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  1. It’s seem some they been working on for a while in the background
  2. More resourceful than what I thought actually it is providing something for the youth audience maybe something that will be good with mental health and wellness likely to be multi generational in reach but think due to how many of us young people have mental health challenges my self included anxiety so see a purpose. Glad quite a bit of original content than just with dance stream which is pretty much the Radio 1 dance playlist good there’s motivational bits and stuff with decompression stuff think sounds distinct from commercial offerings but how much is on Capital Chilled coming soon
  3. One thing is this could work for June 22
  4. Don’t know whether it’s oversimplifing it to the cost at over quality content and when you can find that stuff on sounds seems less original where there seems to be other outlets doing so much of the same think it’s hardly distinct for radio 1
  5. Yeh for these streams theres nothing new so kind of a waste of time doing so many playlists think overnight needs more experimental specialists since these streams it’s being messed into to many just playlist mixes which seem bit pointless since there’s so many different outlets which do the same think it’s lacking that there’s now not as much as in presenter curation and is loosing at that essential thing you can only get in radio that presenter bringing you that experitise that know how about that new artist is loosing something in curation and presentation of specialist music
  6. Seems pointless these streams are a short novelty that don’t think after a while get much use unsuoring when the content is on demand
  7. I find it’s something that seems a waste in spending if it isn’t new or original and will likely get small listeners perform to listen to shows on demand Kind of explains why tonight’s the load of chill shows feel if they wanted to have this should’ve added some Radio 3, 1xtra and BBC 6M lose yourself on 6 music would work with this and Unclassified on R3 would work but don’t know whether I’m convinced
  8. Yes think it’s competition with people young people now outsourcing more calming or chilled music and somewhat focused on mental health wellbeing aspect to deal with anxiety enters the realm of smooth, smooth Chilled, Virgin chilled but could put money on a Capital Chilled
  9. Could we see in coming weeks a Capital Chilled launched as Capital Dance launched days before Radio 1 Dance to be fair someone who listens to Pete Tong weekly would feel willing to switch to MistaJam so felt was a good move from Capital but will be interesting if there is a rival launched.
  10. Don’t think so much pop up but spin of from Radio 1 like Radio 1 Dance. Not a big fan of these streams but think could’ve brought in some Radio 3,1Xtra,6Music as could be used by many listeners. But how does this sound more distinct from a Smooth Chill or a mix on a music streamer
  11. Honestly agreed with you did feel bit disappointed sometime when he presented sitting in on Greg James drive. Alice was ok neither impressive not terrible sometimes she did over talk ‘avant--garden was a phrase she often said was annoying. Bit petty to mention they weren’t as bad together kind of made eachother sound better she was good from what remember in the early Phil and Alice. Did also find it was annoying when people came on to play a pretty average features he would say ‘play nicely’.
  12. Feel it’s good think it’s one of those moments when could bring in the odd feature new ones or revive some old ones switch some stuff out get more listeners on think there could be minor things to do to refresh again but sounding pretty solid still. Think he’s defiantly up for doing the odd bit for radio 2 but his talent is respected by R1 management and actually is still appealing to a youth audience of the 15-25 bracket which is good considering there’s very few who could do what he’s done think he might be the longest daytime presenter they had continually presenting at the station without
  13. I mean Phil still in the BBC now over radio ulster doing house party show. His spotify thing is an independent podcast from Spotify and is also through patreon and uploads to Spotify because of how it’s is easy to create radio like podcasts with their tools of anchor. I still think that Global and Bauer could do a multi genre music specialist station if it wanted to rival six music bit more
  14. Yes think there would be appetite for move them there as there hasn’t been a duo since Colin and Edith in afternoons (think) would see them do that slot quite different
  15. One thing I think they could’ve done in a switch around got Mollie King to present a flagship pop and mainstream show in more primetime slot as a half an hour of new pop playlist could’ve been done better. As think it could do some new music Friday stuff better as it was better when the music releases went to Friday as they seemed to then better on the Friday reflect discuss and play the new music of the day



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