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  1. I will simply say this: If they're struggling to 'fill time' at any point, then I'm sure there's a boat-load of artists who would appreciate more exposure through the 'Introducing' route - you know, instead of that just been shoved away in it's Sunday night corner ....
  2. From the odd bits & pieces I've caught, the evident excitement displayed by the new lot (including tripping over words, like 'Spitney Spears'!) was a great thing to hear - As opposed to some of the established voices (naming no names) who largely just coast through their slots with 'shout-outs', adding precious little to material supplied by the listeners ,,,
  3. He's somehow struck a seam where, whether you're 15 or 50, then, provided you take at least a passing interest in new pop, chances are you don't mind a bit of Scott. I say this as a 45 yr-old, and his is the only Mon-Fri daytime R1 show I actively listen to ...
  4. Not much love for Mister Grimshaw on this thread so far ,,,
  5. No word yet from the main commercial rivals ... But some combination of R1, R2 and 6Music looking feasible, for a nice mix of stuff on the big day itself ,,,
  6. Marks out of ten for THIS ?? ,,, https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/now-thats-what-i-call-music-107-tracklisting-revealed__31587/?fbclid=IwAR1tnhuWc2_kOkjzez6RbN98fQlnNDYRcrE2YLp_yPaFkpU0dCfplMVs7YQ
  7. ^^ " The BBC has never made good, proper use of it's archive with a lot of things " ^^ Understatement of the year there, I think! ,,,
  8. Good point about the much-missed Zane Lowe. Whilst Annie Mac is a perfectly fine broadcaster, she seems to have minimal interest in records made with "proper instruments", so to speak ,,,,
  9. I don't hear any great difference to the 2019 playlists - With the rise of TikTok however, don't see Indie getting much of a look-in ,,
  10. Something like that, yep. Am pleased that I will be able to hear Adele in my waking hours!
  11. Oh right, I stand corrected! ,,, To clarify: The current 'split' also sounds messy to me.
  12. 'Anthems' being split over two shows seems a bit messy - If it's going to be kept on at all, why not assign a third presenter to do that hour?
  13. Re - My previous musings, will be interesting to hear what difference this makes - with the same music - in terms of having more of a 'late night' feel ,,,,
  14. I wonder what peoples views are on the time slots that different shows are given? I know it's not such a big deal in these days of 'catch-up' listening, but (for instance), Jack Saunders sounds a touch too 'lively' to me for that late at night - whereas a straight swap with the relatively-relaxed Annie Mac would make more sense .....
  15. Meanwhile, the only show I listen to on 1Xtra - David Rodigan - moving earlier (again?) to 1pm on Sundays -- Made a nice prelude to the Chart at 6pm, in the later slot - Will check out Amy Lame on 6Music ...
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