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  1. Can’t wait to see who’s next to jump over to Global.. (part of me wants Alice Levine to return to the airwaves )
  2. 🤞 Scott will get R2 breakfast some day.
  3. Chris is off to capital. Guessing that sonny Jay chap has been given the boot?
  4. Guessing Vick will get that slot solo. Always felt like her and Jordan were out together as a way of waiting for a free slot to open up for them.
  5. I like your thinking. A co host each week could be quite fun. As well as using to test new hosts out.
  6. I do think R1 needs a better night time output. I like the variety in the evenings. But post evening feels a bit neglected. A show like ‘The 8TH’ was perfect for the young audience. Surely they can bring in a comedian or somebody quite young. The lad who did breakfast on Union Jack springs to mind.
  7. More so TV. The weekend folk will cover it on air im sure.
  8. I do wonder who’ll they’ll have hosting. I’d be very hyped to see Jordan/ Vick or Greg.
  9. I’d like at least one big us act to fly over
  10. Anybody going? baby’s first big weekend. Right on my doorstep!!
  11. just got my big weekend tickets for Sunday!
  12. I agree. The late night specialist stuff is good. I don’t like the heavy hip hop focused stuff after dark. I’d be happier if we just get more varied playlists- maybe a few sweary songs mixed in with the rest of the playlist.
  13. I do think Jordan and Vick are the best new team on the airwaves. As someone who can’t sleep at night. They need to put out a better output from 9PM onwards. After Sian goes off air there’s nothing good on. They could do with putting a late night show on for an adult audience (like the 8th, or RMC) I haven’t listened to much R1 lately. Aside from Scott, Greg, Jordan and Vick. The new lineup is fine. I don’t think RMC are that great in their new slot. But that’s just personal opinion
  14. Good point, surely they could have shown some coverage over on CBBC
  15. I hope Vick and Jordan get a podcast feed. I’d love that. If greg can have one surely they can.
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