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  1. Love that idea, would be great to meet some fellow radio nerds lol
  2. Based on the generic show descriptions (looks like the usual presenter names have specifically been edited out of the normal show description), it looks like it's all going to be new talent, even the night time shows up to 1am every evening except NYE
  3. They've had the exact same Christmas Day schedule for quite a few years now so I reckon 2020 will be the year we see some change there
  4. Sorry there was so much blank space in that reply, not sure what happened and can't seem to edit it ?
  5. Could get onboard with a schedule like this- however I personally can't see Chris staying after Scott goes, and also I'm not sure they'll be binning off Pete Tong for a long time yet
  6. So as it's a bank holiday the rules of the percentage of new music or mainstream music that has to be played don't apply so the presenters will probably be playing the same specialist music they normally play on their own shows. They often do random things like this on bank holidays but the thing I'm most looking forward to is hearing Pete Tong introducing the Newsbeat bulletins ?
  7. I'm 99% sure I read somewhere that his contract ends in 2020, but if they're doing Hide & Seek again next summer then that means one of three things 1. His contract runs out at the END of 2020 2. He'll get moved to a smaller show (swap with Jordan North possible? Who knows) 3. His contract has been renewed
  8. Wow, when you put it like that you can see how much of a mess it is! Practically no consistency. They should have moved the weekday breakfast start time to 6 and kept the weekend breakfast start time as it was. Arielle deserved Friday early breakfast but if they insisted on making a weekend early breakfast show too then surely 1 hour (5-6) would've sufficed given that we didn't actually need one anyway! Either way, I'm pleased for Arielle and holding onto the thought that they've passed Jordan up on this again because he'll be getting a regular weekday show soon enough
  9. Arielle Free joining to present Weekend Early Breakfast; Friday 4am - 6am, Saturday & Sunday 5am - 7am Mollie King hosting Best New Pop; Friday 6am - 6.30am Weekend Breakfast with Matt & Mollie; Friday 6.30am - 10am, Saturday & Sunday 7am - 10am Radio 1's Wind Down; Saturday 4am-5am Radio 1's Chillout Anthems; Sunday 4am-5am Yet again we see more new talent introduced without seeing the departure of any current presenter on the station. How long do we think until a big name is dropped from the weekday schedule to make way for a new show (presumably) for some of the current weekend line-up?
  10. Show description for R1 Breakfast on Wednesday and Thursday is "All will become clear" so I'm assuming it's going to be something that lasts a few days? I sort of want it to be another game of hide and seek involving more DJs, that was really great radio last July. Having said that though I kind of doubt they'd do the same thing twice so I'm at a loss for ideas really.
  11. Not sure whether it's just gonna be for summer instead of the old summer mixes or whether they're making it a permanent daily thing to bring weekdays in line with the weekend... Also re Friday night party anthems- I think this may be a permanent name change, dance anthems is well over 7 years old now and R1 seem to love making regular random changes to the wording of show titles. I can also see a brand new intro happening.
  12. Totally agree. I always used to listen to the whole drive show from 4-7 when it was Greg, but since Grimshaw took it over from Dev and Alice last September I can honestly say I haven't listened to the entire show once. I can sometimes last 10 minutes before I feel like launching my radio out my window. If any 2 DJs need to go soon then imo it's Nick Grimshaw and Maya Jama
  13. I can see the start time of the weekday breakfast show being brought forward to 6am in the not too distant future. Makes more sense to have it consistent with the weekend breakfast show (they can't start the weekend breakfast show at 6.30 as the specialist shows on before it all last 2 hours), and also allows the early breakfast show to be 4-6am all 5 days rather than having one show shorter than the rest.
  14. Yeah, Good Friday is one of only 2 Fridays each year with no Newsbeat shows. They do it differently each year, sometimes they do something special like a Greatest Hits day, in the past they've done a weekend takeover, but the last 2 years if I'm not mistaken they've just done the chart 4-6 and announced the number 1 at around 17.50, which is always quite funny cause the number 1 still gets revealed on the Official Charts company website at 17.45, so they're building up the tension on r1 whilst everyone else already knows who number 1 is. Edit: The other Friday of course being the one between Christmas and New Year when they do the chart of the year show
  15. I mean they could technically keep the profanities going right up to 5.30am without breaching Ofcom guidelines but given that they start the daytime programming at 4am there's no way they'd carry it on past then
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