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  1. It must be quite strange to have to basically do two hours of radio with very few interruptions. I thought Vicky was a bit of an odd choice initially for the first show guest, but actually she helped hold the show together.
  2. Enjoying having Murray and Chapman ribbing Scott about his age 😂 "It's like a Radio 1 retirement home" I think this section shows where they're all most comfortable on-air...
  3. I was hoping it would be a bit more like Elis James and John Robins or Adam and Joe, which is less sporty. But perhaps this is what the average 5 Live listener wants to hear, I'm not particularly their target audience. They'll find their feet though, that'll be the beauty of this space they've been given.
  4. As a non-sport fan it's a bit of a struggle so far as I can't get wowed by the sporty guests they're talking to, but I do like that there's opportunity for Scott to shake off the youthful image and make jokes about Anita Dobson and Allo Allo. I'm just glad they're on at a time I can listen for once... 5 Live certainly still sounds so much more tinny than Radio 1. Well with a new boss at the helm they'll want a shake up...
  5. Who's tuned in this morning? Will be interesting to hear how they try to keep sport fans and non-sport fans interested.
  6. I think the equivalent was Chappers and Dave when they would broadcast over the summer months around the World Cup period. I think they also broadcast from a few sporting initiatives (if I recall) as I remember them broadcasting from the Sportspark in Norwich.
  7. I never really thought a talk station would be the direction of travel for Scott, but it definetly makes sense over a choice between Radio 2 and 6Music. Means he's up against Moyles on Radio X which is usually where my radio goes on a Saturday morning too.
  8. Full story here: https://unofficialmills.co.uk/2019/10/scott-mills-and-chris-stark-to-host-new-bbc-radio-5-live-show/ I'm happy to hear this is the next step for Scott - even better than Chris is going with him. 5Live seems a good fit for experimenting with a new show, and a station without music will make it even more interesting. I suspect a move away from Radio 1 will be on the cards at some point. I'll be listening!
  9. Most likely. I actually really enjoy it, although I understand those criticisms that it's a move away from the station's remit to a certain extent.
  10. I guess this is this year's equivalent of a summer mix - Radio 1's Greatest Hits will air every day for an hour at 10am from Monday 8th July. Scott's Dance Anthems programme is becoming 'Radio 1's Party Anthems' too.
  11. I think they suit that timeslot - but agree if they want to move into daytime they'll need to broaden their appeal.
  12. I thought they were actually moving towards a BBC youth strand - mixing Radio 1, 1Xtra and BBC Three. Which sounded less terrible than this idea.
  13. He's back in for Rylan this weekend and doing a special documentary on Bank Holiday Monday in for Jeremy Vine
  14. This is so very W1A. The directors at the BBC are once again looking very out-of-touch with their audiences. It's the label "BBC Pop Music" that upsets me more than the proposal. Asian Network is hardly pop, I doubt the listeners of 6Music would call their music that, and Radio 1 is intended to be more about "new music".
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