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  1. Late night Innuendo Bingo, Lolathon 2017. Need I say more?
  2. Are you sure about that? Greg has congratulated them all on his own twitter, one of many examples.
  3. Matt and Mollie in for Greg tomorrow morning (15th June) according to Greg’s Instagram Stories Edit: most likely a joke
  4. I just remembered that ITV are meant to be doing an all-star edition of I’m a Celebrity… in South Africa, which will be fully pre-recorded as a backup in case they can’t make the normal series later in the year for whatever reason. Perhaps Jordan is taking part in that?
  5. For me, it’s the playlist, the presenters and the news output. Radio 1 has a much wider and more varied playlist than its commercial rivals, and I love the fact that they devote more airtime to smaller artists, many of whom just aren’t being played by competing stations. The presenters on Radio 1 are given greater freedom to be themselves on air, rather than having to stick to short and sometimes very infrequent links, which greatly reduces the personality of a presenter in my opinion. Listeners are therefore much more able to connect with presenters, and are often featured as part of their shows. Greg in particular features listeners for much of his show, which is what makes it such a fun and entertaining listen. Newsbeat provides regular bulletins which make the news of the day to more accessible to young people, without any patronisation. Radio 1 are the only radio station I know of that air two long-form (ie longer than 2/3 minutes) news bulletins each weekday, which is therefore a unique service. Overall, Radio 1 know how to make radio interesting and exciting for a generation of people who have many options when it comes to entertainment, and are succeeding at getting them to listen.
  6. I always suspected it would come back, especially given the “We lost bingo” remix of the Blessed Madonna song
  7. it’ll only be for one day like the previous one, it’s just that they’ll reveal it later in the week I think This is pretty marmite as Aaron said and there are people on Twitter that don’t even realise it’s a joke, they should probably reveal it ASAP, I don’t think it’s got anywhere near as much wider media coverage as the previous one did. Personally I like the idea but the dares could have been more believable.
  8. They are definitely pushing the limits now as that was so obviously fake, you can tell they were getting their instructions at the same time. I wonder when the official reveal will be, if it’s like the previous one with ITV daytime shows it’ll be ThursdaySuspect it's more Ant and Dec, but you never know if there's some
  9. very true, and also the Radio 1 DJ’s are more well known, and Jordan is part of Takeaway this series so it probably makes for a better item
  10. he pretended to have hiccups during his link at around 8:55am unless I missed it they didn’t ask for bangers contestants so I assume Sara worked for Ant and Dec? I’m actually surprised they didn’t do this with Capital or Heart as there’s links between ITV and Global (Love Island podcast etc) I think it’ll be hard for Vick and Jordan to successfully make it sound like they’ve went mad, as the some of the previous dares would sound pretty normal with them e.g Jordan burped on air last week (I’m not saying they are mad or anything, I love their style)
  11. He was scheduled to headline Dundee 2020 so it could be a good idea to have him headline the Saturday as Ed Sheeran won’t be the headliner due to performing in Cardiff on the same evening
  12. It’s taking place in the BBC Radio Theatre I believe, so in theory they can alternate with one in the theatre and one in the studio, whether they’d actually do that is a different matter.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dave was one of the two big names
  14. oooh good detective work, I’m hoping for Florence and The Machine
  15. Clara said there will be more big weekend news on Wednesday, this is likely to be the two big names that Greg was talking about
  16. Is anyone going to try and go to Coventry?
  17. Sounds like the future sounds stage is a second main stage in all but name, especially as there is still a separate BBC introducing stage
  18. Foals headlining Future Sounds stage on Sunday of big weekend
  19. Is there any evidence of a new slogan on any new branding? If so, it’d be safe to assume there’s new jingles
  20. Greg has it too, seems they are updating one at a time. I’m sure the new look has been inspired by TV testcards.
  21. New Newsbeat and images for some shows including EB and M&M on BBC Sounds, definitely evolution rather than revolution
  22. they’ve done that in the past before, and of course Glastonbury never releases the lineup until after the tickets have gone on sale Sunday has made the lineup more equal in terms of gender which is great
  23. Lorde announced for Sunday of big weekend. Hopefully Sunday will have more female/non binary representation Two more big names to be announced for Sunday
  24. New Radio 1 logo is now the profile picture for R1’s social media
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