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  1. Yes no need clip was mark and lard
  2. Where did you read that as not on radio 1 website yet
  3. Yea I wonder if he’s gonna be the new Jordan in terms of cover
  4. Yea but Adele is old in terms of radio one she won’t get a daytime show now
  5. Lol that’s what I mean im so glad he’s got more air time in the schedule shake up he’s so funny on air
  6. Jordan north he seems like the sort of bloke you could have a laugh with
  7. I agree about Jordan getting 1 till 330 I was thinking earlier I think Grimmy is still popular with the teenage audience which is why he’s on from 330 in the changes
  8. That’s what I thought too one show a week will hardly be anything compared to breakfast money on capital I think Roman kemp is on like a million pound a year lol
  9. I wonder if this will last a year and if they will leave radio 1
  10. That would explain why she’s off for the next 3 weeks
  11. Alice seems to be off a fair bit maybe it’s to do with her comedy show
  12. I listened to bits of it she should be on weekends instead of maya Jama
  13. thats Want I was thinking about Toby
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