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  1. Ceio

    sara cox

    I'll have a go tonight
  2. They probably have EQ, Amps, Compression ect
  3. I just got all the idents for BBC Radio 1 from the July Update and the Winter one. I am willing to trade . PM me
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pqbwg - The description worrys me... It sounds like they're only going to play 10 songs :S
  5. Ceio

    New Beds 2012

    I have some of the older ones though. Like the old Greg James one and 2010/Early 2011 beds. I also have 1, 2011 Weekend Bed. And some Chart and News Beat stuff! PM what you have got and I shall see what we can do
  6. Ceio

    New Beds 2012

    I don't like those ones to be honest. I don't think anyone will have them as over the last few years it's been hard to find the R1 Beds.
  7. Oooo a very different layout. Nice to see the Official Chart stuff on there. It sounds amazing!
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