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  1. Does anyone know when RMC’s last evening show is?
  2. “Radio 1 Breakfast with Matt Edmondson”
  3. Yes I can see Radio 2’s top talent pretty much refusing to move. As for Radio 1, if we’re thinking afternoons, maybe Katie gets Scott’s show whenever he moves and does that from Salford?
  4. It was a completely valid question, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had decided to send Drive up north, it’ll happen in some iteration on daytimes in the next 5-10 years for sure. Maybe when Vick and Jordan get Radio 1 Breakfast they’ll move it to Salford!
  5. As far as I know Vick and Jordan are doing Drive from NBH as is the norm, but Dean is doing weekends from Salford.
  6. A student tour isn’t a bad shout.
  7. Can’t delete, accidentally posted twice, sorry.
  8. I bet come September they’ll do another big event, and it’ll be Greg’s revenge on Jordan and Vick! Making it into a prank war between them would be a great stunt to keep attention on breakfast show and the new drive show. Does anyone else reckon this is plausible, little hints here or there indicate to me that may well be what they’re planning, because it’s gold from a content perspective. A Radio 1 with Greg on Breaktast and Vick and Jordan on Drive will probably be very event heavy, since it’s the sort of thing both of them excel at (and clearly Vick does too, she really shone through as a phenomenal presenter over this week), and if you agree with me, what sort of plans do you think Greg will be cooking up for September?
  9. I imagine Jordan would take 2 weeks or 3 weeks to gear up and actually create a Drive show, like Greg did before he took on Breakfast. Potentially same for Clara. At least a couple weeks.
  10. Nice to see Vick and Katie getting some weekday exposure; likely the successors to that show whenever Scott (hopefully no time soon) throws in the towel on afternoons.
  11. Don’t see it; Life Hacks is there as a licence requirement (as was the Surgery before it) and I think it’s much better to keep that show as its own entity, allowing all that content to be in one place.
  12. How do I get/edit this template?
  13. Vick and Katie are mainstream Radio 1 presenters; their future is on a daytime entertainment show, Life Hacks is just a warm up for them, they won’t always host it.
  14. So we’ve now had Radio 1 Dance and Radio 1 Relax, both serving clear needs for Radio 1’s target audience. Dance was clearly a response to the good reaction dance content from the station was getting in Sounds after it had aired. Relax is a public service targeted at well-being and following on from chilled content’s success on Sounds. Both help Radio 1 and BBC Sounds as brands, and act as beacons to get young people consuming more BBC content. The question looking ahead is twofold: will there be more of these streams, and if so, why do you reckon they’ll be themed as? Is there a limit? How many will they do?



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