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  1. I agree. The late night specialist stuff is good. I don’t like the heavy hip hop focused stuff after dark. I’d be happier if we just get more varied playlists- maybe a few sweary songs mixed in with the rest of the playlist.
  2. I do think Jordan and Vick are the best new team on the airwaves. As someone who can’t sleep at night. They need to put out a better output from 9PM onwards. After Sian goes off air there’s nothing good on. They could do with putting a late night show on for an adult audience (like the 8th, or RMC) I haven’t listened to much R1 lately. Aside from Scott, Greg, Jordan and Vick. The new lineup is fine. I don’t think RMC are that great in their new slot. But that’s just personal opinion
  3. Good point, surely they could have shown some coverage over on CBBC
  4. I hope Vick and Jordan get a podcast feed. I’d love that. If greg can have one surely they can.
  5. Sian I think would rock daytimes. If Scott left for R2. She could sit well in his slot. The figures might drop a bit. Because Scott has been there for years (hopefully a few more to come!!)
  6. Ooh! That sounds fun. If only for meeting the R1 DJs.?
  7. It’s sad isn’t it. I was never the biggest Grimmy fan. But I’ll admit he was a bit asset to the station. His early breakfast stuff want that bad. He just had a tough act to follow. I’m gonna miss him. It blows that Annie and Nick are going back to back but I guess that’s nice they’re leaving around the same time. Also makes me think they’ve had a new show offer.
  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Scott Mills is our John Peel. He’ll be in that slot for years to come.
  9. I wanna know why or how you’ve managed to dig up this thread from 2008? ?
  10. Annie. Of all the DJ’s to come and go she’s one who should be in the conversation for biggest impact ever. Growing up she’s always been the voice of dance music. I regret not tuning in each week for her now. But when I did. I always loved her passion. She’s a great loss to the station.
  11. I’m looking forward to it. Great to way to build up Jordan and Vick as the future of the station. Altough.. I do hope we get one last hide and seek with Greg and Grimmy. That was the best live radio I’ve ever listened to.
  12. During anthems go back a little further in time. Rather than just do late 90s 00s some 10s rinse and repeat.
  13. I hope we get one last hide and seek game. Because those were radio gold.
  14. Jordan Greg and Scott (I’m on a fan site dedicated to him after all) Though Vick Hope and Sian Eleri are very good as well. the only person I dislike at the station at the moment is Gemma Bradley. I don’t like her show. She always sounds like she doesn’t want to be there.
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