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  1. I'm old enough to remember Mark Goodier handling both 'briefs' with aplomb ,,,,
  2. Well done Jack. You've certainly got the right energy for this slot. Just quit telling us that we're 'locked in' every two or three songs - PLEASE PACK THAT IN.
  3. My current practice is to listen to Scott M on R1 2pm-3pm, then Steve W on R2 3pm-4pm, so I'll just give that a slight tweak when the time comes, for whoever is gonna be on R1 at 2pm ... Fingers crossed the same quota of entertaining (albeit, different) features will be used, throughout ... The one thing I certainly won't miss about Mr Wright is his continual breaking of one of Radio's most sacred principles - that you don't pass off pre-recorded stuff as live. Heck, even the studio 'applause' which greets the pre-recorded guest was itself pre-recorded, years ago! The trained ear can of course spot when this happens, but, for casual listeners, he is gulling them into thinking that he is a much smoother, wittier operator than he actually is (all the glitches having been ironed out already). All he ever had to say was something like 'I spoke to [celebrity] earlier, and here's what they said' - Not (straight out of record): 'It's [celebrity], everyone!' - There is just something fundamentally dishonest about that ...
  4. Jack Saunders when sitting-in for Clara = Not remotely irritating. Go figure ...
  5. @vorti- Again, brilliantly put ... Although, in fairness, good mixture being played tonight, certainly from 7pm ...
  6. Granted. Would be good to know what the rationale for this particular approach is, though ... Here's a random example: 16th March show, 11 minutes in - a) Nice description of a nice dance track, but - b) Why he is still hyping the show (via a 'Katie' - who is apparently 'locked in for the buzz') at this point? - c) 'A 'Gem' is then 'locked in' to the 'future fan club' (I've now forgotten what the previous record was) - d) Why is it so important for us to leave our names for a 'shout out' past 8pm? - This ain't Steve Wright In The Afternoon; we're supposed to be intrigued enough by the music selections - e) All I'm told about the next record is 'This is Self Esteem' - I've now got a nasty feeling that this is all I'm going to be told ... f) Sure enough, at 14:21, we're informed that 'Tash' is bopping around the kitchen to it - and he's still bloody 'welcoming' us to the 'club' - g) It's not until 15:20 that he's varied the dynamics in his voice (proof that it can be done!) and starting talking in one stream of consciousness about the actual merits of a record! - Keep this up, please! - h) 18:08 - Still sounding good - But then notice how the new dynamic goes straight out of the window again at 18:16 - Again, he's WAY more excited about a 'Ben' being 'locked in' all the way from Australia .. SWITCH OFF TIME. THIS ISN'T ADDING ANYTHING TO SOME (PRETTY GOOD) MUSIC - IT'S DETRACTING FROM IT.
  7. How are people getting on with the regular evening content on R1? - I'm thinking especially of Clara Amfo and Jack Saunders. I don't mind Clara's presenting style at all - although I do wonder why there has to be a continuous stream of music underneath everything she says ('beds', I think they're called - the geeks on here will confirm). Ultimately, there's too much rap in the selections for me to stay engaged - but, who I am to say? - Maybe that's a true reflection of the new music being put out there ... The musical selections in Jack's show are markedly more, well, musical, and I commend his energy & enthusiasm, but sadly, there's just something about the way he phrases things that rubs me up the wrong way (what's all this stuff about 'being locked in' to a 'club'??? - cut it out, man!) ... .. Just some random thoughts - I expect others hear things in a very different way ...
  8. Clara has taken to the evening slot ('the evening session', as I still think of it!) like a duck to water. Dare I say it - I prefer her to Annie Mac.
  9. Looks good to me - I'd give The Rock Show 7pm-8pm on a Saturday (or an edited repeat at that time) - but apart from that, all gravy ...
  10. ^ Found this for ya - 33 minutes in ... It was quite an ingenious feature -- ^
  11. Wait - You mean you've never heard 'Snooker on the radio'?!
  12. I can see why you'd say that, in terms of sheer staying power. Stylistically however, Dave Lee Travis might be a closer parallel !
  13. I did a general search the other day, out of idle curiosity, on most annoying dj's, and this came up as a link. It then struck me just how long (off and on) I'd been TRYING to like her! ...
  14. Well folks, it's now 2021, and to paraphrase Paul Simon, 'Still annoying .. after all these years'. I've tried to like her - I really have. Fundamentally, it's to do with striking a pose whereby she wants to be mainstream, and yet somehow 'above' the mainstream, at the very same time. She just about pulls that off on telly, because she still looks kind of cute in a pair of wellies. Back on the wireless, however, it's insufferable. Thank goodness for Janice Long on Radio Wales ...
  15. A little off-topic, as it relates to a different station, but didn't want to open up a whole new thread just for this, so .... Well done, Craig Charles - and well-deserved too ,,, Craig Charles to host new BBC Radio 6 Music weekday afternoon show - Media Centre
  16. All we need now is DLT dressed as a chicken ,,,
  17. Well, apart from the 'Prince Philip' interlude - but let's not rake over that ground again ,,,
  18. Indeed. Extending my previous idea - Could then throw-in an 'In Concert' hour on 6Music, 9pm Saturdays. So then there would be a run of three hours altogether, of various shades of Rock, over three stations ... Caters amply for the leather-trousered amongst us, without making serious disruptions to any particular schedule - How's that for joined-up thinking?
  19. I still think there's a place for a Rock Show - just not on Sundays! - Neatest solution would be to give it 7pm-8pm on Saturdays. That would just shave the first hour off the '1Xtra Takeover', and dedicated head-bangers could continue their adventure at 8pm with the R2 Rock Show ...
  20. The Rock Show is all wrong on a Sunday, that's for sure.
  21. Consensus on these pages is that R1 is in pretty good shape right now - And I have no quibble with that. HOWEVER! - What's the one* thing that you would fix? If you had the power? - The one thing that is obviously wrong, or not quite working? It could be a matter of presentation, mix of music & speech, scheduling, whatever. Just try to home in on one* thing, cheers ? *Ok - maybe two things -- three at an absolute push ....
  22. Wow, you've got DECADES of turbulence ahead of you ?
  23. Well, for the old farts amongst us, the early 90's was hard to beat, but yes, the station is certainly in good health at the moment.
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