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  1. Its quite easy actually software like cleanfeed is available for such things, I am sure the BBC will set their guys up with a proper link
  2. The Chart shows starting at 3 as does Dance Anthems - I suspect they'll run more of the top 40 from 3-530/545 if Newsbeat still is on, and then Party Anthrms or just have the chart 3-5 and Anthems 5-7? Dance Anthems pretty easy have the usual format but longer 3-430 classics 430-6 todays and 6-7 future One of the community stations I work on has gone to 3 live shows a day only with hour gaps of music between presenters so they don't mix and have instructions not to arrive until 30 mins before broadcast starts I am doing drive tomorrow and Friday which will be weird not seeing anyone although listenership is up One of the others I do has gone to live breakfast and drive only rest of it is being done via Myriad anywhere, which is a great bit of kit
  3. The 5 live show is billed as Scott Mills and Chis Stark, but when he was off sick couple weeks ago Chris did it, so i'd imagine it's Chris solo
  4. I'd love to hear that if anyone has it - i'll have a look on chrismoyles.net ALSO when Scott covered the chart in Greg's era, did he cover it in full, I remember the beast from the east show Scott did it from 1430 to 1600 to allow the 4-7 show to be dedicated to Gregathlon Before that would Scott move from 1-4 to cover the 4-7 chart show and someone else cover his 1-4 show?
  5. Yeah it's happened before where Jordan covers and the schedule isn't clear Alice is off for quite a few weeks
  6. yeah - tonight is an example covering for Tony I wonder what is pre recorded the last half hour or so of Party Anthems or the first link on R2 Or is he doing the R2 show from R1 Or is he doing it all from R2 today, be interesting if he has a chat with Sara Cox
  7. I reckon they should put Scott back on drivetime
  8. I can't see adele getting it
  9. Heard on last weeks Radio Today podcast they were hinting that Vick off Capital Breakfast may be joining Radio 1 Not sure if there is any truth in it or not Wonder where she'll go if she did ?
  10. I have no idea where they will be try the production companies website alternately convert the youtube video to MP3 and cut it using an editor
  11. So it's just repeats of Dance Anthems and the Friday stuff etc on a constant stream or is it on demand? you pick what to listen to? seems like reaction to Heart Dance
  12. Chris played it on air about 115 today
  13. I think we are safely in a scenario now where the weekday presenters do not cover weekends at all, I remember Scott and Greg would always appear covering weekend shows weekends are self covering with the duets negating the need for a weekday presenter to create an extra fee maybe or using someone from other stations
  14. I heard a trail on Adele's show this morning about 0455 (yes I was up that early driving to work) with Greg starting to announce it then Jordan butting in saying "Not yet Greg"
  15. Yeah me too and we could try to see if Scott and Chris would come for a drink as well
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