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  1. I concur, I personally don’t get the Jordan and Vick pairing. I think he always sounds so uptight when he’s with her and comes across like he isn’t relaxed but then when Katie subs for Vick, he is a different person altogether. They should have been paired up from the start. I don’t think Jordan could have done a show solo at this point as he isn’t polished yet.
  2. Not harsh at all, Dean is by far the worst DJ on R1. He knows it as the very few times I have accidentally listened to him he mentions people complaining and asking him to quit. He’s a massive diva that was called out by Greg. He doesn’t work well with others, he always talks over Katie and tries to run the show when he subs for Matt or Jordan. It’s always all about him which is why they gave him such a weak co presenter. She barely spoke the one time I listened to her and seemed a pushover. Probably why she got paired up with Dean. Probably why Katie may have been offered the role but she turned down the opportunity to work with Dean. As I say, have a look at social media, which has a far bigger membership, and look at how disappointed people are with the hire As to your other point about being young and fresh? 8 of the presenters on the weekday (from 7am - 20:00) range from early 30s to late 40s. If he wanted young and fresh he would have replaced Scott and Chris with Sam and Dani. He replaced Scott (a gay) with Dean and Vicky (LGBT) it comes across as box ticking at this point.
  3. Why don’t you have a look on the R1 twitter account and Instagram account for yourself? You’ll see only Charlie Hedges and the radio 2 account congratulating them but the rest are people annoyed by the decision.
  4. I take your point about Greg, but the rest of your list is ridiculous. Jordan, Scott and Chris being told to do it by their boss vs doing it freely on social media is a whole different situation. Neither Scott or Chris sounded enthusiastic about Dean on air. The other main presenters of R1 have freely commented on a post about Scott Mills (that came after the post about Dean) but all chose to ignore the post about Dean. Katie and Nat got promoted so ofc they’re gonna congratulate themselves. Who’s Conor? You’re clutching at straws here.
  5. Apart from Charlie Hedges, none of the other radio 1 DJs have congratulated Dean on R1s Instagram or twitter account. Some of them have commented on a latest post about Scott but ignored the Dean post. I think they’re all annoyed with Aled’s decision to overlook M&M. On social media the vast majority of people are aghast at Dean taking over and M&M being overlooked.
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