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  1. I seem to remember Radio 1 didn't playlist 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira in 2006. Thats gone on to be a song you'd still hear today. Ithought that was a strange one as they played MVP Rock Your Body, and Black Eyed Peas Hey Mama in the previous couple of years. Which were very similar to Shakira's track.
  2. Probably around 1998 for me. We used to go to North Wales a lot during the summer in the late 90's with my parents as a kid. Radio coverage out there 20 years ago wasn't exactly the best so you relied on the nationals as you could get them more or less everywhere. Mark & Lard became a staple listen for me when I could tune in. They are still the best daytime Radio 1 DJ's who ever was for me. I usually followed on to Chris Moyles when he was on air after them at 4pm (later 3pm in 2001). When Mark & Lard went in 2004 I went off Radio 1 for a good year. Aside from specialists like Judge Jules, Dave Pearce... Then I started to listen again at the start of 2005 and found Scott Mills on drive (Sara Cox had been moved off). Along with Chappers and Laura that was a staple listen. I sort of stopped listening to R1 about 2010 as I felt I was getting too old for it really. But I still listen in from time to time nowdays.
  3. It takes it's toll getting up at that time, but Greg should of had the show to begin with back in 2012 - if Scott didn't want it. Chris Moyles was always going to take some replacing, even if his breakfast show never reached the highs of his afternoon show. But Grimmy wasn't the answer, saying that he's had a good run. I think Greg will do well.
  4. I am suprised he got this far to be honest.
  5. Someone will be replacing Radcliffe and McConie on 6Music soon. As they've been there for a bit and there's a good chance they'll be retiring within the next few years. I see Huw Stephens heading to that slot from Radio 1 as he's been there since 99. I don't see Radio 2 taking on Scott full time. It wouldn't fit his style doing what he does and then playing 60's songs.
  6. It's something that will carry on I think, Radio 1 is about new music. But it's nice to educate a touch of older music now and again, to younger listeners. No harm in once a week really.
  7. Ah hearing Mark & Lard on about all this, such memories.
  8. That's wonderful! Explains the story behind Mark and Lard's beards and cowboy hats on the radio 1 DJ photoshoots! Dave Pearce's bit is very cool too. He was left in a right hot spot covering for Evans. And who'd of ever thought Dance Anthems would ever work on a Sunday Night? It's where it should be now, with Dave, but on Radio 2.
  9. Thing is as far as Scott goes, he's still a current Radio 1 DJ, and they have all the time in the world to premier his stuff. Besides a lot of Scotts good stuff is post 2004, the digital age. So anything that matters is probably on this site.
  10. Nice to see some Dave Pearce on there, an old Dance Anthems show would be fantastic. Shame there's no Judge Jules, he was one of Radio 1's staple dance DJ's for many years. Lard has always stepped out of the limelight when it comes to the old show. But just for this once I would love him to just let it be. He should be proud of what they did on Radio 1, and how many people they made happy and laugh until their sides hurt. Mark seems to fully embrace it as given in this interview with Colin Murray for Radio 1's 40th 10 years back. If anyone from Radio 1 is actually watching this thread, I'm happy to send over some full afternoon shows to contribute. Although I'm sure you have your own stash
  11. Great to hear Moyles back for something! I'm really hoping for some Mark & Lard stuff, the breakfast show doesn't really matter so much. But a few old afternoon shows broadcast would be epic. Nice to see they included a picture of Mark on that video, he's only over on 6 Music and so is Marc so shouldn't be too hard to get hold of them for features.
  12. I'd ideally rather Grimmy stop on Breakfast and Scott and Greg where they are, as I'm more likely to listen in the afternoon. Still would love something special for Radio 1's 50th, archive recordings, chats with past DJ's etc. They did it well I thought in 2007 with the 40th. I imagine some DJ's would be easier to get involved than others, Sara Cox, Mark Radcliffe, Steve Wright, Simon Mayo would probably be up for something. Not so much DLT, Marc Riley or Chris Moyles I'd imagine.
  13. 0777459875-oh fliiirrrt divert!... Whoooooooooooooo!!!?
  14. Whoooo!? Is it Sarah HB?! Sounds just like him!! Is the sunday surgery actually relevant on radio 1 these days?
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