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  1. Also glad his creative expertise is being recognised by him becoming an EP. And clear now why their R5 show is ending!
  2. Really pleased for Chris - was always going to be a tough sell for him to be able to fit the R2 style with Scott, so it's great he's found something else really good!
  3. I'm thinking (hoping) for M&M to take Scott's show, Katie & Jordan to replace them, James Cusack for Dean's show and Jack for the chart. Guess we'll find out soon!
  4. Agree about the Salford part, but suspect as @Ash101 says it would be someone like Tina Daheley or Victoria Derbyshire taking the show from there. Doubt OJ will make it to a prime weekday slot.
  5. I think it's unlikely Scott would keep the chart at R1 once he is fully on R2 daytimes. I also doubt he'll end up on mornings unless they are happy to have a different sort of show in that slot, I do think there is merit in the idea of drive though, could be a big shake-up with Zoe leaving, Sara to breakfast, Scott to drive and eventually a female presented on lunchtimes to keep the gender balance... You're right people can have a long time off on maternity but somehow doubt either of the ladies in question here will take that full extended break. Never know I suppose how someone will feel as a new mum though.
  6. It's the same as when Moyles was off, Dave never hosted alone despite actually co-hosting 'Chappers and Dave' at the weekend. Would just be wrong for the dynamic of the afternoon show to have Chris change his role to be lead even occasionally IMO.
  7. Makes sense though as there will probably be loads of Christmas songs in the chart so having less time to fill will help!
  8. I'd be shocked if that schedule above is even close to real. Way too many unlikely parts to it....
  9. Completely agree with you @BBCAaron . Feel like a mistake to assume that moving out of London will somehow fix anything and I think it will create more problems than it solves. I get the political pressure but think that's the wrong answer.
  10. I hope he doesn't do much on R2, but instead has a proper holiday before back on R1 in January. I think actually he's done enough cover on R2 (with all the double-shifts) not to have anything to prove over the holidays. Those should be covered by the longterm cover folk like Gary Davies IMO, i.e. those who are unlikely to ever move to a proper daytime R2 show. Agree with your point about Scott and his family - it should be up to him really, as I assume it's been in recent years, if he wants Xmas Breakfast then he should be allowed it but certainly won't be pushed to do so. Hope he does the Xmas chart this year though (on Xmas Eve)
  11. Agree with the vast majority of this apart from Xmas Day - I predict, and very much hope, Scott does breakfast as usual...
  12. Hehe the industry isn't going to change back release dates, so Friday charts aren't going away! Agree about Sunday evening schedule though, could be tweaked for sure for the better. Same as Friday's dance anthems at 3pm - that doesn't work so well IMO
  13. Agree about Vick & Jordan, super-strong and I suspect there's a massive future for them at the station either together or separately. Also am a bit fed up with Granny Tinder, can only assume it 'tests' well among uni students (for example) which is why it's still on. Then again even a poor segment of Scott's show is a decent listen. I do like RMC but there's something about their morning show that doesn't quite work for me yet... Each link is a bit too scripted / packaged, and I don't yet see them taking advantage of having all 3 of them together. Yes absolutely they're better than 'safe pair of hands Clara' in that slot, but feels like there's a lot more potential there if they were given a bit more free-flowing latitude.
  14. Bit of a car-crash into lunchtime newsbeat from Jack today ?. Think he forgot to allow time for the 'coming up at 1' trail. Still think he's awesome though!!
  15. In the trails for drivetime it's got 'gong home with Vick and Jordan' as the tag - makes sense too they have a more unique name for what I presume will be a well-formatted show...
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