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  1. Dean is fine. Think he will need some time to grow and develop but certainly has potential. Must admit I enjoyed Katie and Jack more in that slot
  2. Katie is on BBC Radio Manchester this week so she wouldn’t have been free to cover the chart.
  3. Oh wow that’s interesting… being a Friday hard to tell if that’s easier than Matt and Mollie doing it and needing cover or a sign of regular cover.
  4. I agree. Annie fell into the category (as people like Jo Wiley did in the past) of trying to sound “too cool” but Clara brings total accessibility and a daytime style to it. And even tho he is playing the freshest stuff so does Jack Saunders
  5. AndyK77

    Sian Eleri

    I think Sian is perfectly fine in general but I would prefer any daytime promotions to go to Jack, Katie or Arielle ahead of her.
  6. If anything they are even stronger Day 2. after such high expectations there was a risk of this being a flop but it’s far from it
  7. I think it comes across that Jack loves daytime - he will almost certainly be next for a daytime slot which at this point could be 2 years away. I'm willing to bet Scott does 25 years on daytime then leaves so 2023.
  8. Jordan said he was off filming for a few weeks. I wonder is this the travel show he is doing with Beverley Callard for ITV?
  9. You imagine Jordan will be taking time off to record that travel show with Beverley Callard.
  10. I am surprised the Rock Show is surviving the new schedule. Very little rock music is making the playlist so could be covered on a Future Sounds and Future Artists.
  11. Jordan certainly has become a regular as a guest on TV since I’m A Celeb. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets his own show soon though I guess this thing with Bev is his own show. It’s nice to see a presenter that worked so hard and is almost universally liked getting this success. This new line-up is incredibly strong, hard to find a single weak link weekdays or weekends.
  12. Jordan will need to get this out of the way before he starts Drive. His profile has really exploded https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/15259341/coronation-street-beverley-callard-jordan-north-travel-show/
  13. You can see the path being laid for Jordan eventually taking over the chart on Fridays.
  14. Jordan and Vick should be a great combination!
  15. What a great idea!
  16. I also think age brackets are very assumptive in a time when the generation boundaries are blurring. I am outside Radio 1's stated target audience but I find Radio 1's music and humour much more for me than what is offered elsewhere. If you are an older listener there really is nowhere playing new music unless you are into the 6 Music style of new music and not the broader view of new music found on Radio 1. As I said elsewhere, Radio 1 actually has a great line-up of warm presenters at the moment. As much as I am not a huge fan of Grimmy these days, I think him replacing Moyles at Breakfast really improved the tone of the station for the better. I know Moyles was very popular with many, but his abrasive style and lack of music also drove many away from the station. I know he was a net-gainer for the station before anybody points out his great listening figures but just saying as much as he pulled in listeners, he also very much pushed others away.
  17. I would expect that to change..
  18. Some good points here but there is a problem Radio 1 has faced since the 90s and that’s getting the line right between being a different sounding youth station (thought I’d argue it is as much about music as “youth”) and being popular. Loose too many listeners and it’s a problem, chase listeners at the expense of sounding different and it’s a problem. Right now I think they have it about right. Grimmy needs to go simply as his show sounds the most dated on the station and Scott is clearly preparing to move to Radio 2 when the time is right for him.
  19. It also has to be said that Radio 1 is far better than Radio 2 which generally uses a string of TV stars to cover for the regular presenters. Radio 1 really feels like quite a diverse station that steadily gets more diverse so I don't see a problem as it is on a steady natural evolution. If you look at the history of the station, it's a massively different place today. You can't achieve these things by revolution because the other side of public service broadcasting is producing something people actually want to listen to. If you want to listen to people learning their trade listen to Community or Student radio. (Both of which do a great job BTW so not knocking them but it's not the style needed for national radio). The current Radio 1 approach of gently easing new talent in is the perfect approach and pretty groundbreaking. One other point to remember (and anybody who has ever been around a radio station knows this) - not enough females want to do radio compared to men. When I was running a station I struggled to get more female presenters. Now that's a good reason for encouraging women into radio and running campaigns like highlighting people like Clara, Annie, Katie, Vick from Radio 1 and Zoe, Sara, Jo, Vanessa, Claudia etc from Radio 2. But it doesn't get away from the fact that right now there is a much smaller pool of talent to give opportunity to. If you look at Capital, Kiss etc you'll find even fewer females than on Radio 1. It's not because a modern station doesn't want female voices, there simply isn't the talent to give an opportunity to.
  20. But what would you do? I think (as you mentioned) the radio 1 new talent scheme is a great way of building more diversity but that takes time. I mean I think things are moving in the right direction surely? when you look at the line-up compared to the U.K. population as a whole.. Clara is the first non-white presenter of the preserve of the evening new music show. Rickie and Melvin (with Charlie) are taking on one of the biggest shows on the station. I would be shocked if Jeremiah Asiamah isn’t a major star at Radio 1 in the next few years. Females have probably never been so well represented on the station too. Arguably Asian groups are underrepresented but I suspect that’s partly down to Asian network. Regional accents are pretty well represented. LGB interests are well represented. How would you do it differently? (I stress that’s a question and not an attack)
  21. But you can’t compare filling a Breakfast presenter role with say the civil service filling a role. There is a very very limited pool of people who are right for that job. The BBC and most broadcasters have been fantastic in general at not seeing gender, sexuality, race etc. I totally support diversity and tick a few minority boxes myself but I’d hate to get a role for any reason other than my ability.
  22. Agree completely about Alice - should have been destined for bigger things.
  23. I think part of the problem is that for a long time there haven't been female presenters strong enough / of the right style to do Breakfast. But I think that's changing, Vick and Katie, Mollie King, Arielle are all really strong music entertainment presenters so you never know. It should all be on merit anyhow as otherwise that's just patronising to women - just as Greg was definitely the right choice. I think as much as Grimmy's show sounds tired now, he was the right choice to replace Moyles to make a total break with that era. I think aside from Jordan and maybe Jack Saunders in time, all the obvious next breakfast candidates are female actually.
  24. No reason why a Jordan and Arielle pairing wouldn’t be equals. Just as Dev and Alice were and Matt and Mollie
  25. I'd say that's possible. I wonder if you might see a pairing like Jordan and Arielle? They have a great chemistry.
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