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  1. Radio 1 if anyones likely to leave this year I think it’ll be Matt Edmondson or Annie Nightingale to retire - possibly Pete Tong. I did think Adele but I reckon she’ll hang on another year as if she’s still having check ups less likely to want to start a new role
  2. Would make more sense to have Vick and Katie do Matt and Mollie rather than the chart
  3. Radio 2 do seem to have a proper holiday mode schedule
  4. That’s usually when it is
  5. I thought the reason when he originally left was acting work but who knows
  6. I thought the reason when he originally left was acting work but who knows
  7. abertom

    Life Hacks

    Next schedule change I really think life hacks/surgery should be on At 8-10 or 9-11 with chillest after. Find a new hone for the Rock show as the nights are getting darker and it’s a show to be listened to getting ready for bed imo. Sunday 4pm could be a live best of Radio 1 but with different guest presenters on a rota or like a celeb magazine type show
  8. I hope the Christmas presenters get to present their own spin on The Radio 1 Breakfast show, Live lounge and afternoon shows rather than just anthem shows
  9. Think you say think a lot nearly in every other sentence I think Why don’t you start it on Twitter and see if it takes off?
  10. Adele’s had time off before am sure
  11. Put the weekend anthems show just for Sunday and have a sport/music show Saturday
  12. Katie’s staying with Vick
  13. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I can’t honestly say there’s a better alternative for Radio 1 breakfast possibly apart from Jordan or Scott (interim period) but then Jordan’s still new for radio 1 and won’t have much to go on after breakfast
  14. If Greg left tomorrow I can see Scott and Chris doing it for a period say until September end of summer holidays until a new host is announced
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