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  1. I think @DC is best placed to answer this one! STOP! ...carry on
  2. I think @DC is best placed to answer this one! STOP! ...carry on
  3. The only time I remember something like that was when Chris was stranded in New York in 2010 because of the ash cloud (whooooo). I think Tina was there, Dom was stranded in France and Dave and/or Aled might've been there too. That only lasted for a day or two though, after that Chris managed to do the show from the SiriusXM studios. It'll be in some archive somewhere, if not I'll try and get hold of it. When it was the full CM show team minus Chris, usually Vernon or Sara hosted.
  4. Also worth remembering that Mills never really used much of Moyles' production when he covered - mainly just the beds and a few sung jingles but didn't really go in for the cheesy song or the longer out of news jingles if I recall. Even though it was called "The Chris Moyles Show with Scott Mills", it was just The Scott Mills Show in the morning with stuff like Dear Scott and Oh! What's Occurring. Which I think was better than Mills doing all of Moyles' features half-heartedly tbh, whenever he covered for Grimmy I much preferred the times he brought his own stuff over.
  5. Enjoyed what I heard of Jack Saunders tonight - his loud and much more fast paced delivery reminded me of Zane, compared to Annie's much more chilled out style.
  6. Nah, it's just something they do from time to time on bank holidays to do something a bit different. They used to do a whole week of the specialist takeover in the first week of January as well, it's a good way of getting round all of the main presenters being off. Music probably won't all be my cup of tea but it's certainly a way of standing out from their commercial rivals - exactly what they should be doing. Plus, the novelty of Zane Lowe "bantering with the news" and Pete Tong doing Carpark Catchphrase is pretty funny.
  7. I've (proudly) never seen an episode of Love Island in my life. But apparently someone off it called Amy isn't happy with Chris. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/reality-tv/a28643280/love-island-amy-hart-bbc-radio-1-curtis-pritchard-prank/
  8. I have no insider knowledge, but I would assume they wouldn't bother handing over control of the network to the news just for a two minute bulletin - I would guess they just fade up the news studio during the bulletin and down again at the end, with the newsreader or maybe a tech-op pressing the buttons for the bulletin. Not sure about the 15 minute programmes though, could be different although it seems unlikely to me. But bear in mind that all news outside of breakfast is shared between 1 and 1Xtra so everything you described would be doubly complicated (and also means that network news bulletins would never come from the Radio 1 studio, including Chris Smith's old 16:30/17:00 bulletins that you mentioned). I would imagine that the presenter's role in this is to hit play on the news in jingle at xx:29:50, fade up the news studio at some point before or during the ramp, then fade down the bed after the newsreader has read the headline and hit play on the main bed with the Newsbeat ID at the start. Less technically capable presenters have struggled with this in the past - notably Maya Jama and Gemma Cairney. Then they just press play on the next song at the end of the bulletin. I remember once being told that presenters were discouraged from talking to the newsreaders afterwards in case the 1Xtra presenter had left the news studio faded up and the newsreader's half of the conversation could be heard on there. I think Greg also left the news studio faded up once during a song and little bits of the ents journo speaking could be heard over a song - think it was Sinead Garvan, or maybe even Natalie Jamieson depending on how long ago it was. So merely fading up the news studio seems more likely. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but it seems like it would make sense based on what I know and what I've heard as a listener.
  9. I've been wondering the same for a while - I've got most of 2009 but not the sport. From 2017 I've got the news in, and that's it. How far back does your collection go? Have you got any 2001-2006 stuff?
  10. Someone emailed me a link to this, and I can't not share it. A squeaky-voiced Greg James on Future Radio (a community station for Norwich) in - wait for it - 2006! Enjoy.
  11. To me it looks like Scott was in for Chris, Greg was in for Scott and Ronnie (who?) was in for Greg. It must be around now that I've been listening to Radio 1 for ten years - discovered it around May 2009. That's half my life. Mad.
  12. It's funny you say that - literally this week, someone sent me a load of episodes of the Hirsty's Overdose podcast. They're all here (I wouldn't have used Telegram to host them but oh well): https://t.me/hirstysdailydose That show was legendary, like you I'm too young to have heard it when it was broadcast (I'm also not from Yorkshire). If you want to hear some breathtaking pre-Sachsgate radio, have a search on YouTube for "Danny Dumps". I'd love to hear more if anyone else has recordings. Another show from before my time I'm very keen on - Mark and Lard. And one from my time, The Matt Edmondson Show on Wednesday nights. I've never heard another show like it since.
  13. Ooh, I've got a proper one actually: why is Moyles always referenced in an awkward and embarassed way whenever they talk about him?
  14. Who boffed Ke$ha? (whoooo)
  15. OohErr

    Mollie Solo?

    At the SRA Conference talk from Aled, Matt and Mollie, Aled revealed that Mollie will be presenting some solo shows in the next few weeks.
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