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  1. Initial reaction.. there is a god! Let's just hope Jordan gets them after this until there's a more permanent shuffle around.
  2. 1_tw

    Schedule Changes

    Arielle is in for Scott week commencing 30th March. Assuming she will be with Chris, interesting combination!
  3. It should be Coventry next year & they need to spread it across all four countries to a certain degree. At the end of the day there’s also only so many councils that are able to provide funding for events like this, look at Coventry turning it down a good few years ago.
  4. 1_tw

    Schedule Changes

    I see that Jordan is in for Clara for the week commencing 4th of November with Adele back to early breakfast.
  5. 1_tw

    Schedule Changes

    Jordan is through and through radio 1, with him being their up and coming talent, they won’t loose him. He left his job at Rock FM which was 5 days a week to go to radio 1 to do just cover work. He isn’t going to sacrifice his chances to go back to working for Capital FM which he’s done before.
  6. 1_tw

    Schedule Changes

    It’s a primarily 1xtra based show though, Adele came across from them to do early breakfast and Jordan hasn’t ever presented for them, so it makes more sense - plus gives her a break from early mornings.
  7. Annie Mac only took over Monday - Thursday in 2015, she’s got a good while to go yet, I’m sure. Pretty sure Sara Cox confirmed on her Twitter that she was still going to be breakfast cover for Zoe as well. I would hazard a guess at the next person getting drive will be Jordan, the Kiss FM people themselves are surely too old to be taking over a daytime slot with Rickie and Melvin both 38.
  8. 1_tw

    Schedule Changes

    Jordan is covering for Matt with Mollie that Friday, guessing they want the same person both days for continuity.
  9. 1_tw

    Schedule Changes

    Biggest Weekend Schedule: Saturday 6:00am Yasser 10:00am Greatest Hits with Maya and Jordan 12:00pm Ed Sheeran (Matt & Mollie) 2:00pm Anne-Marie, Jess Glynne (Scott, Chris & Clara) 4:00pm Liam Payne, George Ezra (Greg, Katie & Mistajam) 6:00pm Clean Bandit, Years and Years (Dev, Alice & Cel) 7:45pm Craig David, Sam Smith (Annie, Grimmy & Charlie) Sunday 6:00am Yasser 10:00am Greatest Hits with Maya and Jordan 12:00pm Rita Ora (Matt & Mollie) 2:00pm Niall Horan, Demi Lovato (Scott, Chris & Clara) 4:00pm Jason Derulo, Camila Cabello (Greg, Katie & Cel) 6:00pm Thirty Seconds to Mars, Shawn Mendes (Dev & Alice) 7:45pm Taylor Swift, Florence (Annie, Grimmy & Charlie)
  10. You'll find the podcasts in the UM archives. http://unofficialmills.co.uk/mp3downloads/download/september-2012-podcasts-2/
  11. RONR dependant on the DJ I would say. Greg / Charlie would be guaranteed live, but when Clara plays sometimes it sounds pre-recorded. Going home song is a good question, would say the day before sometime during / shortly after the show where they ask for people to text in I would say. Most of the weekend DJ's are in at some point during the week to record interviews and prepare for their shows.
  12. RONR where it's a listener is generally pre-recorded, the Who game is also pre-recorded, can't comment on the general phone in's though, but bangers is most definitely live. With Greg's show things like the going home song, the mayor of where, or it's latest incarnation are also pre-recorded. Pre-recording things with other DJ's and guests also happens more than you think.
  13. Generally the only weekday daytime DJ's that move slots to cover other shows is Scott / Chris for Grimmy and Adele for Clara. Though Annie has covered Clara on occasion. Cover for weekday DJ's generally comes from the above or from weekend DJ's. In the case of early breakfast Yasser or Jordan. Cover for the weekends generically doesn't come in the form of weekday daytime DJ's except when the charts used to be on a Sunday evening. Cover for this is usually Yasser, Jordan or Adele on occasion. It would seem that it is potentially listed in their contracts, especially in Adele's case, probably a sweetener for taking the early slot, but someone else would probably confirm this. Arriving for the show, Adele is only about half an hour before, she always used to post an instagram? Or snapchat? video in the taxi on the way in. Preperation for this is most likely done the day before by herself / her team. Just like most breakfast show features when Scott is on are pre-recorded the day before like RONR, rather than just a few hours before.. though bangers is usually live.
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