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  1. Cel Spellman is back on Life Hacks co-hosting with Vick on the 31st October.
  2. Jack Saunders doing 10:30am-1pm this Friday again. Kate doing the same slot Saturday and Sunday so a double shift for Katie this Sunday.
  3. Looks like they have put back Life Hacks for the 29th with Sam and Danni listed to do it. Also it's just Matt solo on the 28th and 29th.
  4. She's working for Channel 4. The press release said that she would be reporting from Tokyo.
  5. Probably won't be Vick Hope for that Reading Show on the 29th as she will be in Tokyo for the Paralympics.
  6. 14th August: Jessica Maciel sits in for Charlie on Dance Anthems. She's one of the presenters that got a run during Christmas last year.
  7. Matt is doing Breakfast solo for Greg on the 2nd August.
  8. Radio 1 Dance Weekend is starting from the 6th August at 6pm.
  9. Also should add that the first pairing of Early Breakfast hosts is happening on the 4th June with Danni Diston and Sam MacGregor for the month, the same pair that are hosting Life Hacks on Sunday.
  10. Radio 1 Relax service discovered on BBC Sounds This was discovered on the BBC Sounds app suggesting another Radio 1 pop-up station is on it's way.
  11. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/14533422/bbc-tell-radio1-djs-stay-in-london/ This basically confirming that the likes of Grimmy, Scott and Clara show's won't move out of London in the scenario if the new BBC show location rules were in place today. Though you do wonder if Grimmy get replaced in the future, then the BBC could work around the London issue by putting Jordan on Drive and have his show from Salford.
  12. Sarah Story is certainly getting around with the cover shows which makes me think Radio 1 are lining her up for a regular dance show in the future if one of the current presenters of Annie, Danny or Pete end up calling it a day. She'll probably be a cover on Dance Anthems as well when Charlie needs a cover on that show. If Annie leaves then I can realistically see the situation where the 6pm presenter does not do 5 days a week and go back to the model when Zayn Lowe was there for the future music show and Annie did the Friday dance show. Can see Jack Saunders doing Annie's slot Monday to Thursday and maybe Sarah Story on Friday's if Annie ends up leaving.
  13. We do have Saturday and Sunday now. Only noticeable changes are no Matt And Mollie on Saturday and Sunday with them being replaced by Rickie and Melvin on Saturday and Charlie joining them on the Sunday. Also Adele is not on Sunday Breakfast and is replaced by a 4 hour chillout anthems show with Jess Iszatt from 7am-11am with Jordan from 11am-1pm.
  14. There's no schedule for Easter Monday yet but I imagine that will show up in a few days.
  15. The other difference seems to be that there is no Pete Tong and no replacement for him so Annie's and Danny's show are 3 hours each. Annie Mac: 6pm-9pm Danny Howard: 9pm-12am
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