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  1. I do think if you distracted by talking you wouldn’t put a podcast on in the car. To me unless you used to driving so often that you don’t get distracted and drive for long distances it feels suited to podcasts. I find it odd including Ryan Seacrest or Howard Stern as I don’t know who listens to them in the U.K. Can imagine Chris Evans distracting and annoying on radio in general same for Chris Moyles. I can imagine Scott as not too distracting maybe even in his radio 1 days although if I was a driver I could find Innuendo Bingo or Funny Business distracting based on the humour of the features but Scott’s got a very soft gentle tone of voice doesn’t come across as loud or in your face. I think when you are on in the working day where people maybe listening as said in car, in the office or tradespeople on a job listening to the radio theres a certain style needed
  2. Yes, good on you doing your own music blog website. I get that point with the 100% all new music can be alienating but think thats more if the station were to do more totally new bands and artists the thing that new music shows that preceded Jack have always have reflected big artists national and international who have been around for a while be that few years to a decade or two whether playing new stuff from artists to Dua Lipa, Coldplay or Nia Archives. I find its bizarre how music curation has changed a lot in the last decade as what I like of what radio can do well is that ability to hear an audible description of a new artist and information about their music with sense of opinion and thought from the presenter and an interview with the switch to sound features and spotify playlists. It’s not that same magazine effect that Steve Lamarq and Jo Whiley could be an audible magazine show like the NME to Zane Lowe’s radio 1 show complimenting Gonzo which Saunders has revived for MTV
  3. I would rather do the new music show than the breakfast show early starts, being cheery and entertaining isn’t my vibe and being hip and on trend. With new music it’s a different kettle of fish that could get my teeth into and enjoy researching and planning of the show and coming up with ideas and making my mark in away that I don’t think I have the ideas for a breakfast. I don’t see how it could be alienating but I enjoy the niche and speciality of expertise that new music shows gives it’s good spot of giving you the headlines and setting the agenda of mainstream music.
  4. Yes, I feel that unless it’s for a special sessions with a large ensemble band that for live sessions going out live on the radio. Never saw why they haven’t used the live lounge studio and feel that room could be used more.
  5. Interesting now Zane has for apple interviewed anything from an artists that have charted and doing less interviews with new and emerging talents chatting to Shakira, Usher, Kelly Clarkson and Shania Twain. Yes, that is a positive thing about Jack Saunders. Although I don’t mind it from time to time for a presenter to be honest and spill an unsavoury opinion about music on the station like Annie did with Fall Out Boy.
  6. I will still call them sessions as feel with gigs it makes you think of a live tangible means of going to listen to a band play music and not virtually tuning in via the medium of radio.
  7. He does what the show needs regardless of how annoying some people may find his presentation style is like. I feel and very much do hope he is in for the long haul and could atleast do four years where his energy may into be as always as bouncy. But he has the knowledge, passion and interaction and not so overbearing but very much so sense of confidence that you need. I think he could easily have a good Zane Lowe like era. Just hope that they consider doing a new late night live music show as I do miss that something of what he had in the early days of the indie show and when Huw Stephens was on live at the after ten slot
  8. I’ve found the jingles are annoying and going to grate on the listener quickly. It’s a good opening week with big name hottest records and sessions
  9. All most definitely unlikely. Although Radio 2 has BBC One personalities like Romesh Ranganathan, Angela Griffin, Paddy McGuiness and cover presenters including Nicky Chapman and Alex Jones. BBC One covers sport programming that can be airing on BBC 5 Live and has news coverage that doesn’t match BBC Radio 2 and has broadcasted special radio 1 programming. BBC Two covers more music than BBC One and featured special session programmes for Radio 2 that have been filmed and repeated on TV and 2 have covered the proms aired documentaries that appeal to a BBC Radio 4 audience. Think the television channels don’t simply match the radio stations to make a whole brand BBC could easily create a youth brand that allows for multi-media content to exist on both IPlayer and Sounds as would do with BBC Fresh and would do with new IPlayer guidance audience rating systems but as a digital brand. Currently the issue is that a lot of the BBC Three stuff is what aired a few days ago on BBC One or old stuff like Gavin and Stacey and Top Gear that don’t think interest the youth audience that station like Radio 1 is going for. I think a lot of the older stuff on BBC Three or that was on BBC Three like over eight years ago should just be in the comedy, drama, documentary categories and having a Fresh on IPlayer and Fresh on Sounds brand could be more logistical to show the newer things that feel culturally relevant to younger millennials to Gen Z and Gen A in a new to new-ish and trending strategy.
