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  1. I've only just realised why the press release has MAKE UK LAUGH AGAIN with random capitals throughout. It took until Scott and Chris said it on the radio to get the reference...!
  2. Makes sense due to restrictions - a whole week of DJs doing their own thing and then a 24 hour show on March 11.
  3. Hadn't thought about the restrictions on the studio, loved it when they had all the Northern DJs in one room last time.
  4. In lockdown? Where's he going to hide? The BBC News studio? 😆
  5. Curious Greg was off today, feels like there's another layer to it
  6. I heard something about this being trailed ahead - he said he was being joined by another Radio 1 DJ. Is it Comic Relief related perhaps?
  7. Matt and Mollie are sounding the best they've sounded since being moved off weekend breakfast on to afternoons, and now they're regularly covering for the Breakfast Show, do you think they'll continue to rise through the ranks? There's something quite 'pure' about their show, and Matt has always had that creativity that has made his show a good listen. Would welcome your thoughts...
  8. A good suggestion. They seem to be getting the multimedia mix right. I've had to listen to government press conferences for work while driving and while Radio 4/5 cut away, between LBC and LBC News they cover it.
  9. He'll be covering for Rylan next Saturday from 3pm. It's been a while since he has been on the radio - he was originally part of the Radio X line-up when it launched a few years after leaving Radio 1.
  10. As eluded to on the show yesterday, Grace is leaving Radio 1 and moving to Kiss FM. The announcement was made at the end of last year when Kiss announced it was expanding the "production family"
  11. This is surely going to have to be a pretty momentous event, given they usually launch festival seasons. It is unlikely there will be one in 2021, so where would you hold the event in 2022, and is there anything you'd do differently? I guess they may consider doing something like the 'biggest weekend' event where there was inclusion from all pop stations.
  12. With all of the changes going on in commercial radio over recent years, I wondered which station you think is at the top of its game in 2021?
  13. It seems most years there's a Radio 1 DJ - from Scott Mills to Dev to Clara Amfo - but who should do it next? I can't see Greg doing it any time soon, so perhaps Jordan is a likely contender?
  14. Jono

    Lady Leshurr on 1Xtra

    Oh yes, you're right. Shows how much I pay attention to that show... Yes, she seems a good signing for 1Xtra, but you don't want her to become Kelly Osborne and the Radio 1 Surgery where she was off more than she was on...
  15. She was due to start 1Xtra this Saturday, but the BBC says other commitments mean she's now not starting until March 27th. She's obviously since appeared on Dancing On Ice (almost kicked out), I wonder if that's interfered with the plans.
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