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  1. Peak morning listening time has moved to the 10:30-10:30 block, so having Greg James on air at that time makes perfect sense. Annie's slot was moved to 6pm to bring the hottest record in the world (and her show in general) to a more primetime audience, as part of their commitment to bringing through new music and artists. Potentially some slight cost saving in the process too (finishing live programming an hour earlier, and starting live daytime programming an hour later)
  2. Indeed, there has been so many departures and changes in the past year, i think Aled has a strong schedule across the week. Not a huge fan of the changes to show starts/finishes but they obviously have their reasons for doing so. Scott's departure in particular has been predicted time and time again for what feels like an age, with no sign of him going anywhere, and rightly so.
  3. Fully agree. I don't get to listen to the full show daily (depends on the time i wake up), but yes, they made the right call putting Greg on breakfast.
  4. It was said at the time that the breakfast show would become less about the big name guests, with more emphasis on the listeners themselves. The big guests have pretty much moved with Grimmy across to drivetime. I also disagree about the breakfast show sounding cringeworthy, although i fully respect your opinion. I do think there's some spark missing from his drivetime show. Not quite sure what it is either, maybe it's the Chris Smith double act i miss, who knows?
  5. I said this the last time he was on over new year. Certainly someone i'd like to hear on Radio 1 again. They could with a freelance type jock (like Jordan North when he first joined) who can cover a variety of daytime slots (early breakfast, weekend daytime shows etc.)
  6. Fair enough, i just read it with as "daytime slot". I personally don't see the added benefit of moving shows out to other locations but i'm sure the BBC have their justifications.
  7. Early Breakfast is classed part of the daytime schedule, could always move that to broadcast from elsewhere if they want to make up the quota of shows produced elsewhere....
  8. I wouldn't mind RONR popping up from time to time. Would be another way to get some of the new DJ's voices on daytime Radio 1 (as contributors to the feature).
  9. There's always been a 13:30 bulliten. The main newsbeat programme has more in depth reports, some of which are special programmes. The bulliten updates the headlines. It makes up part of their required hours of news. They've already cut back over the years with no 04:30, 05:30 and 17:00 bullitens on weekdays, 16:30 and 17:30 on Saturdays, and looks like the 21:00 (formerly 22:00) is not coming back anytime soon.
  10. Depends if he was referring to Radio 1? If so i doubt he was referring to dance anthems. They are pre mixed anyway as per the other anthems hours, even when Mistajam hosted, although he did have live in the mix segments from himself and guests.
  11. It wasn't, no. It was done as part of 'the quiz' feature they do every afternoon, with the usual beds they use for that.
  12. Mistajam really was a big loss to Radio 1. I'm listening to Capital this evening and i really do rate him as a broadcaster. I'd imagine Danny & Pete are more than happy doing what they do now on R1.
  13. Isn't early breakfast classed as part of the daytime schedule? I do rate Jack as a broadcaster, he's very passionate about the music he plays. I did notice he did give out more detail while namechecking the tracks, i suppose something he's used to doing on his own show, although that's not a bad thing. I enjoyed listening this afternoon
  14. He'll be the first person to have hosted both the official and the commercial chart surely?
  15. It's more a case that he has a full set of weekend shows of his own now (as opposed to just Sundays), plus he is the main deputy for Grimmy on drive and regular cover for Scott, neither of them have had any time off since Christmas/January. Grimmy is off on Wednesday, judging by the fact they're drafting in Jack Saunders, it might be a case of Jordan being unavaliable for one show,



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