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  1. Most likely. I actually really enjoy it, although I understand those criticisms that it's a move away from the station's remit to a certain extent.
  2. I guess this is this year's equivalent of a summer mix - Radio 1's Greatest Hits will air every day for an hour at 10am from Monday 8th July. Scott's Dance Anthems programme is becoming 'Radio 1's Party Anthems' too.
  3. I think they suit that timeslot - but agree if they want to move into daytime they'll need to broaden their appeal.
  4. I thought they were actually moving towards a BBC youth strand - mixing Radio 1, 1Xtra and BBC Three. Which sounded less terrible than this idea.
  5. He's back in for Rylan this weekend and doing a special documentary on Bank Holiday Monday in for Jeremy Vine
  6. This is so very W1A. The directors at the BBC are once again looking very out-of-touch with their audiences. It's the label "BBC Pop Music" that upsets me more than the proposal. Asian Network is hardly pop, I doubt the listeners of 6Music would call their music that, and Radio 1 is intended to be more about "new music".
  7. I'm off to Middlesbrough for Big Weekend and will hopefully get a chance to interview Scott. Would love to hear your recommendations for questions (don't just do serious questions). The best might get asked.
  8. I wonder what would influence young people more. I'm inclined to think if you had very specific messages on social media which you're looking at while on your phone you would be more likely to listen to Radio 1 than just seeing it on a billboard... unless you're of driving age.
  9. You say that but they'll go hard with the Big Weekend next month across BBC TV. Also there has been a lot of money spent on social media adverts lately - I was getting an advert for every show on Facebook and Instagram for two weeks. They seem to be doing subtle stuff compared to Capital, but it's happening.
  10. Perhaps although suspect she will have a proper show soon enough
  11. How do we still feel about this? I have to say I don't listen as much on a Friday, it just throws me. I have no issue with the presenters - I listen on a weekend but it doesn't give me the feel good factor about the weekend tuning in on a Friday and hearing different voices to Monday to Thursday!
  12. They could argue 1Xtra does an important job from their perspective, I can't see them wanting a third. I quite enjoyed the Radio 1 Vintage pop-up station. I guess the question is what music would such a station play, I reckon there's demand for something like the Greatest Hits show, but there is quite a plethora of 90s stations these days. Anything less modern like Radio 1 would make it like Radio 2.
  13. This was actually going to be a thread praising some of the new experimental podcasts from Radio 1, but figured I'd throw out the general question too. I've just started listening to Worst Dates (which is the Radio 1 comedy podcast - should be it's own podcast not just a series) and Unexpected Fluids. Both amused me on the walk home. Worth a listen for something difference and perhaps an evolution of what the Surgery used to be (minus the good advice!)
  14. I became a regular listener in 2004 - but had been listening a few years on and off before that. Mostly to Chris Moyles. My listening of Radio 1 really shaped the years that followed, for instance, listening on the day of the 7/7 bombings when Vernon Kay stayed off and Scott did both breakfast and drive, and Newsbeat breaking the news Jacko had died.
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