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  1. I thought Scott and Chris were meant to be in Newquay
  2. I think they will get a show in the end but don’t know where no though
  3. I wonder if 28th July is Charlie’s last show before she has her baby
  4. I just thought it would be like when Scott and Chris used to cover
  5. Bit gutted Scott and Chris arnt on breakfast for the last time before they leave I wonder if going forward dean and Vicky will cover breakfast
  6. I would think 3rd October just guessing though
  7. I wonder why they are doing that again
  8. I don’t think they will extended shows as rmc arnt moving althoighn will just be malvin and Ricky for a few months I would think maybe arrile will do Scott’s show for that week
  9. I thought Matt said he had time off at end of august on the show on Sunday
  10. The adult jokes in the early hours aswell with Alice Levine
  11. I loved badly bleeped tv I can’t remmner what year that was
  12. Yes I agree with this as gutted as I am Scott is going I think Vicky and dean will be fine the more I think about it I’m following Vicky on Instagram now and she seems very much like Jordan north very down to earth and funny which is why I think aled chose her
  13. I wonder if Sam and dani will get the chart show
  14. I know I’m being very careful not too sound like I’m being nasty things have to change I think I will give dean and Vicky show a chance but willl probably go to Scott on radio 2
  15. Like I said in an earlier post Scott should take part lol as he’s never done it before only pressed the buttons
  16. No more bingo which I’m gutted about watching old clips had me crying with laughter
  17. I know just very sad about Chris as he seems to love working at radio 1 but it was always going to happen when Scott moved to 2 I wonder why the five live show is coming to an end
  18. Another week without the rock show bet dan p Carter can’t wait to move to mondays when the show won’t be taken off
  19. Yes I can maybe see Sarah getting it too i think then when Charlie comes back Sarah can just go back to Fridays
  20. Wonder if Charlie’s off then to have the baby
  21. Or maybe rmc move back to 8 and jack saunders gets mornings
  22. I can’t see radio 1 would let him do that again esp as now on drive
  23. Oh ok wasn’t aware of that that’s fair enough maybe some sort of charity event
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