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  1. The Christmas Day schedule was great this year, I loved every show as they all felt very fun and warm.
  2. Interesting that some brief credits were read out at the end of Newsbeat a moment ago
  3. I’m enjoying Dean’s show, it’s pretty good so far, he sounds perfect for the time of day
  4. Complete The Year involves a contestant answering 12 questions, one for each month of a pre determined year, with the questions getting harder as the game progresses and the contestant has to “Complete The Year” by getting 12 correct answers. I think it’s a great concept
  5. very interesting, if it’s only been scheduled in the last few days I guess management are impressed with the show
  6. I enjoyed Judge Jordan. New game tomorrow - I’ve got a problem - from the description it’s like I’m a celebrity get out of my ear on Saturday night takeaway, Jordan tells Vick what to say on the phone to someone
  7. surprised they actually read that out given it mentioned the C word ?
  8. It’s a perfect fit, she’s always been passionate about new music
  9. An hour in and it’s such a fun listen, Vick and Jordan have great chemistry, the links feel fresh and completely right for 2021, and there’s plenty of listener interaction. It’s a 10/10 from me. I definitely think they will be the next hosts of the breakfast show whenever that may be.
  10. I enjoyed RMC’s first show, it definitely feels like there’s much more fun in the show than previous mid-morning shows on R1.
  11. radio1fan

    Voice notes

    R1 now has an official WhatsApp for shoutouts etc, Greg just revealed just after 9, it’s the studio phone number 03700 100 100
  12. I’m excited for the new era, it feels massive and I think it’ll go very well. I’m most looking forward to drivetime with Vick and Jordan, from what I’ve heard it sounds like it will be a really fun listener-centric show, they’ll have a quiz of some form, a requests feature, and an item called “Going Home Headlines” where listeners can text in about anything they have done earlier in the day and Vick and Jordan will make a mock news bulletin about the listeners. RMC on mid-mornings is an interesting choice but I’m sure it’ll be a very good listen. Clara hosting Future Sounds is a great fit for her, as she has a passion for new music, and the new “Hottest Records of The Week” on Monday nights sounds like a brilliant idea.
  13. I’m excited to hear the first show tomorrow. I have a great feeling it’s going to be very modern and fresh, whilst still retaining the sense of fun that Radio 1 has become known for.
  14. I agree, it makes it easier to promote and stand out from other Radio 1 output
  15. My guess is that the title will be the main vocal on a custom imaging package for the show
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