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  1. Hi there,

    Do you have any Newsbeat jingles from 2007 onwards?


    If so, please drop me a line at this email: [email protected], and I’ll offer a trade in return. List is available on request.



  2. Might be a long shot question but I’ll ask anyway. Does anyone know how many cuts are in the 2007 Newsbeat package? It’s just something that’s been bugging me for a while.
  3. Oh right. I didn’t think Newsbeat was on Asian Network too! interesting. Anyway, here’s a question that’s been in my head for a while now that I’ve been willing to ask: Who thinks it’s time for a new Newsbeat package?
  4. I would like to do a jingle trade.

    I am after for the Newsbeat jingles from 2007, 2009 and 2011.

  5. I’d be interested in the Global Newsbeat stuff. I wonder what that sounds like?
  6. Could you possibly repost the 2011 Newsbeat package that was sent to you by one of your Twitter followers?

    The existing link is dead.



  7. Actually, here’s a question. Does anyone on here know anyone who may have worked for Music4?
  8. I have a few bits from 2009 if that helps.
  9. Wanna trade some stuff?


  10. We really need newsbeat to come back online and help us out a bit.
  11. Does anyone have all of the News In beds from 2007? Moyles versions too.
  12. Who has the news and sport beds from 2009 because Music4’s website looks dead?
  13. But never say never, we might get something.
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