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  1. I think it’ll all be aired, some of it in the September changes, some of it presumably overnight tucked away?
  2. This is really creative stuff, Radio 1 clearly determined to keep evolving with the audience.
  3. This explains the focus of late on chill; I suspect the idea is to compete with the likes of Global and their various themed services, so expect pushback from the usual suspects in commercial radio.
  4. Agreed, a slight demotion, but it balances out, higher profile slot on Sat and Sun, much lower profile on Fri.
  5. Quite sad that out of that really strong weekend lineup of 6am: Dev 10am: Matt Edmondson 1pm: Alice Levine None of them will have reached a weekday slot, both Dev and Alice are gone, and it’s looking less and less likely as time goes on that Matt and Mollie will go to weekdays, after an effective demotion taking them off Friday breakfast. Matt was 100% Scott’s designated successor for a few years but Scott outlasted Edmondson’s viability for that position in the eyes of R1 management!😂
  6. All very plausible, but I’d sort of discounted M&M going to weekdays, would they really want that commitment?
  7. Wow, that’s nearly 10 years on afternoons! But what to you indicates an imminent change, the show sounds as strong as ever to me.
  8. Nah, there won’t be any changes that soon after a September schedule revamp. What indicates this change is coming?
  9. Written a Medium piece on the changes, would appreciate everyone’s thoughts and comments. Read at radio1analysis.medium.com /annie-mac-leaving-radio-1-clara-amfo-to-take-future-sounds-rmc-get-mornings-4d4f4be6e092.
  10. Different kettles of fish, Mac’s profile is much bigger than Mistajam’s, and she did much more specialist content on Radio 1, Jam did a mainstream dance show on Saturday afternoons.
  11. I’d be surprised, I think she has too much integrity and independence to want to sign up with Global and the much more mainstream Capital Dance.
  12. I think Moyles was right for the times when he came on in 2004, but personally I think he went on too long and the show lost its shine and it’s relevance by the end; in my ideal world he’d have been replaced with Mills around 2009, and then Greg brought up by 2015, with a new DJ ready to take over sometime this or next year.



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