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  1. As mentioned by lots of other people, drivetime Greg was my favourite too. He was good on early breakfast, I liked his afternoon show too, but I think by about 2013 on drivetime he'd really hit his stride. Him and Chris Smith had a chemistry he hasn't been able to replicate with anyone since, it was great listening. Features were really good too - Star Caller on Monday, Nerd Alerts on Tuesday, Rage on Wednesday, the Mayor of Where on Thursday and Feet Up Friday was the best era for me. The drivetime show started to go downhill a little bit for me by the end of 2015, when Chris's involveme
  2. Just thinking, something weird about the way it's been announced. The timing and the wording and the way it's all being done on social media. Not suggesting it means anything, it just feels different to the way these things have been announced in the past. Twitter replies seem to be about ⅔ people gutted she's going and ⅓ hoping Jordan's gonna get her shows.
  3. #byeajama Yeah, agreed. It'll be a huge missed opportunity if Jordan doesn't take those shows, he's more than earned them.
  4. Hopefully he'll make the most of the opportunity to show off a bit. His old shows on Rock FM were all four hours, albeit with much shorter and less frequent links, so I'm sure he'll be fine. Same goes for Dev and Alice, weekend breakfast is four hours as well so they'll be fine. The Mayajamathon on the other hand...
  5. Probably to do with the playout system they use - Absolute, and some Global stations (usually the non-networked ones) use Zetta, which is probably the industry leader for remote presenting. It lets you control the full playout studio from a web browser, if your PC and internet is up to it, it's pretty impressive. From what I've heard, Dira isn't the best at a number of fairly basic things, so it wouldn't surprise me if its remote access capabilities were non-existent.
  6. Official press release here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/radio1-coronavirus?at_custom4=6603B6F8-6EB4-11EA-80FD-84333A982C1E&at_custom3=%40bbcpress&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_medium=custom7&at_campaign=64&at_custom2=twitter They've actually gone 4-7, 7-11, 11-3 and 3-7 instead. Adele stays on. Scott and Clara rotating each week (nothing against Clara but I'd rather have Scott's personality show). Weekends are 4-7, 7-10 and a mammoth 10-3 daytime show (no idea why they've made it different to weekdays) to be shared between Dev and Alice, Jordan
  7. Scott Bryan reporting Radio 1 is going to four hour shows next week, with Greg, Scott and Grimmy on daytimes. No more extra shifts for Jordan. Not sure where it leaves specialist shows or earlies either. People also being encouraged to present solo, so maybe we won't hear from Chris for a while (or he'll be working from a different studio/home). Presumably, it'll be: 6-10 Greg 10-2 Scott 2-6 Grimmy
  8. Oh yeah! I've heard of a few large events/festivals being cancelled already. Though maybe they're hoping it will have died down a bit by May. They were very quiet about the Teen Awards until not long before as well.
  9. That's an interesting rumor, I could totally see it. After three years on a breakfast show without getting her name on the door, I wouldn't blame her. As for where she'd fit in, I'm not sure - it could be anywhere although Clara will have been on miss for five years in May. I'm not sure Radio 1's problem is necessarily that it doesn't have enough new presenters though - it has lots of presenters, it just doesn't quite know what to do with all of them. Maybe it'll be like Arielle or Charlie Sloth where a show is created especially for her. Either way, we won't find out for a while - she'll
  10. It's the stuff of legend, a story that's been told many times - on Scott's fourth at Radio 1, Zoe Ball didn't show up and he was asked to stay on to cover the breakfast show. He went outside to think about it, and was told that if he didn't fancy it, they could always call Chris Moyles... We all know what he decided. Someone's given the audio to Aircheck Downloads! I haven't listened yet but I had to share it here. It's also quite crazy that I wasn't even born when this happened.
  11. A local paper is reporting the council have approved Radio 1's Big Weekend in Dundee. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/dundee/1077908/exclusive-huge-event-for-dundee-as-bbc-radio-1-big-weekend-returns-to-city/
  12. I forgot that was a thing! Wasn't long before the show got bumped to 1pm, don't think it was the strongest thing they ever did. Even Scott Mills: The Musical is still online somewhere. Is the R1 Movie not in the archive on here?
  13. Scott Mills doing a handover with Colin Murray - it's like it's 2007 again.
  14. I'm listening! Fair few sport references already, that really funny rugby player was on who was on the Radio 1 slow last week and Vicky Pattison is the guest monitoring the messages. Happy to be getting my fifth podcast of the week back though, and great to hear them without the constraints of the Radio 1 format.
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