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  1. There is probably contractual reasons why Septembers chosen plus the fact a number of presenters will be off for 2 weeks or so or more across the summer means September is probably a good time to launch a new schedule.
  2. I hope Annie Mac stays with the BBC poss 6 music and maybe radio 4 or 5 cover for Laura Whitmore. She might go to Capital or do club classics on heart?
  3. I’d like to see these new presenters have a go at doing a normal mainstream show rather than have a really strict format.
  4. My list of suggestions includes some unlikely and ridiculous Greg’s taking a sabbatical and Scott/Chris are going to take over breakfast as their final radio 1 hurrah. Lolathon or longest radio 1 show Scotts departure Equivalent to Radio 1 big weekend being announced. hide and seek Radio 1 are going on a vaccination roadshow
  5. I’m not sure they are the next big thing no bigger than Jordan poss move onto afternoons when Scott moves on. I’m not sure whether Molly would want a regular 5 day a week arrangement
  6. I reckon Roman might possibly be the next RMC
  7. Greg I reckon will when it’s nearly radio 2 time . Chris stark more likely Arielle unlikely at the mo
  8. Don’t want Jordan covering breakfast. If he’s next in line Jordan needs to have had a clean break and make it his own
  9. My theory but I think we could do with a ask Aled type section similar to Chrismoyles.net back in the day to confirm is possibly Scott didn’t want to do it anymore or perhaps pre pandemic there were more plans for him to be away to cover radio 2 e.g. SWITA, Sara or Zoe and if he covered Radio 1 as well he wouldn’t be on his own show very much.
  10. Dean sounds exactly like Phil Taggart
  11. Agree party anthems is lazy and should go and tbh traditionally the last hour/half hour on a Friday breakfast show has meant the nixtape or the golden hour so is a bit more justifiable. Also if Greg does this morning and/or Jeremy Vine or similar then he can go and pre record it.
  12. Scott had a holiday came back to do a week on breakfast and a few weeks doing I’m a celeb extra in Australia if I remember rightly.
  13. It’s a shame I think although the specialist slots keep their own shows I think instead of anthems the day time guys should get the chance put their own spin on the day time slots so it’s the Radio 1 breakfast show, live lounge (even if it’s best of’s) , a Scott Mills type slot and drive
  14. It is. I think it’s the same as Boxing Day as well. Prob a best of
  15. Just glanced back over the schedules for the last 10 years ago and some presenters who did occasional cover or odd shows seemed to have slipped through the net and thought would have been good for Radio 1. Feel free to add your list Shout out to Adam Catterall - thought he was brilliant and much better than Dev at the time but only seemed to get odd early breakfast cover when Dev got to cover daytimes. Jaymo and Andy George - was a in new music we trust duet and remember them covering Edith a couple of times but Matt Edmondson was preferred cover choice. Jen Long and Ally M



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