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  1. The plan said that all the moves had to be implemented by 2027 I think so I’m guessing Radio 1 management are guessing that at least 1 of Clara, Scott and Grimmy will have left by then (probably all 3) and then they can decide who and which slot to move up North!
  2. Really enjoyed hearing him this afternoon! Genuinely think he would be perfect for Annie’s show and a great cover for Clara and Grimmys daytime shows
  3. I’ll throw in a few: • I don’t really like Greg’s breakfast show and much preferred him on drive • Scott is sounding better in his current 1-3:30 slot than he has ever done before • Annie Mac isn’t really suited to the Monday - Thursday Future Sounds show and Jack Saunders would be much better on it. She can definitely stay on Friday nights though.
  4. I’ve been meaning to make this topic for a while but what are you favourite features on R1 currently? In my opinion, Scott’s show is very strong, the Don’t Look It Up quiz is great, and I really like both Brother or Lover and Granny Tinder too (along with Bamboleo). In the other shows, Matt vs Mollie is great, along with quite a lot of content in their show. I also really enjoy What’s My Age Again? The few time that Greg does it anymore, and although simple, I think Reasons to be Cheerful is a really nice feature in Arielle’s early breakfast show. So, what are all of your fav
  5. think it’s just Fridays when Greg’s show has more mixed tracks @OohErr they are usually older tracks too I think.
  6. 1xtra seems to be going back to usual just after Easter! I think a couple of their presenters have had to shield so obviously haven’t been able to be inside the building to do their shows.
  7. Yes, the first hour of Dance Anthems does seem to be requests. I would guess that Sunday Breakfast finishes at 11 because the Chillout Anthems have been made into 1 hour long shows with 4 put together, a bit like the R1 Dance shows.
  8. Full Easter schedule: Good Friday (R1 Dance) 5-7 Dean McCullough 7-10 Arielle Free 10-1 Adele Roberts 1-4 Sarah Storey 4-6 Official Chart with Scott Mills 6-Midnight (R1 Dance Takeover) Saturday (10 hour takeover) 7-10:30 Adele Roberts 10:30-1 Jordan North 1-4 Rickie and Melvin After 4 As normal Sunday (Chillout?) 7-11 Chillout Anthems with Jess Iszatt 11-1 Jordan North 1-4 Rickie, Melvin and Charlie After 4 As normal Monday (Anthems) 4-6 R1 Dance 6-10 James Cusack 10-2 Vicky Hawkesworth 2-6 Robyn Richford 6-8 Power Down
  9. Ooh that’s interesting - correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s the first time he’s covered a proper daytime show as opposed to him doing the Indie Show on the nighttime takeover?
  10. Ooh that’s interesting - correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s the first time he’s covered a proper daytime show as opposed to him doing the Indie Show on the nighttime takeover?
  11. Matt and Vick have hosted together once before I think and they sounded good together so looking forward to hearing them on breakfast!
  12. Looks like Vick and Katie are actually covering Breakfast on the Friday of the week that Greg is off and Matt and Mollie will be staying on their usual show. Not who I expected to see as breakfast cover at all but it will be interesting to see how they manage it!
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2021/radio-1-lolathon Press release with all the details, nice to see that it involves all the presenters and good to see that it looks like lots of money is being spent on it. Very intrigued to see how they’ll do some of those things with Covid measures too!
  14. Why’s it on the 5th March? That’s a Friday!



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