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  1. Arielle is in Dubai and Ibiza - I think she has pre-recorded her new show this week (at least that’s what it looked like from her Insta stories on Thursday) I think if Katie is off it will mostly likely be Matt - he’s the only other one who has presented with Jamie before
  2. Hope Jerry is ok - he was posting about being on earlier so it’s obviously a last minute change!
  3. I wonder if R1 will do a big event type thing on the week that Jordan starts on Capital? It will minimise the number of people turning over I’d guess
  4. Sam MacGregor definitely gave UM a shoutout a few weeks ago! I know that Jordan had also done it in the past. I think your best bet would probably be Sam and Danni’s weekend breakfast show tbh!
  5. Jordan North… Seriously though, out of the commercial stations I only really listen to Capital but I do think Will Manning is very strong (and could quite easily slot into R1). I also think Jimmy Hill is a very good commercial DJ (but probably wouldn’t be as good on R1).
  6. I think that’s a very good line-up so far, I was underwhelmed last year but it’s already looking better this year!
  7. Tuesday 2nd April - the week after Easter weekend!
  8. I’m going to take a stab at the headliners (based on who I think R1 have the budget for and who they’ve played lots in the past few months) Friday: Fred Again.. Saturday: Usher Sunday: RAYE All 3 of these also have touring gaps where they’d be able to play big weekend.
  9. We know R1 love duos and trios at the moment but I feel that getting Nat to join Vicky on the 10 hour takeover is a bit overkill - surely that’s a day that will be full of music? And the same with Easter Monday when it’s Anthems day - I feel that all of RMC and Vick, Katie and Jamie aren’t all needed when they get to do 30 second links
  10. Let’s maybe not speculate about Jordan’s sexuality…
  11. I agree, as much as I think Aled has made a couple of recent questionable decisions, after the next few months the last thing radio 1 will need is more upheaval. I think (unless anyone chooses to leave) there probably shouldn’t be any changes for at least a couple of years. Radio 1 needs a period of stability now.
  12. Mollie is solo on Saturday (9th) and Matt is solo on Sunday (10th) Sam and Danni are in for Arielle on Monday (11th) and from the 19th-21st March Nat is in for Dean on Thursday 14th and then Ore is in for Dean for the whole of the next week. Nikita Kanda is in for Matt and Mollie on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of March. It seems like Greg is probably off on Good Friday as it is just a generic Radio 1 Breakfast on the schedule - no indication yet of who will cover him but I would guess it might be Dean.
  13. I do wonder whether the initial plan was for Dean and Vicky to still split but Katie take afternoons and then there wouldn’t have been any changes to Matt and Mollie’s show (which also might explain why they haven’t been able to announce a weekend afternoon presenter yet)
  14. I know it’s none of our business but has Scott said why he’s off for so long? I don’t ever remember him taking a 5 week long holiday on R1 before?
  15. Hopefully Matt and Mollie take producer Amy with them to weekdays - she has helped to make their weekend show even better in the past couple of years and was obviously Scott’s producer before he left too
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