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  1. Considering the price of some festival event for a small portions can be pricey but it isn’t too bad that could get it with chips and other roast dinner bits. I think when you are billed as a touring high profile DJ there’s always a risk of playing out familiar tracks from other artists in the mix. Especially on a line-up with Chase and Status and Rudimental who will be playing pretty much all tracks written, produced and released as their DJing names.
  2. The RAJAR coming on later this year reflecting later summer to autumn will be interesting to how it reflects Matt and Mollie in afternoons to the revised changes on radio 1’s new music slots and the schedule re-shuffling Radio 3 introducing a new slate of programmes. Then, later on this year have speech radio stations having domestic political coverage of the election but also America’s presidential election.
  3. Most probably. But do wonder what the future of the relax themed programmes will be when they officially wind down that service.
  4. With listening on the U.K. for the industry in general it is good overall as most stations reach is on the up and shows radio to be more sustainable and stable outlet than linear televisions channels. This RAJAR I think with the increase shift to DAB+ the BBC will be able to say it has it’s audiences for the proposed new stations it wishes to launch and think the new innovative ideas that it seems Jack himself can take credit for on the new music show think the younger under 30 gen z demographic could increase se in that time-slot.
  5. I expect that the axing of Chill Out Anthems may be related to the decommissioning and shutfdown of Radio 1 Relax. I assume soon BBC could announce or make official when it’s going to be shutdown
  6. I think they must’ve been slowly killing of their social media presence I know for Radio 2 and 6 they do have dedicated unofficial social media groups so there is an audience. All Request Friday and features like that has a place on social media as can get requests via comment sections but I think Facebook struggles to know what it is these days.
  7. Think it may have been better to include Radio 1 in this and 1 xtra ultimately focus on boosting a BBC Sounds social media to bring the multi-generational content marketed to a broader audience through one singular channel and having a separate social brand skewed to younger audiences maybe they should consider just having a @BBC @BBCSounds @BBCSport @BBCNews @BBCFresh (youth brand) social media acounts national.
  8. I do wonder what things would be like if Global were to feature wiht the ARIAS
  9. I think it’s a slimmer line-up and seems to fall short in previous years where it seemed almost double that I know Raye is booked to perform and is a headline name. I think the issue with a station like capital they are dealing with a rather lacklustre year for pop and theres no real big pulls for pop festivals that are an easy sell out right now. I think Capital has had seen it’s Capital Ball’s as for any generic pop music listener I don’t know whether Bradley Simpson, Aitch and Paul Russel have the universality to play in a stadium even Sugababes think it would be better if they chosen a smaller outdoor location or Wembley arena.
  10. Find Noah Kahan is just busker music. I mean I was pleasantly surprised that Ezra collective were in session for Jack Saunders on his new shoes and he is playing their latest track wouldn’t have thought few years back that at 6pm in the evening jazz music would be played. I hope if can get the green light and launch the 00s/10s station that the focus is on more new music be it pop mainstream and alternative genres on the main 1
  11. They are an answer. I do listen to 6 Music quite a bit but kind of feel like it isn’t for me unlike the New Music Fix Daily, Huw Stephens who I’d happily listen to. Think it’s a generational thing and music preference. But it’s like how 1 Xtra cut down Snoochie Shy’s nightly show to just Monday and with Wednesday and Thursday with just playlist programme. I just miss the days of having more choice of that time of night.
  12. Yes and thats the huge selling point after 6pm as always has been in the evening. As when I started listening to radio 1 about eleven twelve years ago its the station that got me into music new and familiar artists and bands. I think the issue with a lot of the new music shows being crammed in length of the shows and not all is live there’s less chance for a presenter to tell you about the band or artist or have the impression of chatting to the listener by reading out texts and emails or including voice notes. I’m really enjoying Jack Saunders’ new music show as thats how you do a show like that on Radio 1 good mix of genres but from 10pm onwards you don’t have the presenter chatting to the listener or that live feel as sometimes you need at that time.
  13. Less so with 5 Live. But with Nihal, Nicky Campbell and Mark Chapman get what you are saying.6 Music does have that with Huw Stephens, Mary Anne Hobbs, Gilles Peterson, Marc Riley and Mark Radcliffe
  14. Agreed, Martha seems to quietly taken over as host of the Tuesday Bass and Big Beats show that Annie Nightingale did would be good to have some promotion to be done for her show. Agreed with this on bank holidays on a Radio 1 dance day inpaticular would be quite good to have Sarah Storey, Jaguar, Jeremiah Asiamah, Charlie Tee and Martha presenting. I always felt that in Christmas and New Year previously having Victoria Jane to do a Future Soul take over playlist.
  15. I mean I dont see why you wouldn’t have some acts from the 00s like Sugababes and Sophie Ellis Bextor, Girls Aloud, Kasabian, Kelly Jones and even maybe a more of the last decade name like Jess Glynne.
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