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  1. I think if there was ever to be a return of the evening entertainment show may do it in something like ‘the 8th’ but would tend to go maybe with one permanent presenter and different co-host for each week with different regular and reoccurring talent going for new and emerging comedic talent and some established names maybe people who may produce content for BBC’s comedy social media channels. Comedians with experiences doing podcasting or more guesting if more digital comedy talent. Maybe a show with purpose of some rest breaks within the year to trial different pilot ideas or seasonal music shows maybe if say round post big weekend if wanted to reflect festival highlights in such a slot or do some dance shows around Ibiza weekend and some summer weeks
  2. I think that it would be wrong to move Rickie, Melvin and Charlie back to evenings as think it would be a demotion and indicative of an unclear future career at the station. I think Radio 1 could do with maybe having a mid morning flagship show with more longterm feature driven content and something that could build a growing audience. Think theres room to play around as that is turning into for few stations one of the most listened time slots and listeners then like a show well branded, packaged with content. As thought before either bring something like future sounds to mid-morning or something like a rebranded lifehacks to that time or the evening that could reflect topical stories, listener conversations (interactive stuff) and looking at the best culture highlight and releases in more of a review style format.
  3. I find Jack Saunders better at future sounds and music shows than Clara Amfo. She has some passion but not strong enough as a music curating presenter breathing new and exciting sounds to platform the next generation of music talent.
  4. Today RAJAR stats have been published https://t.co/RcCDUCZnkB https://t.co/u0GwQl69PO Radio 1, Kiss and Capital are at all time lows. While talk radio stations at all time highs. Only real growth in youth market is Capital Dance which think for ravers and those who like to work out only DAB station that offer Dance Radio outside of Radio 1s dance programming
  5. This about TV or Radio could see chances of Clara Amfo and Jack Saunders being involved
  6. Nothing to much to it if referring to myself since she’s using her surname in full for her most recent projects feels more formality rather than the shortened DJ name.
  7. By the looks of it certain bits of the schedule yet to update on the website schedule. Assume maybe you’d have them joined by presenters from across the schedule. Used to enjoy it when presenting teams were a rarity where Annie Macmanus, Scott Mills and Cel Spellman could present together and Huw Stephens, Charlie Sloth and Danny Howard could be doing it together very dated examples
  8. Its not a day that would expect for a mid may non-bank holiday Friday of cover. No longer you’d have someone like Jordan or Dev that would end up covering for a seven day week and the odd multiple shows a day. Its been a while since we had days where the evening presenters covering daytime shows like Annie Macmanus when she’d covered for Fearne C/ Clara A on a small few occasions. Huw Stephens various shows covered likewise Phil Taggart
  9. Press release from ITV states that it isn’t a back up and would be broadcasted think early 2023 in addition to its usual series as one off additional series as a best of contenders from years gone by
  10. The series is less of a back-up but something that will be a best of the contestants from the years think
  11. Someone speculated that could be doing television recordings could be presenting or competing in something that they can’t press out just yet
  12. Including Huw Stephens. Considering that theres future soul, chillest show, future dance it wouldve been good if they announced that there would be 1 soul spotlight artist on Future Sounds stage giving Victoria Jane’s show bit of content a few piano session and maybe run a Piano Session Introducing event on BBC Introducing stages across festivals like R&L, R1BW, GLAST as cross BBC INTRO + RELAX Promo. Think it will be good to hear presenter like Jack Saunders presenting from Big Weekend as for an event like that he’s got the needed energy and enthusiasm that will carry it with doing interviews and such. Maybe will hope to hear him or even see him doing Glasto coverage later this summer with Clara Amfo. Think presenter like Greg James will be excited to get back out there as he works on the listener interaction and can tell likes being involved in events where he can chat with listeners. Jordan at the station for 6 years. Will be the first time with such household recognition as will be more name and face recognised from TV too
  13. Think with Newsbeat it offers representation that isnt always reflected across over BBC News outlets its focus on teenage mental health, eating disorders, sexual assault, online abuse, climate change. It I often isn’t given the power to do more of the good stuff it does. Its one of the best news youth brands and good when comes to doing Q&A’s and breaking information to easily digestible and readable chunk. I do think it’s approach to news and representing youth issues of public importance playing new music from new talent is definately strong bit of the stations USP
  14. But September will look forward to trying Future Pop and Rock Introduces. I’m at least like the way that recently it seems that BBC Sounds starting to give more love to indie, rock and alternative programming.
  15. I think to me it goes more than that (don’t really care about imaging too much) but its that the station plays music other stations wont. If you tuned into capital you get pop and dance tracks often same tracks on rotation. Stations like BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music at the BBC play indie, rock, house, pop grime, drums and bass, soul, R&B established artists and artists you yet to hear. I think that for anyone who loves music Radio 1 in is that place where music obsessions begins get your new favourite bands and artist obsessions. Enjoy the drop of a new track as a hottest record from an artists hotly anticipated return. You get the conversations that no other youth station covers (except 1Xtra) chatting about mental health, exam stress, new beginnings and how to understand what going on in the world around you. Does that with two tones informative, education and explanatory stuff. But, also stuff like Greg James has done before surprising listeners who had a tough time and a thank you thing. And sometimes the texts and tweets Scott Mills will get about how people fiound tough times and the show helped them. it’s a station that helps a listener find themselves and help navigate through things with joy and entertainment. That as say KISS or Capital will lack that approach
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