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  1. I can't see any massive change at Radio 1 or 1xtra unless anyone walks. Major changes have happened on both stations in recent months so i think things will be relatively quiet. Radio 2 will mostly stay the same I reckon, apart from Jeremy Vine leaving later in the year, with the replacement broadcasting from Salford. We'll hear more from Vernon Kay and Edith Bowman as regular cover throughout the year, and Scott will continue to regularly cover Ken Bruce's show. I was going to say Bauer would announce a big change to their Hits Radio schedule, but that has been announced in recent days. I can see them finally rebranding the locally named stations (such as Free Radio) as 'Hits'. I can also see them moving local shows to drive, with Fleur East's Breakfast show going national. With the big additions of Simon Mayo and Jackie Brambles... It wouldn't surprise me if a big (not necessarily a Celeb name) radio name to took over the breakfast slot.
  2. I wouldn't say get rid of "Anthems" entirely. There is a scope to hear older tracks on occasion (although I wish they were played into the system individually so we could hear them in full instead of being butchered up, cut short and mixed). I'd get rid of the Friday slot tbf, Saturday and Sunday would be adequate, and let Greg do something with the last half hour at the end of the week. Although it sounds a bit jarring at 3pm... Party Anthems (dunno why they renamed it from Dance Anthems) does have a place as it's not just a generic anthems show. It's always showcased the more mainstream side of dance that does deserve airplay that don't fit in with what Sarah Story and Pete Tong plays. It did suit better at 6pm after Newsbeat on a Friday though... As it bridged the gap between daytime and the specialist Friday night dance stuff. Dance Anthems worked well under the format created when Mistajam hosted, An hour of classics, an hour or current, and the last hour showcasing future artists and dance music.
  3. To save clogging up the chatbox, I thought it'd be a good idea to set up a thread for a bit of fun, brainstorm some ideas whether that be realistic predictions or wishful thinking. I'll post some of my own thoughts when I get chance. It can be Radio 1, Radio 2.. any of the other BBC National or local Stations, commercial, community or wider radio industry.
  4. We don't know whether it was his choice to leave though. Global seem to be offering opportunities in a time where gigs in radio are few and far between so fair play. Nonetheless that's a good signing and beneficial on both sides
  5. I think they covered it twice during the reduced COVID schedule. Before that.. their last proper 'official cover' was between Christmas and New Year 2018.
  6. It'll be interesting to see if they keep their features covering the breakfast show this week, as I assume they'll still be doing Yesterday's Quiz and 10 minute Takeover... Would they be doing their features alongside? Shows how dynamic Scott is as a broadcaster. One week covering a mainstream daytime Radio 2 show (the most listened to show), a George Michael song countdown on NYD also on 2 and, albeit short notice... The Radio 1 breakfast show the following week.
  7. Yeah, Scott & Chris are on breakfast tomorrow. He's mentioned on his Instagram.
  8. I agree. Scott was on form as usual, and his and Chris' No. 2 shows was a brilliant listen. Some forgotten tunes that haven't ever been played or not been played on a long time on Radio 1. The Greg & Rosin Rogue promises was a great idea as well. Perfect to round off the day. In previous years I've switched off after breakfast, but Dean was a good listen and he sounded like he was having a great time on air interacting live with listeners. Only two minor gripes were breakfast starting at 8 as opposed to 7, and an even minor one... Vick & Jordan's show still being referring to as "Going Home" on Christmas Day (although I acknowledge that is the show brand... and it was effectively a Christmas special of that show).
  9. Ohh yeah! Thanks for that. How could I forget lol. Ignore that original comment. I'm looking forward to their show along with the rest of the schedule. Makes a change from the previous years of fill in 'celebrity/popstar takeovers', which is the point I'd tune out. I'll probably be listening most of the day this year
  10. That's true. Although it was listed as finishing at 6 until the past day or two so something's changed. NYE will be the next time we hear Jordan on air next as well. Shame he's not on this week with Vick as it would've likely been an extra fun listen in the run up to Christmas. Hopefully, whatever it is, it's not too serious and he's okay.
  11. Interesting that the timing of the chart has changed... So it's 15 minutes shorter than it'd usually be.. rather than 15 minutes longer (because no Newsbeat)
  12. Oh dear... In normal circumstances that would be a very poor show from the BBC... However, it must be behind the scenes staff related... As there cannot be any chance they can't find ANY presenter to cover any of tomorrow/Friday or next week....
  13. Pretty much in agreement with you on all of those points. Dean has settled in well since I last passed comment a few weeks after the changes. I can't see anymore changes on Aled's part till part way into 2023 at least. Weekends lost several strong presenters, but a year on and it's still just as good. Some may disagree but, after a year of rotating Friday early breakfast, I personally think they should appoint a permanent set of presenters (cover for early breakfast still rotating). I'd chose Sam & Danni for this who have cropped up a fair bit in the past year covering various slots.
  14. There are very few new Pop releases over Christmas and the first week of January so that could be an explanation.
  15. Presumably Monday is when the Christmas and New Year Top Of The Pops specials are being filmed as Jordan is off as well as Clara, and has been announced as the replacement for Fearne Cotton.
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