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  1. I listened to bits of it she should be on weekends instead of maya Jama
  2. thats Want I was thinking about Toby
  3. I don’t think so anyone else’s think there will be a big schedule change next year
  4. Jordan sounding good so far I can defo see him on drive in the next year or so with arriele taking his show
  5. Yes he did I think everyone is
  6. Maybe they will give arriele fridays on a perm basis
  7. Wow that’s good for him I think this will lead to a bigger show for him
  8. If I was in charge of radio 1 I would have Jordan on Friday and sat mornings and arriele free on sundays
  9. Yea I would aswell I think they should maybe get Friday sat sun breakfast with Matt and mollie doing. 1 till 4
  10. Dave is leaving I think
  11. Think it maybe a summer thing at least the summer mixes won’t effect Scott’s show. On a different subject hits radio have annnouced their new breakfast show with flur east James Barr and Greg burns not good when a new radio stations changes its breakfast show in 12 months
  12. April 1st there is trails during the day now to
  13. I heard this too,lol it’s very cleaver lol
  14. the More I think about it the more it seems that Jordan will take over early breakfast at some point this year with Adele maybe taking his show
  15. Yes I forgot he already worked on capital I would think he would just do more and more cover work then
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