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  1. Wow that was quick lol 2023 they will be on breakfast full time the show is really good already and they only been on for a week
  2. Is there no entertainment news on radio 1 now during the day?
  3. Jacks on about going on a date with Vick lol good cross promotion for the new drive show
  4. You might be right or if Sara goes to radio 2 breakfast Scott could get drive
  5. Dean's shows are coming from Manchester but from his insta stories he’s at radio one now practicing
  6. Jack Saunders reminds me of zane Lowe has the same sort of energy who’s thinks him and Clara wll swap in a years time
  7. Yes very much so Jordan is like going to a mates house with the stories he tells lol
  8. Semis hottest record is bang on 6 now which is good as still peak audience
  9. 100 percent think Aled is the best boss in years
  10. It would work better as drivetime with Vick and Jordan
  11. I would guess dean will be the main cover mon to thurs from now on
  12. Maybe do a dev and be on heart or radio x sometime soon
  13. That’s really good news him and Chris and Jordan are the best on the station so makes sense
  14. Me too gonna miss her shows
  15. Greg had his Covid jab it said on his Facebook stories so could be ill from that
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