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  1. More the future than the present at times! I suppose we all remember thinking the future would be uncertain without Laura and Chappers and everyone involved came out on top. Scott got new team members, Laura became a radio boss and Chappers did more TV. Why did Radio 1 make everyone think they'd died though 😂
  2. Funny how it's only created more speculation about what happens now 😂
  3. Could imagine Chris doing more 5Live work after the success of the Peter Crouch podcast and the Saturday show. The press release suggests otherwise though. Scott and Chris have done really well to have lasted so long on afternoons at Radio 1. A testament to how Chris helped shake the show up when Chappers departed. Also I wonder if there's potential to get the old band back together with Laura now a boss at Radio 2 😂
  4. I'm guessing Radio 2 wanted him sooner, rather than Radio 1 wanted rid sooner...
  5. The end of Scott and Chris on weekday radio is going to be very strange. Looking forward to seeing how Scott gets on - he has big feet to fill at Radio 2 - but he's more than capable! 2pm to 4pm seems such a short time period for a show, but it's great he'll be on Monday to Friday. I'm wondering who will snap up Chris.
  6. Yeah don't think the humour worked in that joke, sounded genuine!
  7. Here's my take on the Big Weekend: https://unofficialmills.co.uk/2022/05/radio1-big-weekend-review-coventry-2022/
  8. I'm surprised there hasn't been that connection with Rickie Melvin and Charlie. I wonder if they need more of a profile boost? Scott and Chris, and Greg are well established. Vick and Jordan have had a lot of publicity. I'd do a big campaign around the live lounge again. I suspect during the pandemic it's been tricky to do it, but now it's back why not give it a big push? Personally I don't feel I hear enough about the live lounge anymore, yet it was integral to that show since the Jo Whiley years. As someone pointed out, I reckon a lot of oldies are disappearing due to things like the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. They're more news focused.
  9. Big Weekend is going to be fun for the DJs. It must be a while since they've been able to mix without restrictions. And it'll be very different to 2019 when you had the likes of Annie Mac, Grimmy, Phil Taggart, Maya Jama and Dev.
  10. Time for some positivity! We are all Radio 1 geeks here, so why do you love the station so much? What causes you to turn your dial to Radio 1 over all the other offerings?
  11. We're all too much of radio users rather than apps 😄
  12. Missed the competiton this morning, but a good way of promoting BBC Sounds.
  13. It sounds like someone might have dropped out, there seemed to be mixed messaging about how many other acts were being added to the line-up and Charli XCX seems to have swapped stages.
  14. Well at least we've got a guess right for once! Capital narrowly pipped them with the Summertime Ball announcement. Assumed he would be at Big Weekend after that!
  15. Interesting Twitter suggestions Olivia Rodrigo would be plausible, I think.
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