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  1. It is always good radio - I wonder if the 9am finish is a start point - we know that Katie is on the chart and we know Matt and Mollie are planning something for it, last time in 2019 it was due to be 24hrs and Greg was due to cover for Scott on the day after however they continued until 4 and made it 27, the same as 2017 when they started at 4 after their own show I reckon 9am is the minimum, and they will actually go to 4pm Friday making it 31
  2. I defo think they are better at lunch time and Adele is perfect on weekend breakfast As regards to lunchtimes in general, I think and maintain that Scott and Chris will end up on nights on Radio 2 with Trevor taking the Ken slot, meaning Scott can keep the chart Friday afternoon and be general cover for R2 daytime like Trevor is Then M&M to weekday lunchtimes Monday to Friday, Jordan to drive Grimmy to one of the weekend shows maybe the 10-1 slot with someone new on th2 1-4 Sat and Sun slot
  3. I think it has to be a marathon event I am going with - 10 years almost to the month of the 52hr show so I reckon they (Scott, Chris and Greg) are going for something like 70 hours maybe Start on Breakfast on Wednesday and finish at 4pm Friday for the chart to start with Kaite and Vick ?
  4. Lol indeed - It is ten years since the 52 hour show - maybe it's an attempt at that Scott Chris and Greg together?
  5. Maybe they have an absolute time marker like Myriad does and Playoutone
  6. It's a very manual operation then compared to something like Myriad where if it's set right stick it into auto during the last song upto the news news in plays and it connects to the news service - one station I work at you have to fade up Sky News as the news in plays and you have a selection of ramps of the stations theme in different tempos to play upto the news for backtiming, varying between 15 secs and 45 secs I know other stations that use RNH bulletins that are dropboxed and then auto imported into a track about 5 to the hour, so they are less important to hit time dead on as the
  7. I assume each presenter logs in and it brings up their cart wall and settings? how does stuff like the ten minute take over work? and the faders are push to start? also can the configure the faders for each presenter or are their outputs set
  8. I Love that station, and having Jam on it is even better, it seems he's allowed more links and voice than any other global station, or show apart from Moyles maybe? certainly loads more links that you'd get on heart or Capital I wonder if he negotiated that - looks like hes off for a week now wonder who is covering The station is clearly a success as it has a breakfast show now which is a good sign
  9. Interesting, try to see how to use it you have to log in Bring me to a related question - how do R1 and R2 etc voice track shows - so in Myriad and PlayoutOne for example the log is built and you log in from home or at the studio click on the song you want to talk out of and into and click record you hear the last few secs of outgoing music, then do your link, play a bed, or hit play on the next track and talk over the intro etc How do they do that at R1? do they do that? or do they just sit and literally record a whole show as if was live If they do record a whole show
  10. Adele is weekend Breakfast - I can see that being Vick Hope solo
  11. I would love an ask Aled chat, I wonder if he'd do a zoom meeting for an hour? I had never thought that they had plans like that for Scott - he hasn't covered much Radio 2 since the summer? but yes, maybe the plan was to have him as the "main" R2 cover pre Covid
  12. Thanks for the insight guys - What I have never understood, is why they stopped using Scott for Breakfast? I know COVID was very different and we saw him on again, but why stop using Scott in 2019 to cover Breakfast when he always has? Just don't get the thinking
  13. Here is a question for you @Lily Georgia how do they decide who covers who? do the DJs have to "book" leave like any other job, and then someone in a roster department finds cover? I assume you have to be deemed a competent to cover that slot for instance we have never seen Clara cover breakfast unless it has been part of a bigger event, or Arielle cover drive although I assume they could if they were the only option? Say someone like Greg decides he is having the day off "Sick" or short notice like Grimmy used to a bit, then who makes the phone calls to cover the show?
  14. I would love to know what 1X does
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