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  1. Looks like Scott is still off next week according to the sounds app schedule
  2. The Jordan Maya set up Saturday seems strange. Alice is off for a few more weeks yet I think
  3. No offence to her, I know she was on big brother but she isn’t going to be well known to many at all
  4. Didn’t see this one coming. According to The Sun she is the final confirmed celeb for this years series. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/im-a-celebrity/10305954/im-a-celebrity-2019-line-up-2/
  5. Jordan was great with Chris last time he covered Scott - not sure if Chris is off with Scott?
  6. Jordan seems to just be the main cover for Grimmy going forward then?
  7. Jordan was brilliant last week on breakfast, deserves a decent slot ASAP. He’s not afraid to bring his features across like North’s knock offs. I’m not a Grimmy fan so hopefully he will get drive in the next 6 months or so. Management must rate him as they have trusted him in every slot now.
  8. How long is a temporary fix though? He’s been on it nearly a year now. I guess time will tell with his contract which I’m sure I’ve seen on here somewhere ends soon?
  9. I think you could be right, although i actually think Adele is more talented and more listenable than Clara.
  10. Annie’s just been summoned as well. Scott’s been asked to go in for breakfast, Chris hasn’t. Chris said someone had entered into his online diary that he has to stay late tomorrow.
  11. Sounds like Jordan is heavily involved as well
  12. I thought that or maybe a race from one part of the country to the other by any means?
  13. Hide and seek does sound more likely but with so many DJs involved it would probably be less interesting than just Greg and Grimmy last year...?
  14. First post, Hello! Seems a lot of djs are involved in whatever is happening at Tuesday breakfast, more surprisingly Maya is involved, don’t think she’s been involved with any events outside her usual shows. Adele, Greg, Clara, Grimmy, Maya are the ones I’ve heard so far. Anyone else got any clues of what it could be or anyone else involved?
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