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  1. I just think radio is much more personal with only the one presenter.
  2. I'm not feeling this at all. Why can't Nick just present on his own, why does he always need somebody to hold his hand?!
  3. He smashed it. I am looking forward to tomorrow!
  4. Now a handy highlights package for new listeners.
  5. I haven't really made an effort to listen to Dev and Alice honestly. I still don't really know how I feel about the whole 'Dev and Alice' thing, it just doesn't seem to me like a natural pairing to me. I may need more time. Alice Levine though is major talent.
  6. Scott is great on The OFFICIAL Chart. He is smooth and slick, how the Chart should be. Radio nerds do radio the best!
  7. I am disappointed Greg didn't bring back the sung jingles to be frank. They are so good.
  8. I relate. I'm sure that will happen too. Greg's talking about his own garden now!
  9. Greg is talking about his garden now with Calvin.
  10. We're late for The Ten Minute Takeover at nine o'clock
  11. The main difference between Greg James and Nick Grimshaw's presentation style is Greg makes the show all about the listeners, which makes a lot of sense. Without the listeners there would be no show. It sounds really good!
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