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  1. I also think the cover presenter for breakfast which I see radio 1 has done in the past should be someone who doesn’t want or has plans to be the next breakfast host unless it’s a sudden unexpected move.
  2. I think we should lobby Aled to give Scott 1 more breakfast show stint after 24 years of covering breakfast!
  3. I’ve said Before and will say it again I think the Sat 10am slot should be a music and sport themed slow and Sundays show should be more chilled and oldies hits
  4. I think Greg would want to do his own announcement on his show plus he’s done 1pm already.
  5. I can imagine he might with another presenter hosting
  6. The only thing I can see Radio 1 possibly insisting on is the timing of Scott leaving so the new show is in for going back to school/college?
  7. I think the 5 live show might been a trial to see how he’d get on with speech content to an older audience. There might be someone more sporty lined up as well. If Chris is leaving the BBC then Scott sticks out on 5 live
  8. Wonder if that’s why they’ve gone for a double headed show. Also the additional media maybe preparing them for breakfast in a couple of years or so when surely the amount of other projects will have to be cut.
  9. URN are presumably doing a pre recorded early breakfast show. I think those sort of shows should be in the live.
  10. I really hope a drive show is not pre recorded. There’s no excuse for it. I think cover should ideally be (not at the moment though) drive (Scott and Chris covers breakfast), early breakfast covers drive or weekend 10-1, 1-4, weekend covers 10-1 and 1-4. new presenters cover earlies/weekend breakfast
  11. I’m sure he’s done longer he was Chris Smiths deputy and did a lot of sports report. Always thought he was related to Simon but different spelling
  12. Not sure how it saves costs? Presenters get paid an amount for doing so many shows per year. Anymore than that they get paid extra
  13. Radio 1 if anyones likely to leave this year I think it’ll be Matt Edmondson or Annie Nightingale to retire - possibly Pete Tong. I did think Adele but I reckon she’ll hang on another year as if she’s still having check ups less likely to want to start a new role
  14. Would make more sense to have Vick and Katie do Matt and Mollie rather than the chart
  15. Radio 2 do seem to have a proper holiday mode schedule
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