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  1. The music they play on their own show is not for me, but they always make a really entertaining job of things, when covering for others.
  2. Sorry, still don't see it. Radio 1 'does it right' when it enthuses about new music. That's what it was set up to do. Certainly, the adverse 'scrutiny' it has attracted on this forum is due to it's failure to do that. The Head Of State dying? - Sure, we'll all expect a significant shift of tone & emphasis, across all media. But - the spouse of the Head Of State?? - A man who was NOTED (and, in the end, celebrated) for blurting out awkward things? -- The more you think about it, the less sense it makes ...........
  3. Trouble is, everything JW does in that time slot, Janice Long does over on Radio Wales, only so much better ...
  4. I don't get the 'very careful' bit. As if the Queen would be saying, 'They better not be playing The Chart today!' ...
  5. Exactly right. But how to feed that back to the decision-makers??
  6. He always seems to go up a gear when co-presenting - I'd put him with a newbie female in a more relaxed, late evening spot.
  7. Sounding like a nice, easy-flowing fit to me on Weekend afternoons.
  8. 1) For the talk-based networks: LBC has come on leaps and bounds, very well-established brand now, often on top of breaking news and does 'what it says on the tin'. TalkRadio is hampered by a line-up consisting (largely) of pub-bore presenters, but is doing well pushing it's constant streaming. TimesRadio deserves credit for relying on sponsorship only (no adverts as such) - Style is deliberately more 'dry' than the others, but I put an hour aside for John Piennar. TalkSport2 is building a reputation for ACTUAL sports coverage, as opposed to the acres of inane 'banter' on the main TalkSport.
  9. Fair enough - But who then fills his shoes on R1? He is, after all, R1's equivalent of Steve Wright - a 'Mr Dependable', who most demographics can get along with ...
  10. I will simply say this: If they're struggling to 'fill time' at any point, then I'm sure there's a boat-load of artists who would appreciate more exposure through the 'Introducing' route - you know, instead of that just been shoved away in it's Sunday night corner ....
  11. From the odd bits & pieces I've caught, the evident excitement displayed by the new lot (including tripping over words, like 'Spitney Spears'!) was a great thing to hear - As opposed to some of the established voices (naming no names) who largely just coast through their slots with 'shout-outs', adding precious little to material supplied by the listeners ,,,
  12. He's somehow struck a seam where, whether you're 15 or 50, then, provided you take at least a passing interest in new pop, chances are you don't mind a bit of Scott. I say this as a 45 yr-old, and his is the only Mon-Fri daytime R1 show I actively listen to ...
  13. Not much love for Mister Grimshaw on this thread so far ,,,
  14. No word yet from the main commercial rivals ... But some combination of R1, R2 and 6Music looking feasible, for a nice mix of stuff on the big day itself ,,,
  15. Marks out of ten for THIS ?? ,,, https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/now-thats-what-i-call-music-107-tracklisting-revealed__31587/?fbclid=IwAR1tnhuWc2_kOkjzez6RbN98fQlnNDYRcrE2YLp_yPaFkpU0dCfplMVs7YQ



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