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  1. No more bingo which I’m gutted about watching old clips had me crying with laughter
  2. I know just very sad about Chris as he seems to love working at radio 1 but it was always going to happen when Scott moved to 2 I wonder why the five live show is coming to an end
  3. Another week without the rock show bet dan p Carter can’t wait to move to mondays when the show won’t be taken off
  4. Yes I can maybe see Sarah getting it too i think then when Charlie comes back Sarah can just go back to Fridays
  5. Wonder if Charlie’s off then to have the baby
  6. Or maybe rmc move back to 8 and jack saunders gets mornings
  7. I can’t see radio 1 would let him do that again esp as now on drive
  8. Oh ok wasn’t aware of that that’s fair enough maybe some sort of charity event
  9. Jordan is off again he’s been off loads lately
  10. I’m really enjoying rmc in the mornings then Scott and Chris and Jordan and Vick I think they have a very good line up now hope they don’t change come September. I think James cussack will get a show at some point too
  11. Is James on another station maybe he will get deans show if Scott leaves and dean gets his show
  12. I hope Scott is still on radio 1 in some form weather just doing the chart on Fridays dean will get a weekday gig and Jordan and vick on breakfast
  13. Oh ok I wonder who the headliner is then
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