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  1. A nice touch to let young carers and the like get a handful of tickets before the public does
  2. Chris suggested they might find a way to bring back Innuendo Bingo back in a new format which would satisfy health and safety concerns. The fact they're replaying old ones suggests they must be close to cracking it. Mind boggles how, perhaps with water pistols?
  3. I guess if Matt is to become a dad again, as I seemed to read the other day, he might have ruled out breakfast for a while anyway
  4. Aled and Radio 1 are advertising for more presenters to host on Radio 1 over the Christmas break
  5. I think the writing was on the wall when Sinead left around the time of Grimmy's departure. A lot of the presenters incorporate the best celebrity gossip into the show, whilst Newsbeat itself covers a lot more celebrity news, for instance the death of Sarah Harding was the big story on Monday. Can't say I'll miss it, would much let presenters lead on it, but it did work quite well with Grimmy and even in the early days of Scott's drivetime show.
  6. There's definitely been a need to freshen up the daytime schedules for a while, I think it might have happened sooner if it wasn't due to the pandemic. Aled clearly understands what's needed to bring Radio 1 to a new generation, especially with all the experimentation around BBC Sounds. The new line-up has definitely breathed fresh life into the existing shows - whether it's the excitement, or if they simply feel the need to up their game with new kids on the block...!
  7. Vick Hope knew what she was doing saying she fancied Jack Saunders on-air... She also failed to say if she got paid more at Capital ?
  8. Was close to switching off when they started the show with lots of klaxons, it was like Westwood was back... But seem to be settling in now.
  9. Interesting interview with Jordan North. It looks like they're really hoping Jordan and Vick can shake off a London-centric image due to their backgrounds. Particularly those who don't own radios anymore. https://inews.co.uk/culture/radio/jordan-north-radio-1-interview-bbc-drivetime-burnley-vick-hope-1184584
  10. Jono

    Vernon Kay on Radio 2

    Pity about his latest stint, heard him doing a Friday show for Steve Wright, and considered tuning in again but he had to self-isolate.
  11. Jono

    Voice notes

    I'd like to take credit, but I mean I suspect it took more than a few days planning... I can see Scott and Chris having fun with it, a bit like Flirt Divert.
  12. I think he's great - I thought it was interesting the pairing with Katie Thistleton. I wondered if there was a future there in the short-term. I won't stop finding it funny hearing him introducing some of the cheesy pop though, given his indie music credentials.
  13. Reminds me of when Chris Moyles kicked up a fuss because his Channel 5 show wasn't going to be named after him. He said it made it easier for him to be cut out of the equation, which eventually they did. Although I note after his Radio 1 stint, breakfast became 'Radio 1 Breakfast' and Grimmy was there for yonks, so means nothing...
  14. Jono

    Voice notes

    A lot of other radio stations and podcasts make a lot of use of voice notes. I know Newsbeat do, but could be a fun way to engage with listeners on shows.
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