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  1. April 1st there is trails during the day now to
  2. I heard this too,lol it’s very cleaver lol
  3. the More I think about it the more it seems that Jordan will take over early breakfast at some point this year with Adele maybe taking his show
  4. Yes I forgot he already worked on capital I would think he would just do more and more cover work then
  5. I think,Jordan deserves a better show than once a Week I can see global poacheing him when the contract is up and offer him a weekday show on capital or radio x if he’s still on one day a week at radio 1 that is
  6. I think that must be wrong because Adele is in a secret location today with Greg James
  7. Arrielee free has done cover work on virgin radio aswell so maybe she will get a show I think early breakfast will have a new presenter with Adele eaither Leaving or getting a daytime show
  8. I'm surprised jordans not doing drive this year again
  9. Any news on the Christmas schedule yet
  10. He is also doing Clara's show next Monday aswell
  11. I can maybe see them using Charlie as cover for Clara or Adele Roberts early breakfast maybe
  12. Ricky Melvin and Charlie from kiss are joining radio 1 next year taking 9 till 11 weekday show
  13. Surprised Jordan north is working Christmas Day live again this year he must be due a week day show soon
  14. I wonder if her and Dev will be main cover for Scott now as they are on at 1 fri to Sunday. And Matt and mollie as breakfast cover
  15. Maybe Chris starks not well he wasn't on with Scott today I think he has a sickness bug judgeing by his twitter
  16. I thought it wa very good just what a breakfast show should be about the listeners and not about the latest show biz news and guest etc just like moyles used to do maybe he's taken some pointers from him
  17. I think it will be more of a moyles type show less gusts etc which will be a good thing
  18. I'm really looking forward to the new show il be able to listen to the whole show so will be able to give a good review, I wonder weather Greg will have more leave than grimmy did
  19. This would explain why Chris smith won't be on breakfast then
  20. Also when compare moyles last show it's doesn't even compare there was no emotion what so ever
  21. Did travis and Liam work with Greg on drive I wonder who's producing breakfast then
  22. I listened when moyles on in the afternoon and Sara cox on breakfast probs 2000
  23. I heard that too with all the alarm clocks going off
  24. I wonder if Greg will be more like moyles and do his show from USA etc they were some of Chris moyles best shows when they did that
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