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  1. I’ve always liked the idea of Greg moving to mid mornings after breakfast – in the guise of Simon Mayo, Who was very successful on mid mornings after leaving breakfast.
  2. Thought I’d start this up and see what everyone thinks: the point of this thread is essentially for you to leave your prediction of where you think Radio 1 will be in terms of schedule and general direction three years from right now. For my money, I think we’ll have a new breakfast show by then (probably Vick and Jordan, or possibly Jordan and Katie), and Scott may well have moved to weekends or even Radio 2 (though I hope not). So I think you could see the likes of Katie Thistleton and Dean McCullough on weekday daytimes and I imagine some fresh faces on weekends. Sounds like a lot of change I know but Greg leaving breakfast would precipitate a pretty big shift (and one we can’t predict) considering it would most likely bring about one or both drive presenters leaving the slot. I think it’s a safe bet to stay Jordan North will anchor the next breakfast show, it’s a question of who he’s paired with (most likely option obviously Vick, but maybe she stays and does drive solo?). Greg I’m sure will leave breakfast in the next few years because by then he’d have done 6 or even 7 years and it would be time for a change. I can’t see RMC sticking around much longer than 2025 either - they’ve been doing primetime youth radio for a decade or more already and I think the live lounge is likely their ceiling at Radio 1.
  3. I agree marmite - I sorta enjoy the chaos of it - it might have been better if they’d done something more elaborate or clever - like Scott pretending to resign or Jordan confessing his love to Vick or just something really out there but played straight and deadpan.
  4. Surely they won’t do this until Thursday? I think people will switch off.Suspect it's more Ant and Dec, but you never know if there's some
  5. What on earth am I listening to? Rickie Melvin and Charlie are being really weird
  6. That’ll be why various pages have been slow to update etc - must be sweeping through the office.
  7. We’re expecting a big act announced on Wednesday right? I bet that’s where you get an import. Either that or someone like Adele maybe.
  8. I’ve bought along with my tickets a lineup + big weekend logo t shirt, a lanyard, programme, and wristband.
  9. Should we expect new jingles alongside new logos and branding? Been a little while.
  10. Yep - new style creeping in slowly.
  11. He didn’t seem to say when though - sounds like after the tickets so on sale which doesn’t make much sense.
  12. I think for breakfast you prep + meetings after the show whereas afternoons you do that first - I remember asking Scott’s producer about it a few years ago out of curiosity when I was on to do a feature. This was when Mark Lockett (now of Absolute Radio) produced the show.
  13. Guess it depends on when they can arrange to get callers on etc - I would assume similar: sometime around midday, I’m given to understand they’re in for 11, and in the studio for 12ish.
  14. I imagine they have some big ticket female headliners for Sunday (you’d hope). But yeah, good getting Ed Sheeran on the bill. Anyone gonna try to this year?
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