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  1. Jack Saunders is a really really engaging, genuine, passionate music presenter. Exactly the kind of new credible talent R1 should be investing in more.
  2. Well that rumour worked out well😂
  3. I think we are on the brink of some monumental change, be it in three years from now, or in six months. It has to happen. There’s a lot of talent, like RMC, D&A, Jordan, Arielle, that aren’t being used. They’re the people that need to break through, when the likes of Nick, Clara, Scott, and at a later point Greg, move on. That leaves the big slots in revamped, safe hands. And the next generation of talent can break through, and eventually get those big slots, hopefully quicker than people have in the past. Radio 1 has more presenters in their 40s, than 20s. And content wise, if relevant, that’s not an issue. But radio 1 need to bring the next generation through, because otherwise when these ones run out of steam, there’s nowhere to turn, and the station and it’s audience will drift older and older until the station dies off, from lack of requirement, or failure to reach the right demographic. I think we are slowly starting to see that happen, and it needs to be averted, halted, and reversed. In terms of a listen right now, the music annoys me when it repeats a lot, and it’s too music heavy, but there are some golden bits of radio, which just epitomise the “live moment” that radio is all about.
  4. It’s live with Scott, you can hear through the interaction and how he plays in pre rec bits.
  5. Wisebuddah produce that show for Radio 2, so for this stint he’s working with Wisebuddah’s production team for Claudia On Sunday. The edit thing must’ve been something they forgot to take out in post, unless it was actually live and just a little nervous verbal tick, I noticed it as well. I think it was really interesting hearing a bit of long form interviewing, and generally longer bits of content, but even though more music heavy, I feel his personality comes across more on R1, he’s more comfortable there, and I’m sure he’ll share more anacdotal stuff in time on Radio 2, he really is starting to sound natural there.
  6. I think you’ve nailed it there. I think an extent of the thing was an act, which I just didn’t connect with. And it was definitely a product of its time, especially when it started, it was probably bang on, for better or worse. I think by the end it was backwards in many senses, not very PC, but now on X he seems to have progressed. There’s obviously something about the show that was magic, and captured so many people, what do you think it was?
  7. I never connected. He always came off as egotistical and rude to me.
  8. They were huge, it was a massively successful show, and audience. But it wasn’t pulling in the right age demographic, so radio 1 wasn’t fulfilling its public service. Not to mention the racist and homophobic incidents whwre Moyles “slipped up”, and the fact the style of that show was so, so not right for a youth station in 2012. Radio X, fine. Radio 1 in 2006? Sure. Not 2010. It’s a very narrow and lazy form of broadcasting that that show devolved into. Anyone can talk a lot about not much, not many can talk a little and say a lot.
  9. Realistically, very few 16-24 targeted breakfast shows should get anywhere near 10 years. Especially when they pull in the wrong audience.
  10. My immediate response to Radio 1 Breakfast with Jack Saunders was “not a chance”, but now you’ve said it, I think about it, and he’s one of the youngest people they’ve got, he’s connected to the music and the audience, he’s improving on late nights, and with people around him, in a sort of zoo format, maybe one day he could make an exciting personality breakfast show. Food for thought.
  11. Just for some fun speculation, what do you imagine the Radio 1 schedule looking like a few years down the line, into 2020/21/22 kinda time. Do you feel like there will be a lot of changes, or will stuff remain stasis? i can’t see much being the same in a few years, your thoughts ?
  12. Just for some fun speculation, what do you imagine the Radio 1 schedule looking like a few years down the line, into 2020/21/22 kinda time. Do you feel like there will be a lot of changes, or will stuff remain stasis? i can’t see much being the same in a few years, your thoughts ?
  13. I’d put money on this. Not too much money though😂.
  14. Definitely at the moment. Which is fair enough, it gives him some good exposure, and he’s reached the point he’s a nice safe pair of hands, not the new bloke. I think most people on here would agree he puts together a great radio show. But I wouldn’t rule out some people (maybe RMC, D and A, Cel and Katie etc) getting a chance to cover at some point
  15. I think the show is brilliant, and they’re really thinking about how to get young people engaged with great radio content, be it on socials in short form video, listening to the live output, or the shareable podcast. There’s no way anyone will beat the Moyles record, ever. Radio 1 needs to be a constantly evolving thing to survive in the audio landscape in some form, even looking forward 10 years. Greg is almost a breakfast stop gap, in that he isn’t a new, fresh, Roman Kemp type host, he’s a capable, safe pair of hands while Radio 1 decides what it’s purpose is in the future, and where to get its talent. I imagine some of this will become evident when Lorna Clark starts.
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