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  1. Agreed. Very lazy and unprofessional for one of the biggest stations in the country. It’s like when they didn’t cover the Sunday breakfast show a few months ago. The station has never had so many presenters either so it doesn’t make sense.
  2. Strange he’s leaving Asian Network at the same time he’s been covering a couple of shows on R1
  3. Agree with the above… for me we just need the weekday schedule sorted as it’s *sooo* messy: Greg 7-10, RMC 10-1, Scott 1-4, Vick and Jordan 4-7, Clara 7-9, Jack 9-11, Sian 11-12.
  4. Don’t go worrying about my username. My history will show that I don’t constantly spam these forums, but instead save my ranting until someone needs to be told to stop going on and on. Please give the rest of us a break.
  5. The chat and forums on this site used to be fun to come along and read. Not so much anymore. It’s just constant rant after rant, post after post and paragraph after paragraph from a certain contributor, who actually doesn’t seem to like R1 very much, bulldozing their opinions *sigh*
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