but I would be interested to see who's on weekend breakfast?
  8. At a guess, they probably asked Scott which show he’d prefer to do and by the sounds of it, he’d rather do breakfast than the chart
  9. It will be interesting to see who does the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd as Dev has obviously left, I can’t see Matt and Mollie doing their final weekend breakfast shows then and I don’t think Adele or Arielle will work then as they would have new shows starting the week after. I could potentially see: 7:00 Jordan North 10:30 Katie Thistleton/Cel Spellman 1:00 Riyadh Khalaf I think that could possibly work, however I’ve really got no idea!
  10. Christmas Day: 5-7 am: Radio 1’s Christmas Movie Mixtapes 7-10 am: Scott Mills (yassss!) 10-2 pm: Radio 1’s Armed Forces Christmas Takeover 2-4 pm: The Official Chart with Scott Mills 4-6 pm: Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist 6-8 pm: Rickie, Melvin and Charlie 8-10 pm: Radio 1’s Indie Show with Jack Saunders 10 - 12am: Radio 1’s Essential Mix From 12am: As Normal Seems like Scott will be double shifting this year but very very happy to see him doing Christmas Day breakfast!
  11. I wonder when the press pack will be announced that has information about what will be on all the radio stations over Christmas will be announced? It’s normally around the same time as the TV one and that happened yesterday so I’d imagine that it will be at some point this week. I also don’t think it will be very long before the schedule starts to get announced either.
  12. What’s that going to consist of then? It sounds interesting anyway!
  13. I wonder if Adele may become the main cover for Greg, they don’t seem to like taking presenters off their normal shows anymore to cover other shows and shes the only presenters now who won’t work Monday to Friday!
  14. I think there are still a few unanswered questions and I wonder if anyone knows the answers to these? Will Friday’s anthems be booted off or will Greg end up doing the first half hour of them? What will happen to Best New Pop? Will the new Friday presenters do it or will Mollie continue to pre record it? Finally, I wonder what will happen to Party Anthems? I can’t see Matt and Mollie doing it so maybe Scott will get it back again?
  15. Maybe I need to revise my prediction now all these changes have been announced? 😂
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