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  1. Can anyone help... What are the jingle that "take over" other jingles and songs? I am not sure if what they are or what they are really saying? As I said can anyone help I am confused.
  2. Like to hear what people think. All I am going to say now is I think you can say Tim Westwood is a unique talent. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/23466305
  3. Dan & Phil Big heads. Well Dan & Phil and Radio 1 stop talking down to the "youth" young people listen to parents listen too, then when people go to college, uni or work and start making there own taste in music, entertainment and politics that who Radio 1 should before.
  4. All I would add is I like the show not my cup of tea but thay have a place on Radio 1 but I am hopping that Radio 1 don't think it would work all day everyday. I can't see where they are going to take the show and I like to for Dan & Phil to "grow up" when I say that I would like to see them to stand in for other shows as separate presenters to show they are more then one tick pony.
  5. Matt Edmondson did not have a radio back ground but I would say has done well, but with Matt he was given time and space to play around with idea on his Wednesday night show and time to build up radio skill covering lots of different show. Alice Levine is the other person that have made the jump from TV to radio this is because she been put with Phil Taggart how know what he is doing I am not sure if Alice is driving the desk yet but from a nervous start she built up the confidence to file solo. Dan & Phil have a place at Radio 1 and there show is better then Tom Deacon was, but would say I feel they made a one trick pony and I can't see where Radio 1 are planning to take the show. I would say to Radio 1 keep then where they are and when a slot come free in Daytime (Scott) give it to Matt not Dan and or Phil. On a plus point for Dan and Phil Radio 1 have made then grow-up, they are slowly lossing the names DanIsNotOnFire & AmazingPhil and there video quality and subjects have got alot better. Jammela I have nothing good to say about her show so I won't.
  6. I am sorry but no just no love Scott, but I can not stand Jameela she dose not know what she is doing.
  7. Zane Lowe + Gemma Cairney are so funny together I am loving it. They are chalk and cheese like when Biffy poped in for a chat, Zana talk to then about there new album what a big project it was and where they are going to tour soon and Gemma asked would they take there trousers off on stage...
  8. I thing he said on air that that his degree was in media. Dev also dose work within out areas of the BBC such as BBC learning so I guess the only one who knows what he want to do is Dev. Not every DJ will be a Chris Moyles and be a celebrity most DJ's do other work on the side. I would for one like to see more of Dev on Radio 1.
  9. I was going a long the line that if Nick keep slipping he may have to go, I hope Nick all the best but as the Rajar numbers show it is not Radio 1 doing bad it is reaching 40% of 15 to 24 year olds in one way or other. So my quote was based on if Nick dose not work out, maybe if his listeners numbers are still low in 9 months time Radio may have to do something.
  10. But Dev has now finshed Uni. So how about this a idea, Greg takes over from Nick on the Breakfast show, Dev take over Drivetime and Peter Allison on early.
  11. So if my number crunching is right. Nick lost 907 000 listener going down from 6 691 000 to 5 784 000 were as Radio 1 in total lost only 828 000 going from 11 091 000 to 10 263 000. This means if my numbers are right, Nick lost more then the rest of Radio 1 put together... and if you take out the breakfast show Radio 1 put on 79 000 across the rest of the shows... Maybe this is because Nick is new and still settling in but next Rajar he must turn it around.
  12. Radio 1 need to remenber some of there old Slogan's, The Best New Music And Entertainment. In New Music We Trust.
  13. Radio 1 Winners. Best Entertainment Programme : SILVER Greg James, BRONZE Charlie Sloth. Best News & Current Affairs Programme : GOLD BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat. Best Coverage of a Live Event : SILVER Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Best Community Programming : SILVER Crossroads (PRA Productions for BBC Radio 1Xtra) Best Music Feature or Documentary : GOLD The Story of Ed Sheeran - Radio 1 Story. Best Feature or Documentary : GOLD Bruising Silence (Just Radio for BBC Radio 1) Best Use of Multiplatform : GOLD Radio 1's Review Show, SILVER The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. THE SONY GOLDEN HEADPHONES AWARD Dan & Phil Radio 1 Lossers. Best Music Programme, Zane Lowe. Music Radio Personality of the Year, Charlie Sloth. Some of the others. Best Sports Programme : SILVER Not Just Cricket (Greg James - Presenter)
  14. Or I like to see her in 10 till 1245 morning she would be better then Fearne.
  15. Yes it should be, maybe Radio 1 know what they are doing... All I say is one of my top five radio DJ of all time (Zane) with one of my least favorites. I am looking forward to Sara and Matt the best of the old guard with the best of the new crop.
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