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  1. I liked that Adele’s show just sounded like she moved slots. Didn’t think she suited the anthems section. But then again, I don’t really like anthems as it is. But I’m sad I don’t wake up to Matt and mollie anymore. I used to hate them (as a duo) but I’ve really warmed to them since the pandemic struck. Felt nice to wake up to Greg on a Friday. I hope with one extra shift he can bring back some old games or even start something new. Also looking forward to hearing Sian’s first show. Haven’t heard her before. Looking at her socials she seems really bubbly. If it goes well.. maybe she could get Annie’s slot in a couple years?
  2. Adele on Earlies With Arielle on Fridays and Sats Greg on breakfast Clara on mid mornings Scott and Chris in afternoons Jordan on drive Annie in the evening (I know she’s left but, I can still dream right) Alice on nights Jack in his late night slot- but back as the indie show 4 days a week Weekend Chart with Scott Weekend Breakfast with Vick Anthems with someone new (A Xmas DJ?) Matt and Mollie on weekend afternoons Dance Anthems with Charlie DJ Tagert Rap Show with Tiffany Calver Life hacks with Katie and Dr Radha Chart First Look with Katie BBC Introducing with Sian (the incoming host,) Chilliest Show on Planet Earth with Phil I’d move Rickie and Melvin to 1xtra.
  3. Dev moving to heart, I don’t think is about money. Just simply, there wasn’t anything left for him at Radio 1. He’d done earlies, nights, went round the weekends. Done plenty of cover. Many big weekends, glasto’s etc. Once Alice left, I had a feeling he’d be out. As I think Dev thought, this is it now. He’d be on with Alice for quite a few years. Both at the station for a while- they’d bounce of each other and keep the ideas fresh. Once she left, I felt Dev sounded lonely and his show quality went downhill. Heart can offer him a new audience. A new station, new bosses, new show. So, good for him.
  4. Hattie!! She’s one of the few talents on the Hits Network. Would’ve liked to hear he guest host early breakfast . Remember Luke Franks (Did some cover around 2018+ A BBC Sounds Podcast with Arielle last year.) Whilst not the best. He could’ve done well with a co-host.
  5. 4/10. Hasn’t been a great year for music really.
  6. 4/10. Hasn’t been a great year for music really.
  7. Well said, would be nice of them to air some classic dance recordings from Pete Jules etc. Maybe just some classic mixes or interviews to fill an hour or two. Seems a waste to use content you’ve already heard in the week on the main station when they must have years worth of classic shows recorded.
  8. As another wanting to work in radio. My guess would be podcasting. Other than that, I really have no clue I’m sorry.
  9. Defiantly, All tough the odd indie classic may sneak into anthems. (Probably something like seven nation army) I guess they’re just trying to keep up with what’s popular within their target demographic. I do think the indie show was a good wind down. Annie has her future sounds show- Jack has his future artists show. Surely they could have just merged that into Annie’s show and kept the indie show as it was?
  10. I’d say Yasmin Evans as well for the RMC slot. Other then that I completely agree with your guesses.
  11. Surprised Abbie McCarthy hasn’t joined to replace Huw. (Has she even done any cover this year?) I miss Alice a lot, she was one of my fav R1 presenters (up there with Scott and Greg). Used to love her weekend afternoon show, then loved her even more when she moved to weekend breakfast with Dev. Phil’s Sunday shows are nothing short of relaxing. From what I’ve listened to (thanks to the kind people on here) his show with Alice was amazing as well. Dev was a great host, So so funny. I miss the days of ‘The 8th’. He did a great job as the caretaker host better then Sloth in my opinion. I had a feeling he’d be off soon. Once Alice left, he felt a bit out of place. Like he’d outgrown the station. In regards to the new stuff, I Wanted Arielle to get weekend afternoons. Adele seems an odd choice but granted she’s used to the early start Excited to hear the new guys. Especially the Sunday night shows. I wonder if the rotation show will keep the ‘Best New Pop’ branding? I used to really hate Matt and Mollie, but I’ve grown to like them this year. Sad they’re off breakfast now. But good they’re back on the weekend afternoons where they started (they swapped shifts with D+A after about 6 months) I don’t sleep that well, so I’m sure I’ll be hearing lots of Arielle (well deserved). I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Jordan and Arielle should have their own show. Maybe 5-6 years down the line. The new introducing show is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Feels right to have a new face front it. Huw was great. But once he got bumped off nights. Felt this was him clinging on. Roll on, 2021
  12. What a year 2020’s been (espically for R1) We lose , Alice, Mistajam and Dev oh and Maya + Dotty and Ace from 1xtra also left. BUT we gain One new host (Vick) Four Down. I personally miss Alice. (Still hoping she’s got a better gig lined up) Dev, I’ll miss too. Really used to like his/her weakened breakfast show They were the better duo. Hope a station has swiped both Dev and Alice.
  13. Hmmm... I for one I have never heard of the feature. But the ‘No Need’ clip I believe was a regular play out with Mark and Lard!
  14. 3 shows in one day for Vick... Breakfast, Life Hacks, Chart 1st Look?!
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