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  1. Hi does anyone know where to download old radio 1 shows from 2007 and onwards . Was looking for chappers and dave ,Scott mills , jo whiley etc thanks
  2. mills played 2 ibiza ids/jingles today . 14th sep around 1;48; 52 and another around 1;49;00 could someone record them please and put them up ?
  3. I can't find your call on the 2006 show but it is on the 2007 one. Just noticed the news out jingle at 5 oclock it is a bit weird
  4. I used to like the ten hour takeover. It was good to hear songs that you didn't hear often on radio 1. R1 takeover ID1.mp3. If anyone has any other ids please let me know or share on here
  5. The only r1 voiceovers I noticed was holly and David in the numbers section .is there any other?
  6. Hi. The only thing I can help u with is I have old dave pearce dance anthems shows from 2007/8.full shows. I also have the new year dance anthems from 2007. If u get any ids new or old let me know cause I would also like these.
  7. Thanks anyway. appreciate u trying
  8. Hi. No I didn't contact music4. Worth a try. I never had any clean ids used to have recordings. But the clean newsbeat one was on jinglemad. Com it's unable to download now..
  9. No it was the 2007 bed with "radio 1 established 1967 on it. A think it was instead of digital fm online
  10. Hi does anyone have the established 1967 jingles from 2007 the ids with jody. There was also a newsbeat bed I know this is a big ask. Thankyou
  11. Matt Edmundson should get a weekday show
  12. Does anyone have the wonder years jingles that scott mills done on a Friday?
  13. Does anyone have the Ibiza jingles /IDS. Heard them on greg james show today just before and after 4.30 news.
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