  10. I think the BBC would be desperate to avoid this as this would cause anger and confusion for listeners I’d atleast have a BBC News Radio and BBC Sports Radio killing off the ‘5Live brand’ for more streamlined news coverage axing any phone in shows that focus on topical news discussion. I’d have regional variations of the BBC News and Sports radio stations with majority of the time simulcasting a national news and sport feed but bringing regular local news and sport bulletins and special news coverage and broadcasting of local sport. With a BBC World News station replacing the World Service brand in the U.K for 24/7 dedicated focus on international news being capable to do live breaking news stories and more coverage of international elections and politics. I’d have BBC Radio 1 Dance to be simply BBC Dance or other names like BBC Radio Dance or Dance or sounds something that had a less youth focus that could target and attract dance and electronic programming listeners from 6 Music and Radio 2 with shows for Sherelle and other archive content from the BBC archives and new commissioned programmes. I’d launch a BBC Global Sounds station globally in partners with other international broadcasters it partners with the EBU and stations that Radio 1 Dance has teamed up for Europes biggest night in dances they have done. Giving access to programming produced by the BBC and its partners as a showcase of a global music scene beyond the U.K with showcasing some of BBC’s music programmes from Music Planet (Radio 3), AfroSounds with DJ Edu (R1X), Jamz Supernova (R6M) and Gilles Peterson (R6M), Asian Networks Global Beats (AN). This station would highlight the global diversity of music, arts and culture from across the globe made available in the same means as World Service is across the globe. Replacing the non-news content found on Radio 4 would be BBC Sounds Showcase a digital service reflecting how the broadcaster is going to promote their non-news radio 4 programmes in podcast format for BBC Sounds. BBC 6 Music would simply become simply become BBC Music with two sister stations one BBC New Music which would bridge between specialist music targeted to the youth demographic on Radio 1 with programmes from Jack Saunders, Sian Eleri to Tom and Deb from 6 Music. Second sister station would be BBC Music Introducing playing only artists that are supported by BBC Introducing or have been on BBC Introducing with mix of the regional and national shows. Radio 1 becomes BBC Fresh as the new BBC youth brand with sister station fresh Fresh Xtra or Fresh X for short being a station for music and culture targeted to young people from minority communities and cultures Radio 2 comes BBC Radio 1 with BBC Radio 1’s sister station launching as Radio 1 Extra targeting the elder demographic of Radio 1 Xtra’s audience with inclusion of other genres like jazz, ska, golden age hip-hop, blues, soul and funk. BBC Radio 3 would become BBC Symphony with a sister station BBC Symphony Showcase with more focus on new and contemporary classical music. BBC local brands and Asian networks brands remain unchanged.
  11. That or Connor Coates or Charlie Tee. If there is a specific designated live dance show across digital radio and BBC Sounds able to be plugged into cars, at home and in public spaces which are how Radio 1’s listeners mostly listen to the station live that isn’t a simulcast. The station could consider to not play many dance tracks in that morning slot to give distinctions between the two programmes. It would be interesting if this could also be the time where Charlie Hedges leaves Rickie and Melvin to become the DJ for this morning show with Rickie & Melvin for weekend afternoons and something different for mid-mornings all together on the flagship 1 station
  12. This seems a lot to ask for people to set up on a digital forum. Don’t think that any of us are close to Scott where we could set up. I also think it may not be the best to say ‘crazy for’ a celebrity. It’s not for any of us to do even if we had contacts with Scott and that should be a part of a boundary for this forum and allowing Scott a sense of privacy.
  13. BBCAaron

    5 Live turns 30

    I suppose when comes to radio you have to step up the commentary than tv as with TV you don’t have to paint that picture and visualise for the listener what is happening.
  14. Yes, to be honest it’s where the BBCs faults lie thinking they have to be in competition with their commercial rivals. But I do think Jordan on capital brings bigger competition and rivalry as he comes across more relatable and down to earth than James. Sometimes think Greg James can almost be forcing a sense of humour and entertainment.
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