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  1. Jack mentiones every now and then that the show's goal is to let everyone tuning in hear at least one new song they really like or becomes their new favourite. What I like the most in these shows that for me this has been actually true. That's my main reason for being forgiving about his shoutout addiction.
  2. About Jack's 'Future Fan Club' obsession, yeah, you're right. Personally it never really annoyed me, but i can totally understand if it did someone else. Now that I really think of it, Zane also used to do something similar ('WHO'S ON BOARD 81199!?!?!?!'), but i was only maybe the first 20 minutes (and played songs that needed less introduction anyway) and after that the show became calmer and he talked much more in depth about songs. My theory: Jack is a bit of a social media addict and tries to grab the attention of other social media addicts... certainly a strategy to gain listeners... If he manages to get kids off t*kt*k and into radio, I'm not even mad. About Clara and rap: Like it or not, rap seems to be the most popular genre for years now, and it would be out of touch from R1 to ignore that. I'm kinda sick of it by now but that doesn't mean much because I'm not even close to being in the target audience (language barrier, vastly different culture). But every time I hear a song on daytime radio that has... a dull, monotone beat that puts you to sleep, so there's nothing musically interesting in it every second word muted out, so it's close to impossible to understand anything, even if i tried to a catchy hook which is either obviously stolen or tailored to t*kt*k or both ...I ask myself is this really the best they've got? No melody, no lyrics, a lazy sample at best. These probably sound fine on funny meme videos or just simply uncensored, but are god awful on radio. At least corporate mediahacks like ABCDEFU had an acceptable radio edit. (Sadly, the answer to this is also my theory from earlier...)
  3. So unexpected and random, but fine changes overall. Finally they acknowledged how weird it was to have the chillest and the rock show back to back on Sundays. So instead of "chill to load" it's going to be "chill to less loud, but still loud". My quick alternative would be: Pop to Sundays, right between the chart first look and the chillest show, prefect fit. (Which would mean double Molly, but hey, maybe Matt would deserve a solo show once a week anyway.) Leave Jack on Thursdays. The rest seems fine, especially the new Saturday nights.
  4. I think it's one of the best possible versions with the DJs available. Have some minor complaints, but Aled did a great job after all. Arielle: I like her a lot, especially her energy and her accent. They hopefully won't forget about her when a better weekday slot opens up. Greg: I still miss Chris Smith, but as someone who've always hated breakfast show as a genre, I love Greg's. It's not perfect but I always switch off happier than I tuned in, that's a really big deal. RMC: Now... I'm sorry but they remind me of an awful commercial breakfast show. It's like they's have a time limit on the links, always in a rush to play the next song and laughing on top of each others lines. They just don't fit on R1, at least not as a trio (when one of them was absent the show got a bit better). At least the music is not monotone and boring like it was on the nighttime show. Melvin is cool tho. Scott: We can just take him for granted at this point, because he's leaving R1 next year since 2012, but still, here we are. Okay, nothing lasts forever, but as long as they're sounding this strong with Chris (this morning's "surprise" show was fantastic for example), I'll still be listening for the next 1/2/5/10/20 years. Even when Scott leaves the afternoon slot (probably around 2112 ), I hope he stays on the chart show or get a naughty late night slot. Vick & Jordan: My first thought was that it's a waste pairing them together, because they're the best two of the new generation presenters, and two great shows are better that just one. After I heard the first show I've changed my mind, this was a brilliant move, they sound amazing together. Clara: Kinda indifferent on her, love her voice, but nothing special. Wasn't listening that much. Not her fault, but I think the hottest record "rebrand" was a mistake. At least it's not a separate 5 minute show on sounds, but on air it sounds like it was and I don't like it. Jack: Now this is how a specialist show should sound like. And it's on at a time when average human beings are still awake. Perfection. Powerdown Playlist: If only it was live... or at least fake live... if only... René/Annie/Benji: I'm just glad they're still on. Shows like this are what used to make R1 nighttime special, not lazy mixes recorded for repeating. Adele: Weekend mornings are the shows that suit her the best imho, but I don't hear her that much to form an opinion. Dean: The first impression was really bad, "be happy right now or else" vibes, so I avoided him for months. I gave him another chance in early December, but this he was actually fun and sounded professional. My favourite thing from him was the birthday hour for the poor folks (like myself ) who celebrate their birthday around Christmas time. Maybe he deserved all three weekend shows after all. Matt & Mollie: They're still okay, I guess. Not really listening nowadays. I still prefer solo Matt though. Dance Anthems: I wouldn't really mind Charlie, but throwing out the future hour for another classic one is such a sin from a new music station in my book, that I haven't listened once since M.I.S.T.A.J.A.M (that's how he spells it, right? ) left. Anthems in general: (Rant alert!) Play songs in full! Whoever mixes them, clearly can't mix at all, so why bother. If i like a song, and it cuts off halfway through, I just switch off the radio and put on the full song. Also repeat less! Yes, Starlight, Flowers, 21 Seconds, Gotta Get Thru This and such are all classics, but maybe the last 2 decades have many many more brilliant but forgotten songs that deserved to be on anthems instead of yet another play of these. Everyone else: Nothing specific, maybe I'll edit this if I have something new to say. Bonus: The 10:30-1-15:30-6-8 schedule: I'm kinda fine with it now, my only complaints are that it's still inconsistent with weekends and weekday shows feel shorter than they actually are, especially drive, so I still prefer the good old 10-1-4-7. (That's it for now, I'm back with another overly long post with broken english in another ~6 months. )
  5. 80's music in its natural habitat! I love it.
