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  1. I thought the reason when he originally left was acting work but who knows
  2. I hope the Christmas presenters get to present their own spin on The Radio 1 Breakfast show, Live lounge and afternoon shows rather than just anthem shows
  3. Think you say think a lot nearly in every other sentence I think Why don’t you start it on Twitter and see if it takes off?
  4. Adele’s had time off before am sure
  5. Put the weekend anthems show just for Sunday and have a sport/music show Saturday
  6. Katie’s staying with Vick
  7. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I can’t honestly say there’s a better alternative for Radio 1 breakfast possibly apart from Jordan or Scott (interim period) but then Jordan’s still new for radio 1 and won’t have much to go on after breakfast
  8. If Greg left tomorrow I can see Scott and Chris doing it for a period say until September end of summer holidays until a new host is announced
  9. Radio 1 has usually asked its regular presenters to do the post bank holiday big weekend shows over the last few years
  10. There is probably contractual reasons why Septembers chosen plus the fact a number of presenters will be off for 2 weeks or so or more across the summer means September is probably a good time to launch a new schedule.
  11. I hope Annie Mac stays with the BBC poss 6 music and maybe radio 4 or 5 cover for Laura Whitmore. She might go to Capital or do club classics on heart?
  12. I’d like to see these new presenters have a go at doing a normal mainstream show rather than have a really strict format.
  13. My list of suggestions includes some unlikely and ridiculous Greg’s taking a sabbatical and Scott/Chris are going to take over breakfast as their final radio 1 hurrah. Lolathon or longest radio 1 show Scotts departure Equivalent to Radio 1 big weekend being announced. hide and seek Radio 1 are going on a vaccination roadshow
  14. I’m not sure they are the next big thing no bigger than Jordan poss move onto afternoons when Scott moves on. I’m not sure whether Molly would want a regular 5 day a week arrangement
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