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  1. Odd as the original schedule had both Matt & Mollie, so I wonder if they’ve decided to keep Mollie off till they can be reunited?
  2. Oh that’s cool @Jono. Interesting there’s a different one for R1/1Xtra Simulcasting too… plus R2, which we’ve seen interviews done there but odd as they have their own building!
  3. I can imagine that was a last minute change, considering Listener Impossible is actually a M&M feature anyway!
  4. I guess if it’s his new baby then it’s up to him to announce? Chris would understand that after his announcement, ironically I think during that last stint on Breakfast?
  5. yes it does, surely his wife giving birth makes most sense. He was on air Sunday? Could be isolating also I guess
  6. Last time they covered Greg yeah, they did those 2 features and the rest were their own. Obviously depends what the production team had planned for tomorrow? I’m guessing none of Greg’s main features as they’ll be saved for next week?
  7. As we head into 2022, just my few thoughts on the new line up. In short: it's fantastic. I don't think there have ever been more shows on Radio 1 that I actively want to listen/catch-up with. Vick & Jordan are really growing into the drive slot. Sadly it just shows how poor Grimmy's show was when you compare just how much speech/content/fun they manage to squeeze into the show. There's plenty of different weekly features, they've got the daily staple in the 'Something Songs' & the 'talkers' always feel quite natural and generate some good stories. Basically they move the show on every 15/30 minutes & the hard work of the production team really does shine through. It's a shame it doesn't have a Scott Mills Daily style podcast to make catching up easier. I'm growing to like the pairing even more - sometimes I do feel Vick's humour doesn't quite work with Jordan. She kind of stunts his jokes and the way he plays up the whole Northern thing (but I guess I am comparing this to Jordan's podcast with William Hanson who just knows when to sit back and let Jordan be the fool). Katie is great cover too, she works with both Vick & Jordan so should keep the show sounding consistent all year round. RMC: I like them. I really enjoyed the evening show they did, because it was a little bit naughty & had plenty of games, even if the music wasn't always to my taste. Personally, it does feel like they've not translated this very well across to the new slot. I loved night night nonsense (a different game every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday where Rickie/Melvin/Charlie each host one night and the other 2 play), if they did something similar (midday madness? 😂) it would really lift the whole show in my opinion. The daily features they have started aren't that strong: Random annoys me, Skive lounge is fun but maybe not as often & Melvin's Live Lounge guessing game just sticks out (why are they only doing it 1 day a week when they do LL rewinds every morning?). It just feels like they have been pinched a bit too much on talk time & when there is 3 of them on the show it feels a bit of a waste of talent. Of course it shouldn't be as fast paced/packed as Breakfast or Drive, but I think Scott & Chris show that the 'content filled' shows do work outside of peak. My biggest wish for 2022 is that they can inject a bit more fun into this show. Shout outs are fine till 11, then the Live Lounge, but some different good features every half hour after that would be great. Greg James and Scott & Chris deliver the 2 most consistently great shows on radio anywhere in the UK, in my opinion. Obviously not too much to say here because they weren't new for September 2022, but they have certainly kept up their game alongside the new additions to the line up. I hope neither change for a good while to come. Reinstating Greg on a Friday was probably one of the best decisions of the year. My one niggle with Breakfast is that I wish they made more of the 9:30 till 10:30 slot. I miss the daily madness of the 6:30 till 7am bit. Evenings - I don't listen to them as regularly (I used to catchup with RMC) but whenever I have heard Clara, Jack & Sian, it really does feel like they are in the perfect places on the schedule. They each love the slot they do & it shows. Just a shame we have lost an entertainment based evening show. Even if it was 10-12, so it could be naughty again with Powerdown at 12am. Weekends - Adele is a pro and very much suits the weekend Breakfast slot. It doesn't need to be as fast paced as weekdays & I think the past few years of having the 2 different duos on then just shows what a waste it can be, especially on a quiet morning like Sunday. I'm still not 100% sold on Dean, he is good but I did prefer Jordan in that slot. As has been mentioned here before, I wonder if it's too much too soon. Should he be on Early Breakfast with Arielle at the weekends? My personal choice would've been RMC on a Friday, Dean on a Sunday & someone new on a Saturday - gives a slot to another ex-Xmas/Friday EB presenter too. (I'd pick Sam & Danni. Saturday, so they are still free to cover life hacks on a Sunday). Matt & Mollie are sounding the best they ever have. The move back to weekends really did 'reset' their show and the stuff they do is on a par with the duos on Monday to Thursday. Some really great games and the 'talkers' they do are also generating some of the funniest stories too. Again, it's a shame they don't have a podcast. They could probably get away with a pretty beefy weekly one?
  8. Good point. Like I said, I would love for them to do something like that again. Wasn’t it usually NYD for Moyles, something like a “12 hour breakfast” with a different month in every hour? Feels like Scott & Chris have enough highlights for a day like this too.
  9. Can’t see that schedule being real either? Why is Best of Breakfast only on for an hour? As much as I’d love to see a return to that sort of stuff at the end of the year (didn’t Moyles have a whole day of highlights?), it probably won’t happen because of the Christmas intake of presenters?
  10. Surely this is fake because in previous years the new presenter Take Over has been for all shows between Boxing Day Breakfast & about 4/5pm on NYE?
  11. Yes, saw Charlie’s Instagram post and was shocked to see it on BBC Four. Really doesn’t fit in with the channel overall? They could easily make it a monthly or so show on BBC Three & include some retro performances on months when they don’t have enough new content.
  12. Agree, it’s nice to see some credible people doing Radio 2 cover instead of just random celebrities!
  13. Seems they’re really cementing Scott as Ken’s cover over on R2 then? That’ll bring him up to about 4 or 5 weeks this year?
  14. Interesting how in those stats that both Scott’s podcast & main show appear? Which must split the listeners and those stats (he’d be higher if only 1 was available?)
  15. Hopefully this’ll change when BBC Three relaunches in January? Can dedicate whole evenings to festivals and the earliest slots to something like Out Out?
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