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  1. Totally agree. I always used to listen to the whole drive show from 4-7 when it was Greg, but since Grimshaw took it over from Dev and Alice last September I can honestly say I haven't listened to the entire show once. I can sometimes last 10 minutes before I feel like launching my radio out my window. If any 2 DJs need to go soon then imo it's Nick Grimshaw and Maya Jama
  2. I can see the start time of the weekday breakfast show being brought forward to 6am in the not too distant future. Makes more sense to have it consistent with the weekend breakfast show (they can't start the weekend breakfast show at 6.30 as the specialist shows on before it all last 2 hours), and also allows the early breakfast show to be 4-6am all 5 days rather than having one show shorter than the rest.
  3. Yeah, Good Friday is one of only 2 Fridays each year with no Newsbeat shows. They do it differently each year, sometimes they do something special like a Greatest Hits day, in the past they've done a weekend takeover, but the last 2 years if I'm not mistaken they've just done the chart 4-6 and announced the number 1 at around 17.50, which is always quite funny cause the number 1 still gets revealed on the Official Charts company website at 17.45, so they're building up the tension on r1 whilst everyone else already knows who number 1 is. Edit: The other Friday of course being the one between Christmas and New Year when they do the chart of the year show
  4. I mean they could technically keep the profanities going right up to 5.30am without breaching Ofcom guidelines but given that they start the daytime programming at 4am there's no way they'd carry it on past then
  5. Honestly hearing Chris repeatedly yell Dangerwank is possibly the highlight of my year
  6. If I was Ben Cooper right now, I'd be considering a line-up like this for the next major schedule changes. Some of these choices might throw the cat amongst the pigeons lol Mon - Thurs 4am - Katie Thistleton 6am - Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James (bring it in line with the weekend breakfast start time) 10am - Dev & Alice 12.45pm - Newsbeat 1pm - Scott Mills 4pm - Jordan North 5.45pm - Newsbeat 6pm - Jordan North Fri 4am- Arielle Free 6am- Matt & Mollie 10am - Greatest Hits with Clara Amfo 11am - Clara Amfo 12.45pm - Newsbeat 1pm - Adele Roberts 4pm - Official Chart with Scott Mills 5.45pm - Newsbeat 6pm - Dance Anthems with Scott Mills Sat 6am- Matt & Mollie 10am - Greatest Hits with Clara Amfo 11am - Clara Amfo 1pm - Adele Roberts 4pm - Dance Anthems with MistaJam Sun 6am- Matt & Mollie 10am- Cel Spellman 1pm - Adele Roberts 4pm - Request Show with Arielle Free 6pm - The Surgery with Dr Radha (and another presenter)
  7. I've just had a crazy idea- Remember Hide and Seek last summer? Maybe they're doing something like that again at the location of the Big Weekend
  8. Think it's only Monday and Tuesday but I agree it is good, Phil's a really talented broadcaster who doesn't get nearly enough air time imo
  9. He really is. Was thinking before how many shows he's actually covered. Weekdays, he's covered for Adele, Grimmy (once when he was doing breakfast and several times since he's been doing drive), Clara, Scott and Greg (several times when he was doing drive) Weekends he's covered for Matt & Mollie (breakfast and afternoons), Maya, Dev & Alice (breakfast and afternoons) and MistaJam. Plus all his Christmas & New Year cover over the last few years... He even covered for the cleaners one time when he got there late for his show!
  10. I understand that they're not going to get rid of Maya so soon after hiring her (even though she sounds very unprofessional, with seemingly no preparation for her shows at all, literally sounds like she rocks up at 5 to 10 and starts talking into the microphone aimlessly), but I definitely think they should take her off either Fridays or Saturdays and give that show to Arielle Free. That way it gives her more experience and sets things up nicely for both Jordan and Arielle to take more prominent slots on the next major schedule change (personally I can see that happening towards the end of 2020/start of 2021, and I think that's when we'll see the departure of Grimshaw).
  11. Let's not forget, Scott has the most airtime out of all the presenters on BBC Radio 1, one of his shows including the drivetime slot on Fridays. I reckon he's got at least a few more years before he leaves.
  12. Whilst we're talking about weekend specialist shows, I really think they need to get rid of all the mindfulness stuff on a Friday night. It's just the most bizarre thing to have at 3am after the residency. Even if they did an hour of it from 5am on Saturday and Sunday mornings and brought 2 new dance shows in for 3-5am on Friday and Saturday nights
  13. No, that was the only one that was 3 hours up until the weekend before last- They're repeating The Residency shows 3-4am for a couple of weeks, then it looks like they've got a new "Danny Howard's Club Mix" taking the slot after that
  14. I'm guessing Liverpool. Maybe the Hide & Seek game last year was a big early clue
  15. The press release only said they were starting in 2019 so I suppose it could be any time really, but given that Dev has worked every single day since the 19th October, I'm guessing they'll be switching sooner rather than later.
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