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  1. I think the show is brilliant, and they’re really thinking about how to get young people engaged with great radio content, be it on socials in short form video, listening to the live output, or the shareable podcast. There’s no way anyone will beat the Moyles record, ever. Radio 1 needs to be a constantly evolving thing to survive in the audio landscape in some form, even looking forward 10 years. Greg is almost a breakfast stop gap, in that he isn’t a new, fresh, Roman Kemp type host, he’s a capable, safe pair of hands while Radio 1 decides what it’s purpose is in the future, and where to get its talent. I imagine some of this will become evident when Lorna Clark starts.
  2. That’s exactly why. And because it made more sense to keep a generic Grimshaw-like theme with Scott, so Greg could launch with a bang. Whereas with Moyles it was them trying to get away from the mammoth brand that was the cheesy song, and all of that format, sound, imaging etc.
  3. Thought we should have a place to discuss Jordan’s week on drive.
  4. A few points here. What I would say, is Radio 1, due to its target audience, is at the forefront of attracting a new generation of listeners, and is up against the likes of streaming services, YouTubers, podcasters, and commercial radio. It’s a multi platform youth content brand/provider, with the live linear station as the bedrock of the output, the live moment, the petrol that fuels the engine. I agree, if the content was made more on target, and less safe and predictable, then they would be more successful with the target audience, and I’d imagine by the new year a weekday shakeup is imminent, not just a shifting around. Especially with the new Pop Controller coming in. Otherwise, 30 something white blokes or 40+ presenters get swapped around again and again with no change, obviously with exceptions. If there aren’t some big changes in 2020, then there’s a serious magagerial problem. My second point, one thing to remember is Radio 1 doesn’t live or die by RAJAR, and a decline in audience could be nearly older listeners deserting the station, and if you aren’t 16-24, in theory, Radio 1 doesn’t care if you listen or not. The core 3 million under 24 listeners is who they’re aiming at and broadcasting to, with 3 million weekly listeners, all 16-24, Radio 1 would be seen as succeeding.
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