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  1. I see Riyadh Khalaf is down to cover Dev on the 20th September.
  2. That's a pretty big gig for Riyadh to get for covering.
  3. Cel's last Life Hacks show is the 30th August. Vick Hope joins Life Hacks from the 6th September.
  4. Looks like the temporary schedule will still be there by the time we get to Radio 1 Anthems going daily so based on that, it appears we will indeed lose an hour of original Greg James content.
  5. From the 29th June, Radio 1 Anthems will be on every day from 10am-11am as Summer season begins.
  6. I noticed that as a replacement for Maya, they have split Dev and Alice up. On the 29th-31st May, it's Dev doing 11:00-15:00 whilst on the 5th-7th June, it's Alice doing that slot.
  7. Radio 1 Anthems all day on Easter Monday from 4am-7pm based on the current schedules.
  8. Changes start Saturday now. Also regarding Friday's shows, it appears Scott is doing an hour of normal content before the chart starts at 4pm as usual.
  9. Is Newsbeat still going to happen at the normal times. Also wondering what happens with the Chart and Dance Anthems on Friday. Is the Chart now 2hr 45mins or both are 2hrs?
  10. Looks like Jack Saunders is self-isolating based on what he is saying on Twitter. He's back next Monday but pre-recording his shows from home.
  11. Minor bits and pieces but Danny Howard and Pete Tong's show swaps start from the 3rd April with Danny Howard moving to 9pm and Pete Tong at 11pm. Radio 1 Dance Presents starts at 3am early on the 4th April. An interesting change is Huw's BBC Introducing Show from the 5th April is getting cut to 90 mins with a brand new show called BBC Introducing Dance with Jaguar for half an hour from 12:30am. From the 6th April-9th April, Arielle and Jordan are teaming up to cover Scott for the week with Cel and Katie covering the chart and Dance Anthems the next day.
  12. More schedule updates for this weeked. Katie Thistleton is covering for Arielle on Early Breakfast on Friday and Scarlett Moffatt is joining Dev as a co-host whilst Alice is away. On the 20th March, Cel and Katie are doing the Chart and Party Anthems whilst Cel is also covering Arielle on the 21st and Mollie is solo on Weekend Breakfast on the 22nd.
  13. Early Breakfast has blanks on most days as well so I imagine most of the new talent are on those slots as well. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/11/student-radio-award-winners-to-host-bbc-radio-1-shows/ I noticed reading this article it mentions that: If that's true then that would be done on the 27th Dec but the schedule also says that Scott is still down to host the chart and party anthems that day. Radio 1 dance shows have a blank as well so maybe they'll showcase upcoming dance music DJ's in those slots.
  14. 2nd-5th December and 9th-12th December: Katie Thistleton in for Adele 9th December: Rickie, Melvin & Charlie in for Clara 20th December - Radio 1 Decade Of Dance from 7pm-11pm with Annie Mac & Pete Tong I imagine that Christmas schedules start from the 23rd December.
  15. Christ almighty so they have further watered down coverage this year. Getting to the point where there's no point of it even taking place. I remember very well watching the Teen Awards live on the Red Button back in 2017 and two years later it seems we have got the point where it gets relegated to an hours highlight the following Saturday. Pretty embarrassing to think that really and reminds me of Global not even broadcasting their flagship awards show on any station.
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