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  1. I think Radio 1 will start to sound fresher as lockdown restrictions lift, guests start to visit presenters, teams can get out of the studio for broadcasts...
  2. Jono

    Sian Eleri

    Dreams do come true
  3. Jono

    Radio 1 Relax

    Again there's very little cost involved if the programming already exists - it just brings a new audience to stuff tucked away. Surely bringing more audiences to shows hidden away at night is a good use of money?
  4. Jono

    Radio 1 Relax

    Press release from the BBC now confirming it https://www.bbc.com/mediacentre/2021/radio-1-relax/ Been calling for this ever since Radio 1 Dance launched! I'm really excited by this - there's some brilliant chilled content that doesn't get enough attention.
  5. Indeed, still at the top of his game.
  6. Scott's show is up for an ARIA for Best Music Entertainment Show. They'll take on Ricky, Melvin and Charlie amongst others for the award. There are a number of nominations for Radio 1. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2021/04/all-the-nominations-revealed-for-arias-2021/
  7. I'd never say never about anything. Commercial radio have some big bucks, and dance music is in right now.
  8. It'll be interesting to see how the show develops. Perhaps the bosses envisage taking it in a new direction. It feels like that slot hasn't changed since the Jo Whiley days.
  9. Still poses a problem that Charlie Hedges is the only female in the daytime schedule if you discount early breakfast. Can't see her going solo now! I assume RMC aren't up for a move to the north of England either...
  10. Diplo also goes as a result of the schedule changes. Still it's good to see Jack Saunders on an earlier time slot, and promotions for Sarah Story and Sian Eleri.
  11. I reckon it'll be a temporary fix until the schedule gets a proper re-organisation. Normally DJs leave because they're pushed which makes it much easier to come up with a plan...
  12. End of an era with the departure of Annie Mac, but she has many fingers in many pies, so undoubtedly has a big future. A lovely touch for her to ensure she told listeners on the radio before it came out. It sounds genuinely like her decision, she mentioned she'd been discussing it over the last year. Who to replace her?
  13. Plaster of Paris art work. Whoooo.
  14. She wasn't for me on weekday afternoons (she's still blocked me on Twitter over my feedback!) but I thought The Review Show was a good place for her at Radio 1. I wonder what went on with her to leave Virgin Radio.
  15. I think Grimmy sounds great on afternoons, much better than his breakfast show. My only complaint is I'd rather he did 4 til 7. The 5.45 finish still seems too abrupt. Feels like this site is a bit too caught up on fantasy schedules and departures at the moment!



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