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  1. Don’t forget the trials of everything after the checkout as well!
  2. That would be good - the two TBA’s leave it a bit of guess work for which day to go for! Book Saturday and know who you’re getting or Sunday and perhaps end up with the best line up (or not!)
  3. Ditto Two Door Cinema Club & Sean Paul who hadn’t been on playlist rotation for a good while prior to the time of 2019’s big weekend. A lot of it will depend on who the organisers Festival Republic & The BBC can get booked & who is touring at the time & indeed who is available that weekend.
  4. Be interesting to see if one of the TBA’s are The Killers as they are in Coventry that weekend.
  5. It’ll be a tent again covid or no covid, it tackles the sound bleed with putting multiple stages in a close proximity.
  6. The future sounds stage arguably having some bigger acts on it than the main stage. Especially for Sunday.
  7. Big Weekend looks like it’s taking place in Coventry next year, coinciding with the city of culture & commonwealth games down the road in Birmingham.
  8. Just seen on social media that Adele Roberts has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Best wishes to her and hope she recovers quickly…
  9. With the greatest of respect the best description of her live lounge slot would be extremely safe pair of hands, she hasn't torn it up or done anything ground breaking with it. Annie truly is in the once in a generation category and it will be some years before someone else comes along and does the same thing.
  10. Clara isn't even in the same league as Annie and her spell hosting the charts was hardly long enough to be ground breaking. She has a long long long way to go before being compatible to some of that list.
  11. I have a weird feeling his first ever song when he covered was Reverend & The Makers, Heavyweight Champion Of The World. I remember he discussed it a few years ago when he was on drive time.
  12. But Greg James’ breakfast show is a stark contrast to that of the previous Nick Grimshaw breakfast. It’s based upon the people, the listeners.. it’s listener centred which is a far cry from the celebrity centred breakfast show that Grimmy did. Arielle’s early breakfast is again different with Radio 1 dance, different features and feeling generally more energetic than Adele’s. Weekend breakfast with Adele, to be honest is the only one which is disappointing, it’s been a carry over and a slight tweak of her early breakfast days. But then again with the listener numbers at that time of morning on a weekend is it really necessary, not forgetting that Friday isn’t included anymore. Scott obviously hasn’t changed for ages, but that formula works, it’s well liked, they eventually change the features around, yes, some are tired at the moment but also been very restricted by what can be done in a pandemic, the same goes for all shows actually. Radio 1 relax has thus far seemingly been well received, not forgetting that half of the content which is destined to be on there - Sian’s chillest show hasn’t begun presenting yet. The numbers will speak with the streaming as that’s one thing that can be fully tracked. But for very little money it’s a good addition. Like it’s been said many times above we’re all going to have to disagree as things are at the best they ever have been and the vision you see clearly isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The radio station is on a high with the changes that are taking place and the streaming on a whole is being well received.
  13. Since then you’ve had Abbie McCarthy come through from local radio who clearly didn’t make the cut 100% & also trialed others from local radio in some of the Christmas slots. Ditto Jess Iszatt more recently, along with Gemma Bradley & Sian. Alongside this they have previously bought presenters across from 1xtra to do cover work & across to the station. So it’s hardly a closed door thing is it. From September in the weekdays excluding the main presenters (Greg, Scott & Grimmy) you’ve got Arielle whose only been with the station 2~years, RM&C who have only been there about 2~years, Clara whose been there 6 years, Jack whose been there 3? Years & Sian who was new to the station this year. There’s clearly space for this new talent in the form of Sian, Gemma, Jess, Jeremiah & Jaguar, who I’m sure will be given every opportunity to work their way up, it’s a good balance of new people and the talented presenters who bring people in and retain listeners ala Greg, Scott, Grimmy, Jordan & Matt. Listeners like to know who they are going to listen to when they tune in, they don’t want a revolving door as you put it of talent coming in and out as you put it, they want someone they can relate to. It fully justifies its funding as it is, with it they are giving them more funding to create focussed streams like Dance & Relax. The podcasts & the streams are the true one where they can find out how listener numbers do, if something doesn’t cut it and doesn’t deserve it’s funding it’s gone. But the youth requirements are clearly understood.. they are big players on YouTube and TikTok which are where some people go for their entertainment. But what is also recognised is that the station caters for other listeners than “youth” it caters to a wide range of people, if it was just youth how would they justify an early breakfast show when the majority of that age bracket are still asleep?
  14. But it’s not one stop, if they see the talent there you’re given other opportunities, i.e. Friday early breakfast & presenting opportunities. They’ve also recently changed up the schedule to a degree moving out long serving DJ’s in the form of Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart etc and bought in new voices, yes most of them have prior BBC local radio experience but that is also a way the radio 1 has of scouting new talent, look at Greg James & radio Norfolk.
  15. At the end of the day the whole radio scene is changing & more people listen to what they want to on demand. The additional content which is created is obviously commissioned to get people listening using known presenters & personalities. I’m unsure as to how you would get people to listen to podcasts from unknown presenters even with promotion. People want to be able to tune in and know who is on and when, not having people changing all the time as you put it. Look at the uproar of extending the weekend which in essence created more presenting opportunities for upcoming presenters. That didn’t go down massively well. For all the negatives you have about radio 1 (which is a lot) what are your positives???
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