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  1. Youtube etc, just clipped them up. Found others on the forum aswell
  2. I thought it was all backed up but nothing! I only have my video on YouTube of the jingles I used in the cart wall app on my phone
  3. Hi 👋 Does anybody have any of the latest Newsbeat Package? I used to have a lot of content from newsbeaa but my 2009 MacBook decided to die on me 😭. Looking for the "ONE" intro, Main bed, sport etc...... Don't mind editing clips but if anybody has them already clipped up that'll be awesome!
  4. Looks like even more music month has made radio 1 update all of the new voice overs for Newsbeat, DJ id's and general station Idents including the live lounge. I quite like them if I'm honest Thoughts on the new updated schedule and new style for Radio 1?
  5. Hi, I have a set of newsbeat jingles but with no vocals. Anybody willing to send me any of the latest package with vocals?? I will trade in exchange! Thanks!!
  6. Aled has something to do with it....He tweeted this morn to say his project is going to be revealed tomorrow morn on R1Breakfast.
  7. I found out today that radio 1 is having a "Radio 1's Music Reboot' on Monday 2nd Sept for 8 hours starting from 11am. Here's the programme's description... The ultimate day of music - eight hours, nine sets of DJs, and a randomiser which reboots Radio 1 every hour and decides who will be on-air next! Sounds good!
  8. Hi, Here is one of his most recent ones.... I'll Try and get the older one where it says 'This is...Scott Mills, on BBC Radio 1' later This….Scott Mills.wav
  9. Pretty excited for what Newsbeat have up there sleeve for tomorrows AAA : They wont give much away on twitter...Been tweeting them today
  10. I was looking for those the other day and found a couple of videos on youtube! The Cartwall App looks pretty awesome too! It's what they would use in a studio!
  11. Not sure if i'm putting this in the right place as i'm fairly new to the Forum..... But after listening to the show today i thought i would make a video for Beccy doing 'Gangnam Style' Thoughts??
  12. Sad she is leaving the show today....Enjoying listening to her final show today! Very Funny!!! Best of luck to her for the future!
  13. Beccy is doing behind the scenes stuff with Aled..... A team called the I.D (Impact & Development) I think there planning Big Things
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