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  1. I heard a trail on Adele's show this morning about 0455 (yes I was up that early driving to work) with Greg starting to announce it then Jordan butting in saying "Not yet Greg"
  2. Yeah me too and we could try to see if Scott and Chris would come for a drink as well
  3. Shal we try to arrange it for 2020
  4. So what will you be listening to NYE?? For me it's Scott then Charlie then Scott on Radio 2 overnight maybe Jordan before, however my local community stations are both doing "party" shows live until 1am as well, so feel should be loyal to them when they are only usually live until 9 or 11pm then voice tracked or just music overnight - considering someone is giving up their time on one of the two to host a show from 7pm to 1am, the other has it's usual Rock show up to 10pm then the party show is on
  5. She has done a weekday breakfast solo IIRC but the next time Matt was off Jordan was with her
  6. No I know - But seeing as Scott has been breakfast Dep for 20 years i'd have thought they would have marked it
  7. I think Jordan getting drive is an almost done deal what annoyed me was there was no formal notice that Scott was no longer breakfast cover, no celebration, no announcement just changed and that was that
  8. I can see them taking over Scotts show if he went to R2 full time I think Scott is still the "backup" because he has covered a few times, specially when Greg was kidnapped and did a runner with Grimmy and is still doing NYD, so maybe M&M is prime cover and Scott is now 2nd cover Dev and Alice, no yes they are great but they function far better later in the day I would like to see Jordan dep on his own for Greg personally - how about this for a curve ball - Grimmy depping lol Has potential to happen if no one else was available Sara Cox did for Moyles after she was kicked off breakfast
  9. I think the new Controller POP will want to make her mark on the schedule specially as she has Control of 2 and 6 music as well, meaning she can influence and shuffle the pack Adele - 4 years in slot, maybe time for someone new and shift her to weekends? replace Maya or D&A with her Greg - safe pair of hands on breakfast, will last longer on breakfast plus it will be sport relief this year again, so what's he gonna do this time?? could be a massive year for him Clara - 5 years in slot - time to move on tired although she clearly reads forums etc as she made a comment Thursday "we're continuing next year despite sceptics" or something on her last show of the year if she went, either Annies slot or 6 music could be a good home for her Scott/Chris - almost 8 years in slot (April will be 8 ) I think they will stay and make it 8 then that will be that, maybe a mega last show, maybe a marathon show? maybe a week devoted to Mills from 1998 to today on R1, although I think it will only be the end of lunchtimes, he'll stay as Chart host replaced potentially by Dev and Alice? can't see Jordan getting it as he is lined up for drive clearly Grimmy - I think another year of him on drive at least unless Scott goes and they move him to lunchtimes and he's just been a caretaker between Greg and Jordan Annie - safe as houses RMC - going nowhere, apart from Breakfast after Greg Jack - safe as houses M&M - safe for another year I would say pretty new show still Maya - get RID and Give Adele her shows Jordan - destined for peak weekday slot just biding time 0 Dev and Alice - replace Scott or RMC?? MistaJam - safe as houses with his Dance Anthems show Kel and Katie - not sure here, I thought Katie had other commitments but she seems to have done alot of R1 recently so maybe shes getting a bigger show
  10. some stuff that's on now Monday 23/12 M&M on breakfast for Greg Harpz Kaur in for Scott and Jordan in for Grimmy Christmas Eve Matt on breakfast solo Dev in for scott Jordan in for Grimmy Daytime looks blank for the new talent NYE Scott is on 1-5 then Radio 2 later, Charlie 5-9 and Jordan 9-1, all doing party anthems All shows have Scott's pic New Years Day is Matt on breakfast, Jordan on drive Katie shows as Earlies so Adele must be off until new year after the jungle
  11. Probably been covered before, but seeing as he is taking over most BBC national stations at the moment (something Radio today said as a joke on the podcast a few weeks ago) What if Scott had got R1 breakfast? when would he have got it? would it have been in 2012? how long would he have lasted at it? what would have happened after?
  12. Good to see Scott on breakfast - will this be the last year? and sorry he is not doing more R2 cover over the period although NYE is a bigger gig than R1 i'd say with much more chance of people listening to R2, I will be listening as I am working that night
  13. I reckon he does, he had a BBC lanyard on and looked like he was probably why it's such a good show
  14. I been dipping in and out sounds like a laugh and he and Scott have a good friendship off air too Been watching on the webcam too which is something R5L have still - wish R1 did that
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