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  1. I loved the sunday chart years back would be great to have it back however Friday's most listened to chart in the country so would they move it back.
  2. ? it's not the departure surely they would save that for their own show
  3. They have been on fine form since the start of the year. I can see them maybe replacing Scott and Chris eventually. They have become my wife's favourite R1 presenters
  4. i am sure she has mentioned before she lives in a flat in London town with her partner
  5. Amanda Holden sorry but who voted on tbis list. No Greg or Mills BS
  6. Mollie Finn sounding much improved this week. Must've been first week nerves
  7. Listened to Jo Whiley on Radio 2 last night what a joy safe pair of radio hands first time I've Listened since she left Radio 1 to a whole show anyway.
  8. Mollie Finn gonna take a few more listens for me
  9. So i would like to see the following slots covered by these individuals: Early Breakfast- Katie Thistleton or the Friday hosts Breakfast- Jordan Mid-Mornings- Jack Saunders or Arielle Afternoons- M&M or RMC Drive- Jordan or M&M Future Sounds- Jack Saunders Weekend Breakfast- Vick and Katie or Friday earlys hosts Weekend Mid-mornings- Arielle or Katie Weekend Afternoons- RMC or will probs just be M or M alone unless they are covering weekdays Dance Anthems- Arielle Everyone's thoughts on these and would love to hear yours.
  10. She is just what the doctor ordered. I am a key worker working a 4 on 4 off pattern and having her on before i head to/on way to work is perfect. She gives that much needed energy boost at silly o clock. The features have been pretty decent aswell tbh and she gets her producer involved aswell. She will certainly get a bigger show in a few years but a nice starting point in this legendary slot.
  11. I'd be quite content if Radio 1 didn't make anymore changes this year. I know the odds on fave is Jordan moving to days but i do like him at weekends something to look forward to.



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