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  1. Early Breakfast has blanks on most days as well so I imagine most of the new talent are on those slots as well. https://radiotoday.co.uk/2019/11/student-radio-award-winners-to-host-bbc-radio-1-shows/ I noticed reading this article it mentions that: If that's true then that would be done on the 27th Dec but the schedule also says that Scott is still down to host the chart and party anthems that day. Radio 1 dance shows have a blank as well so maybe they'll showcase upcoming dance music DJ's in those slots.
  2. 2nd-5th December and 9th-12th December: Katie Thistleton in for Adele 9th December: Rickie, Melvin & Charlie in for Clara 20th December - Radio 1 Decade Of Dance from 7pm-11pm with Annie Mac & Pete Tong I imagine that Christmas schedules start from the 23rd December.
  3. Christ almighty so they have further watered down coverage this year. Getting to the point where there's no point of it even taking place. I remember very well watching the Teen Awards live on the Red Button back in 2017 and two years later it seems we have got the point where it gets relegated to an hours highlight the following Saturday. Pretty embarrassing to think that really and reminds me of Global not even broadcasting their flagship awards show on any station.
  4. 22nd-23rd November: Jordan North in for Maya, Kenny Allstar covering the rap show. 24th November: Matt is solo on Weekend Breakfast. (Note that I think the majority of the schedule is incorrect for that day as the Teen Awards are down to take place for that day) 25th-28th November: Arielle Free in for Adele and there is no Rickie from RMC for the week. 29th-30th November: Jordan North in for Maya and his show is cut from 3 hours to 2 hours on the 30th for a Radio 1 Teen Awards highlights show from 12pm-1pm. 1st December: Cel is solo on Life Hacks and the Chart: First Look 5th December: Rickie & Melvin are off so Reece Parkinson joins Charlie on the show. 7th December: Kenny Allstar covering the rap show.
  5. Late change regarding tomorrow's schedule. Jordan North is off so Arielle Free is covering him which means Riyadh Khalaf is covering Arielle on Early Breakfast.
  6. Sunday 17th November: Weekend Breakfast currently has a programme will resume at 10am marker on the schedule page, (Maybe there is going to be a cover?) Alice goes solo. Monday 18th-Thursday 21st November: Jordan covers for Adele on Early Breakfast.
  7. Friday 8th November: Riyadh Khalaf sits in for Arielle Free on Early Breakfast, Dev is solo. Monday 11th-Thursday 14th: Katie Thistleton in for Adele (Adele is still down to be on Tuesday but that might be wrong)
  8. The programme description says that Chris will be with Jordan.
  9. Covers W/E 21st October: Rickie, Melvin & Charlie are off so Adele Roberts sits in for them Katie Thistleton is sitting in for Adele Jordan is sitting in for Scott Phil Taggart is in for Annie
  10. https://soundcloud.com/spwickens/bbc-radio-1-power-intros-ramps-summer-2019
  11. As mentioned in the chat box there is a cluster amount of changes as we go into August as the schedules from the 2nd-8th August have updated with lots of information as Ibiza weekend means a lot of shuffles 2nd August is slightly different as Dev is solo and interestingly, although Scott is doing the chart, he is not doing Party Anthems and that is coming from Ibiza with Charlie Hedges covering instead From the 3rd-4th August, Mollie King is solo on Weekend Breakfast Dev and Alice are off on the 3rd-4th August so we get some unusual covers instead. On the 3rd, Harpz Kaur from the BBC Asian Network is covering and on the 4th August, Rickie, Melvin and Charlie are doing a show from Ibiza Adele is out of her usual slot from the 4th-8th and with Arliee Free not available and Jordan covering Grimmy it means that Riyadh Khalaf is covering for Adele that week Grimmy is also off from the 4th-8th so Jordan is covering Drive Annie is also off from the 4th-8th so Phil Taggart covers for her instead Rickie, Melvin & Charlie will also be off so Adele Roberts becomes the cover for that week. So lots of Radio 1 presenters rested from Ibiza then which means cover is being found elsewhere.
  12. Charlie Hedges from the Rickie, Melvin and Charlie fame and who is also known for Club Charlie is covering Dance Anthems on the 20th July. Sophie K is covering the Indie show on the 17th and 18th July as well next week.
  13. Jordan covering for Grimmy on Thursday and the chart/party anthems on the 19th and Matt going solo on Friday and Saturday. Also Arielle Free is covering for Adele on the 19th.
  14. Should point out that there were 3 sets of Anthems today. (Not included the Party Anthems that Scott is doing) The first was at 3:30am-4:00am with Jordan doing a pre-recorded link and the rest of the show was just the songs, another at 8:30am-9:00am during Weekend Breakfast and another hour mix from 10am.
  15. Looks like Radio 1 Greatest Hits is no more for now as Clara's weekday hour shows are also known as Radio 1 Anthems.
  16. Scott is off from the 15th-18th July so Dev and Alice are covering for him.
  17. If they are making the greatest hits thing permanent everyday then they are clearly squeezing the limits with the 50% new music requirement. https://www.ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/112409/statement-new-music.pdf
  18. Just noticed that Clara's show on the week of the 8th July has Greatest Hits from 10am-11am. Wonder what's going on that week to be given a whole week of shows?
  19. The defently have cut back. It started with Biggest Weekend last year where not all the full performances were heard and there was no in-vision coverage of the presenters during breaks online. They couldn't even broadcast fully live during the Teen Awards as you had Grimmy and Clara Amfo voicing over and playing songs during breaks in a backstage studio rather than taking full live coverage of the awards hosted by Greg, Maya Jama and Mollie King directly and they didn't provide a live feed online or the red button.
  20. They stopped doing that from last year. Adele Roberts and Luke Franks are hosting coverage of the highlights on the Red Button.
  21. Matt is doing Weekend Breakfast tomorrow solo and also on the 15-17th. Phil Taggart is in for Annie Mac on the 18th/19th. Also slipped under the covers was that the Radio 1 Asian Beats show since last Sunday was cut to two hours from 1am-3am onwards and therefore it means more repeats of previous programmes.
  22. Adele is covering for MistaJam next Saturday on Dance Anthems.
  23. Jordan North in for Adele on the 17th December.
  24. Nick Bright is covering for Dev on The 8th on the 13th November. Matt Edmondson is in for Scott on the 21st November and from the 26th-29th. Mollie isn't listed presumably because Chris Stark will still be there and therefore there is no need to bring Mollie in with her. Also on the 25th, Cel is doing Life Hacks and Most Played on his own.
  25. Jordon is in for Maya Jama tomorrow.
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