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  1. Is Greg off when Mills leaves?
  2. Might start spreading the word on the Radio 1 pages
  3. Hi guys i thought it be great to get behind a song that reminds us of Scott and Chris to tey and get into the Chart for one of Scotts final chart shows. Bambeloo was the obvious one pointed out by NathanS on the chat. Come on guys lets get streaming it and whatever else. Be so cool and a nice touch from all of us to Scott anf Chris
  4. As announced by Greg this morning Jack is the new host of The Official Chart starting Friday 9th Septemeber at 4pm Let us know what you think of the appointment?
  5. Emil Franchi in for Matt and Mollie next Friday
  6. Hi everyone was just thinking about what would convince me to be a full time Radio 2 listener. Im not a big lover of channel hopping so would like something i can commit to. For me i have thought up a fantasy line up. Early Breakfast- OJ Borg Breakfast- Moyles if ever possible or Mills Mid Mornings- Jo Whiley Midday- Newsbeat style show with lots of listener interaction maybe Colin Murray Afternoons- Coxy Drive- Mills/Christian O Connell Evenings- Edith Bowman I know it will never happen but what does everyone think/ your own dream line ups?
  7. Good reason i guess are you looking forward to him on R2
  8. Chippy out of interest why did you stop listening. Around the same time Moyles left?
  9. Interesting stats, hopefully it improves
  10. That on the Chart again?
  11. I can't see Greg doing another show at the station when he's done with Breakfast. He has lived his dream but as others have said on here, he will surely be an asset to the BBC elsewhere. Next year is 25 years for Mills so a departure maybe 2024? I think it all depends on when Bruce or Mayo are ready to retire those are the 2 slots i get the feeling the station has in mind for him. RMC is an odd one for me i like them just don't know if it works that time of morning do lord knows what will happen with them? Maybe Charlie solo and RM head over to weekends? We have now reached 10 years of Mills on Afternoons (is this one of the stations longest running slots host?) His replacement i have always felt Matt and Mollie however it could be more Dean and Katie i did enjoy when they paired up. Drive when Vick and Jordan get Breakfast could end up in the hands of Jack Saunders? Clara i think will still be Future Sounds host Jack if he goes to daytime will be replaced by one of the young talents. Adele would be good for her to still be on if not as previously mentioned could see RM taking it. If Dean has moved to Daytimes then maybe James Cusack secures this slot? Matt and Mollie if they don't get weekdays i think they will move on? And once again maybe a Matty Ciabi or Elliot Derby get this slot? Chart show could be Vick and Jordans? Dance Anthems is so big can't see it being moved and probably still Charlie or Arielle? Life Hacks is ready for a Sam and Danny? Who knows what will happen however i love Radio 1 as it is right now and look forward to a few more years of it yet.
  12. 2025 seems ages away but of course it's not. I personally hope we have no more shuffles until then think this is the best line up for many years. When Greg leaves the station i can see Vick and Jordan taking the slot. Matt and Mollie i have always seen as probably the best suitable replacement for Scott however I'm starting to think they are stuck with weekends. Jack Saunders is one to watch for me could even see him get a daytime slot. As for when Greg and Mills will leave who knows? I'm loving them too much to say goodbye yet.
  13. I love that katie is a go to for cover she is great. Don't hear much of Sam and Danni due to time of day and i Don't get to be up at that time of day anymore. Matty Ciabi (apologies if wrong spelling) was a standout for me at Christmas and need to go back and hear her early breakfast shows. Loved Elliott Derby and James Cusack seems a good regular fit also.
  14. Seemed Scott was about to explain the reason at the start of the show and then Chris quickly changed the subject 🤔
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