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  1. There are already too many mixes! Mostly they're just lazy radio IMO.
  2. Just one more Danny show (Friday) to survive then!!
  3. Arguably the Matt & Mollie one was unnecessarily early. If it's involving a presenter who still does some work for other networks, it makes sense not to go early to conflict with that. We can speculate to death of course and we've seen many times recently that speculation is often wide of the mark. But let's just hope James Cusack is involved, he's far too good not to be on the station permanently.
  4. Good shout on Tinea! James and Tinea would work for me. I get your point about Danny but can only hope you're wrong!
  5. Makes sense now why no weekend afternoon slot announcement yet, with that slot disrupted so much over the summer. I suspect we may hear something later in July about that, maybe a September start date... Still fingers crossed James Cusack is involved though him covering solo some weeks in the meanwhile suggests the only way he'd be getting it is as part of a duo.
  6. Financially your extra shift plan wouldn't have worked. Jordan made it clear he wanted a big breakfast show and with Greg still doing well and wanting to stay, that just wasn't an option at R1. Jordan in the afternoons would have been brilliant but wouldn't have met his career goal nor would have paid super well. The way it all happened left a bad taste both ways IMO, but seems circumstances combined to make it inevitable.
  7. Let's hope this is the case. If Danny stays past the end of this month, Aled will be making a ridiculous decision. No offence but quite simply Danny is not cut out for the job.
  8. You're absolutely right. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances / timings that have denied us a Jordan (and co) R1 breakfast show. No doubt he'd have been fantastic and arguably even better than Greg is, but can't deny Greg has done really well on the show so pushing him aside for Jordan already would have been a rough thing to do.
  9. I struggle to believe the entire DM article about Clara. This thing about no holidays and working bank holidays - certainly she wasn't doing that on her R1 show so must have been a broader comment about her overall workload. Also I'm not one of these people who thinks a 2 hour radio show is just 2 hours work per day, but really compared with the majority of people working full time 5 days a week it doesn't seem too bad, and most of us don't get a chance to stop work because we want to. Fair enough if she has mental health issues, completely understand why that mean the need to change / stop work. But as-written that article doesn't make me sympathetic!
  10. Agree, Connor does a good job. I think it was just one person on DS who criticised but didn't even listen yesterday 😂
  11. Sorry I should have been clearer, I meant daytime weekday. Weekend shows would count as a 'step up' from overnights for OJ.
  12. The only weekday R2 DJ who would ever cover a weekend slot?!
  13. Agree with this. The anti-Jamie feeling was IMO quite influenced by the negativity around him replacing Jordan, since Jordan was exceptional and also universally loved. When people mention Danny and Jamie in the same sentence about bad hiring decisions I almost choke - Jamie may not be perfect but he's several leagues better than Danny already and has bags of potential. Danny is poor and has shown zero potential...
  14. I hope you're right! I remember some years ago hearing that the biggest show at a weekend was mid-mornings, but not sure if that's changed with the changing pattern of radio listening in general. Given the best show at the weekend (by a distance) is M&M, would make sense that's now the biggest slot.
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