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  1. They’re not! I think it’s changed to better pool resources over the outbreak.
  2. I agree, as I’m a few months behind it means I can listen at my leisure. I do wonder what the stats are for older (18 months ish) podcasts. Because surely there’s no widespread appeal apart from amongst geeks like us!
  3. They’re all on the BBC Website still... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nrv1j/episodes/downloads
  4. Betty Lish is the female breakfast VO.
  5. Like has previously been pointed out, people with kids won’t work Christmas Day. As he’s now regular breakfast host, Greg is also ruled out. I suppose the obvious idea would be Jordan North on Breakfast and Arielle Free on Afternoons once Scott has done his last Christmas morning.
  6. BBC planning biggest expansion of its national radio network since 2002. New ‘spin-off’ streams in Sounds could include 24hr rolling news version of 5Live, and extensions of R1 and R2 with different playlists. https://twitter.com/mattkmoore/status/1198183515159965696 Full details in The Times, but their website is behind a paywall. I’m sure it won’t be long before someone else picks it up though...
  7. Chris is very much Scott’s “sidekick”. The others are all “co-presenters”.
  8. So far this year, Scott has been covered by: Dev & Alice (twice), RMC & now Jordan?
  9. Is this show live? As I am pretty sure Claudia usually pre-records it. Which actually puts you in the strange situation where Claudia doesn’t do her pre-recorded Radio 2 show for 3 months a year because she’s on BBC One pre-recorded for Strictly results on a Sunday evening.
  10. So because of Strictly, Dev only seems to be doing Sundays for now? He was off last Fri/Sat too.
  11. I wonder if the changes to the start time of ‘Weekend Breakfast’ will mean we’ll see a shake up to features and content in the show? For example, they open the lines for “Pop Luck” about 6:50 and play it about 7:15. I think the show is sounding quite stale already, so could probably do with it?
  12. There’s no way Scott is going back to drivetime. I think Scott’s been given a new contract after turning down Heart Breakfast. Meaning he’ll be on afternoons for a good few years yet. I think Greg is on Breakfast for the long haul too - probably 6-8 years
  13. I think the schedule could do with a bit of a shake up, personally i'd rather see something like Weekdays: 4am - Arielle Free 6:30am - Greg James 10am - Adele Roberts 1pm - Scott Mills 4pm - Dev & Alice Weekends: 6am - Matt & Molle 10am - Jordan North 1pm - Grimmy [not sure...] Possibly swapping Scott with R, M & C after a few more years? I don't think we need Clara or Maya. I'd quite like to see Jordan on a daytime slot, but I am not quite sure where to put him. Unless he gets drive with Dev & Alice taking over from Scott - I really enjoy the style of their show at the weekends right now. But I kinda feel it'd be miss-understood by a casual listener who might not understand their 'banter'. I'd probably also ditch this 3-day-weekend thing. Have Greg & 10-1 on 5 mornings a week, with maybe the same afternoon show on Fri-Sun and Scott still on the Friday chart.
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