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  1. From Gloabl- Capital Dance is arguably the best station to launch in a long time IMO. The DJ’s are all brill. (Coco and Jam especially) From Bauer- I’ve recently fell back in love with the absolute network. Their drive time show is brilliant. I don’t like Grimmy- so that’s where I go at 4PM. Their breakfast show is bad, The other shows are meh. Also shout out to Union Jack- A niche station. But very very good. I like the mix of Music there.
  2. A swap would be nice- Coco Cole to R1, Arielle to Capital Dance. (Unlikely- as Coco is also a Club DJ- but I can dream right?)
  3. Oh I agree completely. Rickie and Melvin seem to be doing lots together without Charlie. Like they not long ago competed on some Reality TV program together. I do think perhaps once the world starts to move back to normal, they’ll quietly take Charlie off of evenings and keep her solely on dance anthems. They do sound better apart in my opinion. Charlie sounds more comfortable doing her dance anthems, whilst the lads seem happier on the night shift.
  4. Honestly glad she’s been on quite a bit doing cover. She’s brilliant. I’d like to hear her takeover the introducing slot from Gemma soon. Really enjoy when she covers for Jack.
  5. I agree, she was the stronger comedic personality out of that duo, i do hope another station picks her up soon. Also whilst on the subject of unpopular opinions- Adele isn’t great on Weekend breakfast. I don’t know what it is- but her show always feels a bit off
  6. Greg James should still be on drivetime. Anthems is quite a good weekend listen (especially with Jordan!)
  7. I could see Annie leaving to focus on family. Could move Jack up in to that slot with his future artists in a prime time slot? I think I’d push RMC back to a 10PM slot. Maybe you could slot Clara into that 8-10PM slot. And move Vick(with Katie) to mid mornings and hire someone new (An Xmas presenter?) to take over Life Hacks/Chart first look.
  8. The Five or Fake game with Jordan is brilliant ?
  9. Pretty sure that’s on YouTube.
  10. Most likely. Depends if they burnout with a whole week of buildup.
  11. So the DJ’s are doing it for a week. Then the lads are doing a 24 hour broadcast to end it on the 12th March
  12. It’s official! Lolathon 3.0
  13. He could swap studios with Nadia Jae ??
  14. I hope it is another lolathon. Feels like the last one was forever ago! Or I’d like to see them tackle a marathon broadcast! But, with all the COVID rules in place, maybe wouldn’t be so great without someone walking in as a surprise guest or being able to play many games.



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