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  1. 1_tw

    Radio 1 Relax

    Personally think the streams are a great idea. You can select the music type for your mood wether it be dance or chill. You don’t have to go searching through sounds to find a show and date. Let’s face it a stream whereby the content has already been broadcasted isn’t costing huge sums of money.
  2. Honestly think we may find a playlist / show curated by Annie appearing on one of the streaming services but doubt she will go to anyone commercial.
  3. Greg’s breakfast show has always been about the people ever since day one and not solely based on celebrities and the like. It does suffer from them not having the producers or Roisin in the studio with them due to the pandemic for them to bounce off. Greg’s show also appears to be for the many & is a stark contrast to the remit Grimmy had post Moyles in lowering the average age of listeners. I personally lost count of the amount of times Alan Carr and others used to get on Grimmy’s breakfast show & still do enjoy Greg’s breakfast to this day.
  4. I didn’t mention him being in breakfast in five years, just still being at radio 1. To be honest you must be listening to a different breakfast show to most of us, yes it’s lacking a feature or two, but what isn’t because of the pandemic, don’t forget they are limited about having guests come in and being able to do other stuff. But Greg is largely back to his best now he is back to five days, which is surely another vote of confidence in him as breakfast presenter as well. Areas of the schedule that haven’t been touched in years, mid morning & afternoons will be looked at before
  5. To be honest, we can probably say that the most likely of the group to be moved on from radio 1 will be Grimmy & unfortunately Scott, who knows what will happen to him! I'd say the strongest likelihood of still being at Radio 1 in five years is Greg. He is truly back to his best now he is on 5 days a week, but will he ride it out to be on breakfast in five years time? No, but will he still be at radio 1? More than likely yes. Greg consistently pulls audiences & is well liked across the industry.
  6. For what it's worth: Weekday Early Breakfast: Katie Thistleton or one of the Friday hosts. Weekday Breakfast: I think Jordan or Matt & Mollie will cover this. Weekday Mornings: You would assume that the main cover for Clara will be Arielle, as a sweetener for taking the early shifts as they did with Adele and alternatively RMC. Weekday Afternoons: Matt & Mollie or Jordan. Weekday Early Drive: Jordan 1st choice, then Arielle or Adele. Weekday Late Drive: Jack Saunders or Clara, a year or two down the line you could have either Sian or Gemma. RMC: Adele
  7. To be honest I’d say the best they could do, in my opinion is: 5:00am-7:00am: Arielle Free 7:00am-10:30am: Greg James 10:30am-12:45pm: Annie Mac 1:00pm - 3:30pm: Scott Mills 3:30pm - 5:45pm: Jordan North 6:00pm - 8:00pm: Jack Saunders 8:00pm - 10:00pm: RMC
  8. Initial reaction.. there is a god! Let's just hope Jordan gets them after this until there's a more permanent shuffle around.
  9. Arielle is in for Scott week commencing 30th March. Assuming she will be with Chris, interesting combination!
  10. It should be Coventry next year & they need to spread it across all four countries to a certain degree. At the end of the day there’s also only so many councils that are able to provide funding for events like this, look at Coventry turning it down a good few years ago.
  11. I see that Jordan is in for Clara for the week commencing 4th of November with Adele back to early breakfast.
  12. Jordan is through and through radio 1, with him being their up and coming talent, they won’t loose him. He left his job at Rock FM which was 5 days a week to go to radio 1 to do just cover work. He isn’t going to sacrifice his chances to go back to working for Capital FM which he’s done before.
  13. It’s a primarily 1xtra based show though, Adele came across from them to do early breakfast and Jordan hasn’t ever presented for them, so it makes more sense - plus gives her a break from early mornings.
  14. Annie Mac only took over Monday - Thursday in 2015, she’s got a good while to go yet, I’m sure. Pretty sure Sara Cox confirmed on her Twitter that she was still going to be breakfast cover for Zoe as well. I would hazard a guess at the next person getting drive will be Jordan, the Kiss FM people themselves are surely too old to be taking over a daytime slot with Rickie and Melvin both 38.
  15. Jordan is covering for Matt with Mollie that Friday, guessing they want the same person both days for continuity.



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