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  1. I'm really happy for Arielle but still find the "Friday is weekend" thing confusing, now more than ever. Just have 3 different schedules for weekdays, Friday and weekends, easy as that.
  2. Wow, this sounds amazing, I've been waiting for something like this since 2013.
  3. Though I'd prefer more new music and a longer playlist, I like this kinda shows, I'm a regular listener of Jordan's one on Sundays for months now. My main criticism is the selection. They tend to pick the same one hit wonders again and again in every few weeks, or stick to the one or two most famous tracks of each artist and ignore the rest. It feels like having a D list, which never changes. (If have have to listen to "Teenage Dirthbag" or "Rude Boy" again with the introduction "What a banger, I haven't heard this in ages!", I'm gonna cry...) I also have mixed feelings on the mix format (pun intended), sometimes they just play 30 seconds of each song just to sqeeze in more, I'd rather listen to fewer tracks in full. How would I change it? First of all, if they want to have it on daily, that's fine, but half an hour would be enough, that's ~7 songs in full (like Adele's Best New Pop). Don't be afraid to pick more obscure but good songs, almost 3 decades of should be enough to fill a few months without repeat. Personally I'd play the original versions of recent hits more just for educational purposes. Maybe do some feature or game around the songs, like Matt and Jordan did with Heaven or Hell. ("Who ripped off this one? Pitbull or Flo Rida? 81199!") A radnom idea: Recently they started to use themes, which is a step in the right direction, but they should come up with more interesing ones. When I hear "Classic RnB and indie bangers", I already know what songs I'm gonna hear and there's a 70% chance I just turn it off (see selection problems above). But what if the theme is "songs with a specific word in it", "songs about a specific topic" or "songs that don't sing their title", etc. any you can guess which song could be played next. I saw something like this on a music TV channel (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), and loved the idea, I'd like to hear it on radio.
  4. A new one from yesterday: "The one for the unemployed!"
  5. I love the new introductions which get played sometimes at 1 right after the news: "The one for fake tan" or "The one after *callers voice* neeewsbeat". I usually miss the first few minutes of the show so these might have been on for ages. Reminds me of Grimmy's status updates from his nighttime show ("Status update: Nick Grimshaw *singing to the ABBA tune* is Grimmy-Grimmy-Grimmy, the man before midnight!") or when callers introduced Scott's show.
  6. This one has a lot of great ones too. Luckily I've heard most of these at the time, seems like i was destined to find R1 sooner or later.
  7. Podcast as a genre is a hit and miss for me. If I want to listen to something, it's mostly live radio, or if there's nothing good on, I just look up an older show i missed, or just listen to offline music. I do this when I'm busy with something, and neither of these demand full time attention. And if I do pay attention to something, I pick a movie or a video instead. I also don't understand why did they air podcasts on radio now. Who would listen to them live (especially at 3 AM) when you can just put them on whenever you want and listen from beginning to end. It just takes away airtime from actual radio shows.
  8. "U okay hun?" Any more details of his recent R2 activity would be nice to hear. His thoughts about the LOLathon or doing a marathon show in general. Still about the LOLathon, but not quite: would he ever accept a regular late night slot where he could be as rude as that was in the late hours?
  9. That's a tough one, my memory is not that good to remember exactly what was played when, I'd have to wander around on the web archive first. The only one I know by date is the first one I ever heard (sadly that wasn't cached so here's the one from the week after): https://web.archive.org/web/20110119165600/www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/playlist/. Looking back at it now it still had loads of crap ones, but I only remember the best of it like Crush, Jump Into The Fog, Me & You, Skinny Genes, Bigger Than Us, Hot Mess, Fighting Fire (just to mention the least known ones). These defined me R1 for a long time. For me, the playlist quality always followed a normal distribution: a few really good songs, lots of okay/indifferent ones, and a few really bad or boring ones.
  10. And they did it again. (I'm in CEST, an hour ahead of the UK, they had it up by 17:45 UK time.) On a scale of 1 to 10 this is a 0.1 level spoiler.
  11. I still find it confusing to this day. Usually tune in to hear Greg and always get surprised by Matt & Mollie. At least it reminds me to listen to the chart on the way home. I'm not fully against a different Friday schedule with a "Friday breakfast" or a "Friday afternoon", but if they'd stop calling it weekend, that'd be great.
  12. I still have an FM radio as alarm clock if that counts. (I just find it more reliable than a phone.) It's funny though how FM is actually less accessible (at least for me) since most phones no longer have it and internet became cheaper.
  13. I would've bet that she'd come out with something new by now, and after the overplay treatment she gets relevant again by the time Big Weekend is here. Guess I was wrong. (Or it will be a last minute stunt.) (A bit off, but in my eyes, "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" changed her from disposable celebrity to actual talent worthy of attention.)
  14. I agree that popular stuff should be on the playlist, but R1 should at least try forming the trends instead of just following them, especially with the nighttime shows. It feels like to me they don't utilize 1xtra as they should: playing the same stuff on two stations at once is pointless, so are regular takeovers. R1 should have more experimental, interesting songs with chart hits (like that country-trap weirdness which skyrocketed in popularity last week, whatever I think of it, it's different, distinct, interesting) while 1xtra could stick to the most popular genres (including those same-beat-same-mumbling-lyrics tracks which still have their audience). And it needs regular cross promotion as well: "Wanna get more of the trend? Head over to 1xtra." (these existed at some point) / "Bored of the same style? R1 is for you." As I take a look at the current playlists, this is not that far as it might feel like, especially since the 8th (daily takeover, wtf) is out of the picture.
  15. The part with Fearne is perfect, I'd totally listen to that! But Jo Whiley's Shortest Show Ever sounds interesting too.
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