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  1. Oh I though they were nbh studios
  2. Seems very strange esp as Jordan has started on capital in the same week
  3. I think they will annoce this week who is doing afternoons on radio 1 breakfast to up the interest as Jordan starts on capital next week
  4. My prodiction is either james on alex will get weekend breakfast with Sam And dani getting weekend afternoons
  5. I would still be very shocked if James didn’t get weekend afternoons as he has done so much cover work for them the audience know him he’s earned a show like Jordan did
  6. Jack’s new show is called the new music show aswell
  7. I would be surprised if that was the case they are moving him to early breakfast in the summer I would say maybe Nat and Vicky maybe have the first female duo to host breakfast
  8. Has anyone thought of Roman kemp joining for weekend afternoons lol
  9. I thought Clara was leaving end of March
  10. Yes make me think this was always in the works as that’s why she left capital
  11. Nikita kanda seems to be getting some more cover I wonder if she Might be paired with James for weekend breakfast or afternoons in the summer
  12. As much as I am really happy for Jordan getting capital breakfast I am gutted he left drivetime hopefully the new show will bed in I would think his contract will be a year minimum so we will have them for that period
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