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  1. Aha I did this the other day but creating a topic! Ever so slightly mortifying! @Jono Do you know why this is happening?
  2. Just heard a trail for Rickie Melvin and Charlie’s new show. They are taking the piss out of commercial radio and it was hilarious! About 1:45 in Scott’s show today (after talking about the rugby) Sent from my iPhone using the Unofficialmills.co.uk mobile app
  3. Well, according to her twitter she is a "Talent Producer for BBC Sounds", whatever that means
  4. What a show! Loved everything about it, the jingles, the music and the feeling of the show!
  5. Hey, I've just had a thought. Yes Chris Smith is leaving the on air aspect of Newsbeat, but maybe this could be to be a full time co host of Gregs new show? He has never said that he has left the on air aspect of Radio 1!
  6. Surely though a school won't want lots of random people turning up there?
  7. Now I'm getting desperate and at 56 minutes in i'm going to suggest cumbria as greg was talking about a maths teacher from cumbria on breakfast this morning. 1:43:30 (ish)
  8. I've found a map on twitter and the bottom section of Wales there is a zoo there called Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire
  9. He's just played Hotter Than Hell by Dua Lipa, meaning that he could be at a hot place. Where is the warmest place in the UK at the moment? He could also be at a Spa?
  10. ALSO Grimmy tweeted calling this whole game "a thing"? Haven't got a clue if this means anything haha
  11. First we have "welcome to the panic room" linking to the fact that someone thought it was welcome to the petting zoo. So maybe they are at some zoo-ish place?
  12. Thought I would start one of these to become proper detectives
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