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  1. I find frankly with certain tracks or artists Radio 1 can be just as bad sometimes as Capital at overplaying them. Plus there's certainly an overlap in playlist - whether I tune in to either I'm not too far from Espresso, Rudimental, Benson Boone or Teddy Swims. I'm a bit of a nomad really - the Radio 1 playlist can often be a bit of a miss for me but I wouldn't listen to Capital for long periods either as it understandably feels very commercial. But also I'm not ready to be pensioned off to Radio 2 yet. Basically I end up a mix of Jordan at Breakfast (but have tuned in to Matt & Mol and Sam & Danni covering Breakfast the past few weeks), dropping into Radio 1 if a DJ or show I like are on and I'll also have a healthy dose of Capital Dance.
  2. Yep do wonder once all the changes have bedded in if that's the way it'll go. Maia already does a fair bit of cover on that slot and long-term do wonder if Mollie will want to do two shows on a Wednesday (though I do wonder if they might pre-record Future Pop to get around that). Plus, much like James Cusack, Maia is certainly worthy of a permenant slot.
  3. Maia is also doing Early Breakfast on 21st June and covering Mollie King on Future Pop on both 12th and 19th June.
  4. Matt & Mollie I believe (and on the radio occassional studio bits from Jack Saunders, Sam & Danni and Maia Beth).
  5. While there were some technical issues (tracks temporarily cutting out, mics not working at first for radio listeners, 'studio team' sometimes jumping in at quite random intervals) Party Anthems on stage seemed to work well and I sort of wonder why they haven't done it before. I guess it depends on when gates open but if gates open around 1/2pm then no excuse not to do it- it's a DJ set which they have loads of across the weekend and acts as a warm-up so the crowd are hot for the first main act.
  6. They mentioned on air that it's before Joel Corry's set.
  7. Very pleased for producer Amy - it's no coincidence many of the best shows in recent years have had her working on them. You can tell her & Helena are a great production duo and that the whole Matt & Mollie team are a really close-knit unit in general. Some lovely speeches by both Matt & Mollie too to end the show on Sunday.
  8. Echo what most have said here. Connor has great energy which is important for that sort of slot and the shame for him is that the dance line-up is so strong that there's no obvious 'in' for him to get a regular slot -Danny, Sarah, Pete Tong, Arielle, Charlie Hedges, Jerry and Charlie Tee are all great in their slots. A live show on Radio 1 Dance really feels the obvious way to get a proper foot in the door at Radio 1. Although to be fair to the DS critic I think it was just the one poster and can very much hear Connor in my head saying 'in for the legend that is Charlie Hedges'.
  9. I'd say Danny has been given a fair hearing - and hasn't been up to par. You don't want Radio 1 to be a closed shop - but not being able to usually get the Whatsapp number right should be a dealbreaker. Errors happen even to the best DJs at times but if you can't get the Whatsapp number right you really shouldn't have a regular role on the station. But if they really are that desperate to have Danny on the schedule full-time then pair him up with somebody who can actually handle the technical side. You think of all the capable DJs who are in duos and trios and then you have just have a rookie like Danny left solo. The LGBTQ+ point too I have to say if true as a gay man feels a case of proper discrimination. It's good to have LGBTQ+ representation for sure but the key thing is that the DJ is good at the end of the day and say in 2021 there was loads of LGBTQ+ talent on Radio 1 in Scott, Grimmy and Adele Roberts among others but at the end of the day they were strong DJs entirely there on merit. And even now there's still LGBTQ+ talent on Radio 1 who are there primarily because they're bloody good broadcasters. Danny is not one of them.
  10. Yeah great for her. Surprised she hasn't been given a proper show on Radio 1 proper - though I guess she does have the Radio 1 Happy role and covers on Future Pop a fair bit.
  11. Yep think they mentioned that this is their penultimate weekend of shows but then they will also be on air during Big Weekend and they mentioned they'll be doing 'Party Anthems' on stage during Big Weekend which sounds intriguing. Will miss Matt & Mollie on weekends - they in particular have made that Friday afternoon slot their own - but they'll be great on weekdays. Do wonder if 'Summer on Radio 1' is just a placeholder name until they decide on who will cover the interim. While it's obviously not the case it does feel like they've forgotten there's that weekend afternoon slot to fill given no permenant presenter has been announced for it yet.
  12. Yep am very much Capital Breakfast now. Jordan, Chris and Sian are a great trio and it's got that feel of the old shows Jordan and Chris used to do on Radio 1. It doesn't take itself too seriously but is packed full of content and slick. With Greg he's great but 6 years in you've probably heard it all before plus frankly I can sit through the Capital Playlist a lot more easily than the Radio 1 playlist (where some of the inclusions and omissions can be quite baffling at times). Plus after things like the Oscars or Met Gala or if there's a particularly big TV show or film or popstar then Greg won't half wang on about it at times. I guess it's partly to be expected with it being a Breakfast show on a young station but it can feel very London bubble and get tired.
  13. The more time goes on the more you think if they'd actually put some thought into it it should've been Vick & Katie from the start. A proven pairing and Katie ended up on the show anyway - whereas Katie's even mentioned she was only asked to join after the Jamie announcement And even by Going Home standards on time off, it's quite funny that a few months in we still haven't had a full week of the supposed line-up - and that's with a 4-day week.
  14. Also hopefully won't get my head bitten off for this but I'd say of the current Radio 1 DJs the one arguably most similar to Scott Mills's latter time on Radio 1 would be Mollie. I'm not saying she's as good as Scott was to be clear but she is that sort of vibe. 'Future Pop' is exactly the sort of music Scott would be championing and you can tell Mollie has the same passion for it that Scott did. There's that Party Anthems link too - a show Matt & Mol do that previously Scott did and they bring a similar energy to how Scott did that makes it a fun listen. Matt & Mollie seem to just have that natural connection with the listeners that Scott & Chris did that you can't manufacture.
  15. I find at the minute I'm a bit of a nomad when it comes to radio stations. Often the Radio 1 playlist really doesn't appeal to me these days and I did wonder is it just me tiring of new music but then I'll listen to Future Pop and Party Anthems and there's loads of tunes on there that I love and they're excellent listens but just too few of those make it to the playlist. Radio 2 may arguably be more to my taste music wise but also often feels too rooted on the past. Plus much of the content just doesn't appeal to me and verges on the 'mumsy' side. Plus Radio 2's new music can feel very 'middle of the road' - just because I don't enjoy some of the Radio 1 new stuff it doesn't mean I want Take That & Will Young as 'new music'. For me currently if I'm tuning in for radio it'll be Jordan North on Capital Breakfast, on Radio 1 Matt & Mollie, (if Jamie is off) Going Home and Sam & Danni plus there's also Capital Dance and Mistajam. They all hit the mark for me in a way other shows don't.
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