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  1. I agree Jack Saunders is a future daytime presenter. When he has covered daytime he is much stronger than say Dean. Greg is increasingly dipping his toe in serious broadcasting on Radio 4 and I can see his future lying in that direction. Apart from anything else Radio 1 was his first job after uni and heading for 40 you can see him wanting to try other things. He is a superb broadcaster and I think there is no limit to what he could do. In many respects a younger (and better) Nicky Campbell.
  2. In a podcast interview Scott talked about the dynamic between him and Chris - basically saying that because of how it came about there was never really an issue of hierarchy.
  3. When I was invited to take part in the Who Game they were recording it on the Thursday or something. If you think about it, it’s too complicated to be done entirely live with how they drop randoclips in etc.
  4. Who Game is a pre-record so probably would have been weird to have Scott on it
  5. Also not sure if mentioned Cel Spellman is back on Life Hacks on Sunday with Vick Hope.
  6. I think it is Katie Thistleton’s wedding this weekend which may explain some changes.
  7. Dean is fine. Think he will need some time to grow and develop but certainly has potential. Must admit I enjoyed Katie and Jack more in that slot
  8. Katie is on BBC Radio Manchester this week so she wouldn’t have been free to cover the chart.
  9. Oh wow that’s interesting… being a Friday hard to tell if that’s easier than Matt and Mollie doing it and needing cover or a sign of regular cover.
  10. I agree. Annie fell into the category (as people like Jo Wiley did in the past) of trying to sound “too cool” but Clara brings total accessibility and a daytime style to it. And even tho he is playing the freshest stuff so does Jack Saunders
  11. AndyK77

    Sian Eleri

    I think Sian is perfectly fine in general but I would prefer any daytime promotions to go to Jack, Katie or Arielle ahead of her.
  12. If anything they are even stronger Day 2. after such high expectations there was a risk of this being a flop but it’s far from it
  13. I think it comes across that Jack loves daytime - he will almost certainly be next for a daytime slot which at this point could be 2 years away. I'm willing to bet Scott does 25 years on daytime then leaves so 2023.
  14. Jordan said he was off filming for a few weeks. I wonder is this the travel show he is doing with Beverley Callard for ITV?
  15. You imagine Jordan will be taking time off to record that travel show with Beverley Callard.
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