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  1. The other similar events in the past took around two days to complete, but this may be longer due to travel time between relevant locations
  2. It was all a trick! Greg has to escape from the campervan, which will travel around the country to find clues hidden in the real world, and therefore I've changed the thread title to reflect this
  3. Woah, this is like the 2020 modified schedule all over again, but at least it means Scott is back on drive (if only for a few weeks), and Grimmy gets extra long shows in his final week on R1, should be very fun!
  4. Greg is on with Scott and Chris talking about it, and repeated what he said on Wednesday’s breakfast show, which is that he won’t know where he is until he opens the blinds live on air each morning
  5. Thought I’d start a thread for this, as there’s not one already and it looks it’ll be a really fun listen.
  6. Greg was hinting at "one final thing with Grimmy" this morning, so I'm definitely hoping hide and seek is on the cards
  7. Looks like a co-host will happen before the end, going by the handover today
  8. Looking back, as much as I personally didn’t warm to Grimmy’s breakfast show when he took over from Moyles, as I was skeptical of change, it was the best possible move they could have made, and the resulting show suited its era of celebrity culture really well. I’m actually feeling quite emotional tonight as it’s just sunk in that Radio 1 won’t be the same station it was when I was growing up, even though I’m only 18, and clearly still don’t like change 😂 Saying that, Radio 1 has to evolve and I think these schedule changes will ultimately be seen as the start of a new era of the s
  9. I hope we get one final Annie and Grimmy co-host, as it would be the best way to end
  10. Dean seems to me to be a proper Radio 1 nerd, so I’m looking forward to him getting a regularly scheduled show. I’m hoping for a full revamp of the generic Radio 1 imaging in September. I’d prefer if Greg’s imaging was kept, as I really like it, but I could also see it being updated. I’d also imagine Vick and Jordan will get some custom imaging as well.
  11. Not according to the press office tweet:
  12. If Grimmy’s last drive show is 12th August and Vick and Jordan’s first is 6th September, then I’m going to assume we will have a few weeks with the so-called “B-Team” on weekday daytime in the gap? It’ll be really weird to listen to the “new” Radio 1 in September with all of these changes, but hopefully everything goes smoothly
  13. Looks like Monday 6th September for the schedule refresh now
  14. I said he’d leave in 2022, turns out it was much sooner, but it’s not really a surprise. He’s been a good laugh and it’ll be a shame to see him go. Vick and Jordan presenting as a duo is an interesting choice but I think it’ll work well
  15. Thought I’d put my twopence worth in, as I realise I haven’t posted on here too much since Greg took over breakfast. Greg’s incarnation of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show is by far my favourite in my time listening to the station (since the last few years of Moyles’ tenure on breakfast), as I much prefer the comedic, listener centric format to the more “showbiz”, celebrity focused formats used elsewhere on other youth-targeted breakfast shows (naming no names) Radio 1 has to be different to commercial competitors, and I truly believe they currently have the most distinctive breakfast sh



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