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  1. Jordan jumped in a secretive way, that would annoy anyone who invest in someone let alone Aled. I don't think you can compare Radio 1 to Capital anymore as Capital is aiming older at two difference audiences like Hits Radio. Radio 1 is still focused on youth which is good. With Capital expanding it's age range it now has a chance on gaining reach which means it has a greater chance of overtaking Radio 1 because that's something Radio 1 can't do, expand. I can't listen to Capital and the Breakfast show seems to be full of old gimmicks. I mean Roman did the tattoo thing over 8 years ago. Do something Original! I know Jordan made a point of being free when he left the BBC but I think Jordan is now in a place where he is over exposed. He's done to much to quickly. The Tour, Podcast, Capital, Sponsored Ads and now This Morning showbiz segment. I seen a few comments now from 'I've properly gone off Jordan North' to "Why is Jordan North everywhere, he’s like a rash who won’t fuck off". Maybe those BBC rules were protecting him after all. I like Jordan and still think Radio 1 should have given Jordan the afternoon show solo or with Katie to design it his way. He would of had more freedom than on drive. Breakfast is not everything these days.
  2. Hi, Hope this is ok to post here. Does anyone know what desk Radio 1 use in their studios? The actual desk that goes up and down not the equipment. Thanks
  3. Unless people can provide a source for this information then it should be treated as false. Why would Jordan sign a contract with the BBC in the autumn when he agreed a deal with Global? He could have left in August and not had to deal with the BBC. Vick who doesn't really like Global why would she recommend him to go there and then warn him in her post to be careful? It's been whispered from October that Roman was thinking of going. Roman and Jordan have the same management team. Why would they put Jordan in a place where he would have to battle with the BBC. They could have agreed a deal with Global for Jordan in the summer. They might have had to pay first couple months but they would do they to secure him. If they had known about Roman wanting to leave they could have paid Roman off to get Jordan on air quicker. Global would also not had legal around BBC contract to deal with and would not have had to pay the BBC to release Jordan. None of what people say makes sense and if it did happen the way people say then BBC are not the stupid ones. It really is not a good look to be talking with Global for 6 months, to then sign a contract with a the BBC, continue to talk to Global behind BBC's back after signing and then couple of months later want to leave and to throw a hissy fit as the BBC are not giving you what you want when you want it. That not a good light for Jordan or his management.
  4. The point I was making is this is not content made for entertainment it was a product placement. There is a difference between the two. It not a fun idea that people have brought to air for a laugh. It was designed to look like mates having fun and come up with this idea but it was just a advert. That why I say it feel false.
  5. I hate to be that guy but we all know the Greggs thing was pre arranged days if not weeks in advance? It wasn't a spare of the moment thing by Chris and the convo about it was pre panned and not in the moment thing. It was an ad deal. One big ad for Greggs which they paid Capital for. This is why radio should state Product Placement just like TV. Radio 1 can't do these things for a reason. For me this what makes the show sound fake because it's a false thing pretending it all happened over night. Greggs would have to order on extra stuff to make it happen. You can't do that in 24 hrs. There will be more of these deals. I bet there will be a few Gregg "surprise" things happen over time. Other brands as well.
  6. I don't know why but Capital sounds like Radio 1 Lite now. Capital Breakfast now sounds like it's trying to be Radio 1 Breakfast especially with that intro. It's odd. I preferer the slick production that Capital had before. It had more impact and sounded modern and original. The show is new and is showing off but after the first month it will be interesting to see how it goes. Jordan is playing it so safe at the moment which is understandable but the worry is that's his new Capital style. While I like the team I prefer Jordan and Katie. I did give Capital ago but as of 7am I was back listening to Greg this morning. Radio 1 needs a better early breakfast lead in because that what will catch them out to Capital.
  7. Do you mean they have a long into like Greg or that actual jingles sounds very much like Greg jingles?
  8. I can't listen at the moment, is it the same jingles as Roman's show but with Jordan's name? Or completely new sound? Has he got an into like Greg?
  9. The BBC would not have known Jordan schedule to be fair as the podcast is not BBC and he was a guest. He just signed a big money deal what's to be sad about? Unless deep down he didn't want to leave Radio 1 and just went along with what others said around him? I still think something else went on. Something that maybe Jordan don't even know about between the BBC, Global and his management. Thing I can't get past is why not tell him after the show on Thursday? why wait till the next morning? It was done with urgency. We haven't got the full story on this one I don't think. I would bet it not being the fault of Jordan or the BBC. The way it was done was not very BBC either. The BBC do a big thing so that you kind of question why am I leaving even if your going to the other side. It doesn't add up. Also Greg signing his contract shortly after. I think there was talk with Greg about coming to a deal to let Jordan take over in the next year. Maybe Greg would have moved to a spin off station. I think Radio 1 tried but things never got anywhere due to the might of Global and Jordan's management.
  10. Roman Kemp 😜 I think Will was at radio 1 at one point wasn't he?
  11. Hats off to Chris for leaving a challenge for Greg. To plan that out was great detailing and proves what a talented guy he is. The post he posted on Instagram also links into it which is great to. There is loyalty to Greg there so I don't think he's joining Capital. Persephonica was looking for an 'experienced entertainment producer' a few months ago. I wonder if this is where Chris might be heading?
  12. Bauer is closing all radio channels on Freeview. I guess this is ready for the launch or Rayo? Unless they are in trouble?
  13. I sure Capital Breakfast was looking for a new executive producer not long ago. Maybe Jordan is putting his team together? Would be dirty play if true. Maybe he's off to Radio 2? Maybe even Scott's show? Or into podcasts?
  14. Katie in her post put a picture of champagne glasses coming together and it looks like it's from when she was on holiday. So might not have been long. I wonder if Vick might have had a say in things. With the likelihood of sounding like I am overreading things but Vick and Katie look more hugged together than with Jamie. I think Aled should have been a bit more brave and moved Dean and Vicky on. It's nothing personal but it's just not worked. Vicky was on BBC Manchester and could see her going back there.
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