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  1. Interesting! In the video, Chris doesn't look wet at all, I wonder if he had to play with someone else?
  2. I agree, they could have done something much slicker. It has sounded like a mess rather than something funny. Unless there will be a really visual element for the TV to make it more elaborate than it sounds
  3. I hope George Ezra realised is was fake when he was on with RMC, that was cringe. Interested to see what they show of it on Saturday if that’s what it is all for
  4. think they pulled it off better than RMC to be fair
  5. Scott and Chris are up to something too in bangers, singing happy birthday and dropping random phrases in. Some sort of secret challenge going on
  6. I was thinking if Scott & Chris are still short notice cover for R1 breakfast as they were when they stood in at the start of the pandemic, surely they can’t afford to lose him to R2 any time soon. One of the strongest on R1 still I think
  7. My memory escapes me, but didn’t this come up with one of the guest on their 5Live show a few months back? I think they were talking about whether people in the same household could take on each other for it… interested to see if it does come back and how!
  8. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about previous long standing presenters. I do think, though, that Scott is going to stay at R1 for a long time. His style has evolved over the years and proves that he delivers what the listeners want - he’s guided by what listeners, producers and co-hosts say/do - he’s adaptable. The massive shift I noticed when the pandemic started I think is evidence enough, that when everyone was feeling the strain, Scott upped his game massively to deliver the relief that was needed in ways that I’m not sure other DJs could have pulled off. My comparison in thinking this is Moyles when he was on R1 and in the ‘experienced presenter’ category - opinionated, crass, and just all about himself and nothing else (just an observation and not necessarily a criticism, because I enjoyed listening to Moyles back in the day)
  9. I was really apprehensive about this, as I wrote above, but I actually enjoyed listening yesterday and thought it was quite fun having Greg, Vick and Jordan on throughout the day. Today, however I’m back to my original opinion of this being way too planned and forced. Too much repetition I think, and as jordifens said, the password will only be ‘guessed’ when they have planned for it to be over. I would have been happy if he got out on the guess of Albert and they let him out to see the giraffes! They have been to some cool places, so it seems like this could have been pulled off as a road trip as originally billed, and maybe had some Greg vs Vick & Jordan stuff for competition (as it seems to me they are trying to solidify Vick & Jordan as a double act in people’s minds). It could have been fun without all the scripting I think.
  10. I agree, I was hoping for some Chris stark travel guides, and a mayor of where would have been great. I was picturing a similar feel to when they took Chris on the road to the lol-a-thon I suppose. I’m hoping the plan is that Greg will escape before the end of the week so he can spend some time out with Jordan & Vick.
  11. I’m a bit gutted with this evening’s announcement to be honest. I was hoping for a more natural introduction of Vick & Jordan to the weekday team, but this feels much too scripted and set up. As others have said, this idea has been done before, and I can’t help but feel that after over a year of lock downs, I’m not going to find listening to Gregg locked in a small space very entertaining. If they pull it off well, I could be proved wrong, but I would have preferred a true road trip with some cheerful vibes personally.
  12. Thank you for podcasting the lolathon
  13. I’m not a technical radio person, but I have put the muffledness down to Scott not having time to fix his broken tooth on a Saturday morning
  14. This is a long shot maybe - but would anybody have a copy of the podcast from 21/01/2014 they would be happy to share with me please? It is listed here in the podcast archive but there isn't a file to download for that date. It's extreme innuendo bingo and putting the vamps on hold... I believe it's the first time they ever played bamboleo so I'd love to give it a listen
  15. A good few years ago. The first reference I could find on twitter was 2013: https://mobile.twitter.com/chris_stark/status/392642648781369344?lang=en and this clip on Youtube of the actual interview Don’t know if that helps but it may take you back to circa 2013 for your podcast searches
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