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  1. She is very good I can maybe see her taking over fro, Clara soon
  2. How did globel keep getting all the radio 1 DJs it’s mad it used to be that radio 1 was the station everyone wants to work for
  3. im surprised arrile is covering he weekend before her new show starts
  4. Probs a mistake as I would think Scott would do it as it could be his last full year at radio one
  5. Probs a mistake as I would think Scott would do it as it could be his last full year at radio one
  6. Seems a good line up this year the only downside is no Jordan until New Year’s Eve but I spouse he has. 3 shows a week now so giving him time off like Greg and grimmy
  7. Can’t believe Scott’s on twice on Christmas Day he must be being paid well breakfast a few hours off then chart show
  8. Me too they may give mollie king a go aswell maybe covering Scott or Adele Roberts
  9. Yes I think he will gain new listeners from this iv already told friends to listen once he’s back on air
  10. I think Aled has made some good changes here I can see Jordan getting a bigger show with the next year esp as he’s on a imma celeb this year most likely replacing grimmy I would think as drive is quite a big show with arrile moving to weekend mornings and one of the new ones taking eariles I think Clara is safe for another year after Strickly
  11. Final bit of cover then I would think from new year it will be Jordan
  12. Yes lol I wonder if mollie left if he would leave I always thought it was strange having Matt and mollie on sat and sun breakfast paying 2 presenters. I also think it’s strange Adele is. Not doing fri breakfast
  13. He’s not been on insta either shame as always look forward to Jordan’s shows he maybe I’ll then as not on all weekend
  14. Yes no need clip was mark and lard
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