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  1. Ooops yes, I meant Arielle. But I suppose Cel or Riyadh?
  2. Early Breakfast - Vick or Katie Breakfast - Scott Mid Mornings - Adele or Arielle Afternoons - Matt & Mollie or Jordan if just Scott off Drive - Jordan or RMC Future Sounds - Jack Saunders (or Clara, she was good before) RMC - Adele Weekends are a bit more confusing. Maybe Adele for Breakfast. RMC (or just RM) for Matt & Mollie, but I’m unsure about Jordan’s cover, maybe Arielle again?
  3. This seems pretty sound. I like the idea of early breakfast being covered by a previous months Friday DJ to give them a further outing. Adele or Arielle for Clara is a must. I doubt Jordan will do Breakfast for the simple fact he’s clearly the next in line for it? (Years down the line of course..) but Greg never covered Breakfast. I’d like Jordan & Grimmy to swap full time. With RMC covering drive!
  4. I think it was just the way things were being moved forward. Scott had done about 20 years of Breakfast cover, which is incredible innings! But we moved to a system of Weekday Breakfast being covered by Weekend Breakfast & Weekday Afternoons being covered by Weekend Afternoons (Dev & Alice). The 1 cover that never makes sense to me is RMC covering Clara. They would be much more suited to covering Scott or Grimmy.
  5. Matt & Mollie have really come into their own over the last few months and I think the move to afternoons will only help strengthen that. Seemed to help Dev & Alice, moving away from Weekend Breakfast. I do feel having Greg on 5 days a week & a more music heavy show Saturday/Sunday breakfast is better. Adele is a safe pair of hands, but as others have said it’s probably the ‘way out’ route for her....
  6. I’ve just taken a look and I can find 1 post from recent months that Greg has liked & it was about food banks. Hardly throwing his support publicly behind one party or another.
  7. Presumably this now means that because she’s only on at weekends, Adele will be the RMC cover (as Dev would’ve left & he did it previously). I’d prefer Scott to go back to Breakfast cover & M&M in for Scott & Chris?
  8. Reading between the lines with Dev’s announcement and then the news of Huw & Phil, I really don’t think he chose to leave Radio 1.
  9. Adele for Clara cover? She’s done a fair bit while on early breakfast
  10. True. With Weekend Breakfast being a solo presenter again, it would sound better 9:30-10:30! Give Jordan a full 2 & half hours?
  11. Why? They currently split it that way & anyway it’s 2 half hour chunks? If a 10:30 start is what they’re sticking with, it makes sense!
  12. It’s an interesting point. But the BBC had been subject to BBC Trust/Ofcom restrictions for years when it comes to audio content. They were banned from doing any podcasts that weren’t radio best-bits, hence the surge in the last few years against BBC Sounds. So they’re already playing catch up in the audio field, any restriction on a station like this just feels wrong on those grounds. The music played by R1 Dance is hardly over-served by commercial stations. Heart Dance is much poppier than Pete Tong, for example.
  13. I believe Sam is involved with Nation Radio in an off air role. Why? Dev is on 3 times a week, like Jordan? So why would they choose to use one more over the other?
  14. They’ve uploaded a picture of Roy in the Radio X Studio, so I’d imagine he’s recorded new stuff for him
  15. Yes I thought that. It’s a shame as I love the chemistry between Jordan & Mollie, but doesn’t make sense to take him off the new weekend show 1 week after starting
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