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  1. Engaged and graduated from university! It makes me feel very old to think he was just five when he was giving Scott football advice for the World Cup!
  2. Perhaps, but that's what Scott used to do on drivetime, and as you say they covered for Matt and Mollie on Friday breakfast days after their show launched.
  3. Nice to have Scott and Chris on breakfast, interesting they chose them rather than Vick and Jordan, I guess perhaps they answered the call sooner! The on-air idents make it sound like they've not been away from breakfast as long as they have!
  4. The visualisation button on Jack's Instagram story seems fun. Never knew they changed studio branding that way!
  5. Love how Katie got her mum on to do the quiz today
  6. It will be good to hear them back on breakfast again. I do miss them covering the show, although... I do enjoy Matt & Mollie covering the show nowadays. I wasn't so keen at first, but like their afternoon show.. they really fit the role well.
  7. I’d be shocked if they can get Dean & Katie in place together for afternoons tomorrow? One or the other seems most likely?
  8. This is another claim to be the latest Christmas Day schedule. Makin at BBC Tees seems older than I expected so I'm not convinced by the below... 07:00 Kat Cowan 11:00 Scott Makin (apparently pre-recorded from BBC Radio Tees) 14:00 Christmas Anthems with Katie Thistleton (pre-recorded) 15:00 Christmas Eve Afternoon (not known who yet) 18:00 Radio 1 Anthems with Sarah Story 22:00 Christmas Anthems in the mix
  9. Presumably Dundee are going to be a bit cheesed off! But I did somewhat assume it wouldn't be going back there. Hopefully they find another way to take a broadcast there.
  10. Another suggestion drops in my inbox Christmas Day 07:00 Kat Cowan 11:00 Scott Makin** 14:00 Christmas Day Afternoon (Officially, it's not known yet who's doing this show) 18:00 Christmas Party with Sarah Story** 21:00 Radio 1 Anthems non-stop Boxing Day 06:00 Vicky Hawkesworth 10:00 Xmas Takeover 11:00 Xmas Takeover 12:00 Xmas Takeover 13:00 Arielle Free** 16:00 TBC 18:00 Christmas Anthems with Katie Thistleton** 19:00 TBC 21:00 TBC Monday 27th December 07:00 Jordan North 10:00 Best of Breakfast - Greg James 11:00 Sian Eleri 12:45 Newsbeat 13:00 Dean McCullough 15:30 Jack Saunders 18:00 Charli XCX 20:00 TBC ** Indicates it may be pre-recorded
  11. Grimmy's been chatting with Annie Mac on her podcast about quitting Radio 1. https://www.irishnews.com/magazine/entertainment/2021/11/01/news/nick-grimshaw-discusses-his-decision-to-leave-radio-1-with-annie-mac-2494620/ He said his time on the station had "ran its course".
  12. Perhaps Laura's influence (former assistant producer to Scott) as deputy head of the station?
  13. As I say, take with a pinch of salt!
  14. A possible "leak" although no mention of the chart show on the Friday so possibly suspect. Friday 24 December 07:00 Radio 1 Breakfast with Vick Hope TBC 11:00 Stacey Copeland Stacey takes you towards Christmas 14:00 Jack Saunders Jack plays you huge hits and anthems as we get ready for Christmas 18:00 Radio 1's Dance Party with Danny Howard 21:00 Christmas Party with Sarah Story Saturday 25 December 06:00 Happy Hour 1 hour of feel-good hits! 07:00 Xmas Day Breakfast - TBC 10:00 Scott Makin (pre-recorded) Scott's got a Christmas Special! 13:00 Laurie Dyche (pre-recorded) Laurie Dyche has a Christmas Special! 16:00 Radio 1 Takeover with Selena Gomez (re-run of 2019 takeover as archive material) Selena Gomez rounds off our with her selection of festive tunes and personal favourites! 17:00 Christmas Anthems with Sarah Story 19:00 Radio 1's Dance Anthems with TBC Sunday 26 December 06:00 TBC 07:00 Kat Cowan (uncertain if live, may be pre-recorded) Kat Cowan wakes you up on Boxing Day morning with huge hits and the best new music 10:00 Xmas Takeover - TBC 11:00 Xmas Takeover - TBC 12:00 Xmas Takeover - TBC 13:00 Arielle Free (pre-recorded) Arielle Free plays huge hits and the best new music for Boxing Day afternoon 16:00 Jack Saunders (pre-recorded) Jack plays huge hits and the best new music for Boxing Day afternoon 19:00 Boxing Day Anthems (non-stop music) Non-stop huge hits and anthems for Boxing Day evening 21:00 TBC Monday 27 December 06:00 TBC 07:00 Robyn Richford Robyn wakes up the nation 11:00 Jordan North Jordan plays huge hits and anthems 15:00 Dean McCullough Dean plays huge hits and anthems 19:00 TBC Tuesday 28 December 06:00 TBC 07:00 TBC 11:00 TBC 15:00 Dean McCullough Dean plays huge hits and anthems 19:00 TBC Wednesday 29 December 06:00 TBC 07:00 TBC 11:00 TBC 15:00 Dean McCullough Dean plays huge hits and anthems 19:00 TBC
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