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  1. I still haven’t forgiven Radio 1 for signing Laing. Vick and Jordan was good, you could hear the chemistry on air
  2. The shows surely being driven for him so all he has to do is talk between the tracks and he can’t get even get that right
  3. I thought the same to that comment, the license fee is going on me babes
  4. What with Jamie Laing, now him. Is it time for a new Head of the station?
  5. He also just said coming up we have brand new segment, I thought they were a band 🤣 how did this man get on Radio 1? Aled needs his head testing. It’s an insult people who deserve to be on the radio
  6. How he was just faded out at the end of the link reminded me of the Oscars music fading you out
  7. RPReplay_Final1713612277.mp4 You’re welcome
  8. Haven’t warmed to Jordan on Capital, generally still listening to Greg
  9. Is it just me or is Dean always off?
  10. Also, do you not think Chris Stark has matured? He’s nothing like he was with Scott!
  11. For me it’s not the same Jordan but it might better as time goes on. I think I will go back to Greg tomorrow 🤣
  12. I liked Vick and Jordan, Jordan has so many different settings 🤣. I do hope he will get back to the Jordan we all know and love soon. Although, I guess it’s a bit like when Scott went to 2, he was different to how he was on Radio 1. Although, Moyles has remained the same whichever station he’s on. 😂
  13. I hope so, I listened to the whole show. It just seemed like a different Jordan but as you say it was a busy show.
  14. It’s a different Jordan North to Vick and Jordan and Chris has matured since Radio 1 hasn’t he?!
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