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  1. I don’t think it’ll be just pop as commercial stations will whinge - schedule wise move Grimmy to 7pm either Monday-Thur or Friday. Poss put Scott back on drive or give him breakfast and let Greg have a bit of a sabbatical in the next year or so to enable Scott to leave R1 on a high. Make Friday a more normal weekday schedule at least until 1 or 4pm. Have the chart as a hour show with occasional extended specials e.g. Christmas no1, chart of the year.
  2. I reckon Greg might take a bit of sabbatical in a year or two leaving Scott to take Breakfast for a few weeks as his swan song
  3. Scott and Chris doing breakfast Monday
  4. I think Scott’s on next week but is off the following week which would make sense Clara covering
  5. After this is sorted Grimmy should go to weekends 10-1, Scott goes back to drive and Jordan/Arielle do 1-4?
  6. Isn’t Scott off next two weeks anyway? Why can’t these presenters present from home like Absolute and Global?
  7. Scott did cover occasionally with someone like Matt doing his show but think was mainly Dev and laterly Mistajam before Scott took over.
  8. Didn’t Chris cover it when there was an interregnum between presenters maybe before JK & Joel so there were different DJ’s presenting think Jo Whiley was one and poss Chappers and Dave?
  9. The PR4L Kathy Clugston will be on Radio Ulster wb 18th presenting the mid morning show which hasn’t had a permanent host since Stephen Clements died
  10. Am sure Christmas Day has generally been presenters who don’t have family commitments which might rule out Matt
  11. I don’t mean live sport and suggested 10-1 or 10-12 as from 12 the main sports fans would switch over to 5 live or go and play/watch sports then.
  12. does anyone else think a sports/music show would be a welcome addition to Radio 1 on a Saturday maybe in the 10-1 slot replacing greatest hits?
  13. The CM audience were pulling in a strong audience and only got stick because the tabloids didn’t like him having a successful show.
  14. Chapters and Dave and the CM team. I wish the CM show got its 10 years it deserved
  15. Bank holidays have always said should be different with dj’s who don’t normally get the coverage so am glad they are having something different. Agree RMC should be breakfast with Pete Tong at drive.
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