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  1. Lee E


    I wonder if it is some kind of thing like hunted on TV ? the DJs all get set loose and someone (Greg and Grimmy) with the help of the listeners has to find them - and WHY isn't Scott involved ????
  2. Lee E


    Got to be another Hide and Seek type thing unless it's a marathon show
  3. What is really bizarre is that Scott is not being used to cover any other slots - him and Clara seem to be the only consistency Ref Charlie doing Party Anthems makes sense from Ibiza so Scott gets an early day out of it (walk out at 1746) or hes on a flight straight to Ibiza to join the rest of them which is what he did last year
  4. Maybe Lorna Clark is influencing stuff already? or Aled is shaking things up?
  5. I think they are trying out different presenters just to mix it up a bit. It's clear they are getting ready for Scott to leave as he is not being used anymore and him and Clara would be the consistency for the week. Also its Summer Holidays so it's who is available maybe. Maybe it became a bit stale as Scott on breakfast and Jordan on drive as cover so they are letting other less prominent presenters have a go at the prime slots.
  6. I cannot imagine why Scott is not dep anymore because he has always been, unless it's waiting an impending move to R2 so they had to get new deps for breakfast
  7. I can see Charlie as a future replacement for Jam on Dance Anthems actually the "club charlie" feature is great on Thursday at 2230 She will be more on target and probably do some live mixing too
  8. She was involved in Sara Cox getting breakfast in the day Not ure what will happen to Ben Cooper, maybe he will be her deputy
  9. From radio today https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/07/lorna-clarke-named-as-controller-of-pop-at-the-bbc/ Ben copper seems to be dropped from the top job - wonder what will happen under this lady and to him, considering he was the person who got rid of Moyles yet one of his good friends he has kept constants like Scott and Annie and Mistajam Interesting development
  10. I would put the regular weekday presenters back to be honest - rather Greg any day than M&M and rather Clara than Maya although that would leave us in a scenario where Grimmy got the chart and Party Anthems unless they left 1-4 and 4-7 same as now and gave Grimmy and Chris Stark Fridays off Also because of the weekend on Friday thing Adele looses half hour on an already "shorter" show than the other weekday presenters - I don't understand why Friday breakfast has to start at 6 because essentially it's the same slot as Greg so why can't it start at 0633 after Newsbeat like Greg does weird Also sounds silly when on Thursday M&M cover with Gregs jingles and beds and all then Friday it's totally different should still be Scott covering for Greg IMO See Dev and Alice are covering for Scott the week he is off - wonder if Stark will be with them that will be an interesting dynamic with three of them - I doubt Chris has more holiday as he only just had a week off where Scott was solo
  11. Yeah I noticed classics on the 1800-1900 hour for Scott a bit, so could be going back to that floorfillers format of yesteryear
  12. Looks like Scott is off 15-18 July and D&A are sitting in Although Scott is show on Friday Wonder if Chris is with D&A for the week as he had his hols last week or because Scott is off Chris gets the week off
  13. Seems that way, also tomorrow at 7 Scott has "party anthems" which to me sounds more commercial bangers than the current dance format, maybe so he can throw some older classics in to compete with Heart Dance? Would be interesed to see if he has had new jingles and sweepers done for this - feels like it could be more like his old "floorfillers" he used to do on Fridays after newsbeat being revived Remember this is the first personalisation of the Friday driver show for him since he took over, because it has stayed the same format as Greg had since 2015 when he took the chart over - of course 1600-1745 has to be the chart then 1800-1900 is "Scott" for an hour Would be interested to see if this persoinallisation is going towards Scott and Chris back on drive? and Grimmy out maybe? dreams can come true
  14. seems like a good sucessful community station too - very involved in the community they have a sonifex S2 desk same one as I use at Uckfield FM
  15. It seems to me that they are using the weekend equivelent to cover weekday shows now so breakfast covers breakfast and all Wonder who will be cover for Matt and Mollie? if they had same holiday used to be Yasser for Dev Also anyone notice Maya has anthems now 10-11? from Friday its being trailed so wonder if Greatest hits is going to be permenent 10-11 weekdays and Maya is doing anthems
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