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  1. Would he ever do R1/R2 breakfast if offered?
  2. Just for fun, I'm curious as to what people will think the schedules will look like in about 3-4 years time. It would probably be expected by then most of Greg, Clara, Scott, Nick etc will have left, and they'll have to have some fresh blood (though that doesn't seem to be coming through at the moment). This is my prediction: Weekday 4-6:30, a young new presenter 6:30-10, Greg James Breakfast 10-1, Mollie King (I would like to hear her cover this slot actually!) 1-4, Dev and Alice 4-7, possibly Jordon, possibly someone new who will eventually take breakfast 7-9, Jack Saunders Weekend 6-10, Cel and Katie 10-1, Arielle free 1-4, Matt Edmondson 4-7, Friday = Scott on chart, Saturday = Mistajam, Sunday some new presenter What do we think? Any of that likely/unlikely? What is your predictions?
  3. So, Maya She's on twice a week and has been for nearly a year now, but does anyone else just feel like she doesn't fit in to radio 1? She never seems part of the team or that she cares about her show, there's literally no mention of her on any other show unless they're taking the piss out of her, she never covers and still makes basic mistakes, does anyone else just feel like she doesn't fit in at the station? I'm surprised she hasn't been sacked yet to be honest Or does anyone have a very different opinion and want to talk me around?
  4. Here we go, 2018 seemed to be a big year for R1 schedule, so time to make some predictions for next year (though probably not as many changes as this year) Personally, I think Clara's time will be up on mid morning, maybe a swap with Adele so Clara on earlies and Adele on mid morning? Or possibly Jordon takes mid morning? I also think that (sadly) Scott might leave his afternoon show (but stay on the chart) and do cover for R1/R2. He'd be replaced on afternoons by probably Alice (with or without Dev), or failing that Matt and Mollie. Finally, less likely but Grimmy may be vuneruble towards the end of the year, maybe going to an evening slot or something? That might be more like 2020 though. Think everyone else is pretty safe in their slots, I'm keen on the overall lineup atm What does everyone else think?
  5. Just a thought, Mollie seems to be getting a lot of promotion at the moment. She's on a lot of the trails, co-presenting the teen awards and got the silver ARIA for best newcommer... Anyone think promotion may be in the bosses mind? Personally I think she's great. Possibly the mid-morning show whenever Clara leaves?
  6. Can't Jordan just sit in for Clara? He's a big boy now, and it stops the whole schedule jumping about. Its annoying how he's been around for so long but he's no trusted with a mid morning show, despite being a great presenter
  7. Thought I'd start a new topic to collect our opinions for those listening First thoughts: he starts with 3 songs in a row. Classic Grimshaw
  8. Opinions: say Scott and Chris had never met and therefore he would never have been on the show. Do we think Scott would still be on radio 1? I personally think while Scott is very good, Chris is such a bit part on the show and keeps it sounding very 'young' and relivent. I don't know if it would have lasted without Chris. Scott is the stronger presenter, but Chris really gives a lot of 'heart' to the show
  9. As a 22 year old, and a secondary teacher so I work with teenagers, I quite like it. It's what is in the charts now and what I normally listen to. I prefer it to all the pop stuff they used to play and one direction personally. It's like when a few years ago there was loads of dance music on the playlist, it's just got to reflect what's one trend. It'll probably change again in the next couple of years!
  10. Might this mean a promotion is on the way for Alice in the next year or two? Maybe her and Dev on drive if grimshaw doesn't last?
  11. Yeah, I miss it. I was listening to some of the old episodes the other day and it just sort of... Stopped. I know this was because of greatest hits (sigh) but now he's free of this format him and Mollie could start it up again? His show normally has enough content, or if it doesnt it could be like a fortnightly thing? I also would like a Dev and Alice podcast please.
  12. Oh and another one for the prediction - what happens to Chris in this situation? Is he given his own show? Or cohosts with someone else?
  13. So I was wondering if anyone has any predictions about scotts future at radio 1. I think everyone knows he's closer to the end there than the beginning, but people thought he might leave around 2015 a few years back, but he still seems to be going strong. His show still sounds fresh and he was recently offered the chart slot. Do we think he has another few years in him? Or after things have settled with Greg and Grimmy will there be a final, big schedule change before the schedules are more set again? I was just interested in what people thought. Personally I think his afternoon show might go to Dev and Alice in the next year and he would become chart and do weekday cover. Disclaimer: I really don't want Scott to go, I'll miss him!
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