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  1. Scott posted an interview on his socials https://inews.co.uk/culture/radio/radio-1-dj-interview-scott-mills-radio-5-live-football-chris-stark-919993?amp&fbclid=IwAR0ePWvnSKluZ1Hs0jNj-A1hkYY2Q5gbWrMfvJYK1NyW_-01T-pd8_E--mU Scott says he wants to branch out into speech radio plus he sounds "bored" of the Radio 1 format and constant music He does say he has no plan to leave R1 currently as well
  2. Dev does for sure Charlie maybe Arielle definitely
  3. Lol interesting thread from 9 years ago... Scott still does I think, in his socials there are always packs of fags on tables round him, and he is known to pop down for coffee between 230 and 240pm before bangers and have a fag then Moyles defo and still does, he smokes in his garden in the summer before leaving for Radio X always on insta Grimmy not sure now, but his live in BF does for sure i've seen the paraphernalia in insta posts Adele defo NO fitness freak Clara NO fitness freak Jordan yes Annie would say maybe socially? RMC ?? not sure
  4. You just never see them on their socials and why would you, think Matt and Chris have relatively young kids Scott usually has his mum up at Christmas, of course now his BF lives here so wonder what will happen there, if he'll go back to Wales or what Scott is a god father to one of his best friends daughters you often see on his insta when they are out and about Listened to Scott on R2 last night, sounds really "grown up" if thats the term?
  5. I noticed that as well, may be incorrect if she's off I mean makes sense for her to be off after two weeks of covering other shows Her insta is always saying how she wakes naturally at 2am when off so maybe they decided to put her in for two "daytime" shows the weeks before she is off so she is not as tired
  6. He has covered the 10am show before so no suprise maybe Adele is being lined up for nights Scott to weekends, RMC to afternoons and Adele to Night time
  7. They have studios in the Cardiff area according to WIKI but yes - one of my local community stations has a VT'd show once a week that is done by a guy from Plymouth who moved there for BBC local radio work, and voice tracks his show from there remotely, so he must have to log in remotely to the stations playout system (can't see the BBC allowing him to do that in their studios?) and do the links I have a recorded show on a community station as it's a Saturday late overnight, however I have done it live a few times, generally recorded but the way the station works is I have to record the whole thing as if I were there live so listen to all the music as well, where as I have worked at another community station where you could voice track and just record the links into the system Sam's socials seem to point to him being in wales at the weekends though On a side note... I went to Vegas in March and was served on the BA flight by Charlotte sister of Sam and sometimes stays at Scott's place, you often see her socials of her with Scott so Imagine she uses his to crash when she's flying early I was so star stuck that I didn't have guts to ask her about Scott lol I think this is in preperation to drop Scott from 1-4 weekdays.... or could we see Dev and Alice go 1-4 Mon-Thu then Scott still dot he chart on a Friday R5L Sat and 1-4 on R1 Sunday leaving Friday and Saturday 1-4 open for a new presenter/Adele maybe??? she has been covering that slot a bit recently so maybe it will be hers?? leaving weekday early breakfast open to Arielle and then weekend earlies to someone new??
  8. I think it would suit the 1-4 slot - many community stations have their sports shows in that slot on a Saturday (2-6 alot of them)
  9. It seems a strange move and could be spelling the end of the 1-4 show on R1 meaning he'll just do Friday chart, Saturday on 5 and maybe weekday cover on R2? although the article clearly says no plan to bin the weekday R1 show off yet Funny enough Moyles was a whoooo today in the whoo game He may well be steering towards only working Fri/Sat/Sun and this is a step towards it as his partner Sam is on Nation Radio Saturdays in Cardiff so probably has to travel down Friday night therefore it may suit Scott personally to be doing weekends and have Monday to Thursday off to be with Sam who has just moved to London
  10. Greg is only off Monday and Tuesday
  11. Still seems wrong it's not Scott in for Greg
  12. If you know the day of the show listen back on BBC sounds on your computer and it will have a track listing for the show
  13. Add to that, RMC also take turns doing the desk over the week
  14. Yeah defo says Chris is with It's weird I wonder why Chris just doesn't do the show solo? I mean he's been there long enough to operate the equipment and all and he knows the show it's well known he operates the desk when Scott pops out for his coffee and fag at 1430 before bangers Seems weird someone of Chris' experience and knowledge of the show and studios he doesn't do it on his own Something else - I notice that Dev and Alice take turns in doing the desk, as do Matt & Mollie why don't Scott and Chris? probably a good reason
  15. Seems he is having most Friday/Saturdays off and Adele covers Dev does Sunday to give Adele a day off herself Just happens Alice is off too, so maybe she'll be back in the next few weeks solo Fri/Sat Also noticed Greg has some more time off coming up and Matt is in for him solo, no Mollie
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