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  1. I think some R2 shows have been done there recently as well maybe for social distancing
  2. I think she could be a good contender for the Official chart if Scott went to R2 - but if Scott replaced Ken on R2 then he could still in effect keep the chart as well I can also see them giving the Chart to Jordan when Scott leaves make him 5 days a week like Greg
  3. Think Jordan will do that forever - same as Scott he's a proper workaholic It's nice to see them doing those slots, in the days of Moyles Grimmy on breakfast and Greg on drive they hardly used to work over Christmas, I seem to remember Grimmy finishing about the week before and not coming back until about 5th Jan and Greg the same when he was on drive Jordan and Scott seem to want to do more - unless of course it's contractual
  4. they are ramping up Scott's R2 cover it seems- how long until he's in for Zoe or Sara?
  5. @jono Was Breakfast called "The Radio one breakfast show with Sara Cox" before "The Chris Moyles Show"? also in Grimmys time it was "The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with" where as now it is "Radio 1 Breakfast" - although Greg always calls it "the Breakfast show" I wonder why?
  6. Also what is funny is on R5L you have Adele followed by Scott which has been the case all week on R1
  7. I am very interested to see how this pans out now Radio 1's "Supply Teacher" is no longer "supply" Arielle I expect will become the new "supply" like Greg was on earlies, cover the other daytime slots maybe RMC can self Cover unless all three are off same with Jordan and Vick so I'd imagine the rest of daytime will be split between Katie and Arielle
  8. The package Annie uses has been in for at least 5 years now hasn't it
  9. It looks like Aled is having a Bannister style clear out
  10. Dean has taken all of Jordans Slots Fri Sat and Sun and will be from Salford The chat box has been broke for days
  11. Now there is a suprise NOT lol
  12. I had Arielle on in the car coming home from work at 6am and she even said "warming u up for Greg James at 7"
  13. Or even Greg - I bet he would if given the call Chris Stark? give him a chance to do it solo
  14. Several elements suprise me here A. why not use Jordan in the week? unless he is going home? B. Why double shift them on Sunday, when someone like Arielle, or any of the weekday DJs could cover Jordans slot, before he went to drivetime, in fact after he did it wasn't unknown for Greg to cover a weekend shift, or Scott for that matter (although in this case Scott is off) Greg used to regularly cover the chart on a Sunday and Scott did too, and cover things like dance anthems and all Chris Moyles used to cover weekend shifts sometimes, when they were at last resort, it seems these days the weekday lot only stray to weekend shows when its something like Big Weekend
  15. Maybe V&K to weekday afternoons from Salford?
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