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    https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/mark-chapman-wife-sara-died-tributes-twitter-a4462246.html Some very sad news regarding Chappers' wife who's sadly passed away. Chappers was a huge part of Radio 1 from the late 90's until 2009 when he left, and was more or less Scott's sidekick on the old afternoon show alongside Laura, when it ran 4-7 from about 2004 to 2009. I doubt he would see this, but I wish him all the best through an awful time.
  2. A lot of the sport connectivity went from Radio 1 when Chappers left in 2009. And hasn't been replaced since really.
  3. To be honest, with greatest respect she's been and gone without me taking any notice. Maybe I don't listen to R1 as much as I did 10 to 15 years back, but she's hardly gonna be on the throwback shows for the 60th anniversary in a few years really.
  4. It started with Mark & Lard's afternoon show on Radio 1, who were on that slot from 1998 - 2004. For me they were genius but you have to have to that sense of humor to get them. Basically they used to do a multitude of 'spoof' quizzes, where Lard (Marc Riley) would go into the other studio and pretend to be some wayward maniac caller into the show to play the quiz. The 'whooooo' came from one called 'It's a Mystery'. Where there would be weird clues to guess who the celeb was, Lard on the other end of the phone would never get the answer. And when revealed (someone usually well known) there would be a few seconds silence followed by a loud 'WHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!' You can hear a clip here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LamKPIw5yGM
  5. DC

    Alts to R1

    Because Radio 2's demographic can be too broad at times. Not everyone between 30 and 40 is obsessed with 80's music, like me for instance. My era is late 90's and early 00's. So I end up hopping between Radio 1 & 2. Jump from 2 to 1 when they start playing ABBA, vice versa when grime comes onto Radio 1.
  6. I don't think it's a bad idea for Radio 1 to give a nod to older tracks spanning anything from about 1990 upwards. I know Radio 2 have been generally pushing the boat out to meet that criteria, but there's still certain tracks that they are scared to go near. Namely heavier rock/dance/hip hop. Besides, it can be an education in music to the yoof.
  7. That voiceover girl they used for their idents was the same one we used to use at WCR in Wolverhampton around the very same time. Interesting playlist as well, forgot all about Sugar Ray - Every Morning!
  8. Hi all. Someone has uploaded lots of their old tapes of Chris Moyles' afternoon shows to YouTube, included in that is Chris' September 11th show and the days following. Some of this I heard live at the time, but haven't heard again for almost 19 years. No Mark & Lard on this as they broke the news it's a missing piece, but the events continued into Chris' show, and the days after it shows how Radio 1 dealt with the events. Maybe something younger listeners wouldn't remember, but it's radio history all the same so worth a listen for sure.The entire section of the day and following days runs until 3hrs 47 into the video.
  9. Whoooooooo??!! Is it Ozzy Osbourne Mark? Sounds just like her!!
  10. DC

    Old shows

    Some of you may be interested in these recent uploads of Scott on early breakfast in 2001. Radio 1 at it's peak about this point for me.
  11. DC

    Alts to R1

    I like the idea of Kisstory but their playlist is a bit too narrow at times. There's a lot more classic dance/house/garage out there that people will remember apart from 'Robin S Show Me Love'. Absolute's Danielle Perry is pretty good post 7pm, but those 7 min advert marathons usually push me away to Jo Whiley on Radio 2 who's back on at 7pm now.
  12. I have a DAB tuner in my car so I can access Kisstory/Kiss/Absolute (since they binned it off 105.2)/Radio X. But coverage is really crap which is amazing considering I live 10 mile away from England's second biggest city, Birmingham. So usually go back to FM/MW for absolute or 5 Live when it breaks up. I actually have an FM tuner on my phone, but it uses the headphones as an antenna which is as good as a chocolate teapot. So with my 3 unlimited interwebs, tunein app. So it's a mix of all for me.
  13. This is really interesting. I find Radio 1 is doing what it should exactly be doing. But the playlist for the most part not for me now I'm nearly 31. I'm just not into Dave, Drake or Stormzy frankly. So Radio 2 is pulling me in with shows like Ana Matronic's Dance Devotion (sometimes covered by one of my old faves Dave Pearce), and Jo Whiley is sounding great back on evenings now. But they throw me off sometimes by getting scared of upsetting the over 50's, and diving back into the 70s and 80s all the time. Before my time and I have no interest in those decades really. It'll never happen, but in a perfect world Radio 3 and 4 should be merged. With a lot of "discussion" from R4 being moved to 5 Live. Radio 1 stay as it is. Radio 2 focus on us 30-50's with a 90's - now feel, with a touch of 80's but not OTT. With Sara Cox, Zoe Ball, Dave Pearce, Jo Whiley, Scott Mills, maybe Mark Radcliffe if he'd be up to it. And Radio 3 be a direct rival to Smooth, the 80's/70's/60's golden oldies, Motown etc with the likes of Ken Bruce, Steve Wright, Tony Blackburn fronting the pack. It would do well as their is a market for that obviously. But Radio 2 needs to be the middle man and full on cater for us in no man's land.
  14. Mark and Lard the absolute standout one for me. I grew up listening to them on afternoons, and just found them to be the perfect duo. Wasn't forced into liking something they didn't want to like by the heiarchy and was blunt about it on the air, just take for example their opinion of Pied Piper's "Do You Really Like It". It was their spoof phone ins that were brilliant too, loads on YouTube like Missing Words, It's a Mystery, Downcount etc. Lards classic cuts worth a listen too, my sides hurt for days when I heard what they did to Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis. I was truly gutted when they left, as I was about to finish school and was looking forward to being able to hear them more. There were some BRMB shows locally I miss too like the dancemasters one with James, but I did record a lot of that. I was going through a tough time late 2005 early 2006 and listened to the radio a lot to ease that up. Tim Shaw's Asylum on Kerrang radio was crude but good. And of course Scott's Radio 1 drivetime show about then got me through.
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