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  1. Current I would have to say Dev and Alice together. They work so well off each other and their show often sounds quite different to anything you’d hear anywhere else. In the past I would also have to say Moyles although I only starting to listen to R1 about a year before he left so I didn’t get the ‘golden years’ of him!
  2. It’s still every Friday - normally about 6 songs get added and 6 taken off then.
  3. Chris has been liking a few posts on social media recently asking for Real or no Real to come back? Either he just wants it back, or we might be seeing it back soon?
  4. A couple of schedule changes in the next week (unfortunately the schedule hasn’t updated very far in advance) Rest if this week is Matt and Mollie in for Greg Jack is in for Annie and Sophie K is in for Jack on Thursday. On Friday, Danny is in for Annie and Monki is in for Danny. Dev is flying solo this weekend in the afternoon On Bank Holiday Monday, Matt and Mollie and in for Greg, Dev and Alice are in for Scott. Also on Tuesday, Dev and Alice are in for Scott. It will be interesting if Chris is with them. Finally, next Friday, Jordan is in for Scott on the chart!
  5. Dan18F1

    Mollie Solo?

    I’d give Mollie the mid morning show but I don’t think that Mollie would be that good solo as I think she’s naturally a lot more comfortable with someone to be able to bounce off.
  6. Serious question: How do you manage to stay relevant to your target audience for so long? Non Serious: Has there ever been a time at R1 (or any other station) where you have said something that’s got you in trouble? And what is it?
  7. Also, sorry to double post, but does anyone know if R1 are doing anything different over the Easter Weekend like a Ten Hour Takeover or a countdown of some sort? I seem to remember that they normally do, but I’ve not seen or heard anything being trailed for it.
  8. And she seems to be for most of, if not all of next week as well, as Adele is in for Clara.
  9. It’s strange actually because I know it’s different but Stormzy is headlining Glastonbury and playing Big Weekend and yet hasn’t released any new music in ages either. Also, Greg has got something about big weekend on his show tomorrow. Not sure what it is but I thought it might be worth mentioning.
  10. Yeah don’t worry about it, I saw the funny side of it!
  11. I’m guessing from the tone of it, that the whole thing is a joke and is based on the fact that Radio 2 has changed quite a lot in the last few years and the fact that quite a lot of people aren’t that happy about it. I don’t think it’s anything to get too annoyed about.
  12. I think R1 is sounding good at the moment, Adele when I have heard her is a very solid pair of hands, a bit of a shame that she has never got a weekend show but I fear that is too late now! Greg, I have already discussed in his own thread. Clara, I think is also solid if not spectacular, it would be nice if she could have a few more interesting features on it. Scott, I’m also enjoying although I feel as though his show also needs a bit of a freshen up, but obviously he’s still sounding great. Grimmy, I feel as though he’s been a revelation on drive, I never thought that I could enjoy Grimmy this much. It’s just a bit of a shame that I think that that’s the most likely slot that Jordan will take, can he take Clara’s instead and make it a personality led show? I don’t listen in the evenings that much but from what I have heard, Annie and Jack both sound good. I think R,M and C need some time to settle in first though. At the weekends, Matt and Mollie sound good, although I thought they were better on afternoons. Maya is getting better I feel but still not good enough to be presenting on R1. Jordan and Dev and Alice I feel are great and definitely deserving of the next weekday spots that arise. Katie I feel is also solid and probably deserving of a weekend slot but Cel is awful in my opinion! So, in summary, there are some issues with R1, (I still think they play too much music, and I wish that there were more games) but I think R1 is doing well at the moment even if the listening figures don’t quite reflect that.
  13. I thought that I’d throw my thoughts in here: To begin with, I enjoyed Greg’s Show on Breakfast so so much. If I ever missed a show, I would catch up on it because I felt like I was missing out on something major happening but since around Christmas, I haven’t bothered. I still enjoy it, but I feel as though it has got very samey, the features need freshening up. Like, do we really need Unpopular Opinion and The Fact Controller every week - I think they’re the two features that need a rest the most. I think Yesterday’s Quiz is starting to feel tired as well. Bring back Game of Phones, What’s My Age Again?, Impossible Karaoke, more features are needed I think. Over the last few weeks, I have been able to listen to the Breakfast Show more than normal, and I have to say that after 8:30, I think the show is great - there’s some really original and funny ideas and it works, I think between 7 and half 8 just needs some tweaking to make it sound great. Hopefully after his holiday, he’ll give some features a rest and have some new ones ready for afterwards
  14. No he’s not, he’s still down to do his normal show that week. I’m sure at the moment he won’t miss his show to do R2, he’ll probably only do it weekends or during other times of the day!
  15. Quite a few changes over the next few weeks: • As already mentioned, Jordan is in for Grimmy for the next two weeks and on Easter Monday. • Next week, Phil Taggart is in for Annie apart from Friday when it’s Danny Howard. Eats Everything is doing Danny’s Show on Friday. • Also next weekend, Maya is off so Jordan is doing the Greatest Hits all weekend. • As well as this, Dev is off all weekend so Alice is flying solo. • For the next 2 saturdays, Arielle is covering Dance Anthems. • DJ Target is also off for the next two Saturdays. • On Wednesday 17th, Arielle is covering for Adele on Early Breakfast. • There is another Rave Lounge on Good Friday! • On Easter Monday, Matt and Mollie are on Breakfast, Jack Saunders is in for Annie and Sophie K is in for Jack. • Matt and Mollie are on Breakfast for the rest of the week. • And finally, Jordan is in for Maya again the weekend after!
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