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  1. @Old Codger Fan pretty subjective thing caught bits of Jo Whiley before she seemed good to me at broadcasting and takes talent to meet sort of a less mainstream sound on mainstream radio. I do see that in a decade Clara could take her slot. She seems good to me think however radio 2 could have more of the classic anthems or sounds hear on 6 music maybe at evenings so they can explore more new music tho.
  2. I mean remember Zane Lowe really did play a mix of different genders but Annie did deliver bit more of moods and seemed more different ratio of genres ratioed in the show as seemed to play more hip hop rap and dance stuff of course matching the what is released and shaping the sort of future mainstream. I think Clara and Danny won’t probably have the same impact in the slots as Annie did as said. Feel yes Dance will still be covered but think will hear artists and stuff that Clara slipped in from her odd one or two tracks from time to time where presenters have bit of say like with tune of week and possibly more Rap, RNB, possibly some pop sounds but real mix I’d imagine to continue it
  3. @1_twyour right and concur with what you said. Right it withstand it would be hard to be that once in a generation broadcaster but probably will be remembered as other presenters Jo Whiley, Fearne Cotton who are good music presenters feel like with Clara it will be interesting to see what would be added to her show and what she does with it. She will likely be at least inspiration for young black women who want to work in music presenting and champion mainstream talent. But yes I see your point and do agree it would be hard to get the culture changing landmark name that Annie Mac and Nightingale, Pete Tong, John Peel will be remembered as.
  4. I said in the basis of you haven’t seen the best of her yet possibly Jack Saunders in the league one day
  5. @abertomodd to mention sometimes guess just the way I write or the way I think to write. Maybe
  6. I think she’s up there for the music broadcasters up there with John Peel, Mary Anne Hobbs, Zane Lowe, Annie Nightingale and Pete Tong kind of think they should really name studios at Radio 1 in NBH after the most prestigious broadcasters think Clara doing the Chart, live lounge and soon the flag ship music show may end up in high regard. I kind of think it would be good to maybe tempting to do couple of twitter World Cup polls like Richard Osman and other accounts did on other stuff but on Radio 1 stuff
  7. I haven’t listened as much over the past year or so. But when I did especially around 14-19 the dance music she played was some of the best I’m going to try over the weekend or next week or so may create playlists of some of the shows on bbc radio with tracklistings is there any where can get the track listings for early Zane Lowe, Breeze Block Mary Anne Hobbs, John Peel etc
  8. I’d assume so it seems anything K-POP or BTS that Adele Roberts is involved. Almost the K-pop correspondent
  9. With Eats Everything and Jax Jones done those slots before have broadcasting experience Jax also with his Apple Music show. Arlo Parks was an artist and Yungblud podcast on R1 show some coming in with strong experience of presentin. Not sure if Olly ever covered Adenuga when she was on what was then Beats 1. Charlie I know covered Zane Lowe’s show when was Beats 1
  10. R1 Fan general suggestion feel like general outreach tour is something they could’ve done this summer to go out to coastal towns and cities with mix of live music sets snd introducing stuff from the area vut general idea. Think it @R1_Fan it would be good to have a non scripted tour maybe freshers could be god od as September one Feel like since BBC is a public organisation that if it live outside broadcast work was done inline with some aspects of the local economy and local cultural scene like Radio 6 Music goes to record stores and independent music venues from time to time. Radio 4 has used its platform to consistently used too support up and coming comedic talent think. Radio 1s live events need to tap into supporting aspects of youth culture at independent and grassroots level when do stuff like this and link it back to its programming as know this will work for RMC, Scott Mills, Jack Saunders shows
  11. Accidentally quote tweeted two technical issues I think from her appearances on TV, her podcast and experience on radio feel she’s proven to be a talented and well experienced presenter I feel like with Katie done bits for Bitesize during the pandemic and doing cover on Radio Manchester can see her having many presenting opportunities beyond her weekly show. Think they make a good pairing. Glad to see Katie doing bits for radio 1 for sometime to come but see her maybe on 5Live and producing other shows from Salford. Think there’s totally an appetite for more outside broadcasts as with some shows from Salford and newsbeat moving Birmingham will mean probably station will want to be less inner London. Think that to do another thing on this scale that would involved costs of travel, props etc to different locations would be seen as spending too much money without considering quality and quantity. Think should focus on 2-3 days of events on daytime per six months it should be more of how can make purposeful effective and can extend it to be more or less. Think it would be good if they focus on where can they bring the content and how they get listeners interacting more with shows in a physical setting. I’d do a cross Radio 1/1 Xtra Freshers week road trip of universities Scott Mills, Chris Stark, Greg James, RMC bringing their shows and features on the road to university audience. 1 Xtra Talks and Lifehacks on the road with Dance and BBC Introducing bits on air and some Introducing Comedy bits. Then Greg James, Vick and Jordan at Christmas can do sort of Christmas party bits here do the thing did before surprises for the listeners and some sort of party like thing. Would be good if they did try to do different Entertainment bits in keeping with the Edinburgh fringe when returns like possibly getting presenters up there doing lolathon stuff and chatting to comedians and reploxating the fun on air bits for an audience and maybe have series of bonus late night bits
  12. I kind of expect Clara will likely maybe start her tenure in hire new slot with some big interviews and some big hottest records and sessions. It will be interesting to see what is changed with on the Monday show as there won’t be a power down hour some maybe about listnwing parties and maybe just some more elongated sessions interviews and playlists driven by new music. Think it’s finding like with Craig Charles will do with his new afternoon show on 6M stuff to make the music champion and refreshing that to make it exciting think it would be good to maybe see like a weekly playlists that can explore genres and sub genres. Maybe something bit like that exchange thing that Annie tried to do that was bit like Lamarq’s round table think it needs to be that gateway in to the culture of different music scenes and the story’s that define it
  13. I think should’ve had something to introduce and bing on the new talent of the station and new sound of it
  14. Agree with this they should’ve made Vick & Jordan and Dean McCullough fronting the road trip as well not just centred around Greg something makes it seem he does like himself front of stage with stuff like this. It’s really convincing to make it seem he’s locked up in van that’s roaming around the country
  15. Assuming a week before with time for isolation if she’s on the ground for it it’s normally two weeks after the Olympics conclude to ensure that things can be accessible but the state of covid and decisions to make it happen means there isn’t straight 100% with it probably back within a week to start new show but could cut it close assuming her agents have smoothed things over before the press announcements made public



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