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  1. I assume he’d like to do the Christmas chart presented it a few times but i know Scott as a pop music fan loves the prestige of presenting something as iconic. Agree about your point covering they likely go for regular presenters or potentially few celebs chucked in that seems possible but maybe there would be on show and that it. Can’t in reality seeing him doing that much Christmas radio as used to. Think it would be good to have most presenters having Christmas break so refreshed for the January where think then maybe programming another fresher feel
  2. I think with Scott it would be the case of what ever cover he’s doing on Radio 2 over Christmas or maybe in a long term relationship if he wants a Christmas Day with the family
  3. Yes always enjoy the different seasonal features on Scotts show liked hearing him doing Christmas Eve breakfast before
  4. Yes, agreed and think that it felt essential last year as pretty much all United Kingdom back under some form of lockdown to provide that chat between presenter to have a house party feeling good bit of escapism felt needed then. When caught Jordan doing it in Radio 1 before was good I find for when he done it felt the pressure of getting the right timing and not going early on countdown. Made right choice previous years of having him doubt he can have people engaged and enjoying more mubdahe chit chat bits
  5. I sure few years back he did a four piece hour long house show telling different stories of house music think for people who now listened to Radio 2 is some of the Radio 1 of the 90s listeners and think that having him doing NYE would be good Scott, Rylan (maybe), Richie I feel definatley would be used in XMAS period new year they’d be most likely for sure. I do find that like Dave doing the R2 NYE was good usually catch up over first week of Jan of what different BBC Radio stations do like 6 Music though found myself listening to bit of capital dance
  6. Yes there’s only been a few occasions when he hasn’t when Dev does it think. Depends on what type of stuff he ends up doing on Radio 2 over Christmas
  7. It would be good to hear him covering on Radio 2 on Christmas period maybe he’ll be on Radio 2 NYE though think that it would be good for Radio 2 have different party genres or soundtracks maybe Johnnie Walker with NYE’s Rock Party on Radio 2 Ana Matronic’s NYE Dance Party on Radio 2 Sophie Ellis Bextor’s NYE Kitchen Disco on Radio 2 Pete Tong’s NYE House Party on Radio 2 DJ Spoonie’s NYE Garage Party on Radio 2 Dave Pearce’s NYE All Night Party on Radio 2
  8. I feel Charlie Hedges will be on some point on NYE always felt they could’ve done an R1 Dance or Essential Mix special on NYE wonder if Scott will do any Radio 2
  9. I personally think possibly would be good to have as many of the permanent presenters working til 23rd. Possibly Katie Thistleton, Adele Roberts, Sian Eleri covering some slots and early b who ever the rFriday presenter until Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Christmas Eve I’d go with 10 hour takeover from 08:00-06:00 possibly have Scott & Chris 07:00-10:00 doing breakfast sometimes find great doing run up to Christmas breakfast then Dean McCullough 10:00-13:00 Katie Thistleton 13:00-16:00 Adele Roberts 16:00-18:00 Radio 1’s Stars Christmas Takeover (running from Christmas 24/12-01/01 (like when would have stars like Anne Marie, BTS, Jax Jones, Little Mix presenting and had Ollie Alexander and Charlie XCX in summer) 18:00-19:00 controversially since wouldn’t happen anyway Radio 1’s Official Chart Show with Vick Hope & Jordan North 19:00-21:00 Sarah Storey’s Christmas Party Anthems 21:00-23:00 Jack Saunders’s Indie Christmas 23:00-01:00 CHRISTMAS DAY Sian Eleri’s Chillest Christmas 01:00-03:00 R1 Chill Mix (Back to Back) 03:00-04:00 Radio 1 Relax with Xmas Newbie 04:00-06:00 Scott Mills’s Christmas Breakfast with one or two golden moments 06:00-10:00 Greg James’s Christmas Special 2021 (Best Bits package links to features) 10:00-12:00 Scott Mills Golden Moments 2021 Christmas Special (Pre Record) 12:00-14:00 Vick & Jordan’s Christmas Special 2021 (Pre Record) 14:00-16:00 Christmas Anthems with Dean McCullough 16:00-18:00 (Live) Radio 1 Stars Christmas Takeover 18:00-19:00 (Pre-record) Jeremiah Asiamah’s Christmas House Party 19:00-22:00 (Pre-record) Chillest Christmas with Sian Eleri 22:00-00:00(Repeated Pre Record) BOXING DAY Radio 1 Relax programming with pilot Future Chill, Future Beats, BBC Introducing Chill Mix, Your Songs something like tat