  6. The end of an era: Round 2. Really enjoying this week's shows, especially the nighttime flashbacks and the music, looking forward to tomorrow.
  7. Well, that was the beginning of the end i guess... Really liked the stories, especially the cruel prank one and the Westwood one. God, I'm gonna miss them...
  8. I liked the event overall as always, but one things bugs be. Did they really have to lock up Greg again? The original (fake) premise would've worked much better imho. Just make Greg (& Vick) solve the puzzles and the final password while on the road or something. Sounds more fun than Escape Room 3.
  9. I don't exactly keep notes, but remember a few I heard: Grimmy & Annie finished their last sunday night together with Crew Love by Drake & The Weeknd, Grimmy's first on breakfast was Paris by Jay-Z & Kanye West, Greg's first on breakfast was Levels by Avicii, picked by a random texter... I can't recall more, but I usually save first-last shows, so I can maybe look up a few if I have the time.
  10. Today Annie asked Grimmy to co-host with her on the 29th of July, it's gonna be a must listen.
  11. vorti

    Radio 1 Relax

    What is the rule exactly for these streams? I read somewhere, that they can't air anything new, just repeats of R1 shows, is that actually right? If so, that's bad news for live shows on R1. And with the upcoming changes it will get even worse as it seems now. Like R1 really aired this at one point? Radio 1's Relaxing ASMR - Water - BBC Sounds Content warning: this is the direct opposite of relaxing. No joke. Ladies and gentlemen, the world famous new music station presents Instant Bathroom Break: The Show!
  12. Scott on Serbian X-factor WhhhhooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!
  13. Wow, this reshuffle has the best and the worst changes at the same time. Impressive. I'm okay with Annie leaving the weekday show, I've always thought that someone else should have followed Zane to begin with, someone with the same energy, like Phil Taggart (he even said in his last show how odd was to him at first to get the chill show) or now Jack Saunders (that guy is so enthusiastic about music, he could even sell Macarena to me if he had to i swear). She did a great job though, but it could have been better. Friday evenings on the other hand... without Annie, Thursdays are going to be followed by Saturdays i'm afraid. An iconic show gone, end of an era. (But who's gonna do the "Danny Mac" pun on air first? My money is on Scott.) But the worst part is her departure makes a new Grimmy & Annie show impossible. Whenever these two end up together on air is pure radio gold. Could've been the greatest sendoff for both of them, doing a show together again for a few years, maybe on weekend evenings, for example. RMC's monotone mumbling rap playlist is off 8PM and Jack is in: best change ever! Not sure about Clara, but we'll see, I really like her voice, and if the music is fine, I'm in. Daily Sian, thumbs up, then it gets problematic... really problematic. So, a single hour of Sian (odd), René/Annie/Benji cut back to an hour (WHAT?! why?!), and then 5 hours of N-O-T-H-I-N-G (but recyclable filler and podcasts I assume)?! This must be a joke! Or a typo. Actual new music content: 1 hour, filler crap: 5? This is mad. I hope i got that wrong...
  14. I'm a regular listener of the Tiktok Chart... oops, I mean the Official Chart since Scott took over, and I prefer this shorter version too, gives them more freedom in picking which songs get played from the lower half. If I remember correctly, it has been moved from Sunday to Friday because it has to match the day of new music releases. If they move it back to Sunday, it becomes outdated.
  15. This was the last post I read yesterday before the site went all 404. Thought the opinions got a little too unpopular... My take on Anthems: Nowadays it's my favourite punching bag, but Greatest Hits started off as my most liked show (even the Maya Jama edition), but then they kept repeating too much, started mixing the songs (and how badly... those awkward mashups), and the presenters got limited to shoutouts and fake excitement, no more "Heaven... or **echo on** HELL" or anything like that. And instead of a few hours per week, now it's on probably every day, sometimes an anthems show is followed by another one (Dance at 4AM then workout anthems at 5), it's no longer special at all. And the worst part: it made me detest Teenage Dirtbag. Whenever I hear that song, I scream and switch off ASAP. Before Anthems, only Justin Bieber songs had that privilege. On Greg: I agree that his drive show was the better one, but I like having him on breakfast more. I wish they just moved the drive show the breakfast as it was, including Chris Smith. But (oh my god, here we go) not the Going Home Song. That got old really fast, and had the Wheatus-effect on me after the first year or so, just without the screaming. Instant switch off.
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