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  1. 15-19s - down 2.9% 20-24s - down 0.3% 25-34s - down 8.2% 35-44s - down 7.6% 45-54s - down 4.5% 55s-64s - down 19.7% 65+ - down 0.8% (the oldies left are clinging on!) The way I’m interpreting this is that older listeners left because of lockdown and haven’t come back.
  2. Katie hosting with Jordan in w/c 16th May.
  3. Big weekend in the schedule for Monday 30th (when it’s not on?). Nothing for the bank holidays at the start of June yet, the usual schedule currently shows.
  4. Katie in for Dean on 20th May.
  5. Arielle posted on her Instagram story that she is sitting in for Jordan next week with Vick.
  6. Why does Mollie need cover for 9 months? I quite like the idea of Katie doing the RMC show, although they won’t do it. The show works fine with any combination of the three, that’s clear from the fact that when Charlie hosted the show by herself for a couple of days they didn’t even advertise it. I think they will give dance anthems to a new presenter and then Charlie won’t come back when she returns to Rickie and Melvin.
  7. Is 2nd may not a bank holiday? Interesting they have almost a completely normal schedule apart from Vick being off, they even have EB on.
  8. Agree that it makes much more sense to have one of Katie or Dean doing drive with Vick with the other in for Scott instead of the former two hosting Scott’s show together and Vick being alone (which she’s said before that she doesn’t enjoy).
  9. Seb Bailey in for Arielle tomorrow.
  10. Seb Bailey in for Mollie King on Best New Pop this week.
  11. EB on Easter Monday will be hosted by the University of Nottingham.
  12. Where are Matt and Mollie going?
  13. Tickets on sale next Friday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/backstage/bigweekend
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