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  1. Jono

    Schedule Changes

    Seems to be part of some BBC Sounds project to allow them to stream playlists over Christmas: On radio, all BBC pop stations are staging Christmas House Party, each having a room at the party and using their output to provide that room’s soundtrack. BBC Sounds is hosting a second series of Radio 4’s Grounded With Louis Theroux and Radio 2 celebrates the world of musical theatre in January with a season of special programming. BBC Sounds will also provide the musical support our audiences might need to make the most of a more home-based festive season with classic tracks and mixes to help manage mood or make an occasion, together with unique mixes led by our talent.
  2. So it's always been an ambition of mine to work in radio, albeit behind-the-scenes in digital, from a young age. I've been working on different projects over the years, waiting for opportunities to arise when I felt confident about my experience. I now feel I'm in a place where I can demonstrate my ability to "inform, educate and entertain" audiences through different content types. But 2020 has hardly been a great year for the job market, and it feels like even more of a challenge to try to get seen at somewhere like the BBC or one of the other big broadcasters. Jobs in digital within BBC Radio often appear advertised as "internal" only, and even, the application process through portals still feels a very dehumanisied way of getting your name seen. It used to be that people would recommend finding creative ways to be seen, but it doesn't feel like sending something through the post is a welcome way to do things in the era of a pandemic. Local radio used to be a springboard for people wanting to work in radio, but where do people start with so few stations left? It feels as if conventional ways are out of the window in this era, so how do you think it's done? Any thoughts are welcome, feel free to PM me too!
  3. Jordan seems to have been an inspired choice for I'm A Celebrity this year. He's definitely standing out as one of the top camp mates. It can only do his future at Radio 1 a world of good that he's becoming a "household name".
  4. And the loss of our beloved Huw in the evenings!
  5. Yes I fear it might be more that the other music is more in demand, but then I guess it's Radio 1's job to promote the music and make it popular rather than the other way around
  6. Perhaps this is a reflection of what is popular in 2020, but I find myself hearing less indie music and more of rap, grime and dance music on Radio 1's daytime playlist. It could be an age factor, or even a sign of the music industry during the pandemic, but some of the music I'm hearing these days seems distinguishable to commercial radio at times. The launch of Radio 1 Dance hasn't convinced me that appears to be where they think there is a demand. Has anyone noticed a change in the focus for daytime music recently?
  7. Just received this: The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Commercial Radio is calling on Ofcom to conduct a review of the BBC Sounds platform following plans for a new 24 hour BBC Radio 1 Dance service. Earlier today (Thursday 17th September) the BBC announced an extension of the Radio 1 brand with Radio 1 Dance set to launch on BBC Sounds on 9th October. Andy Carter MP, Chair of the APPG, is now urging Ofcom to review the BBC Sounds platform as the BBC continues to invest undisclosed sums of licence fee income into an expanding service that is hardly distinctive and essentially replicates services already available to listeners. Andy Carter MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Radio, said: “It’s imperative for the future of the BBC that it provides high quality, distinctive content that warrants its significant licence fee income. I am concerned about the serious lack of transparency and scrutiny of the BBC Sounds platform. New services like Radio 1 Dance do not appear to meet the important public value tests that the BBC must observe. I hope Ofcom will conduct a thorough review of BBC Sounds as a matter of urgency.” Siobhan Kenny, Radiocentre CEO, commented: “We were encouraged to hear new Director General Tim Davie emphasise that distinctiveness and true public service value should be at the heart of all BBC content. It is disappointing therefore to see this announcement of a new 24 hour dance stream. It is really difficult to understand what qualifies as distinctive in this offering. Commercial radio has a rich catalogue in this area, and is very popular with audiences. We know the BBC is struggling to attract younger audiences but launching in competition to existing, UK based providers, who rely on advertising revenue rather than public funding, is really not the way ahead. We agree that it is time for an urgent re view.”
  8. A blast from the past - Carpark Catchphrase is returning to Chris Moyles' breakfast show next week. Feels a long time since we last heard it.
  9. I thought the pair have worked really well this week. Adele seems wasted talent on early breakfast, they seem to bounce off each other well, and have shaken up the drive time slot a bit. It would be interesting to hear them both in the studio together, given Adele has controlled the buttons.
  10. As per: https://unofficialmills.co.uk/2020/09/co-presenters-return-to-radio-1-studios/ It's good to have them both back in the studio. Chris and Scott weren't bad at communicating in separate studios, but I thought Matt and Mollie had quite a bit of disconnect.
  11. I think Dev would be a good one to drink with too
  12. One for the geeks, Greg James has just revealed this on his Twitter ahead of his return to Radio 1 Breakfast
  13. I'd love to get our news pages of the website more up-to-date with Radio 1 and Scott Mills news. There's a lot of great discussion on the chatbox, and we could get some of that on there, and help bring more visitors to the website. It doesn't even have to be particularly long! But some of you may have more time on your hands than me, so thought you might be interested. Drop me a PM or e-mail mail(at)unofficialmills.co.uk
  14. I had a drink or two with him at the Big Weekend in Middlesborough, and he still wanted to take the beer cups back to get 10p in return. So down to earth 😂
  15. People often say they listen to radio and say some presenters are the sort of people you'd go for a drink with. So if you had a choice, who would want to go for a pint with in the pub?
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