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  1. I think the Rock Show is on anyway isn’t it? It only says 1xtra are taking the Sunday evening show, not simulcasting with R1?
  2. That’s a very long time that Clara will be off for. I wonder if it’s for that same show she filmed around this time last year. I seem to remember she was off her daytime show for about 3 weeks with Adele Roberts covering!
  3. That’s not good reading for Radio 1 there! And especially Greg James - I think that’s lower than Grimmy ever went sadly so not quite sure what’s going on. And Aled’s quote about lockdowns affecting their performance has confused me somewhat too, there hasn’t been any lockdowns for over a year now!
  4. That’s a very good point actually - I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan is a part of that in the summer. However that would be a whole chunk of time off at once rather than every 3 weeks ish which is what Jordan seems to be doing at the moment!
  5. Sun 8th May: Vicky is in for Vick on Life Hacks Mon 9th- Fri 13th: Matt and Mollie are in for Greg Dean and Katie are in for Scott (except the chart) Fri 13th: James Cusack is in for Matt and Mollie!
  6. That’s interesting, I wonder who will be in for them then because Katie is already in doing the chart that day? I’d guess probably Arielle or Vick?
  7. I suppose Lorde isn’t British either!
  8. Just when I thought that all the cover seemed to be quite normal at the moment they go and do something odd. Not really sure why Katie can’t cover on her own?
  9. I wonder if they’ll pre record the show? I think there was one other time (might have been the young ARIAS) that they should have both been off and it was pre-recorded instead? I very much doubt we’ll ever get a time that both Vick and Jordan are both off.
  10. Scott has had some strong production teams recently, I thought he was very good, the team of Will and Grace were excellent and I think Amy is keeping up the good quality too. A lot of it also probably comes down to Scott’s natural skill.
  11. Good line up for the future sounds stage too! Still quite male orientated though, I wonder if the Sunday will be more even.
  12. I recognise that name, she’s read the news before hasn’t she?
  13. I’d guess at Calvin Harris out of those names.
  14. And line-up being announced on Monday! Anyone want to have a guess at the headliners? I’m going to go for Calvin Harris for Friday night, Dave and Florence and the Machine!
  15. Is this definitely happening? Arielle’s shows description has updated with specific info about that day’s show and she’s still listed on there.
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