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  1. Heard about yasser leaving, maybe he’s taking over the chart on Radio 1? Unlikely but would make sense as to why he’s covering and not Katie or one of the Xmas presenters.
  2. Sian would probably be the next host of Future Sounds (as Jack will most likely be on a daytime slot, even if that is weekends, by the time Clara leaves)
  3. R1Fan1

    Sian Eleri

    Sian would probably be the next host of Future Sounds (as Jack will most likely be on a daytime slot, even if that is weekends, by the time Clara leaves)
  4. they have more features, they said they just wanted to chat today.
  5. Katie has her own show page so her shows have been put under the show name ‘Katie Thistleton’ not under ‘Jordan North.’ When Jack covered (and for that matter when Harpz covered Matt and Mollie as well) they put it under the show title ‘Jordan North’ but the episode was called ‘Jack Saunders in for Jordan North.’
  6. Does this mean the general public won’t be able to get tickets other than outside of the competitions?
  7. How do you get tickets?
  8. Because it’s an interview with music week or are more likely to be interested in The Live Lounge and Future Sounds.
  9. Poor old Arielle booked a holiday to a country which has been put on the red list.
  10. Katie in for Scott on the chart on Friday 17th September.
  11. Do we now know the preferred cover presentees as it stands? Arielle - one of the Friday presenters Greg - Matt and Mollie Scott - Katie? Drive - Arielle/Jack? Clara - Sian Jack - Jess
  12. Here is my final version of my schedule. Since I started making this in April, Radio 1 announced an awful lot of schedule changes which seemed to match up with my version, so the only real changes to daytime are some of the timings. When you get to post-4pm, I've made the most changes here, especially on the weekend. Leaving you'd have Adele Roberts and Benji B (with DJ Target also leaving Radio 1 but staying on 1Xtra), and joining the station would be Rakeem Omar, Robyn Richford, Dave Treacy, Sam & Danni and Jess Iszatt.
  13. Arielle Free in for Charlie on Dance Anthems on 4th September. Katie solo on Life Hacks on 5th September. Victoria Jane’s first show on 5th/6th September, 12am-2am. New schedule launches 6th September: new slot for RMC. Vick and Jordan begin their new show. Clara takes over Future Sounds. New slots for Future Artists/The Indie Show (8pm-10pm), The Powerdown Playlist/BBC Introducing Dance (10pm - 11pm) and the specialist shows (11pm - 1am). On Friday 10th September: Dean McCullough’s new show begins (10.30am - 1pm). Radio 1’s Future Dance with Sarah Story also launches at 8pm. Yasser in for Scott with the chart on Friday 10th September.
  14. Also, Vick has said she isn’t going to be on Life Hacks for 3 weeks. We know Katie is doing it solo next week so she probably is again in two weeks.
  15. Is Arielle doing next Friday and Sunday at 11am next week?
  16. As part of Drag day: Clara Amfo in for Adele Roberts. Arielle Free in for Jordan North. Dean McCullough in for Matt and Mollie.
  17. Who is going to be on from 10.30-1 on 20th-22nd August?
  18. Brilliant news, he is still one of the top at the station and I hope he doesn’t go anywhere for a very long time.
  19. Is he the one on Asian Network? I remember he used to cover the CBBC Chart Show for Cel. When Vick goes to drive, who do we think will be the cover for the Chart?
  20. Olly Alexander for week 1.
  21. The evening schedule remains the same as it currently is in W/c 9th August. Adele does start interim for Clara in this week though, meaning Clara’s last show is 5th August. As part of the Radio 1 Dance weekend: DJ Target and Jeremiah Asiamah host together for four hours from 7pm-11pm on 7th August (No Tiffany). No Rock Show, instead it’s Benji B from 9-11. There’s no BBC Introducing either, instead there is an extended BBC Introducing Dance with Jaguar from 11pm-1am. Also, for Grimmy’s last week of shows, the schedule lists ‘Station Off Air.’ Makes me think that they are planning something quite special that will be listed as a different programme for his final shows.
  22. Why just tour unis? A live radio 1 tour would be amazing!
  23. Wow Scott back on drive! it’s an interesting change to say the least, because unless both of Arielle or Matt and Mollie are off for that period, they have more than enough presenters to effectively cover all 5 slots. Do agree that they should move Future Artists forward when RMC finish though, it’s a shame that they won’t get to be together for their final evening show though.
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