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  1. Fair point, I worded it badly. R1 management did nothing wrong as they were simply powerless. But I stand by my view that the BBC badly misjudged their plan for R1 and there was no need for the station to either simulcast news that afternoon nor stick with quite the music / tone it did after. But anyway, I realise this has gone massively off-topic!! Perhaps one more thing to fix is Fridays. It would make sense to me in September to put RMC on Friday mornings (perhaps with a bit more of a 'weekend vibe' to their Friday show if they still want Fridays to stand out a bit). Given that Scott d
  2. OMG I'd almost managed to block that from my memory. Can never think of another time R1 got things SO badly wrong... But yeah, let's not talk about that again 😂
  3. Completely agree with you that Radio 1 is always significantly better than the likes of Capital. And I'm not realistically expecting a return to how things were 20 years ago! But I still think the balance has tipped a bit too far away from the longer links... As proven here though, clearly some will think differently 🙂 Aaron's point is excellent through - by design, RMC's move to mornings will improve the entertainment balance, so my 'one thing to fix' is, I guess, already being done!!
  4. My one thing... Slightly rebalance the speech / music mix (add more speech / entertainment). I'm not saying things will go back to the many long links that were part of Scott's earlier Drive shows, but perhaps just add one additional decent-length link every 30 mins during daytime. I think it would help strengthen R1's distinctive output.
  5. I think Scott would actually find it funny if he didn't win the 'favourite DJ' poll on a site bearing his name 😂
  6. Exactly! I didn't imagine you did - just that the words come across that way sometimes and I'm certain that can be fixed... Anyway I figure the fact we're on here means we all have a love of radio in common, so let's get back to chatting about that 🙂
  7. At the risk of inflaming this... @BBCAaron I think everyone on here likes and respects different points of view. But even the other day when you and I had a debate on the chat, another poster pointed out that you just HAD to have the last word... I am very familiar as to how ASD can drive certain styles of writing and thought processes. But please take this in the kind spirit in which it is intended - your posts can sometimes come across as antagonistic and harsh, and it may be worth re-reading and slowing down a bit before posting to think if there's a way to soften some of the wording.
  8. Simply... Just no. In the 90s, the station was stuck in the past, with presenters who appealed to an ageing audience. It has widely been debated whether that radical shake-up was done well, or could have been just as successful if done in a much less abrasive way, and certainly some of the execution at the time was clumsy with some presenters brought in who lasted only a short while (since they simply didn't work at all). But this is entirely missing the point... There is NO need for a radical shake-up right now. The presenters and shows are not 'past their prime', apart from perhaps Grimmy wh
  9. At the risk of disappearing down this same rabbit hole as last time... There is - quite simply - no 'problem' to fix, and even more than that, improvements are being made all the time. The station has recently won a bunch of awards, there is more new talent than that has been for years, the presenter roster is diverse and inclusive.... Of course yes you could put MORE new talent on, or MORE diversity (e.g. Asian voices), but that's missing the point. The goal of equality should be to ensure everyone gets a fair go, and is not discriminated against. Clearly that has been happening at the statio
  10. I see your point, but... let's say that in 5 years time we had a schedule of Jordan for breakfast, Arielle mid-mornings, someone as-yet unknown in the afternoons, Vick & Katie for Drive and Clara in the evenings. Would it matter that the breakfast show was a male, given the amount of female talent throughout the day?
  11. As others have said, Matt & Mollie seems by far the most likely if that were to happen. Jordan will be better served by going to Drive and building his career further there before being thrust into the breakfast spotlight, though it's certainly possible he'll get that show down the line. Not sure he needs pairing with someone like Arielle, he's a very strong solo performer, though I guess never say never...
  12. I would be a little surprised to see Jordan back on Drive this year... Just a hunch that he won't present that show again until he gets it permanently (hopefully in January). Of course I could be wrong!
  13. Yeah Life Hacks will live on (in some form or other) but it won't be Vick & Katie doing it when they move shows. Agree that as a PSB they COULD put Life Hacks type content on other shows in the week, but I'm guessing there's not such a demand for it compared with general entertainment. The proposed schedule looks good though I'd be surprised to see Scott drop the chart while he's still on afternoons.
  14. Maybe just me, but I never thought that lineup was so strong. I am a fan of Matt, but neither Dev nor Alice alone really impressed me. The current weekend lineup is way better - albeit Adele is on the way out rather than the way up, and M&M are probably destined to remain weekend / cover presenters.



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