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  1. James Cusack on 19th July at 1pm.
  2. Best New Pop is disappearing from the schedule after next Friday as well. Long overdue decision, although it made more sense having the Friday EB presenters do it than Mollie pre-recording it, it should’ve been removed when Matt and Mollie moved to weekend afternoons back in 2021 and replaced with a wider new music show.
  3. I wonder if those Charlie Hedges dance anthems will be repeats of the ones on Saturdays or new programmes. She’s posted on Instagram so I wonder if they’ll be new editions.
  4. Roundup: - Radio 1 Breakfast extending to 11am Monday-Thursday only - Sam and Danni hosting Friday EB until January 2025 from Cardiff - New Dance shows: Arielle Free on Radio 1 Dance Morning from 15th July, Danny Howard on Thursday nights, Pete Tong on Saturdays. All on the BBC Sounds Dance stream. - Martha taking over Annie Nightingale’s slot permanently.
  5. Calum Leslie in for Shanequa on Life Hacks on 30th June.
  6. Vicky in for Shanequa on Life Hacks next Sunday.
  7. I wonder what happened this morning as Jerry is not in for Arielle on Rave Up tonight.
  8. The 00s and 10s shows will be remaining when Vicky joins Nat from the 6th July.
  9. Katie is off next Thursday so Jamie will do a rare Thursday show
  10. The summer schedule is back then
  11. Joel Mitchell in for Nat on 30th June
  12. It’s still under the ‘Summer on Radio 1’ title so if anything unfortunately I think it makes him less likely to take on the slot. I also notice they’ve updated Danny Beard’s photo despite him only having 8 shows left… or does he have something else on the horizon?
  13. They’re working on it according to Tuesday’s show.
  14. Looks like there’s gonna be no interim between Dean and Vicky and Matt and Mollie as the former are still there on the 27th June. We know that’s also the date of Arielle’s last EB, so I wonder if there’ll be an interim between her and Dean taking over. I suspect there’ll be at least a week with Ore.
  15. Radio 1 will be at Glastonbury on: 27th June at 6pm with Radio 1 Dance 28th June at 1pm with Vick and Jamie 28th June during Dua Lipa’s set with Katie 29th and 30th June at 1pm with Vick, Katie and Jamie 30th June at 9pm with Melvin Odoom
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