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  1. Yes maybe I think Matt will be off for a few weeks at least
  2. Molllie king been off for ages now seems odd
  3. Scott and Chris are obvs still the fav with. Bosses esp as covering breakfast I was looking at the schedule from 2002 and today just to compare and Scott was covering breakfast for Sara cox that’s so good that he still covering now and proves he could do radio 2 breakfast cover
  4. Yasser who used to do some cover on radio 1 has joined capital xtra as drive host yet another one from bbc going comercial they must be offering being money
  5. Yes that’s very true didnt think of that
  6. I’m surprised Matt is on so much as his wife is due any day now
  7. I would have thought Greg would have had the week before Xmas off
  8. I think will be a normal line up till Christmas Eve then dean will be on Xmas day as he is one of the new ones
  9. So Jordan on twice tomorrow
  10. Don’t think Matt will be on as his wife is due to give birth round Xmas time so maybe Jordan and Vick will cover breakfast with someone doing their show
  11. Maybe her and mollie king both have COVID which is why mollie is off at short notice
  12. Was just about to post the same thing he’s obvs well liked by bosses
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