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  1. I'm not sure, over the years they've had people who are funny but not comedians (eg. Richard osmand) for which I would imagine radio 1 fits the bill. Lots of their presents aren't comedians but are really genuinely funny
  2. One thing which has always surprised me is that more R1 DJs haven't appeared on taskmaster. I think it's only been Alice Levine but I think almost all of them would be a really good fit. Does anyone know if any DJs were approached or if there's a contract reason why it doesn't happen often? Also who would be your preference to see on the show? I think Scott would be really funny because he'd get really cross if he messed up a task. Also I think Mollie King would be really funny on it
  3. I could see Vick Hope getting Clara's spot soon, putting her on breakfast seems a very high profile decision Maybe a straight swap, could see Clara on life hacks
  4. I think it's a shame they do these things on a weekday night, if it was a Friday or Saturday night I'd stay up to listen to parts of it. Is it due to the higher profile specialist shows being on the weekend nights?
  5. Don't get me wrong, I like his breakfast show - it just all feels a bit more polished, and like it's all taken very seriously (which is understandable) whereas I think he was at his best when he didn't care and was just being silly. Does anyone agree? Disagree? I would quite like him to have a weekend show so he could do something like this again, just a show where it didn't have to be so planned and proper
  6. Just a thought - I watched a clip on Greg's insta from when he did the Prue Leith song. It got me thinking about his breakfast show. I think he's great at it, but I think Greg was at his peak at R1 towards the end of his drive show (last year or two). In interviews, he said that this was when he assumed he wouldn't get breakfast and so just starting going weird and funny stuff on the show, and I just thought the content was great. The fatberg visit, shouldn't be news, the podcast and all the other stuff, I just thought it was really really funny.
  7. For someone who started at radio 1 that week, he sounds so good at it! A real pro
  8. I actually quite liked Cel, but I couldn't really see him ever moving on to a bigger slot. Isn't capital breakfast to a Sunday evening a bit of a demotion? Hard to imagine they'll have been offering more money
  9. My prediction: Every day from 20th December to 31st January 4:00-6:30 - Gemma Collins 6:30-10:00 - Maya Jama 10:00-1:00 - Cel Spellman (solo) 1:00-4:00 - Grimmy and Shinade's celeb gossip 4:00-7:00 - Maya Jama's special competition show Opinions?
  10. If a few of them want it off I guess they might as well write off the whole day and make a thing of it - will be good to hear Jack Saunders in a daytime slot, he's barely mentioned on here I think he has a lot potential to be some of the new 'young talent'
  11. Surprised that RMC isnt the breakfast show, I think Phil would work better in the 10am slot as well. I'll definitely be listening!
  12. Couple of weird things - so I'm assuming they wanted to book Matt and Mollie to cover breakfast, but Matt wasn't available. I find it weird that they don't either get Mollie to do it solo, or failing that the logical thing to do would be go for someone else, Scott + Chris/Alice + Dev/Jordan solo etc. Why have someone covering a cover for a whole week? It's very weird. They clearly really don't want to have Scott covering because that would be the logical thing to do - odd that Alice is covering without Dev, do we think this is a deliberate choice or Dev just wasn't available? On the Schedule as well it very confusingly says the show title "Jordan North" and describes it as Alice sits in for Grimmy... Who's doing this Scheduling? - Also Jordan covering breakfast means he can't cover drive (which he seems to be first choice for these days), having to ask someone else who doesn't normally do it (Alice) to cover without her co-presenter? Idk it just seems like they've made some very odd choices Just some thoughts... any opinions?
  13. Greatest hits still feels to me like a hangover from 2017 they just won't drop
  14. Where's this rumour from? Would be an odd move I think
  15. People have been saying this sort of thing a lot lately, if I'm being totally honest I think that the whole daytime schedule needs an overhall. Clara is far less entertaining than other presenters who would work well in that slot, eg. Jack Saunders, Mollie King, Arielle Free, Adele (there are loads of possibilities to replace her). Honestly I think she's lucky to have lasted that long As much as I hate to say it, I think Scott's days are numbered. These days his show has just started to sound tired to me, he's still good but I think a jump to radio 2 and doing something different would be good for him. Either that or something big is needed to make it sound fresh again, eg. A new member of the team And Grimmy... he's better on drive, but there are loads of other presenters who would do a far better job in that slot, like Dev and Alice, or Jordon, or Adele. I always listen to MisterJam on 1xtra when I'm driving home because he's x1000 better, his show always has stuff going on and is so interesting (tbh I'd like him to replace Grim but that's unlikely). Finally, I think weekends need some new faces to come in full time. For the last 5 years there have been barely any new presenters at R1 and those who have started are progressing soooo slowly. They haven't had someone new on weekdays since 2015. I feel after having a big push on getting younger faces in, they haven't kept up that drive for younger listeners and it's all very comfortable. Tbh I feel like the station these days is aiming for an average audience of around early 30s in content, then late teens - early 20s in music style. It just doesn't quite 'work' But just my humble opinion. There are also bits I think work really well at the moment - I like Greg's show (though I think more games with other R1 DJ's and some more event radio would be good), nighttimes sound good (Annie, Jack, the kiss 3). Matt and Mollie and Dev and Alice are really good solid shows I think. Some changes would just make it that bit more fresh and really improve the lineup
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