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  1. It’s an interesting point. But the BBC had been subject to BBC Trust/Ofcom restrictions for years when it comes to audio content. They were banned from doing any podcasts that weren’t radio best-bits, hence the surge in the last few years against BBC Sounds. So they’re already playing catch up in the audio field, any restriction on a station like this just feels wrong on those grounds. The music played by R1 Dance is hardly over-served by commercial stations. Heart Dance is much poppier than Pete Tong, for example.
  2. I believe Sam is involved with Nation Radio in an off air role. Why? Dev is on 3 times a week, like Jordan? So why would they choose to use one more over the other?
  3. They’ve uploaded a picture of Roy in the Radio X Studio, so I’d imagine he’s recorded new stuff for him
  4. Yes I thought that. It’s a shame as I love the chemistry between Jordan & Mollie, but doesn’t make sense to take him off the new weekend show 1 week after starting
  5. He sounds great. But I’d like to think Scott has a high chance of taking on R2 Breakfast eventually, considering he missed out on R1. So maybe a few years on afternoons then a switch? But probably not anytime soon!
  6. Matt appears to be off the weekend after, but also no Best New Pop scheduled.
  7. Isn’t it produced by a company who are based in Salford?
  8. Isn’t it produced by a company who are based in Salford?
  9. Didn’t Maya do Friday’s with Scott alongside Saturday 10-1 straight away? Then moved to 10-1 both days when Friday officially became part of the weekend? Vick is an interesting signing, be good to hear how she copes away from commercial radio. I don’t rate Katie much when covering other shows, she’s fine on Life Hacks though
  10. (Edit: not sure why this reposted a few times!)
  11. (Edit: not sure why this reposted a few times!)
  12. Alice should’ve made it onto a weekday daytime slot really
  13. I’ll be honest, don’t rate Arielle - but I’m never awake for weekend early breakfast, so didn’t bother me. But I think she’ll clearly be the weekend cover for Dev/Jordan now. It’s a shame about the inconsistency, would be nice to at least have weekdays vs weekends in line. I wonder if Anthems will see Matt & Mollie do the first set and then Jordan from 10:30 (just to mirror the week day show times?) Very happy Jordan has 3 shows a week, overdue!
  14. What do you mean? Anthems 10-11 isn’t pre recorded? As they regularly give out mentions.
  15. They have still been appearing on each other’s weeks to play features like Beat Fighter. i wondered if it was more a technical arrangement that meant they weren’t together. The first week of the new schedule they were (Alice in the Studio, Dev at Home) but when their show came round again with Dev in the Studio... Alice wasn’t on because “She has rubbish WiFi” 🤷🏻‍♂️
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