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  1. Surely that's the whole nature of this forum.. to discuss the future as well as the present (and past) I suppose the discussion can now turn to "When's Greg leaving..."? 😁
  2. Sounds like it. Steve mentioned that "the boss, Helen Thomas wanted something new" and something about it's chance to "give someone else a chance as 23/4 years in the same slot".
  3. It's the situation I expected to happen... But not yet. I thought we'd still have at least another year of S&C on R1. Just shy of 24 years on daytime Radio 1 is fantastic. He's outlasted so many DJ's. Let's hope he gets a great send off.
  4. Due to Scott covering Sara Cox's drive time show on Radio 2 (All Request Friday).
  5. Tomorrow's a bit different... Mollie and Dean (in for Matt) in for Greg tomorrow Sian Eleri in for Dean James Cusack in for Matt & Mollie Jack Saunders in for Scott on the Official Chart.
  6. He seems to be very much a big deal for festival bookings atm, Capital have announced him as their main billing for the Summertime Ball as well. Pà Salieu and Rina Sawayama have been added to the Future Sounds stage on Saturday and Sunday respectively.
  7. Harry Styles is the Sunday headliner for Big Weekend.
  8. Can guarantee Clive Myrie wouldn't do Newsnight at this stage. His profile is way to high at the BBC for that... I'd imagine he'll gradually become the main face of the BBC News At Six or Ten when either Huw or George decide to step down, he's already one of the main deputies on both programmes. I doubt the main newsroom will want to lose him to a late night programme on BBC Two. That's my take on it anyay. Going back to R1, you could be right in regards to Dean & Katie. My comments were based off if they wanted to replace Scott & Chris with another duo, and the fact both are based in Salford.
  9. At one point, I'd agree on the latter point... But I'm starting to think he'll get a better slot. We'll see I suppose. I think Victoria Derbyshire may well actually be a shoe in for the the vacant Newsnight job. She was stuck on News Channel shifts after the loss of her show, but she's increasingly been reading the main BBC One bullitens as well. Tina Daheley would be an excellent replacement for Jeremy Vine (who I think would probably be the next change on daytime), although of course relocating out of London can always limit taking the job on (see BBC Breakfast). Going back on topic... They've paired up Dean and Katie several times now, although they are good broadcasters in their own right (Katie, especially), if they wanted to maintain a duo on afternoons, I think this is the route they're going down now. Ricky, Melvin & Charlie may well remain where they are for the rest of their R1 career, although any change to afternoons or drive, it wouldn't be a bad punt to put them there.
  10. With them wanting to move a daytime R2 show out of London, I could see OJ Borg getting a promotion from overnights, of course... He broadcasts from Salford already. I'd say he's one to watch for either Ken or Steve Wright's show. I can definitely see a scenario where Zoë leaves entirely and Scott gets drive. I think it's almost a guarantee that Sara Cox will make it to the breakfast slot eventually.
  11. Not weekdays but... Dev did two stints on weekend breakfast. He did a very short stint when he moved over from 1xtra, replacing Nick Grimshaw... before he then moved to Early Breakfast. Of course, he moved back to Weekends in 2014.
  12. That'll be Eurovision week, with Scott doing the Semi Final coverage with Rylan again. Nice to see James Cusack getting some more regular cover as well, wouldn't mind hearing him covering early breakfast... Which I don't think he's actually done yet.
  13. Didn't they cover for Adele Roberts on weekend breakfast one weekend?
  14. James Cusack is a particular one I hope they hold onto in a Jordan North type role (before he gained Sunday mornings). He's covered across the weekend, and although they still try and class it as the weekend... he's covering the Friday afternoon show in a few weeks, which is still a weekday slot. I don't think he's covered early breakfast yet though.
  15. I assume they'll update it closer to the time.
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