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  1. Iconic Chris Smith with the news moment ?
  2. Sad that Chris Smith is leaving but glad that Greg is on to sing to him a final time
  3. It's a bit sad knowing that this is the last ever time Alice will be on R1. She's always been one of my favourite presenters and listening to her show has always manged to put a smile on my face and often had me laughing out loud. Best of luck to her in whatever she does next.
  4. I don't think it's necessarily due to VT'd content, more that someone less slick is driving the desk for whatever reason I've noticed this a bit recently too, mainly on Matt and Mollie's show, where I suspect Mollie is driving the desk
  5. Early breakfast is also a possibility although Jordan's more likely to get a weekday slot first. She could just be making more podcasts and documentaries for R1 though, rather than more radio shows.
  6. I was listening to an old Friday podcast the other day which had Maya on - I'd forgotten just how annoying she used to be. Technically and presenting-wise she's a bit better than she used to be, but I'd much rather have Jordan on 3 days a week. What annoys me a bit is how she adds an unnecessary "The" to some band names - such as "The Slaves" and "The Blossoms".
  7. Chris is sounding so much smoother when presenting this now, it would be good to hear him present a regular show on his own one day. Hopefully this podcast is a permanent thing.
  8. Sideman in for Dev on the 8th tonight. Caught some of Alix and Riyadh covering life hacks on Sunday, they weren't any better or worse than Cel and Katie tbh. There were a few creases that could easily be ironed out, but they generally sounded OK.
  9. She's over on Radio 2 these days, with Sara Cox https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0000kd0
  10. Some old features are starting to return... Impossible Karaoke was on yesterday and What's My Age Again returns tomorrow with Jodie Whittaker off of Doctor Who!
  11. Someone's done a sterling job on the "Pass the Pasty" voiceover...
  12. Nothing groundbreaking so far. But then again, what did we expect from Grimmy? I was hoping he might actually be an improvement on the music heavy Dev and Alice show, but now I want them back
  13. From the few bits I heard it was brilliant. A top presenter, the right amount of music, good guests and silly features is what a breakfast show should be all about. Long overdue. Greg's definitely had an influence on the music played, which I'm not complaining about. Now I just need to plan my mornings so that I can catch more of it live...
  14. I've said a few times on this forum about the playlist being to 1xtra-like in the past couple of years. You can really hear the difference if you listen back to some older shows - much more indie and pop being played in the past and more rap currently. However I think it comes in waves, there have been periods in the past 12 months when the playlist is dominated by 1xtra type stuff and and at other times there's been less rap and more indie. Even around 2011/2012 the dominant genre would change quite a bit from month to month (I remember it being very dance heavy at one point).
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