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  1. Saves getting someone to cover - but IMO would make sense for someone to "cover" the 1-330 show for the gap week While on that - how long between Scott finising R1 and starting R2
  2. hopefully him and Roman can have the same dynamic
  3. I wonder if we will see a reunion photo of Mistajam Chris, Chris and Dev
  4. I do wonder if it is something like Greg swapping to afternoons for less pressure. My money is on Matt & Mollie though - It has to be surely?
  5. Very informartive - and as per earlier whay about anthems and party anthems - they are done in blocks? how does that work
  6. so how does the presenter keep to time for that? for instance systems like Myriad and PO1 at stations I work at have a time marker so you can see how much under or over you are - also how does it work when they change shows - so Greg to RMC for example
  7. Suspect Mills is waiting for Bruce or Wright Curveball... Sara moves and he gets R2 drive? whatever happens he is waiting for that almost certianly... I get the impression he is being lined up for Bruce's slot, although "The dep never gets the gig" so.... maybe the Wright slot is the one they are poiting him towards in which case the chart would need a new host (katie?) If he got the 0930 - 1200 slot then he cold keep the chart still R1, V&J will for sure be breakfast, no questions Matt and Mollie will never get to weekdays now too late, they will be the consistent anchor of weekends around all the new names RMC on Drive I can see if v&J go to Breakast, Arielle the Live Lounge show new early breakfast presenter with Dean or Katie in 1-330 weekdays What will be interesting is what happens with Dance Anthems over Charlie's upcoming maternity leave - It's obvs that Rickie and Melvin will run 1030 - 1 as a duo (although could get someone like Katie to be a 3rd and cover Charlie??) same as when Mollie is off, Matt Solo altough wonder if Scarlett Moffatt will cover her? as they can have 9 months off can't they? Dance Anthems Maternity cover - Arielle is Obvs but the does alot of gigging Saturday's unless they have kind of "booked" her already, regardless if she is doing months cover then she will have to take some weekends off as well Danny is too big now to be there on a Saturday afternoon, although imagine him, Sarah and Ariele sharing it? other clear choice is Sarah or Jack Saunders Scott is into double shifting alot these days - so would he be down for it for 9 months? Do 5L then dance anthems... stranger things have happened? he covered it when Danny was on it a few times.. Could this be when Scott comes off of weekdays and covering Charlie's Mat leave bridges the gap between R1 and R2 ? Of course after that Charlie could do what Sara did when Scott "covered" drive and not want to come back to Saturday afternoons, bearing in mind she'll have a baby (although I can see her having the baby at work and have he/she raving in their push chair with daddy lol)
  8. Pre recording a drive show? Surely it would be better to have Scott do 1-545 or extend RMC to 2 and Scott 2-6 if nothing else could be sourced Even Scott 1 - 430 and Clara 430 - 8 could be an option to keep a live presetner on, if cost is the issue, surely that is within contract and no "overtime" would need be paid You can't tell me someone like Arielle, Matt, Mollie (or both) Dean Mc, Katy Thiselton, or even one of the Xmas presenters could cover? or Jack? he covered Grimmy a bit towards the end didn't he, Danny Howard? he covered drive when Greg did it a few times If I was PC my first choice in this scenario would be for a weekender to cover to avoid shuffling the pack on weekdays, M&M to double head it so it's samey, Arielle, Katie, Matt solo etc etc.... I know it's a bit different to local/commercial stations where they have to be live to do traffic news and all so it "could" be recorded - although I know of several local stations that VT breakfast and drive and a remote presenter does the traffic "almost live" recording the report in a few mins ahead They have moved Arielle before to other slots and got someone in to cover so why not that option rather than recording a prime time show.. Imagine if they said Greg was recorded? Failing all that do one day of the 1030 - 2 and 2 - 6 schedule with Scott and Chris on drive
  9. Some have said because Chris Can't drive the desk - but he can, it's well known that he drives from 1430 to 1445 when they play loads of songs before Bangers and Scott goes for "fresh Air" aka a Fag
  10. That is one slot Scott never did until then - the show after Breakfast - he did it on weekends for a bit didnt he? back in the day
  11. Really that early? although I know when Greg started Breakfast he was in at 515 usually - I know Grimmy used to come in at like 0600
  12. Chris Smith and Tina Deheley both finished as the main daytime anchors in 2018 when Greg and Grimmy swapped shows, so it's been 4 years.. Chris Smith was on the main programme/afternoons for many years before - it was Ben Munday who announced when Scott was being moved off drive and onto lunch
  13. Unless soemthing is happening at Radio 2 and Scott is off
  14. Suspect there are more changes to come, this happened before they announced weekend changes then weekday ones, I suspect they are gearing up for Greg to go back to 0630 - 10 RMC 10 - 1 Scott 1-330 and drop the best new pop feature? EB going back to 430 - 630 or 4- 630?
  15. Yes she did at quite short notice as well - I reckon using people like her and Scott to double shift is a cost saving thing
  16. I think some R2 shows have been done there recently as well maybe for social distancing
  17. I think she could be a good contender for the Official chart if Scott went to R2 - but if Scott replaced Ken on R2 then he could still in effect keep the chart as well I can also see them giving the Chart to Jordan when Scott leaves make him 5 days a week like Greg
  18. Think Jordan will do that forever - same as Scott he's a proper workaholic It's nice to see them doing those slots, in the days of Moyles Grimmy on breakfast and Greg on drive they hardly used to work over Christmas, I seem to remember Grimmy finishing about the week before and not coming back until about 5th Jan and Greg the same when he was on drive Jordan and Scott seem to want to do more - unless of course it's contractual
  19. they are ramping up Scott's R2 cover it seems- how long until he's in for Zoe or Sara?
  20. @jono Was Breakfast called "The Radio one breakfast show with Sara Cox" before "The Chris Moyles Show"? also in Grimmys time it was "The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with" where as now it is "Radio 1 Breakfast" - although Greg always calls it "the Breakfast show" I wonder why?
  21. Also what is funny is on R5L you have Adele followed by Scott which has been the case all week on R1
  22. I am very interested to see how this pans out now Radio 1's "Supply Teacher" is no longer "supply" Arielle I expect will become the new "supply" like Greg was on earlies, cover the other daytime slots maybe RMC can self Cover unless all three are off same with Jordan and Vick so I'd imagine the rest of daytime will be split between Katie and Arielle
  23. The package Annie uses has been in for at least 5 years now hasn't it
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