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  1. Adele is weekend Breakfast - I can see that being Vick Hope solo
  2. I would love an ask Aled chat, I wonder if he'd do a zoom meeting for an hour? I had never thought that they had plans like that for Scott - he hasn't covered much Radio 2 since the summer? but yes, maybe the plan was to have him as the "main" R2 cover pre Covid
  3. Thanks for the insight guys - What I have never understood, is why they stopped using Scott for Breakfast? I know COVID was very different and we saw him on again, but why stop using Scott in 2019 to cover Breakfast when he always has? Just don't get the thinking
  4. Here is a question for you @Lily Georgia how do they decide who covers who? do the DJs have to "book" leave like any other job, and then someone in a roster department finds cover? I assume you have to be deemed a competent to cover that slot for instance we have never seen Clara cover breakfast unless it has been part of a bigger event, or Arielle cover drive although I assume they could if they were the only option? Say someone like Greg decides he is having the day off "Sick" or short notice like Grimmy used to a bit, then who makes the phone calls to cover the show?
  5. I would love to know what 1X does
  6. I definitely recommend trying a community radio station, I work for three all as a volunteer one is border line as @DC says almost like a commercial station, one is what I would call "tin pot" and some of the output is shocking, and one is going through a lot of change at the moment but fully engaging the presenters with it All three have adapted very very well to the pandemic, and have assisted setting presenters up for home broadcasting, and are doing so again with lockdown "3" in place, be that voice tracking, recording, or live, and if you are fortunate enough like me to have your o
  7. I like Greg too, and Dance Anthems The trouble with Scotts show, its too music heavy, if they lessened the "3 in a row" and gave him more time (I am sure he is restricted on link / feature times) then it would be better still He is currently in a waiting room for a slot on R2, I reckon next to retire Trevor Nelson will be on daytime and Scott will get the night time slot
  8. Mike Wooller covered in August 2015 and did the usual features inc push the tempo future anthem and in the mix Scott covered in Jan 2013, looks like he didn't do the features, just bac2back anthems like a Party Anthems show with what was in the system Looking back at the Friday edition, during 2009/10/11 quite a few times "Ready for the weekend" or "Floor Fillers" was covered by others quite a bit, Greg covered most of the time, and Dev, Sara and Vernon as well, there is a four week period in 2010, so I wonder if that was two weeks Scott covered breakfast and then had his own leave
  9. Did Greg and Scott not cover for him a few times?
  10. I totally agree with the leaving Adele where she is, BUT and a massive but... she has been on earlies since 2015 5 years I know the start time has moved to 5am so she can get up effectively an hour later, however as a shift worker myself, I know what a toll 3/4 4am starts can have on me, so how she does it daily, and being the person she is she was actually up around 2am, and often going out for a run etc before work, going to bed at 6/7pm most nights, must all take it's tole So as much as I'd like her to stay, she deserves a lie in, and weekend breakfast (if I was her) is a happy me
  11. Here's a question, when it was Greg's drive show before the chart, on a Friday Scott used to do Floorfillers or ready for the weekend, but what did Greg do in the 6-7 Friday slot ? I know it was branded as Dance Anthems on Friday when the chart came in was it that before though
  12. that will be a pre record I bet
  13. Seems like 6-6 NYE is Radio 1 Dance, so is that the stream or with live presenters? doesn't look like any of the regular presenters are on until 6 with Arielle
  14. Is it like last year with Scott and Chris doing drive then
  15. Morning All As we approach her last shows on earlies, I am still at a loss as to weather Adele has been promoted, demoted or sideways moved Going from earlies to weekend breakfast, a more social slot than having a 4am alarm but not on air daily, but on air one hour less a week in total, totally different audience Then there is Arielle, she's definitely been promoted and wonder if this has been done to make her the dep for Dance Anthems, so she's not on air at weekends but can cover Matt & Mollie? backwards step from the weekend breakfast to afternoons, but still on a
  16. They are missing a trick - they could run hours of Dave Pearce Dance anthems shows too
  17. Alice has replied to Devs insta story impying that they will be back together?
  18. He moved last week, fronting the new dance station good move for him, I bet money came into it
  19. I am surprised at this announcement, not just a DJ - an established DJ he has either had a blinding offer, or he has fallen out with someone, I will miss him I wonder if he knew for some weeks already and Charlie knew, it all seems quite organised
  20. I wonder if that's because 1xtra breakfast will be a co-hosted slot going forward?
  21. I Know I have asked this before, but never had a solid answer, and some newer members may know, so why is it on a Friday and the weekend the studios seem to swap for example on a regular weekday Adele, Clara, Grimmy and RMC are in 82D and Greg, Scott, Annie and Jack come from 82A but at weekends it seems to change, Arielle 82A, M&M 82D, Jordan 82A, Dev 82D, Scott 82 (E/F??) Annie 82A and Danny 82D Anyone have any idea why this happens, also why doen't Scott just use 82A on a Friday or is that because Annie insists on 82A every time
  22. I hope he uses all the old jingles and Roy Walker voice overs
  23. It makes sense for Scott to have a holiday I mean he worked all of the summer I think bar the weeks he was forced off for Clara on 11-3, I see Sam his BF is involved with Hits Radio South Coast but not sure where? cannot see him on the schedule I would think Chris would usually have the same week, but it has happened before i also wonder now if Dev is the main daytime cover again? now Jordan has his own slot 3 times a week, wonder if Dev will be the main cover for Scott and Grimmy? or will it be Cel going forward, has there been a swap of roles, Cel is now the supply teacher a
  24. YAY Hello Nathan, welcome, I know Nathan he's a top lad, you should liseten to his shows on Uckfield FM
  25. Plus as Jordan, launching your "new" slot why would you want to be on someone elses gig? specially co hosting with her, I'd rather be on my own show
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