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  1. I don’t think Matt and mollie will last 5 years
  2. Looks amazing mistajam is a big money maker for them, the only thing spoils the flow is the ads
  3. I wonder if Danny Howard or tong could be bought over
  4. Mistajam had a dig at radio 1 yesterday on capital dance he said his show tonight has live DJ sets rather than pre recorded ones lol
  5. Yes she is very good
  6. Jess Iszatt is good she is also on magic radio chilled on drive so maybe won’t join radio 1 full time
  7. Seems to be getting more cover work then he did on radio 1
  8. Jordan should be on drive he will snapped up by comercial if radio 1 aren’t carful
  9. Seems devs getting more cover now bet he’s happy he moved now
  10. Yea Benji would be a good show maybe on. A Sunday night
  11. Radio 1 is the official one so I think that’s why it’s the biggest and most listened to
  12. I listen to 6. Music sometimes jamz shows are good when she’s done cover I might give her show and blessed madonna a listen
  13. Jordan and Charlie are my favs at the moment
  14. Yes true I understand the bbc need to save money but most of radio 1 talent are in London unless presenters are willing to move it’s cheaper to live in Manchester too



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