  10. With talk around some of the scheduling and possibilities around what would be broadcasted or what BBC Radio & BBC Sounds may announce over Christmas and new year room for suggestions, commentary general thoughts as announced in press packages and appears on scheduling
  11. But think with Cel it was like see him some time but think he did one or two months after Lifehacks departure one or two shows but radio silence literally for sometime with him but its like an old eastenders character returning for a weeknight or two stay with family or go to funeral and wedding and cause drama. I mean Sarah Brett for 5L done few bits of cover there after to switching to Ulster breakfast and Chris Smith e returning occasionally as freelance news presenter after his on air departure
  12. On topic of Moyles covering for James maybe in many years to come if Greg James ends up on a commercial station though think 5live or Radio 2 gig would follow Greg then eventually virgin greatest hits in some decades time
  13. The random feature seems bit of a miss and kind of does feel over staffed in its position in the schedule when they did KISS would’ve been listening to Nick or Greg. Feel that some bits of Scott’s show may need switch of feature as feel brother or lover is just ok but as always chatting about relevant stuff keeping it entertaining. Agree with that there should be some form of podcasts for `Vick & Jordan’ and ‘Matt & Mollie allows to build on content and get greater reach. Think that still new as a pairing so working out so me stuff on air in-terms of chemistry will be interesting to see where the current programming feels in a year time. They are both from the north find Jordan funny ‘have i mentioned I’m northern’ I think Vick could be more mindful how presenting styles will be received and the same gags could run thin. Think i think they are at least trying to get the best out of each other think that there will be challenges as to find the strike of balance of equals not to try to make him unfulnny but to ensure that one part of the pairing doesn’t over dominate could be a concern.
  14. Will say regarding the new schedule Future Dance with Sarah Storey works good to have an allotted and fitting feel for new emerging dance music accompanied with extended BBC Introducing Dance. Future Soul reflects taste and sounds in music right now and loving that as firm favourite of a listen on a Monday morning. I’d personally like to see the more generic anthems shows that air over night like Rap, Festival, Chillout, Indie, Ibiza all the different ones that air over night to be scrapped for more new and emerging and specialist sounds. I think that working for a packed selection of fire and specialist music programming should replace the focus of mainstream pop mood mixes for me on BBC Sounds that said feel with Jeremiah Asiamah, Sian Eleri, Victoria Jane, Jamz Supernova providing some food content and music presenting in new time slots and feel with the new Friday 19:00-21:00 slot on 6 Music seems that there are bits more focused on different sounds. Though think it would be good to see Radio 2 in some of the overnight evening slots get some sort of new in adult contemporary pop shows and kind of doing some of the classics and mainstream new so stations like Radio 1 & 6 Musix can dominate such music presence
  15. I find the mid morning slot for music stations (excluding Ken Bruce) tend to be made for more passive listening and lesser feature segments than at other peak time daytime shows. Tends to be music heavy and small links. Think with Clara she makes for good televison and radio presenter but do find the evening staple new mainstream music flagship show for the station. Clara is more of a curator and interviewer who fits more of a formatted brief of having something lacking as much improvision.
