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  1. It sounds like they are, maybe Melvin is in another studio? Or maybe just got a good mic at home?
  2. I would imagine RMC will have a 3 year run at least if it goes well. Vick and Jordan will be on drive until Greg leaves breakfast. Scott is secure until January 2023 at least I would imagine, given by the fact he recently signed a contract, so he could go in a year or two, maybe longer than that. I would guess the next major schedule changes will be September time 2023, at the earliest. Tinkering with weekends (Adele going, shifting around, any other departures etc) could totally happen sooner, but other than that I think it’s all pretty solid.
  3. Don’t think they’d dump Clara after giving her this big gig, but I agree Jack is sounding on point! Full vote of confidence in Amfo on Future Sounds from me!
  4. She was always right for this sort of slot I think, draws on her strengths as a broadcaster.
  5. I honestly think Scott is holding out for Brucey or Wrighty’s show: if it was just a weekend move to 2 he was holding out for they’d have made room for him already and he’d have left 1-4 (now 1-3.30 ofc).
  6. Tomorrow begins easily the biggest schedule change since Greg and Grimmy swapped, and considering the breadth of the change, even though breakfast stays the same, maybe an even bigger change. Lots to talk about and lots to listen to tomorrow, who’ll be listening, and what are we most looking forward to hearing? I thought it would be good to have a dedicated thread for us to give our thoughts on the new shows over the next few days/weeks and beyond!
  7. Jack Saunders going from strength to strength right now - sounding excellent at night, and really strong filling in on daytimes. Do we think his future is on daytimes in the medium to long term, or just a strong future as a specialist DJ?
  8. Really great to have someone at the helm with the confidence to talk up Radio 1’s lineup like this. This is the confidence that was missing under Ben Cooper, who seemed embarrassed of the radio station at times. Only point to make - why doesn’t he mention the new drive show, surely that’s central for any station?
  9. Maybe, but DLT sounded very dated by the end, Mills doesn’t!
  10. I think his contractual thing with the BBC must be that he won’t do a Sara Cox and sort of gradually shift between Radios 1 and 2 without a regular show on either for a few years. He’ll have the daily show on R1 until he gets a daily show on R2.
  11. I can see him staying on daytimes for a good number of years more, why move him when he’s still at the top of his game? Great news he’s signed a new contract.
  12. Ohhh so RMC 9-12 for a week?
  13. Does anyone know when RMC’s last evening show is?
  14. “Radio 1 Breakfast with Matt Edmondson”
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