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  1. Radio 1 have loads of adverts on the screens in my student union. Bear in mind of course that Global has just bought loads of outdoor advertising companies to the extent that they're now the biggest outdoors company in the UK I believe. So it's very cheap for them to advertise their own stations.
  2. I have a DAB radio with an FM tuner, this is the main device I listen on. Don't really see the point using FM for Radio 1 when the quality is just as good on DAB, but sometimes if a station has a low bit rate or is only in mono on DAB I'll opt for the FM equivalent. You can't vote for more than one option, but I also listen to podcasts, and occasionally on my PC or phone depending on where I am. Luckily my phone is one of the few that still has an FM tuner, I get a fair amount of use from that.
  3. Hasn't the argument against Radio 1+ always been that that demo is the most lucrative for advertisers, and should be left to commercial radio for that reason? I'd say stations like Hits Radio (or whatever your local variant is - big up Radio Aire) and Heart are positioned in that gap. They don't have the personalities, but Hits Manchester/DAB has Comedy Dave on breakfast and (hi, this is) Wes at drive. There's always X and Absolute if you prefer personalities and can put up with dad rock.
  4. Back in the summer that Blue Lights song by Jorja Smith was on every time I switched on the radio.
  5. Been seeing a few quotes on Twitter today from a speech Greg gave at some European Radio Conference. To summarise, Greg really doubling down on the whole "the listeners are more interesting than me so I make it about them" thing. Honestly, I can't say I agree. If that's the case then anyone could be doing the show - the reason Greg does it is because listeners are interested in him and his stories. He never used to do that shtick in the afternoons - it was HIS show, so I don't know where the whole modesty thing comes from. It's almost like he's embarassed to be there. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy listener's stories when they're funny and weird like on Scott's show, but not when they're the main attraction. I DO want to hear banter between presenters and stories from their own lives, that's why I listen - I've built up that relationship with the presenter over the years. I'm really sad about how little Greg's breakfast show does for me, I'd wanted him to get the gig for years and I really wanted to like the show but whenever I listen I just get fed up with how safe it is. And I used to love his afternoon show with Chris Smith. Haven't listened for months, although with local breakfast shows on Capital ending I'm not sure where I'll end up. Danny Mylo on Pulse 1 in West Yorkshire does a good show. Maybe I'll come back to Greg at some point, but for now I've gone right off.
  6. That was hilarious, I'd totally forgotten about that! The whole thing is on the Radio 1 Archive though: https://ia902900.us.archive.org/8/items/20160814_201808/20161025 In for Scott Mills.mp3
  7. Haha do you even listen to Radio 1 @anothernerd? Catfish are on all the time. Kathleen, Pacifier, Cocoon, Soundcheck, Longshot ring a bell? Chris interviewed them at Big Weekend once and asked Van McCann the lead singer whether he was excited for Foo Fighters and he said "not really"? And Miley's had a few since then - Malibu in 2017 and Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, that one's always on at the moment.
  8. I notice they're charging £18 a ticket (+£4.50 booking fee) this year. Not Europe's biggest free ticketed music festival anymore then. Although that's still really cheap for what it is.
  9. Another thought - the music to talk ratio is perfect - I wish it was like this all the time.
  10. So they're staying on until 4! I suspect this was the plan all along.
  11. I have no idea why my posts keep appearing multiple times.
  12. I wonder whether Newsbeat will be pushed back to 1 so they do the full 24 hours. EDIT: Scott said Newsbeat will be on as normal at 12:45, but the guy on the phone right now is offering £100 if they stay on until 4...
  13. The overnight stuff with the podcasters is less good than with the other DJs imo. The Unexpected Fluids guys were quite funny but the Drag Queens Den bit has felt a bit flat. And now they're just on their own - this bit could really do with some extra guests (DJs ideally).
  14. THIS IS WHY I LOVE RADIO. None of that dull shit that's so safe you want to cry. This rude af film quiz is something else.
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