  16. Agree with Granny Tinder and even brother or lover. Find sometimes with them doing live lounges and interviews and links in that time does seem over crowded. Jordan & Vick star selection I assume will be tougher presenting for few year together atleast think depends where things go and how iconic their pairing is. I feel both will be at 1 for many years to come and likely end up doing different bits and bobs across the bbc some sounds or other tv bits and bobs
  17. I think it’s wrong to class New Artists as too niche in a world of Spotify and Apple Music it’s important that in more mainstream slots are able to cut from more of generic musics to more experimental and emerging talent Indie Show sounds excellent on Thursday with return of few favourite features from its dawn. I think it’s a thing that with Kiss, Capital etc all youth stations still playing poppy music in post peak times and think sometimes with Future Sounds that there are moments to go exploring beyond mainstream. Think for me I love stuff like what Jack Saunders does and liked that new music stuff more easier to sort as that has consistently Belen my favourite bit of listening to Radio 1 and why sometimes dip into 6 Music’s New Music Fix but possibly they need to re address some of the 01:00-05:00 stuff.
  18. In fairness radio 1 have always tried to support young carers remember one excellent thing I liked with what could’ve been Greg’s first Christmas in the Breakfast time slot sure did series of surprise thank you things for listeners with organising a party for young carers with listeners involved with arranging different things This does really give that this is the best of radio 1 vibes to it
  19. I mean with sometimes producing for new presenters and in general the winter Christmas to new year slot has always been sparse in new stuff I mean it would make sense to even do Best of the Live lounges from the year or some stuff with the breakfast or afternoon and drive presenters live pre recorded items or possibly playing out some of the best bits of year of daytime and linking that in. I could see Boxing Day could easily be more Radio 1 Relax orientated. Think it would be good for some specialist stuff to be some stuff from up and coming club and dance orientated Dance music presenters to focus on different underground and genres and speaking people from the indie introducing scene in Alternative specialists. Think it would be good if did different themes or anthems
  20. The Newsbeat would like likely keep newsbeat so small detail to mention it. Asian Network debate and topical news programming has mainly been in the morning think is good to have some sort of staple on the schedule like Mid morning or later evening but 15:00-18:00 seems bit odd since it’s a drive slot. I know from Wiki that 1 Xtra over a decade ago had a similar thing in the late drive slot
  21. I mean you will see Maida Vale shutting in coming years can’t remember could be next year or few years after. I mean 6 Music will move out to Salford and Radio 4 not always from London for today show. I mean think there’d be temptation I mean to possibly spread out a bit in current building well newsbeat would’ve also moved out of the floor. Probably for some R2 presenters unless it’s green work going on in their studio but sure something like that didn’t happen long ago. I mean some benefits is to try to use the live lounge spaces for live sessions. I mean soon guess when stations start moving around and even for the stations of Radio 2, Radio 4, World Service imagine a state of the art more futuristic recording and producing facilities for more visual or social media content uses. Unless is it something to do with BBC Sounds stuff like Cheryl Cole’s or Katie Pipers playlist recording stuff guess will need more studios for sounds focused stud
  22. I mean before Jordan started in that time slot it was a long while before he had something permanent covered earlies weekend morning afternoons chart drive most shows in permanent position and before that his evolution has been grafting for position felt when got slot which was then greatest hits was an easy fit with time developed on the station and in an safe format. Maya though wasn’t the best in polite terms was the sort of house hold name by time of hire. With Dean McCullough think it’s going to be few months in when see his best as it’s difficult with such a few times on the station and given three days so think he’ll take time to settle in but could be good too early to know
  23. RAJAR announced the return at of coming October with new publication of data it I’ll be interesting how Radio 1 and many stations fair in first time of it in sometime
  24. I think Yasser often been a last option selection probably at moment where cover on new schedule and time slots week was bit unstable unless by doing bits of Radio 1 he maybe working of some general contracted time before he leaves. Looking at the new changes over at the Asian Network must show that there’s been some cost cutting and streamlined approach to the schedule.
  25. I feel some of it does get embedded into newsbeat but on reflection it’s case with social media and audience interest has changed it seems almost essential a decade ago but could be losing something with having less popular cultural coverage I do feel future sound should have maybe a short bit brief music and headlines. But sometimes think see some people generally fed up with BBC investing in so much of the entertainment and non essential news must have a smaller team and hiring less still feels odd that newsbeat will move out of NBH
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